Seers and Prophets

Some ancient prophets.

Some ancient prophets.

Seers and prophets are two streams of the same prophetic gift. (The seeing gift is also related to the ability of “discerning of spirits”).

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Some people can know events in the spirit before they happen in the physical. This is a prophetic gift, one of the spiritual gifts. “Seers” are a group within this prophetic gifting, in that they “see” the events in the spirit before or as they happen. This is the most broad example of what a seer is.

Generally speaking, a seer is someone who can “see” what God or other spirits are doing in the spirit world. Normally, on this site, I speak of seers as those who see more clearly actual entities. In this post, I’m speaking more to the general gift, as part of the prophetic.

What do I mean by that? I’ll look to what a collection of ancient works collectively known as the Bible, has to say.

Seers of the Bible

In the histories of the ancient Hebrews, seers are mentioned often. For instance, in about 1000 BC, 1 Samuel 9 records “When a man went to inquire of God, he said, ‘Come, let us go to the seer,’ for today’s prophet was formerly called a seer” (ESV). In fact, Samuel was called a seer several times.

A couple hundred years later, prophets, those who spoke God’s word, were considered separate from seers, who saw what God was doing, although often prophets saw visions. In fact, a large percentage of the Bible consists of visions and dreams… the records of what people saw in the spirit world.

Consider this odd verse from the Prophet Isaiah:

For the LORD has poured out upon you a spirit of deep sleep, and has closed your eyes (the prophets), and covered your heads (the seers). Isa 29:10 ESV

I wonder why the prophets had to have their eyes closed, but the seers their heads covered? Something to do with the pineal gland? Hmm. I’ll muse on that one.

Check out this example, recorded about an invasion in the 7th or 8th Century BC. A certain Hebrew prophet would always know where the invading armies were, God having revealed it to him, and he’d let the Hebrew king know.  The Hebrew king would then send the army to stop the invasion.

The invaders discovered the prophet had a direct line to the God of Israel, and decided to send an army to kill him. One morning, the prophet and the servant woke up to see the town surrounded. The servant freaked out, but the prophet said (paraphrasing) “Relax, those with us are more than those against us.” The servant asked what he meant. The prophet prayed that the servant would “see”… and he suddenly saw an army of angels in chariots of fire surrounding invaders. The prophet prayed that the army would be struck with blindness, and the army made it so. I suppose the human army was lucky the prophet didn’t ask for the angels to kill them.

Another example was recorded by the prophet/seer Daniel. He mentioned that an angel observed the “Prince of Greece” coming to attack and defeat the “Prince of Persia.” He was talking about powerful spirit entities that rule over specific territories. Historians have verified this was written many years before Alexander the Great (of Greece) invaded and defeated the Persian Empire.

Other Seers in the Old Testament

The Bible records that many, many people had encounters where they saw angels or other things in the spirit. They literally saw them, sometimes while in the presence of other people who could not see them. Other times, the angels or other spirit phenomena became visible to them.

Does just seeing an angel make someone a seer? Perhaps not, as angelic entities apparently can appear at will to people. However, the broadest definition of Seer is someone who has something spiritual revealed to him or her visually.

The very first two people recorded, Adam and Eve, not only saw Yahweh (the name of the God of Israel in the Old Testament, whom also is the Most High God, the Creator), but they also saw “The Shining One” 1, an angelic entity that deceived Eve and is later in the Bible called Satan. He was a shining entity. Angelic entities were often described that way in the Old Testament.

Abraham hosted not only the visible person of Yahweh but also several angels from time to time. God revealed to Abraham events in the future, thus qualifying him as a seer: he received visual revelation about future events and about events in the spirit realm.

One of the first Seers in the Bible, under the broad definition, is Hagar, the slave of Sarah, Abraham’s wife, who was harsh with her. When Hagar fled to the desert, God appeared to Hagar in his visible-angelic form (the Name of Yahweh, in this instance). Prophecy is revealed to her by God, and she declared, “You are a God of seeing, for she said, Truly here I have seen him who looks after me.2 That’s pretty awesome.

There are many others. Jacob had an incredible vision in a dream – yes, seers get visions in their dreams, as well – of a stairway to heaven, with angels ascending and descending on it.  Joseph had vivid dreams. Job had vivid dreams. Micaiah saw into heaven. Jeremiah saw quite a lot, including highlighted objects. Ezekiel saw a ton.

