The Kingdom of God

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So much confusion abounds about what the Bible teaches regarding the Kingdom of God. It is the dynamic rule and reign of God, as opposed to the rule and reign of the forces of darkness. It’s time we peal back the layers of confusion and reveal the Kingdom in our lives, our communities, our cities, provinces, states, and nations.

The Kingdom of God is the dynamic rule and reign of God.

It’s God’s government in action.

The Kingdom is activity of God’s ruling, the reigning of God’s government.

It’s the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Kingdom reveals itself when justice, prosperity, spiritual cleansing, healings, deliverances, loving the least, the last, the lost, offering undeserved and unreserved favor from heaven.

The Kingdom reveals itself when the hungry are fed, when thirst is quenched, when the Holy Spirit falls, and when Jesus become lord over someone’s life.

The Kingdom reveals itself through worship, through obedience, through sacrifice, through sovereign action of God and God’s people serving others.

The Kingdom is here. The Kingdom is not fully here yet. The advancing Kingdom is absolutely unstoppable.

The Story of the Bible

The Kingdom of God on earth and throughout the cosmos was presaged in Genesis 1 and is fulfilled in Revelation 21. It’s the story of the Bible.

Kingdom of God = Kingdom of Heaven

The Kingdom of God is the same as the Kingdom of Heaven. These phrases are stylistic variations of the same concept. See this source for a defense of this.

The Kingdom is active. It’s dynamic. It has power. The salt hits the meat, and the salt changes the meat. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness flees. The Kingdom of God manifested in Jesus, and everywhere he went, he could not help but to overturn the rule and reign of the enemy.

For a position paper (draft) explaining this from a scriptural standpoint, see here.

Here’s a better explanation.