How Does a Seer See into the Spirit Realm

How Do Seers Peer Beyond the Cosmic Veil

The question often comes up just exactly how does a seer see into the spirit realm?  There are at least two different types of seers with respect to perceiving activity in the spirit realm, and how they see things in the spirit differ.

Some seers see very clearly

Old TVFor some seers, something is literally hitting their retina and their optic nerves are literally transferring this information to part of their brain, which literally interprets it visually.  They see very clearly things in the spirit realm.  There is some brain chemistry activity going on related to this very clear ability to see things.

Biochemical reactions may be at play.

When seers take certain antidepressants or anti-migraine drugs, the brain chemistry changes in such a way that sometimes the seer ability is shut completely off.  And yet, when these same people abstain from these medications, about two weeks later, the seer ability appears to switch back on.

I suspect the brain chemistry related to pineal gland in these types of seers that differ from non-seers, allowing their brains to interpret quantum wave patterns triggered by activity in the spirit realm that are reaching their retinas.

It’s like having a special antennae up that somehow pics up quantum vibrations that are emitted by spiritual activity.

Some seers see less clearly?

For other types of seers, their brains are picking up some sort of impression from the spirit realm, which it interprets visually, but the activity is probably not hitting their retinas, or at least not as clearly as the above type.

The impressions in the brain may come in a waking state or in a sleeping state (in which case, the impressions are dreams).  They are able to perceive things physically, without some sort of lightwaves hitting their retinas, or if something does hit their retinas, it’s very faint, but their brains are still able to tune in to it, sometimes with practice, to detect the impression isn’t natural.

The Pineal Gland and the Spirit Realm

The ability to perceive into the supernatural realm may be related to brain chemistry surrounding the pineal gland. See this page for more thoughts on that.

In short, the pineal gland is activated when people pray to God or other spirit beings, when they use certain drugs, when they meditate, and for other reasons.  Metaphorically, it opens a window or portal into the spirit world. It enables all of us to have mystical experiences (without drugs). See Mystically Wired by Ken Wilson  to lead you on a journey to explore this through prayer to God.

Children and Seeing

A startingly large number of children can see into the spirit realm. This ability tends to fade over time. I suspect the children have their spiritual eyes blunted by the culture that rejects things of the spirit as “an overactive imagination.” I think their ability to perceive is also blunted by unnatural food (GMOs, processed carbs, too much sugar, etc.) and unnatural activity (starring at television programming for many hours a week, every week of the year, every year of their lives).

Frankly, humans weren’t designed to function well on unnatural foods and by sitting in front of television for most of their waking lives. It’s no wonder children’s ability to perceive in the spirit realm is poisoned out of them.

Uncontrollable Sight

Most seers cannot control this ability. For some, it comes and goes. For others, it’s always apparent.  If a dog suddenly runs into your line of sight, you will see it. You cannot help it.  Maybe you don’t notice the dog because your mind is on something else, but you’ll still see it.  Perhaps later, if someone ask if you saw a dog running around, you may recall what you saw.

Similarly, some seers can tune out what they see, but many cannot. They cannot help it.

Hormones and Sight

Hormones have a role to play in seeing into the spirit realm. I know many young children who could see clearly in the spirit realm early in their life, only to have the ability fade until puberty hits.

And then BAM, the ability is back. Hormones have flooded the brain to release sex hormones that impact sexual development (also related to the pineal gland), perhaps purging the body of prohibitive pollutants, and thus activating glands in new and sensitive ways, triggering the ability to pick up on things in the spirit realm.

Holy Spirit and Sight

Other people don’t receive the ability until they are filled with the Holy Spirit or have some other supernatural encounter.

One subset of this group find that the ability comes and goes, depending on how God is moving.  Sometimes when the Holy Spirit is moving (as in a worship service), the veil between the physical realm and the spiritual realm is thin, and these people can see spiritual activity quite clearly.

Another subset finds the ability comes when the Holy Spirit took up residence in them and the ability never really goes away. For whatever reason that only God can truly explain, their brains were altered (healed?) by their salvation experience, and their ability to see was given (or did it return?)


    • You’re welcome! Keep pushing in, focusing on the heavenly things of God and being filled with the Holy Spirit, and you’ll definitely enhance your abilities.

    • I have seen many amazing things in the spirit realm and I’m very grateful for this gift! One important thing to remember is to seek God and not “seeing things” because if you’re seeking to just see things and not seeking God, the devil and his demons can manifest and you don’t want to be calling them to come forth and show you things. There are so many other exciting ways to encounter God and have Him reveal Himself to you! I encourage you to develop other things inside of you as well! 🙂 -Many Blessings!!!

