House Cleansing Ritual and Blessing

When it's time to for a house cleansing.

When it’s time to for a house cleansing.

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As this Spiritual House Cleansing page explains, there is a lot of nonsense on the Internet regarding how to spiritually cleanse your home from unwanted spiritual presences.

I recently stumbled onto a site that suggested a ritual involving herbs and chanting some lines would remove “negative energies” from a home, but may not work on ghosts or demons. Well what good is that kind of information?

It’s time for some procedures and blessings based on truth.

Ok, first of all simplify it some.  There are many causes for demonic influences afflicting our homes.  Could be ghosts, or demons, or other kinds of spiritual energy.

You should be able to think clearly enough about these ideas to understand the basic principles to ridding your life and land of them.  My book Peace in Your House takes you in depth just how to think about these things, but here, we’ll just look at an overview.

Spiritual House Cleansing

Jesus is the ultimate house cleaner.

Are you afflicted with nightmares? Is your home full of “Negative” energies? A spiritual darkness? Wicked spirits?

Then it’s time for a cleansing. This is more complicated then merely waving a few herbs and chanting a few nice phrases. Demons and spirits don’t like to leave once they’ve set up shop somewhere, and even worse, often we give them permission to set up shop, and don’t even realize it.

If you’re serious about ending continual nightmares and other manifestations of spirits, then follow the steps below. If you are a Seer or have one in your family, then so much the better, because sometimes seers can see spirits actually leave.

1. Don’t fear.

Let’s be clear. Don’t be afraid.  Yes, these concepts are creepy and sometimes we can be startled and scared.

Stop it.  Don’t fear.

It’s your home. Take authority over it. The most powerful weapon of spirits actually is fear. They sow doubt and fear in our minds, convincing us of lies about our identity, making us believe we have no authority or ability to defend ourselves against their influence.

Biblically speaking, these lies go back to the very first people in the Garden.  A spiritual being the International Standard Version of the Bible translates as “The Shining One” came to the first woman. 1 This entity told the first woman that to be “like God”, she had to do something.  This was the first lie, because God had already declared she was “like God” and God had put humans in authority over the earth. 2 The Shining One stole her identity, and pretty much ever after, humans tried to make themselves like God through religion. By stealing the identity and destiny of humankind, the Shining One, revealed later in scripture as Satan, wrested authority over the planet from humans.

It would take a perfect human to wrest it back. 3

Jesus came to restore our identity, and through faith in him, empowers us to live as God intended all along: as the image of God in authority over the Earth.

And your home is on the Earth. Take authority over it, as God would in heaven.

The opposite of fear is love 4, and the embodiment of love is God, and God is perfectly revealed in Jesus Christ. 5  Embrace God through faith in Jesus Christ and watch fear flea.

2. Close the door. There’s a draft in here!

We inadvertently invite dark spiritual forces (“negative energies”) into our homes. If you want to get rid of them, then you need to close the spirit portals, the doorways, by which they enter. The most obvious portal is sin. When you sin, you are inviting demonic forces to invade your life. But there are other portals as well and they may look differently for each household. Something that may be a doorway in one home may not be a doorway in another.  It’s best to do this with 2 or more adults who believe in this stuff, but you can do it yourself. If you don’t believe in Jesus, that’s ok. The demons believe and fear him.

I firmly believe you don’t need a priest or a pastor to do this, because we have authority as the imagers of God on the planet. However, there is strength in numbers and some people feel more comfortable having a spiritual counselor like a priest or a pastor leading this exercise.

But it’s your house. Do it yourself. If it doesn’t work, invite some followers of Jesus who have been filled with the Holy Spirit. I do not recommend inviting a witch or pagan practitioners, no matter how pure of heart they are (and many only want to do good). Despite their good intentions, they are invoking forces that are in fact aligned with the fear-inspiring forces in your house and against the Prince of Peace, who is Jesus, the only Son of God who shed his blood on the cross and has ultimate authority over all spirits, and his followers who have been empowered to exercise this authority.

The best way to do begin a cleansing to ask God through the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus the Son of God who shed His blood on the cross, to show you. Do so out loud, in your own words. You don’t need to chant anything special. Just ask the Father in the name of His Son.

Now, look around the room.

What is highlighted to you? 6 What in that room is evil and is, by its very presence, inviting in unwelcome spirits? What is in that room that maybe isn’t evil, but somehow doesn’t seem right?

Warning: It could be something you really love.  For instance, a student I worked with was afflicted with continual nightmares for years.  She did this exercise, and her Harry Potter magic wand was highlighted to her.  She burned it. Then she removed the rest of her Harry Potter stuff for good measure.  Guess what: no more nightmares.  Now she loved Harry Potter, but she loves having peaceful sleep more. Weird, huh?

