Seers of the Bible

Some Ancient Seers and Prophets.

Some Ancient Seers and Prophets.

Seers of the Bible: Preface

Seers are individuals who receive spiritual revelation through sight. Another way to think about it is this: they perceive information from the spirit realm visually. These individuals may be godly, holy and upstanding people, or they may be creeps. They may be adults or they may be little children.

The Bible is full of people who received spiritual revelation visually: men and women; adults and children; mature and immature; Godly and godless. The supernatural encounters of the biblical record should be instructive to us in our day: we live in world not constrained by natural laws but by supernatural encounters that are hard to quantify.

Those who can see into the spirit realm – young or old, godly or godless – fit right in to reality as described from the biblical paradigm, but they don’t always fit in to the modern or postmodern paradigm of Western Civilization. Hence the everyday tension for those who come searching to this site for answers about seeing into the spirit realm.

This series looks at various people in the Bible who received spiritual information visually: The Seers of the Bible.

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