I see spirits.

MS 424 The Fouquet Missal, Bourges ca. 1470-75
Have you ever wondered, “Do I see spirits?”

Do you or someone you know see things that no one else sees? Things that hover over or follow others?

Things that look like little animals scurrying about or shadows or multi-colored lights, and no one else sees them?

Perhaps you see images that look like a TV screen or a window with lights behind it in a wall or in the air.

Do you notice when you see things that you have particularly bad nightmares?

Or maybe it’s your child or a friend who is seeing or someone in your church.

Or maybe you saw any or all of these true when you were younger, but over the years, this “sight” has diminished… and then maybe returned…

You are not crazy. 

You don’t need to see a psychiatrist and you don’t need drugs. Well, maybe you do, but if so, that’s unrelated to your ability to see in the spirit realm.

You or the person you are concerned about may be a seer: You may be able to see into the Spirit World.

(For simplicity’s sake, I’ll assume you are the one seeing, although perhaps you’re here for a son or daughter or friend).

Much confusion exists around the terms people use when describing the Spirit World, so I’ll take care to define my terms. The conclusions drawn from this site should not be used to diagnose actual psychological trauma.

What is it I’m actually seeing? 

It’s possible you are seeing spirit beings.  They could be spirits, or angels, or demons.

There are many different kinds of spirit entities. Some are friendly. Many are not. In fact, many are terrifying.

They are essentially different from human beings, although some people see the disembodied spirits of humans.   essence is different from our essence as human beings or the essence of animals.

Different kinds of spirits have different levels of power and intelligence. They have motives, personality, and are aligned with different spiritual forces: some are good, some are evil to varying degrees.

Different cultures have labelled these spirits according to their cultural expectations and historical contexts, how the spirits have revealed themselves, through experiences and through special revelation.

Throughout history and in various cultures, the kinds of spirits have been (and are) called angels, demons, archons (rulers), gods, aliens, UFOs, fairies, and so on.

Some are meant to live someplace else (termed by various cultures as ‘heaven’, ‘the other side’, etc.) but somehow interact with our physical world.

Other spirits, like demons, are apparently earth-bound. Some have the ability to manifest physically and interact physically with the world.  Others either cannot be visible to the rest of us or choose to remain hidden.

It is unclear what enables Seers to peer into the spirit world, although I speculate here.

Seeing spirits is a gift. It’s a spiritual gift or possibly a physical ability, related to the gift of prophecy. Yes, it is a gift or ability from the God of the universe. It’s up to the seer if the gift is ignored, suppressed, used correctly, appropriately, or abusively.

Often, seers don’t realize the rest of us cannot see what they see. This can be very frightening to both the non-seer and seer alike.

Most seers cannot control this sight: it comes and goes.

Most seers also recognize that if they tell other people what they are seeing, they’ll be considered insane.

For thoughts on how it is rational to accept a universe in which disembodied spirits interact with our own, see this blog post.  Some link the ability to see into the spirit world with the pineal gland. More can be discovered here.

Example of Seers in the Bible

The Bible is full of examples of seers. Here is one example:

The Hebrew Prophet Elisha in circa 850 B.C. was in a town that was surrounded by an enemy army in a time period when armies typically slaughtered all the men in the city they conquered, but he was relaxed and unafraid.

His servant inquired as to why, and he replied there was an army of spirit beings that was on their side surrounding the enemy army.

His servant asked to be able to see this too, so Elisha asked Yahweh, the God of Israel whom Hebrew scriptures claim is the Most High God, to reveal this army to him.

Yahweh did, and the servant saw the army.

The next day, the human army had been devastated by sudden blindness, and Elisha escorted them out of the country.

Are the spirits I see evil? 

Demonic Oppression, drawn circa 1375.

Demonic Oppression, drawn circa 1375.

Some are. Some are not.  It’s likely that most of the dark spirit entities you see have an assignment given to them by a more powerful spirit being.  This is why some seers see spirits following people around or watching people.

Good spirits also have assignments, which is why some seers see certain types of angels around some churches.

“If what I was seeing was the spirit world, the idea of a demon behind every bush suddenly seemed ridiculous. There aren’t nearly enough bushes.” – A Seer’s Testimony

You may be able to detect if they’re evil or not simply by their color. Dark ones tend to be evil, and lighter ones tend to be good. Yes it’s a cliche, but sometimes you’ll clearly detect angels of light. However, please understand that some evil spirits can impersonate good spirits and will take on their appearance. Their messages and motives should always be tested and never trusted.

Did you catch that? The messages of spirits should always be tested. Most humans cannot detect when a spirit is lying.

Are they ghosts?

Possibly, some spirits that seers see may be ghostly remnants of a dead human.

By definition, ghosts are the spirits of dead human beings, and there is some evidence that spirits of dead human beings linger in some circumstance. However, it may be impossible to tell if a spirit is a remnant of a disembodied human or a demon masquerading as one.

Humans cannot tell the difference, although humans may believe they can.

Psychics who claim to call up the spirit of a dead human being to ask him or her some questions may or may not be contacting the spirits of the dead. Often, wicked spirits impersonate the dead person. Humans lack the ability to tell the difference.

The Old Testament tells the story of a king who asked a witch to consult a dead prophet for advice. The witch had a history of consulting spirits for advice, and she claimed to be able to contact the dead, but that was most likely a lie.  We can infer this is a lie by her reaction when the spirit of the dead prophet manifested itself to her. She was shocked he actually came; apparently she expected a familiar spirit to guide her.  Incidentally, the dead prophet was also a bit shocked and his words brought terror to the king and the witch.

Lesson: don’t try to contact the spirits of human dead. You don’t know what will be conjured up and you won’t be able to tell if the entity that responds is telling the truth or not. Remember, spirits have their own agendas.

See this page for more on ghosts.

Are they angels? 

Some of the spirits you see are probably angels.  An angel is a certain kind of spirit being with a certain kind of rank and with a message, whose natural plane of existence is another dimension.  Angels were designed to communicate a message. The word “angel” actually means “messenger.”

These beings are powerful, very intelligent, and can manifest in human flesh or in bodies of light. Their words are not to be trusted at face value, and should be tested.  Many are loyal to God. Many are loyal to other powerful spirit beings. Some may be loyal only to themselves.

Are they demons? 

Many type of spirit beings (including some that are or were considered gods) are demons or demonic (generally speaking), but literally, demons are earth-bound spirits. If you are a seer, it is likely you have seen demons.

Where did they come from? Generally speaking, demons are not “fallen angels.”

Typically, they are less powerful than angels and occupy a much lower rank in the spirit world, but many are very intelligent and they crave bodies to inhabit or to attach to.

Jesus said that a demon existing without a body is like a human walking through a hot, dry desert in the day with no water and no shelter. They crave a place to dwell in.  They feed off certain negative energies from humans and will drive humans to emit those negative energies.

Demons actively rebel against God and are loyal to other spirit beings or to themselves. They  have power.  In fact, many are very powerful and they have agendas. Many have assignments. Some are worshiped. There are many, many demons. For a description of the possible origin of demons, go here.

Territorial Spirits

Some spirits are extremely powerful and have been assigned territories to govern.  These territories may be cities or larger regions. Some have smaller territories to rule over, like universities. If you see one of these entities, do not engage it. Leave it alone. Those entities are best dealt with by much higher levels of power and authority than even Christians have been given. Jesus will deal with them at some appointed time.

One college student saw a powerful wicked spirit assigned to her university. She began praying against it. Like a soldier who attacks an enemy without orders or support, she was revealed to the spirit entity, which attacked her.  She became very ill.

If you feel you must engage these type of entities, then you should ask Jesus to deal with them. Do not personally engage them.

The Prophet Daniel prayed, requesting some information from God. An angel was dispatched with that information. However, a powerful spirit entity, a territorial spirit over the entire empire of Persia (called the Prince of Persia) stopped the angel. A battle ensued, and the angel could not overcome the Prince.

The angel then requested reinforcements, and another Prince, called Michael, engaged the Prince of Persia, defeating it, allowing the angel to deliver the message.

