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When a seer draws what he sees at school.

When a seer draws what he sees at school.

Parents of seers often find themselves in fear.  When a parent suspects his or her child may be seeing things or reacting to things that they cannot detect, what are they to do?

A few years ago, my wife and I noticed our young daughter reacting to things in the room that we could not see, including

  • Asking about the shadowy man outside the patio window
  • Pointing to the scary snake in the corner
  • Talking about rainbow-colored lights or dots floating around all the time
  • Describing lights shining around certain people or objects

and countless other creepy behaviors.  (She never had an “imaginary friend”, but this is a common occurrence too….  and I’m not talking about truly imaginary ones… but ones that seem more… real).

Is My Child Crazy?

We became aware that perhaps she was actually observing real entities and phenomena and that this actually isn’t unusual- it just isn’t talked about much. Over the years, we became aware than many children, teens, and adults experience this gift, and so I started this blog.

This site was developed to help us process this unseen reality and also to provide resources to others about it, including parents of children who see into the spirit world. Explore and you find articles that

  • Examine the concepts of seeing the unseen world
  • Offers advice and tips about how to parent children who “see”
  • Provides insight into the seeing gift for seers who don’t understand what they see

Please note, it’s possible your child may be hallucinating. And yet the spirit world is very real and very active around us. It’s possible he or she is tuned in to the spirit world in ways that you are not.

Advice for Parents of Seers

I receive a lot of email from parents of seers. It’s very frustrating watching your child struggle with something you can’t really see or maybe even understand.

I am currently finishing up a book that will provide many ideas and steps to help you. But it’s not out yet. In the meantime, here are some ideas:

1. The Bottom Line

Your child has gifts and abilities that allows him or her to tune into the unseen world. Our mainstream culture, however, doesn’t accept the idea that these things are real. They are considered weird or fringe. I think it’s wise to keep your seer child’s ability quiet, unless it’s to share it with a spiritual leader (like a pastor) who understands it.

Understanding these ideas might require a worldview shift. See this article for more on that.

2. The Cosmic Battle.

The truth is, there is a battle waging between good and evil, and seers pick pick up on some of the players in this battle. These entities are aware of your child’s abilities, and may want to torment him or her, so that your child maybe will turn to them and away from the Lord Jesus Christ.  to turn her to help them;

It’s a different way to think about the world, but it makes a lot of sense. I go into a lot of detail in my book, but on the website, there’s a brief but deep explanation here.  Once you can start thinking about the world the same way Jesus did, you will be more empowered to deal with what your child sees… and also to make the bad stuff go away.

3. TV and News

Our own pre-teen daughter struggles with fear because of all the negative spiritual energy she picks up on. It’s a constant battle to parent her in a way that doesn’t let her spiral her into darkness.

For instance, we basically do not watch the news… the news thrives on bad news, on violence, on contention, on drama… At school, they watch “Channel 1”, which I guess covers news, but many times she’d come home upset about ISIS and terrorists, and blah blah blah. Bad news programs her to think a certain way about the world.

But Jesus came so that we can have Good News. So we re-framed for her the news against the backdrop of the cosmic battle, and then helped her think about positive things.

We are very careful about what supernatural programming she watches… it’s very easy to spiral into fear and darkness, so we take a lot of care to eliminate doorways to darkness in our lives. Many shows about supernatural abilities are simple metaphors for a child growing up, but the frame of such stories can trigger our daughter into darkness.

In short, we watch a lot of Food Network programming in our house. And H2O (the mermaid show).

4. Taking authority

If you are a Christian, the God of the universe lives inside you.

Whether or not you feel like it or act like it, it’s true. God has granted authority to extend his rule and reign in your home and over your family; and because God lives inside you, you also have power to kick the enemy spirits out of your house, to create a safe space for your seer child.

Again, my book will go into a lot of detail, but here are two pages that you should read and follow:  Spiritual House Cleansing and tips to create a spiritual shield around your house.

5. Join the Forum.

What has worked for you? What do you struggle with?

Articles for Parents of Seers

Here is a list of articles I’ve written that discuss some of our journey in parenting a child who saw very clearly when she was younger.

Contact us with questions.

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