Jesus the Seer

Jesus Christ apparently saw into the spirit world.  The Apostle John recorded Jesus saying

Truly, truly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of his own accord, but only what he sees the Father doing. For whatever the Father does, that the Son does likewise.  For the Father loves the Son and shows him all that he himself is doing. And greater works than these will he show him, so that you may marvel.  (John 5:19-20, ESV, emphasis added).

What does that mean exactly? Jesus could perceive with his eyes certain things in the spirit world. For instance, he could see the Holy Spirit hovering over someone, and then through his spoken word, release God’s will and power for that person, and miracles happened.

This principle is prevalent in the Bible. In the very first chapter of the Bible, the Holy Spirit is hovering over the waters, and God’s Word speaks, and the spoken word released the miracle of Creation.

Other Seers in the New Testament

The Apostle Peter saw things on occasion.  In circa 30 AD, as recorded in Acts 3, Peter “directed his gaze” on a crippled man, spoke to him to get up and rise. A miracle occurred and the man stood up. Peter saw something and then released God’s will in that man’s life.

The Apostle Paul could also “see,” at least on occasion. Once, he was preaching to a crowd about Jesus and the grace of God (about the only things Paul talked about), and in the middle of his sermon, he stopped, and saw a man in the crowd who was lame from birth.

And Paul, looking intently at him and seeing that he had faith to be made well,  said in a loud voice, “Stand upright on your feet.”

Just how do you “see” faith? It’s something in the spirit and Paul’s spoken word released it and the man was healed.

Seers Today

A young seer I know saw a spirit of depression on a man. She knew that God wants good things for people, not bad things like demonic assignments of depression. She approached him and asked if he wanted released from it.  He said no.

A different seer I know saw a similar thing on a man at a mall. She approached him and asked, and he said yes, he wanted gone.  A short prayer to Jesus broke the assignment and the demon left.

Seeing Highlighted Objects

Let’s jump back a few centuries before Christ to the prophet Jeremiah, who actually saw the Word of God in human form.  Jeremiah wrote in about 600 BC. God asked Jeremiah, “What do you see?” Jeremiah replied that he saw an “almond branch.” God then prophesied to him through what he saw. The link between the prophetic word God gave to Jeremiah and the almond branch is lost in our English translations, but in the original language, there’s a pun being employed.

Now, what is going on here? Certainly Jeremiah saw more than an almond branch. But somehow, in the spirit, the almond branch was highlighted. He surveyed his surroundings, somehow the almond branch stood out, and so Jeremiah mentioned it. So Jeremiah saw something and a prophecy came through it.

There are probably hundreds of examples in the Bible of people seeing angels and lots of interesting, terrifying, and amazing things in the spirit. But I will end with one more intriguing example: Jesus on the Cross.

What Jesus Saw From the Cross

When Jesus was crucified, he hung on the cross much of the day, and he said a few things that witnesses recorded.  One of the things he said was a quote from Psalm 22, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” When you read the rest of the Psalm, you see many prophecies fulfilled by Jesus, some on the day he was killed, including the means whereby the Roman soldiers divided his clothes.

Psalm 22 also says,

“Many bulls encompass me; strong bulls of Bashan surround me; they open wide their mouths at me, like a ravening and roaring lion.”

Bulls of Bashan surround me.
Bulls of Bashan surround me.

To the ancient Hebrews (who were the writers and the intended audience of the Psalms), the “bulls of Bashan” are demons.  I think of the scene in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, when Aslan is killed, and he’s surrounded by horrendous monsters, celebrating his death.

The “Bulls of Bashan” encompassing Jesus on the cross must have looked far more terrifying, and Jesus could see them.

The New Testament authors record that the demons celebrated and orchestrated Jesus’ death. But they didn’t know what was going to happen next.

Jesus descended to Hell and spoke to the demons and fallen angels already there, announcing they had actually lost, not won.  God then resurrected Jesus, and in doing so, God disarmed the spiritual rulers and authorities (demons) and put them to open shame, triumphing over them in Jesus.  One of the New Testament writers declared that if the demons had known what was going to happen, they wouldn’t have crucified Jesus.