  1. This was very helpful, as I am trying to regain ability to physically see spirit. I am a psychic medium and channel spirit to help people heal over loss of their loved ones who have crossed over. I used to be able to see spirit when little. Am trying now to regain ability to see spirit. Any more ways you know of? And why, when I ask spirit their names, is it SO hard to hear the names? I get it close, but they whisper it. Thankyou so much, Mari Weldon

  2. So sorry, I should have been more detailed. When I was little, I could literally physically see spirit like your own daughter could. Over time I shut the door on spirit as I was not believed, and considered..”different”, and unacceptable to my peers. I can sense, feel, empathically communicate with spirit, see shadows of spirit, hear them with clarity. I channel spirit to help people. I want to be able to physically see them in front of me, as I see them in my minds eye. I take photos when I know they are around me, and there are many many orbs in the photos. So they are obviously, I just want to know HOW do I enhance my ability to see them in front of me. This is what I am asking you. I read about keeping God close, and I do this every single day. Surround myself, family, children, home in Gods white light every day. Do you know other things I can do to help me see spirit with my physical eyes? Thankyou, and forgive me please for writing so much. I want to make sure I am saying exactly what I want you to hear. Blessing, Mari Weldon

    • Mari,

      As a seer, I can tell you that you are also especially vulnerable to a lying spirit as found in 1 Kings 22:23 in the Holy Bible. The reason is simple, as humans “seeing is believing”. As a child you could see clearly not because you were a child and believed in it. You could see because the enemy found other ways to manipulate you and deceive you into thinking that your gifts came from your brain and your will/power. It flows from the Holy Spirit. 1 Corinthians 12:8-10 in the holy bible says, 8 To one there is given through the Spirit a message of wisdom, to another a message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit, 9 to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit, 10 to another miraculous powers, to another prophecy, to another distinguishing between spirits, to another speaking in different kinds of tongues, and to still another the interpretation of tongues. What happened is that even though you thought you were distinguishing between spirits (good and bad) and prophecy (fortune telling), and healing by your own power or the power of a lesser god, it was a remnant of what God’s true power was left over in you. Like a remnant of an image of an old television that was just turned off. If you truly want power in Him, accept who you truly are and what you were made for in my God. My spirit guide is the Holy Spirit and my focus is Jesus. Through them, I have seen miracles, Angels, Demons and the true power of God.

      • God’s TRUE SEERS don’t deal with the dead….the bible says’s called necromancer…one who talks to the dead. That’s Satan not YAHWEH God. Seeing the dead or. Talking to them or for them…

        • Seers often cannot help what they see – be it a ghost or a demon or multi-colored dots or whatever – but they CAN help what they do with what they see. In this case, it’s deeply dangerous to talk with ghosts or other kinds of spirits, except for the Holy Spirit or angels sent by the Lord.

  3. You want to see “Spirits” and use them to help people? Don’t worry, if you want to talk/see “Spirits” and you invite them, they will find you! Spiritual entities have been around for thousands of years. Friend, do you know what you are inviting into your life?

    Maybe Doug can offer his insight on this if he hasn’t already.

    If you belong to Jesus Christ: If you have been “born again” as in John 3:3, you have the Holy Spirit living in you. That is God. Please re-read the Book of John for more understanding on this. Why would you invite or want to interact with other “spiritual entities?”

    Your intentions to help people is noble. However, the Spirit world is dangerous and they have been here for thousands of years. They are clever and deceptive, enticing and powerful and demand payment. Jesus Christ/God never told us to play with them or use their power. God did say he would send his children the HOLY Spirit to empower us. My hope is you will be informed before you step out to fight the good fight.

    – Blessings in Jesus Christ

    2 Corinthians 11:14 And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

    • I agree. The only spirit safe to channel is the Holy Spirit… we know his agenda… we simply can’t know or ultimately trust the agendas of other spirits.

    • In the name of the 3rd Day Risen Son of YHWH, Yeshua, Jesus Christ, I agree full with this reponse about using spirits….. it is an open door to the enemy.

    • The devil is a liar and you would not regain the ability to see into the things of God because it’s it is used for evil not for good we are not to Tamper into the spiritual rim this is not how we help people we pray and prophecies come forth why you ain’t praying God might show you things and he said what he showed you in the dark you should speak into the light If ghosts are manifesting in front of you then you are calling upon the Dead the dead is at rest would you like someone to disturb your peace only another psychic medium or soothsayer would tell someone that what she is doing is okay this is not of God God give us the power to do all things that are pure that are good that are righteous he says that it is not righteous for us to talk to the Dead so you are a liar

  4. Hello. I’ve known myself to be a seer for quite some time now. I am a born again Christian, and the Holy spirit does dwell in me. There are times when the Holy Spirit shares or shows me things that I have to admit, I am saddened by, and I don’t hesitate to praise God anyway because I have learned He’s making me the ‘head, and not the tail’ of situations in my life. I appreciate and am grateful for this gift of the spirit. However, I don’t have anyone to discuss things with. I have tried, but it then becomes a competition. Frankly, all “believers” can hear from or see in the spirit realm off and on when we are attuned. I find too it’s not something that you can just go around and request, its as God wills. God is good. He is by far wiser than I can even conceive. Remember, His ways and thoughts are not ours; His are far greater. He helps me with things in my life; but I wonder why not more to do with things within my works for the church I serve at? Is that solely for the Pastor/Leadership as it is written?