It could be posters. It could be little Buddha statues. It could be crucifixes. It could be books. I once had a book on witchcraft that I held onto for “research.” Well, it was a doorway, and I had to get rid of it.   It could be… a lamp.

One family I know had demonic manifestations in their home. They invited some friends to cleanse the house, and in one of the rooms, they felt like a ceramic lamp had to go. Just a plain ceramic lamp.  Well, it had been purchased at a garage sale. When the owner took it outside and broke it, they found a little pagan idol inside it.  Creepy, huh? But it was a doorway, now closed.

Maybe it’s stuff on your computer or smart phone. Maybe you need to install porn-blockers on it, and give the passwords to a friend so no one in the house can shut it off.  Pornography is a powerful doorway to wicked spirits.  Maybe it’s some image on a t-shirt. God will show you.  Check out this post for additional thoughts on that.

Ok, do that room after room. Close the doors. It’s your home, not some spirit’s.

3. Blessing

Ask the Presence of God to come in, in Jesus’ name. Declare each room is now yours and that any wicked presence no longer has authority to be there.  Use your own words. If you can’t think of what to say, go here.  If you are a not a follower or a believer in Jesus, then get someone who is to say the prayer, because that person will have real power. That person is able to bind up spirits with his or her own words through the power of the Holy Spirit which dwells in every believer.  He or she can go room to room, and declare that no wicked spirit is welcome anymore and that only the love, power, and peace of Jesus is welcome there.

You may want to open a door or window, and tell the spirits to “Get out!” Seriously.

And, that’s pretty much it.

Sometimes people, when they pray, will take a dab of olive oil and touch the windows or the doorways to each room. I have done this as well. There is nothing magical about the oil, but it can be a symbolic gesture. Olive oil is symbolic of the Holy Spirit, so the symbolism may be significant. Others will anoint rooms with blessed water (Holy Water). There may be spiritual significance to that or it may just be symbolic. For an examination of blessed objects, read this.  No need to put crucifixes or any other symbols in your house, but there may be nothing wrong with them either. All you need is Jesus.

It is important to bless your house after cleansing it. Any spirits cast out of the house may come back with more powerful spirits, unless something more powerful is there keeping them out. That something is the Power and Presence of God.

Check out these three posts about house cleansings.

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3. At a church. 


  1. Genesis 3, ISV.
  2. “And God said, Let us make man in our image and after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”Genesis 1:26, ESV. Emphasis added.
  3. For more on this conflict, see this article.
  4. “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.” 1 John 4:17 ESV. Actually, read the whole chapter of 1 John 4, which is all about how to determine the nature of spirits.
  5. “He (Jesus) is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature…” Hebrews 1:3 (ESV).
  6. More on this topic of “highlighted” objects is discussed in the Hearing God report.


  1. Why is salt used in cleansing and blessing homes by believers in Jesus Christ, when it is known as something used in witchcraft and magick. Only those who are born again (John 3: 3-8) and have been given authority by Jesus Christ should be casting out demons. The seven sons of Sceva called themselves exorcists but did not have a personal relatiomship with God through Jesus Christ tried to cast out demons from a man. The.demons physically attacked them! The man was not set free. See Luke 10:19,20 , James 4:8 Those who are rightly submitted to God , born again , dressed in the armor of God Ephesians 6:10-18 should be the only.ones trying to cast out demons!

    • Gail – good question regarding salt. Biblically, many objects were known to impart spiritual power when used or handled by one with authority to do so. Examples of objects in the Bible that were blessed and imparted power include:
      – Human touch (i.e., laying hands on)
      – Oil – various kinds
      – Crystals (as on the high priests vests)
      – Elijah’s bones
      – Clothes worn by Elijah
      – Clothes worn by Jesus
      – A piece of cloth blessed by Paul
      – The Ark of the Covenant
      – Water
      – Blood
      – Walking over something, as when God instructed… was it Abraham or Moses… I can’t remember which, but anyway, he instructed him that where they walked would be theirs.

      The early Christians used salt as a symbol because of Jesus’ analogy that his followers would be salt, which purifies and preserves meat. They also used oil and water, which symbolized the Holy Spirit. Salt is also a crystal, so the thinking around the crystals is that it somehow projected a prayer to God, as the crystals on the vest did.

      Today, we know that sound (like prayer or worship music) imparts itself temporarily on water, oil, glass (as in windows) and salt, with salt vibrating -or “rebroadcasting” – the prayer or music into the atmosphere the longest. The thinking, then, is the blessing will resonate longer, continually reminding the enemy spirits that this is sacred ground, set aside for Kingdom purposes.

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