Small Group House Cleaners Part 2 of 3

Part 1 is told here.

Part 2: The Real Ghost Hunters

I find the Ghost Hunters shows on television annoying. They aren’t annoying because of trying to discover if paranormal things are happening, but because when paranormal things happen, they get it wrong. Their worldview is completely off.  Yes, houses can be haunted. They aren’t haunted by ghosts (the spirits of dead people) but by demons and other spirit entities.

When our daughter was 2 or so, we started attending a church which embraced the reality the world is more than just the physical.  Part of our personal church experience was joining a small group of other adults, where we met once every week or so in someone’s house, and discussed a topic, and generally got to know each other.

One day, in this group, one of the guys was sharing how he and some friends he knew were invited to someone’s house to help “clean” it.  I was like, ‘That’s kind of weird,” because I wouldn’t want some of my friends coming to clean my gross bathrooms and stuff…

But that’s not what he meant.

Demonic manifestations were happening in that house, and he and his friends could perceive them (I don’t remember if he said he could see or not), and they were going to figure out what was causing the manifestations and make them leave.

He said they went from room to room, inviting the presence of God to guide them, and taking authority over any evil spirits, and commanding them to leave.  In one room, they felt unsettled. They prayed for God’s peace to come, but something was amiss.  So they asked the Holy Spirit to show them what was up.

One of them pointed to a ceramic lamp, and said, “This is going to sound weird, but I feel like there’s something wrong with that lamp.” By ‘wrong’ she meant something evil.

The owner of the house indicated the lamp wasn’t of value, that she had purchased it at a garage sale. She decided that if something was evil about the lamp, then she’d get rid of it. She took the lamp outside, and smashed it on the concrete sidewalk. And guess what…

This was not the statue they found.

This was not the statue they found.

Inside the lamp was a tiny statue… an idol.  Somehow that was creating a “doorway” or an invitation to demonic entities to come to that lady’s house and oppress her. Well, they closed the door with prayer, threw away the idol, and peace reigned in that house afterwards.

Upon hearing that story, my wife and I looked at each other, and described some things that our daughter would see. We invited the small group to our house to perform a similar “cleansing.”

A couple weeks later, they came over. We went from room to room. It was very relaxed and “normal.” No yelling or weird incantations, no “holy water” or crosses.

Literally, in each room, they just thanked God for our house, and asked the Holy Spirit to reveal any open doorways in the room.  Room after room, they “got” nothing. They declared these rooms were God’s territory and went ahead and renounced any demonic assignments in Jesus name, just in case they “missed” something.

lightsFinally, we went to our daughter’s room. She was home, so they asked her to come in too. She was probably four years old.  They asked what she saw, and she described “lights” coming through the wall in the middle of the night, and scared her.  She described dark shadows coming in, as well.  She also said she saw “rainbow-colored lights” floating around.

This was the first time she told us that lights had entered the room. She said they were balls of light, and they were scary.

They asked her where the balls of lights entered the room.

Our daughter pointed to a High School Musical poster on the wall. “Through there.”

Same Wall. Different Poster

Same wall. Different poster.

Now, High School Musical isn’t a paranormal show. It’s fairly harmless, and there weren’t any occult symbols on the poster, except perhaps some 5-pointed stars. The small group members discussed these facts with each other, but our daughter interrupted, and said, “No, not from the poster. From the wall behind the poster.”

Our house is 130 years old, and had been remodeled several times. At one point, the wall behind the poster was a doorway. This is not something our daughter knew. Armed with this information, the members of the small group took authority of the doorway in Jesus name, closed it, and forbade any evil presences from entering it again.

The door was shut. No balls of light entered that room, to this day. And it’s 4 years later. Of course, she still sees spirits and aura’s from time to time.

Now, she does see multi-colored lights still.  However, they float around, and don’t appear to be intelligent. They don’t react to prayer and don’t induce fear. They just float around, like filaments from another dimension. But the intelligent entity-type balls of light that scared her: gone.

Next: Open Doorways.



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