    • I appreciate your comments and think you’re right on. I’m not sure I understand the questions though. My own church’s philosophy is “everyone gets to play.” Spiritual gifts are for all who want them and ask, and Paul encouraged everyone to prophecy. That doesn’t mean that everyone gets to do everything… but in the Kingdom, believers are kings and priests, and have roles to play within the body of Christ.

  5. well. i wanted badly to open spiritual eyes, then i googled about drugs and the most available was marijuana, indeed i was able to peep into the spirit world

    • i am sorrowed that one would beleave that by useing drugs one could attain the power of a seer. haveing said power has run in my family for years and i have used it to save many lives yet that aside, for how hard i have searched i have not found another true seer,aside from my own bloodline that has been carefully preserved… yes there are those that have the ability but the power has become diluted over the years… if you truely want to learn the way of the seer please stop useing drugs and meet me at the seers guild in oregon. parden the grammar im in a hurry..

        • Hi my name is Mark and I was given this gift about 14 – 15 months ago. I am so many things. I do not like to say I see I would rather say What I Am shown. I am showing Angels and Demons different colors men walking around in white robes I can see their eyes blinking and their mouths moving but I cannot hear them. Most of them I know are evil and I tell them to leave in Jesus name. At night I see much more things flying around in the sky. When I am at my Christian Church sometimes I am showing the body of Christ witch looks like people in the spirit holding hands sometimes hundreds. Many look like creatures sometimes the evil spirits that I am shown are snakes crabs spiders I’ve even been shown and eye spirit which I read about online from Doug Addison he is a pastor that wrote about the fly the eye and the crab spirit and how they operate which I was shown all three. Sometimes God confirms what I am shown sometimes not. I have been shown some incredibly awesome angels and for some reason it’s constant. Anywhere that I go I can see them Walmart Home Depot they are everywhere. If you want more information Kenneth E Hagin has a book the holy spirit and the gifts or he has a book the triumphant Church which is really good. If anybody needs to talk about this gift they can call Mark @ 4013905457 I believe that this gift is called discernment of spirits I just suggest to read the Bible everyday and to pray everyday and to be careful mostly all of these spirits are evil spirits demonic spirits rulers of Darkness. If you are a Christian they cannot possess your spirit but there is a such thing as possession obsession and oppression like I said buy the book the triumphant Church by Kenneth E Hagin if anybody needs more info give me a call take care

      • Hi,
        I am having a crisis at the moment. I am not a seer or a psychic. I have little or no abilities in that direction other than a strong intuitive streak. I recently visited Dachau concentration camp and within hours was suffering anxiety directed toward (?) my wife. I have since learned from a number of sources that she had some sort of disturbing or traumatic experiences of which she has no memory other than just a ‘knowing’ something happened. The experiences occured on the 11th and 12th of December 1988. They occured with an older man who she trusted. They led to her fleeing her home. Her name is Natalie. His name is Anthony. I have since learned that another girl was placed in an identical position with this man and fled the city in which we live.I dont know anything more about her or her fate. This man is evil and nasty. Can any of you offer me a description of a vision or a phrase which will help her remember or recall these events or at least help me put them in perspectie so I can support her better. Please.
        Thankyou Matt.

        • Dear Matt – It sounds as though your wife and the other girl involved with this other man were traumatized. You & your wife need prayer and a discerning counselor who can call on the name of Jesus Christ to heal your wife. Her soul might be shattered & she may need deliverance. Blessings to you & I am praying for you.