The battle in the unseen world raged for 3 weeks. Daniel, meanwhile, did not know this was going on, and continued to request the information through prayer.  Interesting stuff, but the lesson remains: don’t engage territorial spirits!

Should I talk to them?

Generally speaking, no.  Spirit entities are often highly intelligent and may have agendas that you may not understand or comprehend  Sometimes they’re just messenger spirits (i.e., angels).  When messenger spirits come and deliver a message, you must not automatically believe it to be true. You must test the message and measure it against unalterable Truth, the kind that Jesus, the Son of God who shed his blood on the Cross, gives.

If you are a Follower of Jesus (a Christian), you do have power and authority to engage certain spirits in spiritual warfare. However, unless the spirit has been assigned to you or someone in your family, or to someone who is asking you for help, it’s best to not engage them until you have been trained.


  1. I can hear spirits I can see Images . I can see spirits its all happening so fast. I have nightmares of a dark shadow choking me. It comes and goes I dont know how to control it anymore. I can sense emotions .

      • i,m dealing with allot i understand vary well of what my gift is for but more and ,more demons are coming to me in fear and a message from the devil the message is: kill Brandon: 10 times they have try to i only am here with pure luck so doug plz help me figur out why they are trying to kill me im the only one in my family to be a seer i seen 666 marked on a car so i fear the devil is after me himself next hurry and help

        • Brandon, the devil himself is not after you, but the forces of darkness will continue oppressing and attacking you. There is a solution: Meet Jesus. All spiritual authority must submit to Jesus. Read the article in that link, think about it, get it in your heart. Listen to the music. If you need more music to listen to and think about, go here and click “Worship for House Cleansing.” Your body, after all, is your house.

          • infasis on my if . if it keeps on wat then i like to be ahead of evry thing 1 step ahed plane u know im not saying im scared but i just need a back up plan if it keeps up 🙂
            And thx doug

        • They gain power to simply scare you when you fear them but they cannot do anything to you. I have seen my share. I promise you, all you need to focus on is Jesus and learning by scripture how to be more like him! Although we will never be as holy as Him on the earth. listen to Billye Brim on YouTube. She explains the power of the blood and how to think about what you see. As believers in Christ they should be afraid of Us! Greater is He that is in You than he that is in the world. :0) God is Good and Faithful regardless of what you see. If you can find a Vineyard Christian church or a spirit filled church they can meet with you and help you close any open doors. Sometimes we need to repent and get sin out of our lives too. It is a process. You are not weird or crazy or alone. I am 48 and this just started about 4 years ago for me and it has been a whiled ride brother….but I’m getting use to it and learning to trust The Lord as he teaches me the things of the spirit realm. Many pitfalls in this realm. The devil is a great deceiver and his demons pretend to angels and all kinds of crap….I no longer go searching to “see” in the spirit but I do seek my Father in prayer and sometimes he answers in words or pictures and they are most certainly from Him. Most Often they refer me to his scriptures. It took years for me to realize how to focus on hearing from Him and not colors or “angels” or whatever….continually seek the spirit of truth, wisdom, and revelation. We have an awesome future my friend. Fear nothing!!!!!!!! Be strong and Courageous for the devil knows he has but a short time.

          • Hi my name is michelle and i hear ya I have been combating these nasty things for some years now. They are very aggressive and never give up but our father in heaven by the power of his mighty rght arm jesus christ they cant hurt us. I totally agree, seek jesus and not what the spirits you see.I am so thankful there are others liike me yippy. I finally feel like i am not alone any more

        • Your spiritual veil has been lifted… U can see the demon that through sin influenced you. This is a gift. Do not fear.. Fear is a spirit that enters you. The more obedient u are to God the more ur shield of protection is doing it’s job. U have authority and dominion over it. Read Ephesians. My gift came to me recently and I realized I had asked for it years ago during demonic attacks. And I saw the Demons that had assignments against All the people that came to my house to witness these things. The trumpets have been sounding all over the world. We are a new generation of wounded healers that have been afflicted and refined to evangelise in the name if Christ. Ur appointed time is now. Start with obedience and discernment of good and evil and clean itself inwardly and prove it through your actions.

    • Continually call on Jesus Christ. Even if you can only think it. If you are not saved. Call on a Jesus to be Lord of your life. His name is power. They feed on your fear so trust in Jesus and refuse to be afraid of them. I had that experience a few years ago. Not fun I know. It will pass when they realize you are not afraid of them and The a Holy Spirit is protecting you. Quote the verse….greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world or no weapon formed against me shall prosper. I am a covered by the blood of a Christ Jesus the high king of Heaven!

    • Over a year.. i havent had any issues with being choke or even any contact with dark spirts. I do hear them every now and then. Believing in chirst has helped. Images and pictures i can control now. I have sense on it all and can fliter out all negivite.

    • it is a bad spirit one that penetrates the dream world and may or may not physically hurt you my advice is to ask what it wants and seek help as for your spirit seer problom practice controlling it you may have a fear overwhelming you overcome that fear and learn i have 15 guardian spirit so i will ask who the entity is and help u soon

      • You do not need to fear, when you start feeling anxious, breath. One slow deep breath in hold it for a second or two, then forcefully exhale through your pursed lips and know in your heart that you are strong and they are not invited into your space ever.. Focus on your breathing and forcing out all that is not good. Thank the lord or his son for all that is good in this world. You’ve got this my friend.. Believe!

  2. On December 19, 2013, I was on my face before the Lord praying for about 45 mins. When I got up, there was a cloud through out my house & rainbows were around all of the lights in my house, even the night light.

    On another occasion, while praying, I say deep colors of magenta, blue & green blog spots.

  3. I have had numerous experiences throughout my life in regards to seeing or feeling the presence of evil entities as well as having premonitions that have come to fruition. Yesterday morning, I was awakened to a sound of a combination of growling and/or breathing beside my bed. I opened my eyes and could see a dark figure beside my bed. My husband had slept on the couch but heard my screams and I could here him coming down and the figure was leaning over me. Last night, my husband who is quite the cynic admitted to me that when he came in the room, he too saw a dark shadow in the corner of my side of the bed. I am a Christian and in my mind I repeated “in Jesus name, go away”. I am 49 yrs old and I’m not sure how long it will be before I go to sleep with the lights out now.

    • Hi Susan,

      It seems you may have a door open to the demonic that needs to be closed. I would close it “pronto”. I don’t know if you have knowledge of how to do this. I will wait to see Doug’s response to you.

      In a nutshell, closing a door is: repenting and renouncing of any participation on your part that would allow the enemy access to you. And keeping the door shut. There are several other important areas to get after, also. I’ll wait to see what Doug addresses. I’m confident Doug will be in touch quickly.

    • Fear lets evil in. If Jesus is for you whom shall I fear? Just take authority over it in Jesus name and demand it to leave. Jesus gives us this power. Bind it in his name and cast it to the very depths of hell never to be able to harm anyone again

  4. Thank you Doug. I will try the house cleansing. I have had many sleep paralysis experiences over the years and I know that this experience was not that as I was wide awake and screaming at the top of my lungs. I am aware that I had some risky behavior as a young person including Ouija boards, interest in witchcraft, etc. and I not only have seen demons a few times, but have been experiencing terrifying nightmares for many years. I have faith that if this prayer for house cleansing has worked before, that it will work for me because I believe that it will. Thank you again!

    • You need deliverance to get rid of that. You have spiritual attachments on you. The spirit of which raft and probable at least 4 more

  5. I have begun to see new things. I would like to ask if anyone else sees this way as well. I started seeing a beautiful blue on the door edge while sitting in Bible study. Then I would see purple light up on the door handle off and on. Sometimes I would see blue (like the rainbow color) light up the top of the wall (where crown moulding would go). (This is DIFFERENT from seeing an angelic being in color). These colors sometimes run along the entire wall. Sometimes it is a yellowish/Amber gold color. It seems to be on doors and walls. Then I began to see it at home as well, specifically the room I read, pray and worship in. Often the door frame of the room I am in will light up with the yellow/Amber color and be traced out with the purple. One night at home while worshipping I saw pink colored bars (2 ft wide by 8 inch approximately) floating in the air for a minute.but I only saw them once. The colors are mostly purple, blue and yellow/ochre/Amber color.

