“Peace in Your House” Book Release

I’m excited to announce my book Peace in Your House: Spiritual Cleansing of Life and Land has finally been released. ***UPDATE: Ebook formats are also available.*** It is available at Amazon, Barns and Noble, and from the publisher. The publisher offers bulk…

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3 Awesome Ways to Protect Seers from Spiritual Attack

Many seers use their gift to reveal the activity of dark spiritual forces around them. Some reveal specific demonic spirits assigned to churches, allowing church leaders to take action against them – often through prayer, fasting, repentence and reconciliation. In…

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Think Clearly about Spirits: Dangers of Gnosticism

One of the many challenges seers have is learning how to think clearly about spirits. They need a filter or a paradigm through which to interpret what it is they’re seeing. Discussions on the Forum I’ve enjoyed reading and interacting…

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Peeranormal Podcast

I was recently one of the guests on Dr. Heiser’s most recent Peeranormal podcast episode. We discussed peer reviewed scholarly articles on EVP – electronic voice phenomena. Although the conversation never wandered into the topic of seers, we talked a…

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fear holy headline

Seer Testimony: Being Afraid of the Holy

Here’s another guest post from my friend Jake (not the same Jake who runs the Seek4Truth show I’ve been on), who sees clearly in the spirit realm. This is another good one… challenging and thought provoking: Being Afraid of the…

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Join Me for a Live Stream with Seek4Truth

Jake Ruchotzke invited me onto his Seek4Truth Radio program, 7/19/16 at 9PM Central Standard Time (+6 GMT). You can check out his show here: http://www.seek4truth.org/ It’ll be live streamed here: I could be wrong, but I believe he has a…

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Seers Alone

5 Simple Ways Seers Don’t Have to Walk Alone

I wasn’t sure why I was sitting by her. I had seen her around at church, but I didn’t even know her name.  And there I was, at a potluck meal, sitting at a table with six people I didn’t…

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Seers and Cell Phones

Seers and Cell Phone Batteries

A History of Our Seer Child’s Cell Phones For a couple of years now, we’ve allowed our pre-teen spiritually-sensitive daughter a cell phone. When my wife and I upgraded, we gave her one of our used iPhones. She promptly cracked the screen. Eventually,…

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New Seer Forum and Updated About Us Page

I’m announcing a new Seer Forum and About Us page, and some other housekeeping updates. Seer Forum First, the Forum. I recently asked regular visitors if they’d like an online community to discuss topics related to seers, and nearly 50%…

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