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Believe it or not, Christian Pastors, Reverends and Clergy have seers in their flock. And if that’s you, then in your church, you have (or have had) people who can see spirits. Perhaps you’re troubled that part of your flock can literally perceive with their eyes things in the spirit world.

It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not.  I don’t care if you’ve been taught it or not.  The fact is, lots of people have this perception, and they are looking for a grid – a worldview – to make sense of it. The Bible provides such a grid, and even better, the Bible is based on truth and points to the ultimate truth: Jesus Christ. This shouldn’t shock you – but I know it shocks and outrages many Christians to suppose that some people can perceive into the spirit world from childhood.  I don’t know why we are surprised. Lots of people in the Bible saw angels – even children.

When Clergy of Seers Reject the Gift

I (Doug) am not a seer, but I pastor some. Do you qualify as clergy of seers?

In fact, I have spoken with several seers who have attended Christian churches, only to have their gift rejected by their pastors, reverends or clergy. They literally went to their church leadership with this gift, and were told they were crazy, that there were no such things as demons, that if demons were real, people couldn’t see them, or that they needed delivered from the occult.

Some have been called witches (they weren’t… they were Christians).

Others were accused of focussing on “dark forces” (they weren’t. They were Christians who could see spirits).

Others were called crazy (they weren’t. They saw spirits).

Accept the Biblical Worldview

These people need a biblical worldview to understand this.  Here are some articles that cover moving from a materialist worldview to the one Jesus held.

On this site, I don’t often cite scripture or provide scripture references, but scripture is quoted for those with eyes to see.  Frankly, a lot of Christian lingo turns a lot of non-Christians off, and I want pagans and other non-Christians to feel welcome here. They need Jesus too. They need to know how he sees the world and how he sees them. And how he sees spirits.

I’m actually following the biblical model for quoting scripture in my articles: the biblical authors simply quoted scripture without citing them specifically. If you don’t recognize the verses I am quoting or reference, contact me, and I’ll be more specific.

Some Articles for Pastors and Clergy of Seers

Here are a few articles about Christians who can see into the spirit realm, and could before they were Christians. Some encountered resistance from their pastors or reverends; others demonstrate the value they can bring to the body of  Christ.

We (my wife and I) have met pagans and witches who are seers and had been Christians, and who first went to their church and their pastor for guidance on this gift. They were rejected, and so they went to the New Age, who embraced them and offered teaching in how to use their gifts.

Is Christianity a Supernatural Religion?

What a horrible state of affairs in the Church, the very embodiment of supernatural power. Christians claim to follow a man who was God incarnated, who was killed, and whom God rose again from the dead, and who ascended to heaven and will return someday. You just don’t get more supernatural than that.

Is there anything more supernatural than salvation? Then why would we react so negatively to supernatural abilities that are described in detail in the Old Testament, when they are revealed to be in use and useful for our churches today? Didn’t Elijah and his servant once see a whole army of invisible angels?

The Gift of Discerning Spirits

When Evangeline told me she saw spirits, I wanted to assure her I didn’t think she was crazy, but I did not know what to make of it. I knew our church accepted spiritual gifts, but it didn’t do so in a charismatic or outgoing way.  So I went to my pastor, and told him about Evangeline, wondering if he’d say, “She’s crazy,” and suggest drugs to make it go away.

His reply: “Oh. She’s a seer.”  Oh. Of course.  I didn’t even know there was a name for that.

It occurred to me then and even more so now that Seers are an amazing gift that God has sent the Church. 

Talk about the gift of discernment!

When Evangeline or any other seer sees a demon hiding in the church, we can make it leave. When she sees a dark presence behind a member of the church, we can discretely offer ministry or other services. When she sees a demon following someone in the mall, she can go up to that person, and ask if they want prayer about something. And she does so. Imagine if our church had rejected her… well, guess who would have accepted her? Yup. Something not aligned with God.

Using Spiritual Gifts within a Biblical Framework

We don’t exploit the gift; we don’t abuse it. Paul wrote extensively in 1 Corinthians against abusing spiritual gifts. And he also cautioned churches in exercising them in front of nonbelievers or Christians who were untrained in spiritual gifts (ESV: “outsiders”). With this advice, I recommend embracing anyone who comes to you and says they see spirits. And here’s the thing: you have to make it known that you are open to this gift; that it’s from God and meant for the church, for the glory of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who shed his blood on the cross.

Here’s another hint: the children’s program in your church probably includes Seers. God is showing us that children have an amazing ability to see spirits. Spiritual and physical pollutants numb their ability to see as they grow; or they learn to keep their mouths shut.

Please, pray about this information.

My thoughts on this topic continue to evolve.  See here for some earlier thoughts.



  1. I have a question can anyome become a christian seer and see dreams and visions and if how how do you start out by learning how to become one?

    • I think that not everyone gets to be a seer. I think this is a gift. However, God can speak to anyone through visions and dreams. Almost everyone dreams. Pay attention to your dreams. Journal them. Start to think about your dreams symbolically. Sometimes dreams are just your brain working out things, but sometimes there are spiritual causes of them.

      Jonathan Welton’s book, “School of Seers” has lots of practical ways to become more spiritually sensitive visually, and I recommend it.

      A good first step though is to develop your ability to hear from God. Check out the “Hearing from God” report here.

  2. Amen. When I was in the US Air Force, home on leave, I complained to my Mother about strange things that kept on happening, some good, some bad. She confided that when I was born the Southern Doctor who delivered me told her that I had a “veil” over my face, meaning I would be sensitive pertaining to “things of the Spirit”. My Grandmother, an Elder of the Church said the same thing, that I would act a little peculiar at times, but not to worry, this was a Gift from GOD. My Father also had the Gift, but he was not comfortable with it and resisted. We are Blessed with these gifts by THE LORD GOD ETERNAL. We have been Called to honor and serve THE LORD: FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT, with our lives in the service of GOD and others. To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Required. Go forth with your Gifts. Be Blessed, Beloved.

  3. I have had vivid dreams and visions that needed no interpretation. I saw or felt tragic things hours to minutes before they happened. Never any good stuff. I went to my church at the time, and even though they have people that practice prophecy, they were of no help. My question was, why am I having these dreams and visions? They are terrible! And I am never in a position due to time or distance to prevent what is going to happen from happening. I finally told God that if there was no way for me to help others through this, to take it away! I don’t want to go through something terrible twice! I haven’t had one of those dreams or visions since. I am left wondering if God took the ability away as I asked, or if I still have it but I’m the one suppressing it. I don’t know. And I still cannot for the life of me come up with a good reason why I had them in the first place.

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