    1. What am I suppose to do when I see these?
    2. Any ideas what they are?

    I have one clue. “Foundation stone”. I looked it up and found Revelation 21:19. So my ideas are beginning to form but I would like to ask the Sons and Daughters of God if they experience this.

    Thank you!

    • Hi C. Verdad,
      I’ve seen the bars on the ground. They were red bars. I could still see the ground threw the image. I’m not sure what it is. Just letting you know that I have seen it too

      • Thank you, Leigh Anne for sharing what you see!

        Like you, I can still see the doors and wall behind the color. It’s a transparent color. How long have you been seeing the red in the ground? Are you indoors or outdoor? Is it random when the color appears or is there a common denominator of speech or thought before or during the appearance?

    • Hello, C. Verdad.

      I started seeing while I was on a trip in the Florida Keys…long story. I just wanted to mention that I also saw brilliant colors and patterns flowing over walls, ceilings, floors…colorful clouds of energy that would float around…light shining from the edges of doorframes and windows…in just about any color, sometimes rainbow colors. All of what you describe. I’ve also seen spiritual letters and paragraphs of words appear written in front of me, but too hazy to make out. (I see very fuzzily sometimes). Seeing in the Spirit is sometimes very confusing. I have seen lots of mysterious shapes and forms, and just…had no clue what I was looking at.

    • My daughter saw something similar above people heads while at bible college. It was placed on her by the HolySpirit that this was the persons journey with the Lord and the white patches were the uncompleted journeys left in there life.

  6. well, recently my mother told me that when she stares on the floor of her carpet she sees people (just faces) see said she saw a King, Indian, A girl that looked like a child from the past like a page girl she said, a bald headed man smiling and u could see his teeth and just recently saw a clown and a angel. she told me she has seen people for years but just decided to tell me now. she said am i crazy what is this all about- i said i think maybe you have some kind of physic ability- what do you think this is all about and what do they want and why are they coming to her.

    • Without more information, I don’t know for sure. It’s possible she is picking up on something in the spirit realm, and it’s an ability she was born with. I don’t think they are “coming to her”, but rather it’s just something she has always been able to see. We might call it a psychic ability; I prefer calling it a seer gift. I invite you to check out some of the pages on this website to glean other people’s experiences and thoughts about the spirit and physical realm and how they interact.

    • I can only tell you my own experience with seeing “random people”. Perhaps you are familiar with Derek Prince who taught that demons or unclean spirits are “persons” with personalities who wish to change our personalities. I believe we all have some unclean spirits unfortunately. I have seen many random people in quick visions. One day I saw a normal looking middle aged man and twin girls about 20 years old. I asked The Lord who they were and He actually answered me!!! He said the man is “sickness” and the twin girls are” self pity “and “self defeat”! This was evidence for me that Derek Prince is not nuts after all ! Lol. Since then I have cast out many unclean spirits as The Lord has revealed them to me. I often have random visions of them” leaving”, or fleeing just like ordinary people would leave a place. I saw many before The Lord told me what/who they are. I know how this sounds but it is truth. As I have have forgiven others, and cleaned up my spirit my health has even improved! They do not look scared they just look like people! I have wondered if they were once people who did not know God. I have no idea on that though. I hope The Lord will tell your grandmother so she can get rid of them. It is soooo strange I know. Jesus is so loving to show us these things so we can be spiritually healthy. I have also seen unclean spirits in other uglier forms but apparently some appear as regular people. I think because they have regular people negative personalities.

        • Yes Derek Prince has many videos on engaging these “persons” in spiritual warfare on YouTube. I think I have watched all of them.FYI I would read Ephesians 5 and 6. Before he even gets to the armor of God He mentions forgiving others, living godly etc. it all matters a great deal. Praising The Lord is a weapon also. I would see them leave after regular worship from the heart. Some looked like low class mean people irritated and fed up as they left in my visions. Lol. Strangest thing ever but true.

  7. I have dealt with evil spirits three times that i know of. Each time in differant form. One couldnt help itself and jumped into my three year old daughter just to say to me “I hate you.”confirming myself to what side Im on. Thank you Lord. But this last episode was a duzy. I believe with all ny being that help was sent in my behalf to battle it down and send it away. Twice I was put in a trance at certain ponits of time on two accaisions Why do they keep messing with me.

    • I don’t know why they keep messing with you, but I suspect it’s to keep you from fulfilling some call God has on your life. My suggestion is to keep moving forward in the things of God, and don’t be afraid to ask the Father to send reinforcements. Check out the articles I wrote recently on “parenting as spiritual warfare.”

    • I believe they’re trying to put fear into you so they can enter you. Evil can’t come in unless you open the door to let it in. Take authority over them in the name of Jesus and bind them then cast them out to the depths of hell never to harm again. The good news is it means the devil is afraid of what you’re becoming and your daughter otherwise he’d leave you alone if he wasn’t afraid of you.yours more powerful then you realize! God has given us all the power to defeat the devil we just have to calm on Him!

  8. Before I fell asleep I saw a vision to the side of my bed. Anyone have any idea about this? Anyone seen something like it before?

    I saw an enlarged woman’s face and it was bright blue. All of her was blue. Her hair was tightly pulled back from her scalp. Out of her brilliant blue eyes came blue lights in the shape of the 3×3 squares perfectly spaced. Three identical blue squares across the top row, middle row and bottom row., perfectly spaced similar to the appearance of a Rubix cube. She lasered the shapes out of her eyes with a precise power and they moved to their appointed place staggered perfectly in mid air.

    I rebuked it and went to sleep.

    What do those shapes symbolic of? Is it a science symbol for chemicals? I’m clueless.

    Thanks for any help!

  9. Sometimes, the spirits of human beings can also be seen while they’re still alive, not only when they’re dead, for instance, when a human being has an outer-body experience for some reason and visits someone who can see or sense spirits. I use the term “outer body experience” because the term “astral projection” is associated with outer body experiences that are triggered by transcendental meditation and controlled by the will of the astral projector. “Outer body experiences” on the other hand is a wide term and can be triggered by more than one thing, such as astral projection, the use of drugs such as lsd, or they can just happen to someone without a warning. In the case of an outer body experience triggered by drugs, it does not occur at will though. I never had an outer body experience myself and I don’t encourage the triggering of such experiences by using drugs or transcendental meditation either! But I know people who had such experiences. In most of these cases, they were able to let their spirits leave their bodys due to intense transcendental meditation and they would then astral travel to people they want to watch. I know all of this sounds freaky and crazy, but I believe it’s pretty real …

  10. It is because i know other spirit seers have trouble to so i am posting this site on tumbler and this site. It can and will help

  11. I see spirits, some people say that when they see a spirit they are like a white mist or like a dark shadowy mist. I see them like I see normal people except I can tell if it is a spirit or someone who is alive. I never really understood why I see them they don’t talk to me except one time. I seen the lady and she was maybe in her mid 30s, she said to me keep them safe!!! I didn’t know who she was talking about but I did have a party that same night with all of my friends so I thought maybe she was talking about my friends, but nothing ever happened!!! Sometimes I have visions of how people died and dreams as well!! If someone has some or the same experiences I’d be gladly to talk about it.

  12. Your colors may be holy but I can only speak of my own experiences; I see colors of the rainbow in many types of forms, but unfortunately I believe mine are along with demonic oppression so I don’t get to excited about it. I do not trust anything I see in the spirit because I have been “tricked” by demons pretending to be angels of light. They can appear to look like literally anything. For a long time they seemed very good but later turned evil which shocked me. When I look back they were distracting me from my praises to Jesus. We must be wise as serpents and as innocent as doves because satan himself can appear as an angel of light. The good news is we have nothing to fear. We musts always be alert not to come into agreement with evil thoughts or sin. As children of God we absolutely have authority over demons. The key is “the just shall live by faith”. Understanding who you are and the agape character of God is your power. For me the gift to see in the spirit has been to expose the truth that we struggle not against flesh and blood…..(Eph: 6)devil, demons are our true enmities as the Bible says, and satan does appear as an angel of light when it works into his schemes. We cannot believe every vision or dream. I find that The Lord speaks only when he has something important to say to you. Fortunately God does use the awful experiences to teach us discernment and we are forced to see the word as alive and full of power and truth. I would have never understood the truth of Gods character and his word without these experiences. If you have any negative experiences you may want to buy the book Self Deliverance by k.A. Schneider or see his self deliverance videos on YouTube. (A,ka.; rabbi Schneider who has the program the Jewish Jesus) we are fortuneate to realize what may be oppressing us while others have no idea. I know fellow seeers who over time learned to cast out or deter demons immediately and have much less demonic attacks but ever so often satan/his goons likes to show up still, but you become strong in your weakness and can hear and know the voice of the Holy Spirit over time. Smith Wigglesworth had a major annointing and was not the least bit intimidated by satan. His books are on YouTube also. This is just some information I wanted to share With fellow Seeers. Sorry if it is a little off subject. :0) Fear not for I am with YOU always, enven until the end of the age.