So Jesus looked down from the Cross, the instrument recognized as the most humiliating, torturous and cruel of deaths devised by the ancient Romans, and espied the demons celebrating their supposed victory, when all along, it was on the Cross that Jesus defeated them.  This is why demons will flee at the name of Jesus, the only Jesus who died on the Cross and rose again.

Bringing it All Together

I know there is a lot of interest in exploring the prophetic as well as the seer gifts. Some questions to ponder:

Is the ability to see a gift or a physical attribute?

For Christians, prophetic and seeing gifts are distributed by the Holy Spirit. But what about those who see clearly before encountering the Holy Spirit? Are their abilities gifted to them from other spirits, or are the yengrained physically in their brains?

I have evidence which I’ll release soon that for some people, it’s a function of the brain they are born with, and for others, the gift is given after being filled with the Holy Spirit.  But for now, just contemplate these things. And thanks for reading!


  1. See the International Standard Version translation of Genesis 3:1.
  2. Genesis 16:13, ESV.


  1. I’d like more on this. I was born with these insights but want to learn about directing them with Christ. In other words, I want His grace in them. I feel like I’m shooting a bow off without instruction or a target.

  2. Prophetic Seer, and more is what I am. This is very interesting, the best insight I have found to explain some parts to me, and in some ways how God uses me and shows me things. Then forces me to tell or share what I witnessed or took part in. However, I have a fear of being a freak, even tho I believe it is from God. It is still hard to walk up to strangers and say what God told you to say or do or just pray for them. I also see very clearly into the realm of “people” spirits and Jesus’ army of angels. This has happened my entire life, only now am I getting understanding through biblical knowlege. It’s God, he chose me. My life has been far from good but God has always had me. Always. It’s all about his grace. I see that world, I know I have a mission here, but I can’t wait to get there to heaven with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is three in one! So amazing! Any info or biblical in site like this I would love to read and compare my knowlege too. To put names to what I already know to be true, even if I don’t believe it all. The majority is right on to how parts of my life works.

    • I see whole pages of the bible number by numbers word by words outter bodies experience all I one see unseen forces light fills my chess word of light in vision in such dreams with christ it’s time to fight with word they turn to ashes much i may tell one humble that iam saints do such one love you…members of the body even as I write unto one joy come it grace and love and peace of God be with he all your family Aman this love and peace have i written in truth…..2145866234 test the spirit to know it this peace of heaven

  3. Perhaps you allow me to share my thoughts about the ability to see, whether it is a gift or natural?

    The following is only how I myself experience it, so don’t feel attacked. I don’t know of any other seer in my country (probably because it is so small.) I encourage other seers to write how they see it.

    Doug, if it is too long, please leave out the things you find irrelevant. I try to be as short as possible.

    To start off I am a prophet and a seer. The prophetic part is just as all the others, so that I ‘ll leave out. Again, the next is how I myself experience it.

    When the Lord speaks to me, it is an act of God. He speaks and I listen. Or I talk back. But I cannot make Him talk. Often the Lord tells me not what I like to hear: That I have to repent about something, or that I have to take action, instead of sitting back in my chair and letting the Lord solve my problems.

    The big difference with my seeing things is that it is an act of myself. I myself switch on that I want to see angels around me. And I switch it off again.

    It is my action to switch on the possible futures of a country, and I switch it off again. If I want to see demons I switch it on, but I immediately switch it off again. If I want to see lights around people (or auras) I switch it on, and I switch it off again.

    And so I can continue with many different things I don’t want to mention, to switch them on and off. Because of this information is way too much to process in my brains, by default I have everything switched off.

    Another thing is that this information as I see it, does come from the outside. When praying and when the Lord makes things clear to me, it usually comes from deep within me (by the Holy Spirit Who lives inside of me.) But the possible futures from persons or countries or continents come from the outside.

    So for me it means that my seeing is a natural thing / physical attribute, whereas prophecy is a spiritual thing, originated by God.

    I think I have a kind of antenna to pick up the extra seeing information. I also have other strange phenomena that come from the outside, not from within me. You may read about it here

    on my own website.

    Perhaps it has to do with the form of my head or the lenght of my body?

