Seers and Mental Health Professionals


How do mental health professionals handle people who see spirits? In most cultures, people are expected to behave within certain parameters that the culture has declared as “normal.”

Mental Health Professionals in the West

People who exhibit behaviors outside of “normal” are examined.  In the United States, their behaviors are measured against the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders, Version 5  (DSM-5)and other criteria. Based on the diagnosis, certain therapy and/or drugs are administered to try and regulate the internal processes of the client, so that their behavior becomes “normal.”

This process is based on the scientific materialist worldview: the belief that all that exists is matter and energy, and people are mainly chemicals and processes. If there is a “spirit” reality, it’s far “less real” than the physical reality.  Quantum physics demonstrates scientifically there are many challenges with this worldview. It is, in fact, a failed worldview, despite the many successes it has produced for modern civilization.

My wife Amy is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and was recently in a meeting where other professional counselors were discussing the proper procedure to treat a child who declares he or she sees ghosts, spirit “friends”, or other people who aren’t there.  All sorts of therapuetic procedures were discussed to address these delusions. Amy wanted to ask, “What if the child is telling the truth?

But she did not, because of the worldview challenges.

Embrace the Reality of the Supernatural

If you are a mental health professional, consider this: Do you have clients who see things that aren’t there? Are they merely hallucinating or are they telling the truth? How can you tell?

No doubt, some people who see things are hallucinating. Others are not. In the past, people who saw spirits were called witches and killed. Today, they’re called insane and locked up. Western medicine really hasn’t come that far with respect to the spiritual world.

It’s time to the abandon short-sided, close-minded materialist worldview, and consider other alternatives to certain odd behaviors in our clients.

Am I saying all behavior outside of normal parameters is spirit-influenced? That the “devil made them do it?” Not at all. But some are. And while not an excuse for psychotic behavior (because humans have free will), the reality of the spirit world should not be ignored.

For instance, if a parent is playing with a ouija board to talk with spirits, we should expect the children in the household to manifest odd behaviors. The solution isn’t to institutionalize the child, but to stop the summoning of the parents and clean house. (Institutionalization may be needed for various reasons). My point is, we are very complicated creatures and multiple reasons for behaviors should be considered.

Seers and Drugs

Some articles about seers who took psychotropic drugs, pain medicines, or smoked pot…

Seers and Drugs – a very early article when I was first alerted to the idea that the seer’s ability may be rooted in brain chemistry.

How Does a Seer See into the Spirit Realm – a popular article that discusses the impact of psychotropic and pain meds on the seer ability.

Cannabis and Spirituality – Interesting and negative effects of smoking pot.

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  1. Will someone meaning, anyone please tell me how I can be drug free and still use my seer gift for Gods glory.I am still a teen and I got some medication sent to my door today from my doctor. My mom wants me to take this medication called Zoloft and I am afraid that it will cause my seer ability to turn off completely.This is driving me nuts, it’s very discouraging. How can this be fixed, any suggestions please?this is only going to get worse if it can’t be solved.

    • Michaela, I asked my friend who is a seer for his thoughts. Here are his comments:

      I have a siatic nerve problem. It causes me great pain. When I first started taking pain killers I thought it was taking away my ablity to see. It wasn’t. The ability to see has as much to do with the gift as the attitude of acceptance. Point in fact, my glasses. When I put my glasses on, the veil is lowered and my sight is limited. Why? Is it due to simple pieces of plastic or my desire/will to unsee the unseen?

      I have been able to see since I was born. There were times when I was quite young, that I wanted it to go away but it didn’t. Why? I believe it was because the enemy Satan was trying to place fear into my heart and destroy the little faith I had in God at the time. God was using the enemy’s scheme to draw me closer to Him. When I would get really scared I would turn on all the lights in my room and then go to sleep. Why? The light blotted out the unseen that would come in darkness.

      As to the Zoloft. Take the medicine. God did not give her a spirit of fear. Satan gave fear to her. She will continue to drink from it until she takes the Zoloft thus proving to God that she belives in her gift more than the fear she has that she will lose it. Have her read John 10:25-30. Pay special attention to 29. God gave the gift. She cannot “ungive” the gift. The enemy cannot snatch it out of God’s hands if she takes the drug.

      Finally, if she does lose sight, it may be so that God may heal her heart. The depression is akin to a tar pit. I don’t know anything about her other than she has gotten herself stuck and is sinking into darkness. I see the Zoloft freezing the pit. This will allow her to use the weakness she has been neglecting (the picture I get is the chisel in her weak hand) to chip away at the frozen tar until she is free and is able to walk out of the pit. She can then stop taking the Zoloft and resume life. Sight or not, she may want to get out of the tar before she cares about her sight.

      God wants a deeper relationship with this young woman, not just a “come visit me in the nursing home”. If she doesn’t understand right now, she will in the future.

  2. you have been misslead– no drug can take away ones natural gift — it is in the praying to God and with the guidance of the Holy spirit… that all of us will stay connected to God– this prayer is so important–”” NOTHNG –ABSOLUTELY NOTHING CAN SEPARATE ME FROM GODS LOVE”..-not man–beast or any spiritual force… .JESUS CHRIST IS MY LORD – AND HE SAID — PETER” YOU ARE MY ROCK — AND UPON YOU I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH — AND EVEN THE GATES OF HELL WILL NOT PREVAIL… ((meaning)) no one can take away our spiritual birth right no drugg or force—- God has givn all ”free will” and even Satan cannot take that way.. be carefull — druggs fogg the the mind– but WE ARE SPIRITUAL– ((we all need more teachings )) and Satan is very tricky and deceivng. we have been warned— AND PRAY FOR A HEALING.. when one is spiritually shakey– they believe they have a problem– when in reality — they need the right teachings and words of God — READ YOUR BIBLE– IT HAS POWER –pills — do not cure ((there is exceptions in biotic– but some — just mask and give us mind problems>>>>>

    • I have a couple of thoughts. Of course drugs can take away your natural gifts. Drugs impair people every day – they impair their natural abilities to do all sorts of things. This would include, of course, engaging in spiritual things, because we are physical beings. We consume food – and sometimes pills – that can either help or harm us.

      Also, scriptures do NOT says that Jesus would build his rock on Peter. He didn’t say, “YOU are my rock.” But he did say, “On THIS rock I’ll build my church.” THIS rock was the mountain he was on – Mount Hermon, which was considered the Gates of Hell by Jews in Jesus’ day and for a thousand years before that. Jesus declared that he was claiming that mountain for himself, and the Church would continually advance, which it has.

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