  13. Please know that I am not saying that seeing colors of light is demonic. I am only sharing some of my experiences that may not apply to you personally. I know others who see colors in the spirit and it seems very positive to them. I have just learned not to let anything distract me from speaking and worshipping God in the spirit because I have had these experiences.

    • Marcella,

      Thank you for your post. I have recently learned: pokylos is the Greek word for multi- colored.

      Ephesians 3:10 manifold is “pokylos” …the Multi-colored wisdom of God
      Hebrews 2:4 divers is “pokylos” … Multi-colored miracles, and gifts of the Holy Ghost
      1 Peter 4:10. Manifold is “pokylos” multi-colored grace of God

      And here is the enemy with his counterfeit…
      The same Greek word is also used for
      Matthew 2:24 multi colored diseases and multi colored torments
      Mark 1:34 multi colored diseases
      Luke 4:40 multi color diseases
      James 1:2 multi colored trials
      2 Timothy 3:6 multi colored lusts
      Titus 3:3 serving multi color lusts and multi color pleasures

      Now to discern between the two!

      Here is something to ponder… Did you know everything has color? Quarks, gluons, are color charged particles. There are three color charges and three corresponding anti-color charges. (See the pattern – God’s multi colors and the multi colors of darkness?

      I am in learning mode, asking for wisdom from The One who is all knowing. God is amazing!


      • Wow, Very interesting. God is super amazing. I often think about how enormous the universe is and then I try to imagine the size of God…. Scientist say our universe is still expanding….mind boggling…..yet our God hears us and often answers us!?! ….Amazing. How can we fear anything if God is for Us??? The word of God is true and He cannot lie.
        I think in heaven we will recognize that we once chatted on seers seerssee.com. ;0)

  14. This is an insteresting place i stumbled upon. Maybe we should form a sort of group where those of us with gifts can support each other spiritually. Sometimes being alone with upur gift makes you feel crazy especially when nobody around understands.

    • Hi Sam,

      Well, I’ve started the Forum here… it hasn’t gained traction yet (but I haven’t really promoted it yet also). I’m thinking of adding a social media channel here called Seer Tribe, to see if people like that. Subscribe for updates!

    • I see and photograph the spirits and feel quite alone with this. Others can see the spirits in my pictures but i see them everywhere. Most are not human

  15. I’m learning that the enemy will take a vision from God you tell perhaps out loud….then he will copy it with a twist. He likes to distract us and send us off on rabbit trails instead of seeking Jesus. Anything that takes your focus off Jesus is a rabbit trail. I have also been studying the power of the blood of Christ by Billye Brim and learning the power of scripture. Faith is our armor and we should be fearless in taking our position seated with Christ in the heavenly places because this holds the enemy at bay! Demonic harassment may be because we do not FULLY realize who we are in Christ. I truly thought I did but now realize fear and confusion was an open doorway. Seeing in the spirit is a whole new way the enemy can “scare” you OR Derail you from the path Jesus wants for you. Imagine being seated with Christ and God in the heavenly places far above all other powers and principalities as the Bible states, refusing to be fearful when You close your eyes to pray. Have a laser focus on God and I do not allow questions or fear to pop in your mind. I TRUST God completely. When I do this I do not have demons harass me at night anymore! Please submerge yourself in this study if you have any trouble with demons or just random visions, fake angels, etc. Billye Brim has many free videos on YouTube. I also purchased her CD set and listen to it while I drive but I must tell you until I sat and looked up every scripture she taught on (while watching you tube) It did not sink into my spirit deep enough. I feel soooo much relief now. The ” just” shall live by faith!!!! Greater is He that is living in us than He who is living in the world. Our God created the Universe and is infinitely larger and more powerful than any created creature like satan. The bible says be FEARLESS AND COURAGEOUS! Thanks for allowing me to share my experiences. This has been a 3 year journey for me and I feel I am just starting to untangle the crap the enemy has inserted into my visions. Discernment takes time but do not lose courage because The Lord uses all things for good for those who love The Lord. Now my visions and words from The Lord are confirmed by more seasoned profits at church and I am so glad I did not lose my mind or fall for the distractions of the enemy. I will always have to stay in the word and be on alert just Read Ephesians 6. God bless all of you Seeers! Beloved be blessed and prosper in the way of The Lord producing GOOD FRUIT!

  16. My daughter has been seeing spirits since she was two years old, and mostly family members who have either passed before she was born, or she never got to meet. When I ask her what she sees, she tells me it’s like pictures or a video. That these images flash through her mind, and she can see and feel where they are. Like at her grandfather’s funeral (she never got to meet him before he paased), but at his funeral she saw him and her deceased uncle sitting in front of us. Sometimes it’s hard to believe because I don’t see anything. Other times she says she gets feelings. Is there a specific name for this? I would like to learn more because I want her to be able to talk to me without feeling weird. Thank you!

    • Marie – well you’re in the right place. It sounds like she’s a seer – she has been gifted with the ability to perceive some things in the spirit realm. Continue checking out some of the articles on this site, as we explore these ideas in depth!

  17. Doug,

    I have been a seer since I was a child. However, it is though I only have the ability to tell the bad energies and vibes, is this normal? I usually feel their presence and at night can see them. I also have the ability to tell if something is wrong with a family member or a close friend even if we haven’t talked in months, at a moments time I know I need to call them and check in with them. I have always been very intuitive but curious as to why I only see the bad side of them. It also seems after I was a scary movie or tv show that it makes my dreams and seeing even worse. Please let me know what you think.

    • Yes, it tends to be normal that most spiritually sensitive people pick up on the negative, bad, or evil first, or more easily. To use an analogy – it’s like a radio that tunes in to radio signals that are nearby and thus more powerful, whereas the good (emanating from heaven) is farther away. But you can tune your cosmic radio into these more distant – but even more powerful signals! – as you engage in spiritual disciplines. God’s intention is to bring heaven to earth, to completely overturn the works of evil.

    • When you watch things that aren’t in line with Gods word you open the door to let the devil in. Being able to tell things are wrong is the gift of decernment.