    I have been serving in the Royal Dutch Navy a long time. Perhaps because of I picked up radiation from tracking radars or high power transmitters or other military equipment, that this radiation changed something within my body.

    But I really think the ability to see is natural, because of the 2 reasons mentioned above: 1. it is an act of myself, not of God and 2. it comes from the outside.

    Often I don’t consider seeing as a ‘gift,’ for it gives a great responsibility: What do I do with a bad future for a country? Should I pray for it to stop it? Should I ask others to pray with me? Or do I go to the church-leaders and ask them to handle it? Or do I have to wait until it is The Time to work on it? Or do I contact the papers, or the politicians, or … ?

    To be honest, I don’t do much with my seeing. It is always switched off to protect myself. Sometimes I pick things up too late. But I like to be with the Lord, listening to Him and talking to Him and praying for countries.

    There is enough to be done, so I almost completely ignore my seeing and do not experiment with it. I rather put my time and efforts in the Lord Himself and that He may be glorified.

    When I walk, is that a gift? Or when I hear people talking to me. Is that a gift? Or after studying hard when I play the piano, is that a gift?

    No, I am not that good …

  4. Every day i see hundreds of spirits some look like people, aliens, animals, mythical creatures. I see orbs of different colors. I also see an orb turn into a ball of fire with alien looking faces all around it before it explodes. This just started happening in the last 2 months. I am confused as to why

    • Eva , I too see those exact same things as you do … plus many others , I have seen most of these things all my life but since late 2012 its been a whole new experience… I have been having a hard time trying to figure out what it is God needs from me , I’m struggling actually … there is so many other entities that I see that I know nothing about , so it becomes scary at times ! I just wanted to let you know your not alone in this ,,,there are so many of us ! I love finding sites like these , it helps me a lot …because to speak of what I see to others that don’t see what we do usually doesn’t go over to well , my daughter and boyfriend were ready to send me to a mental help place lol… I feel different ,,,but ,,,that’s because I am , you are , as many of us are of this site … I’m thankful to be able to express myself here about my reality , I feel safe and not judged ! Love n light …

      • very nice to read this.. lets connect and speak more about what we see, how we tap into seeing it, if can be turned off.. and any other things. i too can see but am trying to see at will more than just lost souls or demons.. I’m training to see hopefully soon angelic beings, star kids, whomever wishes me to help in whatever way. its not easy, i haven’t slept more than 3-4 a night for many years because constantly attacked when shut my eyes. oh well. I’m making progress. i do not fear them anymore. i know who i am now.

        • My sister had a session with a seer in Pittsburgh.
          I would like to know how I would locate one near me in Redlands Ca. Inland Empire to see how my life has been and will be.

      • I am having the same visions and even are seeing and catching them in pictures. As you’ve stated I may be deemed crazy if I told someone but what can I do about this! I am also catching shadows moving or in conversation…

    • Possibly. Ask away through here, or contact me by email. douglas at seerssee dot com. (spelled out to avoid spam!) Will get a forum going soon as well.

    • I would like to communicate with you about this topic am a pastor in a local church in Kenya . let me have you personal email address.

  5. Thanks for the information. This explains the symptoms that I am going through. The Lords has been revealing and instructing me through visions and dreams which comes to pass exact to the details. I am longing to learn how seers and prophets mature in their journey towards their treasure whom the Lord has ordained.

  6. Lynette, I am amazed at what ABBA is doing in me for HIS PPL. I’ve had many prophecies told to me about the gift of PROPHECIES. The HOLYGHOST HAS REVEALED TO ME BEING A SEER. FOR a long time I didn’t understand, but now ABBA truly has my attention in to going deeper about these amazing Divine gifts he has untrusted me with..

    • Me too Lynette, God did tell me some prophecies, but I don’t share them with anyone who doesn’t understand. For example, The Ruach Ha-kodesh (Holy Spirit) loves to speak to me early on a morning, just before I am about to come out of natural sleep. A month or two ago He told me “portals will be opened through black magic and will be used for the transmigration of people’s in the last days,” now when He said this I got the impression that this included soldiers from the United Nations! He told me more things but sometimes I forget so I have to keep a book to write down what He says. Embrace your prophetic gift and always examine what you hear in the light of Elohim’s (God’s) word.

