The Pineal Gland and the Spirit Realm

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The ability to perceive into the supernatural realm may be related to brain chemistry surrounding the pineal gland. The pineal gland is small and shaped like a pine cone, and is in the deep recesses of the brain. It produces various hormones related to sleep, sex, and growth.

Many religions consider it the gateway to spiritual awareness and it’s been called the “third eye” and the “seat of the soul.” Much mysticism surrounds it. The hype is probably overblown and frankly, its functioning and total purposes aren’t completely understood by modern science.

Peer-reviewed research demonstrates that manipulating the pineal gland in certain ways can impact the development of the sex organs while producing giantism.

It is one of the few parts of the brain that is not isolated from the blood stream. Both spinal fluid and blood flow strongly through the pineal gland.

Abusing the Pineal Glad

Western diet, fluoridated water, and constant visual attacks (e.g., television programming) tends to calcify or numb the pineal gland’s ability to function. Speculatively, maybe this is why some people can “see” as children, but as they age, they lose their ability: their pineal gland has been so blunted by pollutants generated by Western society.

A drawing of the Pineal Gland

A drawing of the Pineal Gland

Some drugs act on the pineal gland, instantly shutting it down. This is why when some seers go to “get help” with something like depression, and a doctor prescribes anti-depressants, the “seeing” stops. But when they go off the drugs (to deal with the depression in other ways), the “seeing” returns.

I know a seer who was afflicted with migraines, and took certain migraine medication, only to find her ability to see in the spirit realm stopped. The questions she had to answer was simply: is it worth not seeing into the spirit realm to live pain free? It was, although she felt some fear never knowing if a room was “safe” or not, because she couldn’t perceive into the spirit realm anymore.

Eventually, her doctor switched medications, and a few weeks later, her ability to perceive the spirit realm returned, while the migraines stayed away. I haven’t been able to locate research to indicate if some of these drugs impact the pineal gland, but I suspect they do.

Other drugs radically “open” it (LSD, marijuana) in very negative ways. People on LSD and other drugs (and some people who use marijuana) report seeing very frightening things. It’s difficult to know if the hallucinations are just hallucinations or if they are really seeing something in the spirit realm.

Activating the Pineal Gland

Much mysticism abounds relating to “activating the pineal gland.” Perhaps the pineal gland is stimulated when people pray to God or other spirit beings, when they use certain drugs, when they meditate, and for other reasons.

Perhaps it metaphorically opens a window or portal into the spirit world. It enables all of us to have mystical experiences (without drugs).

Steward Your Body, Mind and Spirit

It’s important to not over blow the importance of the pineal gland, or any other part of the body, mind or spirit.

It’s not in the pineal gland that we move and live and have our being. If you are a Christian, it’s in Christ.

It’s not in the pineal gland that our spirit resides.  It’s in our body.

And the pineal gland is not our entire body, but just a part of the body.

Your body -not just the pineal gland – is a gift. Steward it. Your mind -not just the pineal gland – is a gift.  Hone it.

Focus our thoughts on things above and not things below, and seek first the rule and reign of God in our lives. In other words, keep the knowledge of this gland in perspective. In a real sense, we are all wired to have mystical encounters with the supernatural: especially with God.

See Mystically Wired by Ken Wilson for more on this.


  1. Pineal gland is really a spiritual thing or gland in our body.Abusing Pineal gland and letting it calcified is not a good idea for you at all. It can cause less IQ, less memory. We can activate Pineal gland with the help of Pineal cleanser.

    • The pineal gland is the gateway .to heaven or hell .it opens portals .om must be righteous to use this wisely. Or else it can be like opening Pandora’s box.demons may come through portals and try to take your life.if you are righteous. Gods and angles will be their to help you.the knowledge that comes from this area can be infinity’s

  2. Thanks for this article. Could be true. Because I am autistic I never watch tv. I simply do not understand it, because I can never see the story behind it, but only notice separate parts that I cannot glue together.

    I also never watch the “news” on the tv. I do not read my daily paper, because it has nothing to say. I do not listen to the radio for “news” or whatever they want me to know.

    So you can say that I am not very much polluted be all kinds of attention-crying non- and dis-information.

    Instead of listening to what all the media want me to know I listen to our Lord, what He does want me to know.

    Maybe all this helps that my seer capabilities are rather good?

  3. I had wondered why I had stopped seeing things, now after reading this, I had started taking a couple of migraine prevention medicines. I am very curious to know if they’re the same medications as the person you knew we’re taking. I would love for somebody to contact me and I would be happy to tell you what it is that I was taking. If nothing else you may have additional medications you can add to your list.

  4. I am a seer also and any helpful links would help me to undestand this gift from the Holy Spirit better. I see unclean spirits at times but mainly feel good and bad. Not to sure what the Lord wants me to do. Im waiting on his answer but any help would be greatly appreciated.
    [email protected]

  5. I feel the same way. A lot of Everything has been polluted. I’ve been an outdoors type person all my life and I’m glad I am . Blessings to you 💖✨

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