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DougPicMy name is Doug Overmyer, and my wife Amy and I are thrilled you are here!

When our first child was very young, we became aware that she could see demons and other things in the spirit realm. At the time, we had very little understanding of what was going on. After years of research, we have successfully integrated her abilities in our family life and continue training her and other seers in their gifting.

During my research, I noticed there was a lot of information regarding the seer gift that pointed to the wrong solutions, talked past the experiences real seers or their parents were having, offered bad advice, or were flat out full of lies.

That’s why I started Seers See Ministries. This blog/site is meant to teach about the seeing gift, help seers cope with their gift, and to offer guidance to those who parent them, those who are friends with them, and those who pastor them.


For my professional resume, click here.

For a resume outlining some of my experience in training on concepts related to the Kingdom of God, seers, spiritual gifts, the Bible, and so on, click here.

Here is my BeBee.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is simply, I have degrees in Math and History, and was working towards a Master’s Degree until a career opportunity launched me on an adventure in the realm of nonprofit administration.

Eventually I landed with the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago in Disaster Services for a few years, including during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and spent many months on that operation.  Since then, I have explored career paths in marketing, sales, and project management.

I’m also a graduate of the School of Kingdom Ministry.

My wife and I have been married more than nineteen years and now have three chidren.  We’ve served as leaders in 3 church plants (as volunteers) and now we regularly attend The Fields Church, although we have close ties to and often visit The Vineyard Church in Urbana, Illinois, where much of how I understand the spiritual realm and the Kingdom of God was taught.

For more of my story, check out the interviews on a View from the Bunker here, and on The Cutting Edgehere.

My Promise to You

I try to release two articles per month related to the Seer gift.

I also try to release a podcast about once a month. The podcasts are located here.

For Peace in Your House: Spiritual Cleansing of Life and Land, go here.

For the book Hearing God, go here.

More books will be released in the coming months.

I’ve added the Forum, for anonymous discussions among seers.

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  1. Just heard about you on the view from the bunker. I started to be able to see things when God first got a hold of me. As a matter of fact I kind of see that thing picture when you click I see spirits. I see a fuzzier version of that and nothing more. I can only see them when it is dark and there is usually bunches of them bunched together. I have been seeing them now for over 23 yrs. I have no idea what to do. I imagine when i get baptized with the holy spirit and fire I will be told what to do. Any insight into why this takes so long? Thank you.

    • With regards to what to do, it depends on the setting. If you see dark spirits in a church, it’s wise to alert one of the leaders – hopefully someone who accepts the reality of the supernatural and knows how to pray with power.

      In addition, I suggest learning how to hear from God and how to pray with power. Please review the “Hearing from God” report on that page… you can find it in the main menu. Study that.

      As you learn to hear from God and understand your authority as a Christian, you will gain power in your prayers, and you’ll be able to discern better how to respond when you see these things.

      In my podcasts, I’m setting the groundwork to understand this as well.

  2. I do think hearing from God is one of the most successful tools in ones walk with Yeshua. There are Christians that espouse that when you “hear” from God there is a notion of madness or schizophrenia? Some say “God does not gossip” as part of their theology. I posit God does talk to His own, “my sheep know my voice” He says in John 10. Everything He says can be verified by His Word and the Holy Spirit. In my 10 years as a seer/hearer I’ve struggled with this at first until illumination came from the Holy Spirit and Gods Word.

    For example, the day before my graduation from University I was in my room, my robes were ready for wear when I heard a gruff voice “do you know you could die tomorrow?” Well I didn’t know what to make of it but I didn’t rebuke it. The next day my graduation went by with no problems. My youngest sister drove us up to the auditorium. I was in the front and another 14-year-old sister was in the back seat. Suddenly as the car approached the South bound lane the wheels skidded and the car started rolling towards an embankment. I began to laugh jadedly in the front but I literally saw my sister square her shoulders in determination and say “I am going to get control of this car!”