  7. Hi, just would like to come clean about some things the Holy Spirit told me about Pople Bergoglio. He listed several things the current Papacy is involved in to me, including transhumanism and transmigration and the New World Order. He told me that within the next five years the Pope is going to be instrumental in bringing about the Mark of The Beast…….be blessed dear seers. I am scared about this particular prophecy and I hope its wrong.

  8. I too am a seer, however I am heathen, and so I have seen many times, places, people,deities and am friends with them all,light ,grey & dark! All seem to be saying the same thing! Peace! There’s something none of us can see that makes evil looks nice, already here! How can we combat this?

  9. My sister had a session with a seer in Pittsburgh.
    I would like to know how I would locate one near me in Redlands Ca. Inland Empire to see how my life has been and will be.

  10. My name is irrelevant, so you can call me dinky. I am not sure if I reconize this what I have as a gift because this has always been a part of me. I dream very heavy and very vivid dreams. Most of the time I can control myself before the dream, meaning I feel myself entering a different state in my mind maybe is what I can describe it. Most of my dreams start of the same way especially if it’s a dream that concerns someone else other than myself. I am able to talk to myself and hear myself on the outside of my mind. I can also sometimes pinpoint the time my dreams become someone reality. It depends on how many times I dream about the person, and how soon the next dream happens or if it’s just a warning. I have also faught in my dreams. It was kinda hard to describe to a friend that a caught a horned creature in my dream. I have also been able to look at a person and see what is behind the there eyes. I couldn’t describe what I have seen it’s the feeling I get when doing it. I have been able detect evil, I have been Abe to describe the person you are by listen and looking. I have also seen water behind someone’s else. So I would like to help understanding myself because I don’t understand, some of the things I see and hear from people literally knocks me down so far, I believe that we are all God’s people and that he loves us with an unconditional love and we should do the same. But it’s so hard to do that when feeling what I feel . So if anyone has an answer for me I would appreciate your input. Thanks God bless

    • Hi, my name is Rachel. From what you are explaining you sound very much like me. I’ve been looking for others that have similar experiences to talk to and continue to seek God on such things. I would love to speak to you through email to begin with if you don’t mind. I have searched for years to try and find some sort of understanding to everything that I see and know, mainly through dreams and visions. Even revelations as well. Send me an email if you’d like. [email protected]

    • I have experienced some of the very same things you mentioned and couldn’t explain it either, still looking for answers, still praying!

  11. First of all thank you for your boldness and courage and putting this out here. Many of today’s Orthodox Christians would call us Heretics for even speaking about this. I as well was born as a Seer and a prophet but it all changed it transformed at one moment …when I was Holy Spirit-filled… Well BAPTISED in the spirit by the spirit for the spirit by fire. God is raising up a holy people that once were not his people those of us who have ears to hear and eyes to see will be doing the work of an evangelist will be doing the work of the Mighty comforter and the coming King by giving hope to those who are in the pits all of you who have questions and comments one thing I want to share with you is get into the word of God use a Dead Sea scroll Bible The Works of dr. Michael Heiser search for videos by Timothy alberino..Tom Horn Josh Peck search for Canary cry radio as well …. get to know God’s voice personally …you will learn his voice you will know his leading have faith nd step out in these gifts… use them as GOD intends

  12. I would like to connect with you. I am also a SEER it is very hard to connect with others that share this gift

  13. I can look at people & see in their eyes things that they may not want anyone to know e.g. someone with a lustful spirit or someone that is attracted to children. When I get close to some people my head gets dizzy & I feel faint, so I have to move away from them. Some people I have actually felt are uncomfortable around me & they avoid looking me in my eyes & they get away from me as fast as they can, even people I’ve grown up with is not comfortable around me anymore and I around them. A lot of my dreams I have actually seen come to pass, exactly as I dreamt them. I would be in a room and feel like someone is moving around in another room, but when I look there would be no one there. I don’t actually see demons neither angels. But when I send angels on assignments they do them, I know because what I send them to do gets done. Once I was walking and this heavy gust of wind was blowing at that same time, I felt like I was coming out of my body, but I held on and continued walking close to my friends who I was with, I also get this feeling if I am in a room with mirrors. I can also smell some spirits good and bad, I’ve gotten sweet scents as well as rotten ones before being visited by certain people. That’s all I can remember for now. Can you advise me as to what gifting I have.

