“Peace in Your House” Book Release

I’m excited to announce my book Peace in Your House: Spiritual Cleansing of Life and Land has finally been released.

It is available in paperback form on my site here and from the publisher.

Electronic and paperback versions are available at Amazon, Barns and Noble, and Apple iBooks.

Why a Book on Spiritual House Cleansing?

One of the primary search phrases that brings visitors to this site relates to spiritual house cleansing. Although I have some pages on this topic on this site, they assume a lot of knowledge on the reader.  I always have felt they seemed to be a shortcut, leaving out critical information to remaining free from spiritual oppression.

Therefore, I felt a full treatment was necessary, going step by step into how to think correctly about the spiritual world around us and how it interacts with the physical. From that base, I offer guidance to get rid of the demonic influences in our lives and homes.

It took about a year longer to prepare this book than I had intended, but it’s the most in depth examination of these topics available in one source.

Dark spiritual forces are afflicting families everywhere, leaving them feeling helpless and in despair. It’s time to take our homes back.

Peace in Your House

A Spiritual Warfare Manual

Peace in Your House is a spiritual warfare manual that begins at home. I take the latest research in biblical studies and apply this knowledge to empower you, step by step, to bring freedom to your lives.

Each chapter includes discussion questions and action items to complete.

In Part 1, I challenge readers to think differently about the world we live in, and to don a new mindset. If we can begin thinking about the world like Jesus Christ and his disciples did, then we can expect to live an empowered life free from demonic influences. Thinking correctly provides the foundation for the rest of the book.

In Part 2, I continue examining the latest in biblical research as we uncover startling truths regarding the spiritual world around us.

Finally, in Part 3, we apply our new mindset and look at logical and practical steps to kicking demonic influences from our lives and homes.

Go Deeper than the Website Offers

Most of the information in the book is summarized in one place or another on this site, but I’ve gone far deeper in explaining things in this book and sourcing the material, so you can check up on it yourself.

The bottom line is this: God intended you to live in peace. This book helps uncover how.

In Peace in Your House, you will:

  • Learn how demonic forces victimize you and what you can do to stop them.
  • Start thinking about the world like Jesus did.
  • Discover the amazing tactics that Jesus and his disciples used to drive away demons from lives and homes.
  • Learn how to hear and discern the voice of God for yourself.
  • Uncover the startling truth about spirits, demons, and ghosts, and what you can do about their dark influences in your life.
  • Embrace practical steps and prayers to forever rid your home and life of dark demonic forces.

I would be glad to provide a series of lessons on this material to churches or groups that are interested.

Those who have read it, I thank you and ask you to review it on Amazon and Barns and Noble.



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