    In a car beside us I saw people looking at us with their eyes wide open in concern. Although we weren’t going that fast I remembered that voice I heard and I realized it was not Yeshua’s! Thanks be to Yeshua, my sister did get control of that car before we went straight off the road. I never told her about the ‘voice’ I heard the day before, but we did pray before the journey began and God intervened in the accident that satan had planned for us. Sometime later, as I was recalling the incident to God, He said “do you know how many angels were around your car?” I am writing this and I feel like crying, I didn’t perceive angels but I know I heard God’s voice at this time. It is my prayer that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ fine tunes our hearing to His voice so we won’t listen to the voice of the enemy who seeks to strike fear in us and to steal kill and destroy us. I think telling these accounts helps builds my faith. God bless all fellow seers who know Jesus Christ as Lord.

      • Hello to all, I was saved the august before last rite after my dad and godmother passed April 17 and the 19th AND ATTENDED a double wake and funeral. After that I wanted to make sure that I would see them again obv. with the rest of my family and 2 sons 27 and 8 after I I started ghost hunting to see if the spirit realm was real. watching shows and taking pics and videos,etc… After a month ballpark, after seeing many orbs and faces in pics and more I decided to call 2 ghost hunting teams. a Spirit filled Christian Pastor came over that spoke in other tongues which at that time I didn’t know about or understand. he blessed my house and my wife and I were saved. Wow, I never felt so wonderful before. I all of a sudden had a desire to read the BIBLE, I never liked to read, but since that day, wow, its all I do, with JESUS on my mind 24/7. a few weeks after that I was touched also on the left side of my head which I could feel where I was touched for a few months. Because getting saved and touched so close together I’m not sure which of the 2 enabled me to see into the spirit realm. At 1st it was all bad. I was seeing crab spirits and I could hear them walk, creepy.theres eyes lit up with a false power. a bouncing eye spirit and also a fly spirit which I learned about on a sight by doug Addison. God has confirmed some of the things ive seen. Spider spirits and a room filled with rats and a snake spirit sometimes a huge python which I learned about many of satans fear tactics and darts. ive actually seen bat spirits and to many to mention.ive also seen beautiful angels though which are in no comparison. men walking around in white robes, Angels of lite and also demons that shapeshift and lite up like angels of lite.i can tell the difference usually due to most of the demons have eyes like reptiles.snake eyes. I usually cant hear them but I can see there mouths move talking to each other and there eyes blinking. its crazy to see spirits everywhere I go. Walmart or home depot everywhere. sometimes on people little imps/monkeys talking in peoples ears trying to manipulate them. No matter where I go though I see spirits, etc… following me. I no that he that is in us is greater than that is in the world so I’m not scared ever. As long as we are walking out Gods will for our lives they cant do anything besides put thoughts into our heads, minds and as long as we don’t give birth to them, they cant harm us. its only been 1 1/2 years or less and I have a lot to figure out still. IN the meantime ill wait on the Lord. JESUS is great and I don’t have the vocabulary to thank him for all he has done for me, for us all. Sometimes I wish everyone could see what I see for 1 24 hour day because then just about everyone would be in church seeking GOD, JESUS, HOLY SPIRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sp[irit realm is real and I could go on forever with all ive seen or been shown. Caught up in clouds visions of other churches and HEAVEN and wow. if anyone wants to talk I’m at 14013905457 mark bless

  3. Is it wrong to request the assistance from someone who is a seer, especially if you believe you need direction and guidance in your life. I feel i need to hear plainly from God but through a seer so that their is no mistaking his words to me.

    • It’s not wrong to request assistance from a seer, but that doesn’t mean the seer will hear plainly or not make a mistake in interpreting what is seen or discerned. Also, seers don’t necessarily see or divine the future, and the future is flexible, always changing. A prophetic word, on the other hand, will reveal God’s heart for you, and that can help provide direction.

  4. Hello Doug I wanted to say that I really appreciate you and your forum. I know you are a child of God and there are some things that are necessary.

      • If anyone in your group of connections knows how I can get in contact with Charisma Media to publish my info please email me or have them email me at [email protected]. I have a thorough explanation and shorter wisdom explanation of divorce. Creation and time and how it lines up with scientific explanation. A few other things as well. If not then I will continue to let the Lord lead.

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