  18. I see presently things. It increases when God wants it too but also if the body and mind is weak sick or over exhausted. I was born this way, cannot stop it there’s more control only when I ask God.. Thus he does control it. I spoke healing even when I had not accepted Christ at ages 4-7and it happened instanly . Healing now occurs differently, sometimes I have visions of what’s to come but forget them often Unless I write them down. I hear, smell, see feel the spiritual realm. It increased when I turned 8 and had near death experience. The angels of God are fellow servents so I speak out to them scripture to battle against spiritual attacks. I can feel other ppls emotions or even sometimes see a heavy sin above their heads, sometimes know what is happening to them. In thoses moments I just pray. I’ve seen full hoded shadows like people, I’ve seen ppk from the darkforces wh9 practice out of body to case harm. I can look into someone’s eyes and know if the practice darkness witchcraft or if they are merly possessed. I can hear a phone ring and 3 out of 6 times knows who’s calling. I have many dayjavous. The only one who has kept me safe from death and spiritual entities is God. This gift that the Holy Spirit gave is heavy and has taken years to even be able to .. Sleep in peace.
    My father was a pastor but gave into flesh and fell… He began to work with witchcraft vudoo and dark sources he drank and lost himself things began to take over him , he offered me to evil when I was 9 .. I only know for sure because he slept with a women who rented a room in our house and she did spells she tried to teach me about my hands and stars. I begged my mother to leave him she didn’t till he got fully taken over. They divorced when I was 12.
    I have not seen him since but my home were we lived in was taken by the bank and no one manages tonlive there for long, the haunted feelings and darkness remains.
    I know that if I where to do something God showed me … That if I were to disobey that , my heart will be harden like the pharos and he will give me over to my sin then by choice I could… Become dark.
    Witch’s satanic preist have tried to convince me to leave the idea of God but I’ve told them he is not an idea. That he is real and so they persecute me. I have all this .. Simply because I told God .. At 11 that I was willing to be a vessel.
    There is so much more but I can’t say it. Know that the one to reveal in answered questions is God , he’s answered things no one wanted to tell me.
    My family .. Has gifts like these my brother is a prodigy my niece heals through song and knows things before time, my mother does all I do and more my sister has conviction and casts evil away my brother in law sees the realms and my uncle sees spirits my grandma healed my fiance .. Didn’t know but I knew and he sees as well, he can also cast out and has historical knowledge beyond his learning. I too know things without ever learning I believe it is the Holy Spirit, only he has seen all done all and knows all for he is Christ and God.
    I wish this reality would be known we would have less people with drugs to surpress their “delusions”, yes some are chemical imbalances but most are not.
    Jesus said that they will do more than I on earth. Yes spread the good news but also more than walking on water because he’s given it to us.
    Instead all the indigo children and people born with gifts who are taken by governments or rebellions are unaware of their purpose and thus weakens us.

  19. I see presently things. It increases when God wants it too but also if the body and mind is weak sick or over exhausted. I was born this way, cannot stop it there’s more control only when I ask God.. Thus he does control it. I spoke healing even when I had not accepted Christ at ages 4-7and it happened instanly . Healing now occurs differently, sometimes I have visions of what’s to come but forget them often Unless I write them down. I hear, smell, see feel the spiritual realm. It increased when I turned 8 and had near death experience. The angels of God are fellow servents so I speak out to them scripture to battle against spiritual attacks. I can feel other ppls emotions or even sometimes see a heavy sin above their heads, sometimes know what is happening to them. In thoses moments I just pray. I’ve seen full hoded shadows like people, I’ve seen ppk from the darkforces wh9 practice out of body to case harm. I can look into someone’s eyes and know if the practice darkness witchcraft or if they are merly possessed. I can hear a phone ring and 3 out of 6 times knows who’s calling. I have many dayjavous. The only one who has kept me safe from death and spiritual entities is God. This gift that the Holy Spirit gave is heavy and has taken years to even be able to .. Sleep in peace.
    My father was a pastor but gave into flesh and fell… He began to work with witchcraft vudoo and dark sources he drank and lost himself things began to take over him , he offered me to evil when I was 9 .. I only know for sure because he slept with a women who rented a room in our house and she did spells she tried to teach me about my hands and stars. I begged my mother to leave him she didn’t till he got fully taken over. They divorced when I was 12.
    I have not seen him since but my home were we lived in was taken by the bank and no one manages tonlive there for long, the haunted feelings and darkness remains.
    I know that if I where to do something God showed me … That if I were to disobey that , my heart will be harden like the pharos and he will give me over to my sin then by choice I could… Become dark.
    Witch’s satanic preist have tried to convince me to leave the idea of God but I’ve told them he is not an idea. That he is real and so they persecute me. I have all this .. Simply because I told God .. At 11 that I was willing to be a vessel.
    There is so much more but I can’t say it. Know that the one to reveal in answered questions is God , he’s answered things no one wanted to tell me.
    My family .. Has gifts like these my brother is a prodigy my niece heals through song and knows things before time, my mother does all I do and more my sister has conviction and casts evil away my brother in law sees the realms and my uncle sees spirits my grandma healed my fiance .. Didn’t know but I knew and he sees as well, he can also cast out and has historical knowledge beyond his learning. I too know things without ever learning I believe it is the Holy Spirit, only he has seen all done all and knows all for he is Christ and God.
    I wish this reality would be known we would have less people with drugs to surpress their “delusions”, yes some are chemical imbalances but most are not.
    Jesus said that they will do more than I on earth. Yes spread the good news but also more than walking on water because he’s given it to us.
    Instead all the indigo children and people born with gifts who are taken by governments or rebellions are unaware of their purpose and thus weakens

  20. Seeing all if this is not all that I can do. I can freely talk to them as I please I can tell whether they are bad or good I am protected by angels and demons plus’s I can make spiritual weapon s and use spiritual energy to fight the and I can banish demons away I can see where people are and what they are doing when I close my eyes my spiritual energy that I use is limetless and I can use speitual eye sights as I please

  21. I go to bed and lately a couple times a week I look up or to my left and coming from left upper ceiling over me and out the right are about 1 to 2 feet above me all the up are these very pretty pinkish neon or violet looking floating in rows of images that resemble angel forms outlines and i can see their heart as they just stream thru for hours non stop. Some are aggressive and dsrt at me and grow bigger. But most of them judt float all together varying in sizes but close to same idly by. I’ll finally go to sleep and wake up and there are less of them as the night goes. Most make me feel ok, but confused. Some are aggressive and scare me. I nor my husband drink, we do not fo drugs or smoke. I’m 45 he’s 50. The other night my dog that passed oof 17 years was under them on my bed in a clear see thru matter but you could see it was same size and outline blonde colr as he was on my hip and walked over my husband which my husband can’t see. I’m kinda scared bc I have been really sick for years worn Lupus and kidney failure and of course my parents are 72 and my husband I worry are these signs that someone is ready to pass? I’ve always had a gift of premonitions of death, birth, weather, earthquakes and accidents to others. But i am scared of that gift or in upsetting God so I never have tried to control it or go deeper as I don’t want God to be upset. Please help me.
    —Crystal from Ohio

    • Hey everybody I just wanted to leave a comment that is important. There really isn’t a lot of info on this gift which is either the Holy Spirit or counterfeit which is a spirit of divination which Paul encounters in the New Testament. I truly think from my experience that the Bible is above all the most important book that we all should renew our minds,
      but I did read Dougs new book peace in your house which it had a lot of valuable information that answered a lot of my questions. I really thank you Doug because I know that you spent a lot of time researching and I can’t even fathom the amount of time due to all the extensive research which helped me as a seer or it’s called discernment of spirits even though the devil has tried to distract and confuse me constantly through spirits of divination. I really hope that you continue to do this work because it really does help due to lack of information about this gift. I have seen so much in the spirit Realm good and bad and there were so many unanswered questions but you did answer quite a few praise God Praise Jesus. I do definitely believe that you are Spirit-filled and I do believe that the holy spirit is leading you to help many that are confused. I really hope that people buy your book not 4 profit reasons of course but to help people to understand so in the end we can all lead people to our King Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. I really am glad that I have a copy of your book. Alongside of the Bible it definitely helped me a lot. God’s word obviously God’s anointed word his love letter is most important but like I said I really do feel that you are doing very important work. And i thank you one more time in Jesus name. Your friend Mark from Massachusetts you and your family are in my prayers.

  22. Greetings. Hoping this finds you and yours in excellent health, filled by HIS HOLY SPIRIT. Yes, I too see colors, the same ones as you do, although the arrangement and intensity may vary. Beloved, I believe we are being allowed entry into a Celestial Realm, compliments of our Beloved SAVIOUR THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. We are to use these times to Glorify and Honor GOD and for Prayers and Supplications for the Beloved. Be Blessed, Beloved.

  23. Hello, I was concerned about the part where you said not to engage with any spirits. I should probably start with the gifts I’ve been blessed with and that’s visions, sensing/sometimes visualizing (seeing spirits), and I’ve met my guardian angel. I’ve been told I’m young to have realized my gifts so quickly and what shocked me most was I’ve been trying to explain everything I’ve been seeing in almost exact words as you without ever looking at an article about discernment until now. One night I was in my grandmother’s room casually talking to her and I felt that something was wrong. I went downstairs and a powerful demon was fighting my guardian angel. I felt compelled to stretch out my hand and tell the demon to go away. I did so and as I stretched out my hand it tingled and as I commanded the demon to leave it vanished. Afterwards I felt almost light as if it had taken energy out of me. What does this mean? Why was I able to stop the demon? Is there a way to control these gifts?