  14. Hi Sherry Ann,

    You have a spiritual awareness that expresses itself in many different ways.

    Maybe someone else can define it better.

    Many greetings,


  15. What about numerologists, astrologists and many more; what is controllling what they can do, are they gifted or they learned it somewhere?

    • There can be several sources for supernatural knowledge. Christians receive their supernatural knowledge from the Holy Spirits. Non Christians like numerologists, psychics, mediums, and astrologists often receive it from other spirits. Some psychics also receive their knowledge from the Holy Spirit, but they are using this knowledge illegally, stealing it and selling it on the black market, rather than going through the gate of Jesus Christ (see John 10). Some astrologists and others attribute their knowledge to the “cosmic consciousness”… the idea that all is one and the goal of life is to get back into the “light”, the oneness, and the loss of self… ultimate, this is a delusion, and they are tapping into other spirits which are leading them away from Jesus with their supernatural knowledge.

      • Oh ok, thank you for the great insight. I have another question, I have an aunt who is also gifted but I do not think that she has good control over it and she is struggling in her life because she cannot even go look for a job or be next to strangers because the spirits get to when she senses something about some one. She was chosen by the ancestors to be a taditional healer, and I think she hates it because she is a true christian. I would just like to know what we can do for her?

  16. I see the same things and have not a clue as to what I am supposed to do with this . I see everyday all the time and sometimes I get very frightened, this has been going on for over 6 years now and I feel the fear is holding me back from doing great things . I feel so confused but really want to move forward and understand this gift I was given… just wanted to share … much love n light …Deana

  17. These kinds of generational “curses” imposed by ancestors can be broken through specific kinds of deliverance prayers.

  18. I have experienced some of the very same things you mentioned and couldn’t explain it either, still looking for answers, still praying!

  19. It is so much darkness in peoples minds …. it is very scary…. they keep feeding all this crazy mess into their minds and spirits…. i sleep only with friendly movies on so i dont dream deep. Im basically running away from my gift. It doesnt bring nothing … no solutions. You cant find nobody to help you with. We all need to learn the skill of transforming darkness into goodness.
    Those dark entities and thought networks are man made. I think they are the will of people and thoughts outside of their necks. Like negative prayers. Also consider there are al8oot mor peeps on this planet now than just 100 years ago.
    I just find rarely people swinging on high frequenzies. Many new agers try to but their characters aint matured just like many socalled christians.
    Are we as sensitive folks just amazed by our gifts or are we a solid help for the planet?
    Christians hang too much on the man written bible….too many crazy spirits and lies in this piece… dint forget how many people wrote and rewrote mistranslated to keep people in a hierarchy of slavery and exploitation!!!

    Genesis 23 … subdue the earth is claimed by this evil spirit and NOT by the divine God!!!

    Those with understanding know this already.
    Sometimes the (god) in the bible acts like a tyrant. So this is falsified scripture and not divinely inspired.
    Written by people with selfish motives.

    But anyway. I wish you all the best and send out my loving blessings to yall.

  20. Did you ever notice that when clean or i call them innocent souls aka people are around you that your gifts get amplified and you become inspired and energetic? And when the unclean spirited harmful people are around you you get sick or lose motivation and become depressive?


  22. Dear Doug,

    Thank you for writing this Post.