    • The part about ‘not engaging with any spirits”… what I mean is, it’s not wise to summon them for information. When you cast out the spirit, that’s a different kind of engagement… that a good and proper use of your power. I suspect you felt light because that demon had brought so much negative energy into your space, that when it was gone, the whole atmosphere shifted. There are a couple of reasons that you were able to stop the demon. If you are a Christian, then within you rests the Holy Spirit, and you can operate in the power and authority of Jesus. So the power of the Holy Spirit and your authority as Jesus’ representative overpowered the demon.

      Sometimes after spiritual warfare like that, we are tired, drained, and need to recharge. It’s just like after a police officer wrestles a criminal to the ground, hand cuffs him, and then takes him to jail, that is tiring, and the officer needs some time to recharge.

  24. Hi to everyone I just want to let everyone know there is a really great book out there and it’s called,””” Visions from Heaven by Wendy Alec.””””” I suggest to everyone to buy this book even you Doug. As a Seer I have experienced so much that it’s incredible praise God. After praying to the Lord he led me to this incredible book. In Visions from Heaven Wendy Alec prophet and Seer recounts a series of extraordinary Supernatural encounters with the father following a season of deep personal trauma. If you have been through a season of adversity and testing and found yourself at the sheer rock face and countering some of the fiercest trials and testing of your life if your heart is secretly breaking with bewilderment and abandonment the father’s healing balm will bring Supernatural encouragement and incredible hope. In our greatest seasons of adversity Satan tries to imprint his own character on to our fathers faultless, Flawless one. Knowing that whether you have been in a season of sifting of intense Warfare or a season when you were caught off God and your own momentary vulnerabilities and unhealed wounds were Landing ground for the enemy that through the Visions from the throne room in these Pages you will gain new strength to rise up again to a new day a new season. A few sentences from the beginning of this book. Wendy Alec is the founder of God TV. She has a few other books one called the fall of Lucifer, another called Journal of the unknown prophet, another called the first judgement and the son of perdition and another called a Pale Horse. The first called Visions from heaven was truly amazing and I am grateful that God led me to that book after intense praying to have prayers answered especially as a Seer that sees 24/7 as much as I do literally name it I’ve seen it praise the Lord. I praise the Lord also for Doug Overmyer and all his hard work and research, and many questions that have been answered through him also, many, many. Just to let you all know one other thing there is a book that was a great help called The Rules of Engagement by dr. Cindy Trimm. Two videos that I just recently watched if anyone wants to check out one was called the eight laws of spiritual maturity by dr. Cindy Trimm and the other was called,” how Satan combats our prayers,” which is only 30 minutes long and also an eye-opener. Bless to everyone keep praying without ceasing especially at the start of a new day the Midnight Hour. As a Seer that’s when I see the enemy literally coming in to get a jump on me, sometimes like a flood. The enemy literally tries to Cloud the room I sleep in so I cannot see what he is trying to do as he tries to put curses and affect me and so many other ways because he knows us Seers, enter his Camp often and we are such a threat to the dark Kingdom. One more thing Doug I recently read about approaching or fighting some of these demons face-to-face without proper training or technique, Doug is so correct, 100% rite. Katie Souza talks-a-lot online about proper technique and training before taking on some of these demons which I watched one of her videos about serpents and taking on Leviathan. In the Book of Job the Lord talks about being careful not to do such a ill-advised thing ever again. Fasting is so important building an atmosphere in your home playing Christian music even playing The Book of Psalms while you sleep. These are some of the things that I have to do because I am a seer and under a constant literal attack 24/7. Please brother and sister Christians read the Bible and do your homework and research. I really and truly did listen to Doug overmyer and learned so much thanks to him and his research and his guidance and different names that he gave me for instance dr. Heiser which I learned so much from. Well I could go on forever my name is Mark and bless to everyone and I hope to hear from you Doug sometime. bless

  25. Hello, I have been seeing things since I was a child; most often in my dreams. I’ve been praying for years asking God to heal me of this because I am frightened and terrified by what I see and dream. Although they come and go, they have accelerated and seem to be stronger and more often in certain seasons. I try to take meds or drink alcohol to sleep at night, but don’t want to do it every night. My friend who is a seer has been telling me for years that I have a gift, but I keep running from it because I don’t understand it and have no guidance or support. I’ve tried to tell people in an effort to get help but they think I’m crazy. I abandoned ministers training at my church because the closer I get to God, the more terrified I get. At this point I feel like I’m losing my mind and no one seems to understand what I’m dealing with. Please help me!

  26. Seered into my brain

    I have never spoken so coherantly about this, I haven’t had the words or the thought that the people I would write this to would a: believe me or b: be able to understand some things I fumble to explain.

    I was born in New Zealand with something…the first I knew of it was when I was 6 years old and began to have dreams about bad things that were going to happen to my friends, thinsg that despite my best physical efforts did happen.
    My mother a God fearing woman listened to what I had to say and decided to pray with me that the gift get locked away till I was old enough to handle it and I was at peace till I was 8.

    At eight years old I began to see visions, metaphores that when I wrote them down and told people affected them strongly, with joy mostly, I knew they must be from God, I had been told this was the only thing in the Universe that powerful so logic followed that was what was going on.

    At 13 or 14 I had another dream, it was terrible, powerful, repeated over and over again in one night buring itself into my brain of a young woman that was going to kill herself. Unlike the other past dreams I didn’t know the girl but I knew one day I would and it would be my job to step up and help. For two years I kept my eyes wide open not knowing if it would be a chance siting at a bus stop or someone passing me in a mall but eventually I got tired of looking.

    At 15 I abandoned God, Christianity made no sense and seemed to do nothing for me. I knew that there was more to this world than the naked eye could see but I was no longer convinced it had anything to do with the God my parents talked about.
    When I finally had the courage or the conviction to say the words out loud I actually felt the Spirit of God leave me but rather than being terrified and begging for forgiveness and the return I felt ‘unattached’ which to certain extent felt like a kind of freedom. I connected the feeling of the loss of the warm fuzzy blanket with the idea that I was growing up, learning to be an adult, giving up on childish ideas.

    16 years old living in England and I met a bunch of high magic practicioners, hedge witches and shamans. Beautiful people, headonistic people and able to ‘explain’ to me a lot of things I had known never to talk about with my church elders.
    I joined them, I excelled at their arts, ‘I’ was able to do things in a short space of time that they struggled to do after years of practice. after spending time at this site I wonder if I had a comprehension that they simply didnt have the gift for.
    I came back to New Zealand before the year was out I had started a coven with my friends, we were all still teens.
    (my chest is cramping hard talking about this, which I have come to know means a spirit doesn’t want me to keep talking, ok, kicked that one out.)
    But there is an interesting point about that actually, I came to feel that sensation a lot over the years, when the spirits I had let into my life didn’t want me to talk they would ‘squeeze’ me for lack of a better word and would find myself silent. I could walk into a room full of black clad teens who were all talking about spell casting or summoning and not say a word and yet be sitting a bus stop and never have met the person beside me and talk shop on contact. I just ‘knew’ who was legit and who was not.
    By this time I knew that the Gods (plural) were real and the Christian God might very well exist but based on our past none productive realationship (I wasn’t getting my way), decided going back wasn’t on the cards.

    18 years old and I could now demand a dream of prophecy before sleep and get it. I believed my patron God was Hermes the messanger, it made sense since I frequently got messages to deliver to other people, people I had never met before ‘Don’t kill yourself, ‘God is watching never think you are alone or abandoned’, call your sister she has the tapes you were looking for’… that sort of thing and everything from mundane almost rediculous little things to massive earth shaking things.
    I used it, glad to help people but secretly pleased when their eyes widened in understanding that there was a person of power standing in front of them.
    Work mates learned quickly to not lie to me even casually as I wouldn’t stand for it, eventually they go to the point where they would just say, ‘Yeah yeah I know but I don’t want to talk about it.’