    I was born with the Seer Gift and this runs through the female side of my family for many generations. My heritage goes back to the Ancient Isrelites from which my family from my mother’s and grandmother side have descended from and there are many black people who do not know their true heritage apart from those Jews that already know. My mother passed this down to me and I have educated my children as they are older, my two girls are also Seers and developing in understanding the prophetic calling on their life. I inherited the Prophet Gift after I was Baptised with the Holy Spirit. My visions, dreams and prophecies are coming more natural to me and come to pass sometimes days, weeks, months and years later. I did not want this and would not accept it until I started to see the things I saw or say come true, I see terrorists plotting to strike certain places and I draw too so I can write them down and draw what I see. I also make the people trying to stop them aware as I know they listen to my conversations, I have spoken about my visions and warned those in charge of what needs to be done to counteract what is constantly being plotted. It has been a remarkable journey and God has shown me many things that have started. One example is I was in Egypt, i had a warrior outfit on and God was right by my side, I saw demons jumping in and out of people and they were so fierce toward each other. These demons could possess them instantly, I saw the rise of racism of black people whilst I was there, God told me He would put an end to this and everything else that would arise in the last days. I was still fighting against the demonic shooting my bow and arrow, God was also fighting them, with one touch from God the grey sky became blue and the people returned to normal and had no clue to the fact they had been completely possessed by demons. God told me this would happen and increase in the very last days before His return and It has begun, He showed me the people becoming more evil through possession. Attacking each other for no reason, I would see people driving in cars whilst on the road and suddenly changing as if they had just been possessed. I have also experienced God holding me up in a horizontal position above the earth, I watched as the Earth was completed dessimated, all the building fell like dominoes. No sooner than it fell it was made completely new, it was completely different and I awoke out of my dream and these dreams just come to me. I have had warning dreams about my family and had visions in my dreams, these are places that I have never saw but saw a family member going there so I described it to a relative and they told what place I was dreaming and that the relative I saw was going to the place I saw but it was a trap. I was warned to tell them not to go, I have been shown so many things, I have seen angels and they are different according to their role. Purple/ Blue are angelic visitations from heaven that report back to God, White lights are guardian angels and they are always around mankind to whichever individual they are assigned to, Yellow/Golden angels are the ones that watch over the souls of man and take them once their body dies but they also visit but this is rare. The white bright angels also keep guard outside your door and warn you wherever you go. I see the white, purple blue angels in my house, car, where I go and around certain people. I also see demonic forces and they take different forms, they can be grey, black, transparent and actual physical demons, the transparent ones are very evil and they cause sleep paralysis, the black shadow like to scare people and I often see them following people at certain times. The grey are not so much and the ones that possess are very invisible to most people but they manifest when Spirit-filled Christians who see know they are in people. They are everywhere and growing in number and are worldwide, they have been in many people for a very long time, hiding, they get aggressive in the presence of certain Christians and those that can cast them out as they don’t want to leave. I have seen lighter grey spirits in the shape of what seems to be very old and they can be religious spirits that have been in religious Christians for along time until they are set free and walk in knowing and walk in the righteousness of God instead of walking because of their religious spirits. These Christians I feel for because they were brought up in many long standing denominational churches that are very religious in the way service is arranged and form part of their church rules such as the Catholic church and many others similar to them. It is the fullness of the Holy Spirit that they need so they can walk in the truth of God that is not taught in churches such as these. I know because I was a devout Catholic and God called me out of there by His voice a very long time ago, you can only Worship God in Spirit and in truth. God is raising, has been training people who do have the truth of God and His word, also what is really going on in the spiritual realm they keep the Commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. What I do know is many people will turn to the church for answers as this world system will be unable to offer answers to the changes the world will face and we need to be ready for the onslaught. There is much more to tell you and I will but for now may God bless you and keep you, cause His face to shine upon you always and continue this site as it is and will be a blessing to many people, I am sharing this with all my children, brethren and whoever God leads to this site. With much Sisterly love and gratitude for your work, a Seer Prophet x

  23. “For the LORD has poured out upon you a spirit of deep sleep, and has closed your eyes (the prophets), and covered your heads (the seers). Isa 29:10 ESV”

    Maybe only the eyes are covered for the prophets for they see in visions and dreams, while the seers’ heads are covered for they see, smell, taste, hear. Basicaly all of their senses are active so their full head is covered. 🙂