    I met that girl, I convinced her to go live with my parents, I hope it changed her future. I never told her why I asked her to live with my parents.

    My coven practiced something we had no word for but I thought of as ‘divine walking’, where as a group we would set out on the street and just take a few steps, stop and ‘feel’ the air around us then based on the results keep going or pick a new direction. We would do this till we came across something super natural or someone who needed help. We got asked if we were angels as there is no way we should have been some of those places at those times to aid others. Chances are we were sent by angels because I need people to understand we were not malicious, we really wanted to help people, I mean we might have been working for the other side but I guess God could use us anyway.
    Eventually the Coven imploded as we had gotten to the point where we were experiencing a kind of group telepathy and none of us were ready to have that level of understanding between us. I mean one of us could decided to go to some random place and everyone else would just show up because they felt like it might be fun. All privacy was gone, you knew when someone was sad, in pain, having sex, laughing and all this jumbled together was a heady rush but got tiresome as you couldn’t just go somewhere private to have a bit of a cry without the phone ringing and being asked what was wrong.
    Also I found I could lay my hands on someone and make them feel something or trace the source of their pain. It always left a ‘residue’ that took days to shake so I stopped doing it. I have never taken the practice back up but my wife seems to have the gift untainted.

    I left the coven, I just…stopped, I don’t even know why. They are still going, they invite me back for a Christmas ritual gift giving every year but I just can’t, not even in love.

    I got sick, really sick, ended up in wheel chair for a few years, that got pretty black, the spirits would come and talk if I wanted but I never asked. I did still ‘see’ people as they really were. Generally I shut myself down, hid my gifts or shut them down. I felt mocked to a certain degree, I could help others but I couldn’t be helped.

    May be I need to explain ‘seeing’ better.
    You can come over to my house, talk to me about the weather, your local sports team and your last shopping trip and while I will absorb this I also hear ‘my dog, died, my mum is hospital, I want to die, I won the lottey but cant tell anyone..’, what ever is deeply truly your most pressing life issue, your addictions, it’s like you have been talking about them the whole time and I know like it’s my own pain or joy how you feel about it.
    I can also feel, feel not see, the spirits around you and in you, influencing you, pushing you, tormenting you, and I could (during pagan times) ‘command’ someone to speak about their sins and secrets, may be I still could but I feel like forcing people is wrong.

    What is super interesting and super cool…If a person has fully submitted their life to God, I see nothing, I hear nothing about you. You become a calm plesant moment in my day when dealing with people, it could be bacause you are protected or it could be because since you are already guided by the spirit and listening to God I have nothing you need to hear from me. There are exceptions but the message is always joyous and affirming or confirming something you need to know God backs you on what you are about to do.

    Anyway, one day during this time I knew I was slowly but surely dying, my brother called and invited me to his church, there were other advances by God during this time as well so I knew He had come for me and there was no escape.
    I saw Angels that waved at me, watched someone die and be taken home to heaven, get spoken to by Gangsters that feared God about changing my life…it was a hurrican of God descending and when the moment came to finally submit how could I do anything but?
    Things that happened right away.
    The world went silent, I haddent known it had gotten so noisy with all the spirit activity around me but it was like I was standing on top of a peaceful mountain with the sun coming up.
    I couldn’t hear anything about anyone and it was so peaceful.
    I began to physically go into remission and I began to walk again.
    I had a lot of prayer for a lot of stuff, somethings were changed like a switch had been flicked, like my addictions just gone and I was given the wisdom to know how to avoid getting back into it.

    Slowly I began to understand what parts of my gift were active only in God, which bits were mine to use but best left in full submission and what bits were just going to do their thing full time.

    I don’t ask for dreams and I don’t get them, not going to say I never will but it doesnt seem to be a big thing for me.
    I can sense when an evil spirit is near but I still dont see them unless I demand to and with the authority of Christ cast them away. I haven’t had to deal with possesion but I have seen it and I admit it is scary, fortunatly my pastor knew what to do and wasnt bothered, litterally rolled up his sleeves and waded in, awesome to see a man of God at work.
    I still sense a general sense of people but not like before and my mind and spirit doesn’t try to dig into theirs. It’s like the spirit inside of me gentally coaxes and loves them into revealing themselves and then I wait for a word from God to give if anything.
    I seem to be able to paint prophetically, bit of an odd one, I get a vision in church, go home, bang one out in record time and then discover it is both a moment in time that has happened for someone, a reminder of a place they were that they shouldn’t return to and has something in it about their heavanly future. Naturally I don’t get paid and I think it’s part of my work for the Kingdom.

    I get Pagans coming up to me in the street, I don’t know them but somehow they know I was in and as they put it ‘got out’ which is an interesting word to use since when I was a pagan I was happy, I didn’t want to ‘get out’.
    And for what ever reason none of my gifts work on my wife, it’s like she is a wall to those, probably for the best, we talk about everything anyway and she loves the King so she go it covered in Him anyway.

    I love being part of the Kingdom, I love being allowed to tell someone something positive from God, in love I feel the pain of when I have to say something corrective. It is not a set of Gifts that has won me a lot of friends but I am sure I am doing what I am supposed to.

    There is something that has been bothering me for a while, a few pagan friends have asked me about it and I have left it alone because I feel like I don’t ‘need’ to know but I ‘want’ to know without getting myself into trouble. It looks like a fire, smells like a fire but do I touch and get burned? I don’t think it’s worth it but here it is.
    As a pre pagan I became aware of a ‘sideways’ world, a world not quite spirit and not quite physical, inhabited by creatures that felt more like a force of nature than good or evil.
    As a Pagan I came to accept that they fit into the Fay, that for what ever reason they existed between the layers, a duality of existence. When I became a Christian I assumed this was a deception but now I am not so sure. I have ‘seen’ another one since and they don’t seem to care or come across as evil or good, rather unbound or not limited by such concepts. They are not rebuffed by the name of Christ but rather they seem ‘Curious’ that I would try speaking in their direction and amused that I would try to talk to them at all. What is apparent it that my spiritual gifts are capable of registering their existence and erm…emotive state?…So where do people think they fit? Thoughts?

    So.. Seer? or something else? I would love to hear your thoughts brothers and sisters. My church seems good at a lot of things but not so strong in understanding or training people with these kinds of things going on. We did have a visiting prophet and she was great to hang out with but I have no visions of the future, no words of what someone will do, rather more about where they have been.

  27. Hi, I have this gift although I’m strong in sense that demons will not attack me they are afraid of me for Christ is whom I am protected by. Although I do have someone who is afraid of their guardian angel but wants badly to connect with them. What do I do about it or any suggestions for them.

    Thanks Michelle

  28. That is so true. Awesome that you walk with God. I too have been offered a evil route but since I was 8 I gave my heart to Jesus and have remained with him.

  29. Brandon the Bible says if you are not for me you are against me. This should explain to you, to see that their is the Holy Spirit and there is the evil spirit. Go to the Holy spirit my friend because the evil one just wants to confuse you, put fear in you and eventually wants to see you destroyed. Please Only Trust in Jesus Christ.

    By Faith, say this to God and you will be transported from darkness to Light when you finish. God has a Kingdom for those who love his Son and you can be a part of it. Just pray on your knees right now.

    Dear Lord Jesus, I invite you to come into my heart. I give you my life. I believe you died for me. I thank you. Wash me with your precious blood. I believe you are the Son of God who came into this world to die for my sins. I repent of all my sins. I have been a liar, a thief, an adulterer, a deceiver and a murderer. I have lied so many times, stolen things looked at a woman lustfully, deceived my friends and hated some people. I have disregarded your word and I have failed to obey the ten commandments. I am guilty of trespassing your laws and when I am judged i deserve to go to hell. But thank you that you are my Lord and savior. thank you for your mercy and for forgiving me from all my iniquities because you said it is the thing that separates us from God. You have suffered for me and I am thankful that you did that for me. I want to live the rest of my life for you. Amen.

    Now you are saved and born again, get a Bible and do not look back and become a statue of salt that is no good for anything. Start your faith journey with Jesus. Look for a Christian Church, get baptised and be part of God’s army. You are now recruited as a soldier of the Kingdom of Heaven. you cannot be a coward. Rise up pick up your cross daily and follow him wherever he leads you. He is going to show you lots of wonderful things. Some don’t seem wonderful at first but you will learn something from it. After you study he will reward you with a gift. Only you can get. It is worth it because God has a wonderful plan for you because he loved you first.

  30. Nice response to the man that wrote this. I have had this gift for approximately three and a half years. When we are born again we are given a new spirit which is perfect in Christ but we are made up of three parts body Soul and Spirit. Our spirit is perfect because that is Jesus but our souls need to get healed. Jesus said the prince of this world is coming and he has nothing in me because I have nothing in common with him. If you have anything in common with Satan for instance bitterness or Rebellion or anger or Pride for instance it gives him saying a legal right to attack you and this is why we need to get our souls healed a great way as with the glory light of the Lord Jesus Christ the sun of righteousness Rising with healing in his wings with his beams of light Matthew 18 verses 18 what we loose on Earth will be loosed in heaven you can release loose and apply the glory light to the wounds in your soul to get healed you can spend time soaking Etc I truly have experienced so much Praise Jesus and I have seen so much literally demonic kings in the sky good and bad angels and demonic beans Praise Jesus I do have the benefit of seeing the enemy and being able to learn to draw and to help others to do the same. There is light in God’s word we all need to read God’s word pray and fast as much as possible. It’s all about Jesus. The more of Jesus that you have the better Jesus is the king of kings and we are fighting demonic Kings. For instance the Babylonian King King agag and you can learn more about these demonic Kings through healing school by Katie Souza part 1 through part 7 as you know even in the medical field they are using laser lights and different kinds of Lights to heal cancer and many other illnesses this is why you can use the glory light of Jesus release it Loose it and apply it to the wounds in your soul this way Satan will have no legal right to attack you anymore once your soul gets healed you can come and the spirits that are pressing you to leave and they will have to obey you. As a Seer or someone with the gift discernment of spirits, we are under a constant attack because Satan likes to work covertly as I’m sure you all know Praise Jesus I have seen so much in the spirit Realm more than most could ever fathom my life is getting better and better and I am helping more and more people the more that I get healed just like in the Bible where God talks about the three servants with the talents one surviving was given one Talent which he buried it another was given to talents and another was given 5 talents the more that God can trust you the more that you will prosper and the easier it will get the Bible says you will prosper as your soul prospers and I believe that is in every way financially with the gift as a seer and your ministry in every way but we need to get our souls healed being a Seer can be a terrifying reality this is why it’s so important to be obedient I am bull headed and stubborn and I’ve had to learn a lot the hard way but Doug has been a big help and also Katie Souza Ministries has been a big help also I pray for you all and I pray you all Prosper as your soul prospers in the name of Jesus bless you all

  31. Same until I prayed for god to help. I remember one dream I was being chased by the dark figure and in my dreams I stopped myself and called out to the one true god to protect me. Once I did that the dark figure would show up sometime and try to scare and control me but I would call of to the creator and the figure would back away until it vanished.

  32. I have one in my apt now. I have it on video. If i tell anyone they think I’m on drugs or crazy. I need help getting it to leave. Its not negative just Annoying

  33. I use to be able to see a spirit who taught me a “game” as a kid, where I would choak my sister untill she almost died repeatedly. I remember being able to see him, talk to him, everything. Slowly it just faded and hasent come back, sometimes I have preministic dreams, but never sight. How do I get it back?

  34. Hi. My name in rich and I’m 49 now and this all just started happening to me as well. When I was 48. God has giving me this great gift as week as I healed a shaking baby traveled 2500 miles to do so and saw Jesus the whole way there. Not only did God lead me there. He shows me signs like alot if I don’t get them at first and I see it again and pray and ask he will keep showing me till I understand. He now has me in virginia 9 signs. For this one. I’ve seen the Angels bow down before him seen the demons flee from his presence signs all the time. I pray I thank him I been born again. And I’m not perfect. But even the birds follow me eagles. I’ve had seers walk beside me. Had horses come up and kiss me when I would say it looks like that horse needs a kiss. Guess I’m asking for your advice I also see spirts. Been reading bible idk just need your advice would love to talk. I have had countless people I don’t know come up and say ve careful the advisary knows what your doing also. Ok I don’t even know what I’m doing. But definitely a spirtual realm

  35. Hello. I found this website with a simple Google search. And I’m prompted to share what is happening to me. I will try to be clear, lucid, succinct. Although in reviewing this post, I may seems rambling. Read on… I am 60 years old. In reading these posts, I am distressed how it appears to me some of the posters are teens or perhaps young-somethings. The potential for The Unbelievable or The Supernatural is perhaps of a weird degree of interest or enchantment for them as they search for answers about existentialism or humanism. I’m particularly distressed when I see more importance put on the SELF rather than the Will of God. I think when we start throwing the spotlight on ourselves, whatever sort of “gift” one imagines for himself/herself? It’s not of God anymore. Pridefulness. Egotism. An elitist attitude (e.g., “I have a special gift and so…I’m more special than you are!”)… ALL of this stuff! It’s what I find troubling. Meanwhile…here I am. In the past week, I’m seeing “things” more and more. They are on the periphery at this stage. They look like little grey mice scurrying; small blobs with action so vivid that I cannot dismiss these ricocheting entities as an imagined thing. Wild. When I wake up in the morning, this still-sleepy stage is a most vulnerable time for me.THIS is when I will experience spontaneous events when my voice utters in a different tambre, “Hello! Good Morning” or “You’re on your own. But I’m here.” And so forth. Strange, fragmented nonsense phrases. The instances are often and almost seeming “natural” to happen — and thankfully, it is effective and practical to do what works best to shoo them away and that is… invoke the name of Jesus Christ, It works. Like shooing away flies. These strange aberrations evaporate away. “In the Name of Jesus…In the Blood of Jesus…in the power of the cross and His Holy Spirit…” (insert my desire; e.g., GET AWAY FROM ME!)…and it’s a most natural and comforting sensation now. But it is SO STRANGE and REAL. So… I guess I’ll stay stuck here. The miracle of these strange occurrences…which are from to another dimension of existing…is mind-blowing, but becoming “normal” now. And I cannot help but believe that…among the realms of demons…..there are those low-powered, innocuous ones who…low on the food chain… behave as pranksters and who use us humans for their own…ENTERTAINMENT. They are nuisances. They do “just enough” to rock my intelligence. But they behave in childish ways…to torment…innocuously…and behave silly. And there are those of us human beings who choose to give these silly demons some notoriety! When they don’t deserve it! It’s like saying a used car salesman is Mother Theresa or something! LOL! But the fact remains we can see them…experience them…and it’s difficult to refrain from believing this is a “gift” and is making us rather…important or “better” than other humans. We are not. It couldn’t be further from the truth. We are not that special. And putting any sort of “power” in these nuisance child-forces/demons…is…absolutely…silly. Nonsense. So…thank you for this opportunity to post. If anyone feels as I do? I look forward to your reply. But I think it’s important to figure out the different levels of “demons and principalities.” Some are just cheap parlor game demons. It’s like they gather together and say to one another: “Check this out! I’m gonna JUMP into this gal right now as she’s waking up…and make her twitch! Watch what happens! It’s hysterical! LOL!” So s/he does. And so, I simply invoke the name of Jesus to get them to lay-off. Then go brush my teeth. And it goes on…and on…and on… except now… they’ve changed their tack..and are showing up in my peripheral vision as “blobs” scurrying. It’s really nuts. However, and as this post suggests…I am NOT nuts. And is this part of their plan? To have you second-guess yourself or imagine yourself somehow “anointed?” I don’t think so. It’s spiritual warfare. I think it’s on a very basic and elementary level. And I believe that by trusting in The Creator and the Lord Jesus Christ…I won’t be flirting with anything worse. But if you are one of those who is curious? And wants to know more? Please be careful. It’s a dangerous area. Thanks for your attention! Sincerely yours….with gratitude.

    • Wonderful comment. I agree with your sentiment regarding the importance some place on self, and your conclusion about spiritual warfare.

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