  24. Hi, my name is Mark, Bless to u all, I have a gift called,” Discernment of Spirits.” I thought that I was a Seer for quite a while until I asked The Lord to Stewart me and he is and has been! I actually saw a large serpent go down the isle at my place of worship and it got in the face of a wonderful singer named Michele, she was up on stage with a large group, chorus so to speak Praising the Lord at the beginning of service. This is just 1 of my experiences among countless, Praise Wonderful Jesus. After i saw the 20+ foot serpent on her face with the tongue coming in and out I pondered why it was doing what it was. I also saw the same looking serpent go down the isle a few other times and just disappear behind the curtain behind the group, chorus! After sometime the Lord Stewarting, teaching me, I understood what Satan was up to. U see, my place of worship, Praise Jesus is huge, the music, group, chorus was wonderfully powerful, the music, the anointing was actually Glorifing Jesus Bigtime, And Delivering people!!! The woman that the serpent was in front of was a incredible singer and led the music, chorus most of the time. U see, because of the wonderful music, powerful anointing it was bringing, Satan didn’t like it so he attacked the churches music, after seeing that, the following Sunday worship service the woman Michele wasn’t there and left for around 2 months and the Pastor which is a wonderful Pastor John also must have been under attack also cuz he changed the powerful anointed music to just 1 man playing a guitar. It was nothing in comparison to the way it was originally! Don’t get me wrong it’s getting better again after several months but I truly believe that due to the Powerful chorus, music, anointing due to Praising our Lord, Satan didn’t like it so he planted seeds to change the music and it was revealed to me praise Jesus due to the gift Discernment of Spirits. I do see Angels and Demons and really too much to list 24/7!!! I have been to apostle John Zavlaris and exorcist 3 times and I’ve been to see Pastor and exorcist Bob Larson in New York once just to confirm my gift because of what i see 24/7, including demons and angels even in the sky flying around monitoring us or watching over us all levels of spiritual wickedness also, most of the demons only like to show one EYE just like the triangle on the back of the dollar bills with the eye In the middle of the triangle. Praise Jesus I can see Pretty much everything that you can think of due to this powerful anointing including telling the exorcists what I see in the people when they go to be delivered, Including one woman which I saw the spirit of Krishna in her, which looks like a light blue Indian until her friend sitting on the side of me said to me, “ Wow you are good and showed me a picture on her cell phone of what I was Discerning inside of her, which I told Her to praise Jesus not me and glorify Jesus not me!!! Just to let you all know that I asked for this gift when I first became a born-again believer and it has an incredible responsibility included with the gift . The majority of you probably cannot fathom what I have experienced good and bad. The way the Lord has had to humble me. Yes See when you have a gift like this and enter into the enemies camp he does not like that and he will have you watched and monitored and not just you but your family so you really need to build an incredible relationship with the Lord and be in his word every day! When I originally asked for this gift I had no idea what I was getting into but obviously the Lord thought I could handle it but it has been tough and depressing at times and lonely at times and I’ve had a lot to learn and I am still learning and it takes a while because there’s just not a lot of info out there about this gift discernment of spirits or if you are a true Seer. Doug has done his homework and I am glad because he has helped me quite a bit and I am sure many others, but there is a woman that wrote two books one is called Seeing the supernatural by Jennifer EIVAZ and she wrote another book called the HEART of the intercessor which I recommend getting these books because she really understands and knows about the gift discerning of spirits! I could see when her book was sent to me when I first opened the package the anointing that was on the book, truly amazing praise the Lord. If anybody ever wants to talk, My name is Mark and I am at 401-390-6136, PS I have had this gift for approximately four years and I have come a long way praise Jesus by lots of trial and Error, when you fall down get back up again always and never feel condemned like Satan wants us to. One more thing , Jesus is truly and honestly wonderful and merciful and kind and actually my vocabulary isn’t worthy of how awesome and loving he is!!!!!!!! From what I see with this gift I definitely realize that time is short and we all should really try wholeheartedly to be obedient to God‘s word especially because it hurts him when we are hurting! I pray for you all and bless you all in the name of Jesus

  25. He gave you His eyes to see others hearts. Secrets, motives, other activities in other realms. Direction and grace will need to come through deep intimacy and surrender to His heart. He has much to say to you, and in that still small voice is where you will experience this. The Ancient of Days is waiting patiently to speak to your spirit through silence. Great wisdom is in the silence, not the seeing. This is where direction will awaken inside you. And grace will he your cloak.

  26. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God. Talk to the Lord. He will provide exactly what you need. Stay in prayer. Read the Bible. All the answers to Lifes questions are in that book. God will get the glory from eveything you are facing, rejoice and worship the Lord our God.

  27. Your powers are within you as they are within your Creator. Bring them forth. They are freely given to be freely accepted. Evil relies upon force. However, all forms of force rely upon free will.

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