        • As someone that sees into the spirit Realm and that has learned so much about God and about Jesus and the Holy Spirit and also saying I suggest to everyone that comes on this site to get in the Bible and to pray without ceasing and to put on the full armor of God and learn how to bind and loose everyday. Plead the blood of Jesus over yourself and your loved ones also. We are in war brothers and sister Christians and there was so much at stake and such a sense of urgency. Thousands of being lost every day Hosea 4 versus 6 my people perish for lack of knowledge. Go out into the world and preach the gospel free the captives so many are oppressed or possessed or obsessed. If all of you want to see the truth about how many people are truly possessed go online and watch Pastor Bob Larson and some of his videos or you can watch Pastor John zavlaris they both have many videos online and they are doing some incredible work for the Lord which I hope to go into in the future especially with a gift discernment of spirits which I definitely think will help. I suggest also to all of you if you don’t know to pray at 12 a.m. it is the start of a new day put on the full armor of God and pray every night at that time as a man with the gift discernment of spirits that’s when I notice Satan comes in 12 a.m. to 3 a.m. to get a jump on us at the start of the new day. Trust me I’ve seen them come in like a flood and when you can see them they actually hunt you I know that I am under severe attack and I really have to stay in God’s word and in prayer constantly. I just want to see everyone make it to heaven become or get born again get baptized with the Holy Spirit and help others to spread the good news of the Gospel. I tell you what if the whole world could see what I see everyday even just for one 24-hour day the whole world would all be in their own place of worship they would all be in the Bible and they would all be on their knees begging God for mercy and repenting Satan comes to steal to kill and to destroy and some of us that only pray for a half an hour if that Satan is at work 24/7 and they are willing to fight please do the research saw in the Book of John because it’s all about the Holy Spirit In the Beginning was the word Jesus and the word Jesus was with God and the word Jesus was God. Brothers and sisters I pray for the whole world every day especially where I live Massachusetts and Rhode Island. I will pray for you all and I wanted to say hi to Doug it’s mark. Stephen if you ever have a chance and you want to talk about the gift of discernment of spirits I would love to talk to you sometime my phone number is 401-390-6136 praise God in the name of Jesus I pray that the Lord looses his Warrior angels and ministering angels en Camp around you all to outnumber and to outclass the enemy. I also pray that he opens whoever needs your eyes of understanding and I pray that he sends laborers to whoever needs understanding. Like I said before go online and watch some videos of Pastor Bob Larson and Pastor John zavlaris free the captives it truly is an eye-opener to what’s going on in the world. Praise God Praise Jesus they really are wonderful we are very lucky to have such a great God that is so merciful take care all of you bless

    • you are doing just fine. it states in the bible that is how God was seen and spoken to. he used the plant and it opened his 3rd eye. rastafari believe this is the godly plant and helps yeasty close with God. believe none of the drugs r bad theorist. however, u don’t HAVE to use it. DMT and Ayahuasca are also very good to have experiences once in a blue moon. do your own research and anything or anyone who puts FEAR IN YOU for their sake of their beliefs-is not your route. stay safe. love and light.

  6. Hey Matt,

    Consider reporting the man to the authorities.

    Now to your question: I don’t offer a vision or a phrase to help her recall events. I do point to the One who knows all and is all powerful. He can take care of you, her and anyone else on the planet who is seeking truth and healing. He is all powerful. He is everywhere all at once. There is none like Him. He is merciful, gracious and patient. He overflows with goodness and TRUTH. He can take care of everything! He is the I AM, God. He is Spirit. So these tormenting little spirits he triumphs easily. And he fights for us if we are his. Want to know more about him? Read the New Testament. Maybe start with the book of John. Read it for yourself. Slowly. Ask him any questions you have while you’re reading. Expect a reply. I am referencing God: the Father, Jesus (Son) and Holy Spirit.

    God is crazy powerful and yet full of love and compassion beyond measure. He isn’t an ideal. He is the Living God. He heals.

    I wish you the very BEST!

  7. Thanks for this great and interesting website and your articles,

    This is only for information, hopefully it helps someone.

    The last years I am seeing auras with all people. But I am a christian and it does not help me very much. For me I get tired from all people’s auras, so I do shut them off from me with my spirit and Holy Spirit.

    The Lord shows me many things but I do not know at the moment what to do with it. I see the future of countries or parts of the world. For instance Europe, where I live, after 10 or 20 years.

    For countries the Lord often shows me one or two possible futures or sometimes three. But this is rather static and I have no word of the Lord for it. Most of the time I am praying for the best of the two futures as far as I can see and interpret.

    In the past regarding futures for a country and then only 1 future, it (until now always) happens like I saw after one or more years.

    At he moment I am trying to learn what the Lord wants me to do with it. I am shifting from prayer-warrior to seer/prophet for countries.

    (I do a lot of praying for peoples and countries and continents.)

    Now I am walking with the Lord to see where He will lead me into. I really need the Holy Spirit, for it is easy to go to the wrong side. I am feeling that I balance on a cord/string but the Spirit of God helps me not to fall.

    Thanks for all the time and effort you put into your website,

    Many greetings from the Netherlands,


  8. I’m a seer, and what causes me to see is Narcolepsey! I can’t take medication for the narcolepsy because it shuts of the seeing! I’m a Bebe in this realm and it is totally freaking me out because I have no control over what I see or when I’m going to go into this ralm it happens every where I go! see mostly things that happen in that same day…but late they are like movies! I’m Lost…no one understands me, I dont even understand me

    • Greetings unknown seer!

      Your experience sounds like something that I have been through and continually learning from the LORD. If you are a believer in Christ Jesus; you should rejoice because HE is sharing intimate secrets of HIS HEART to you. Our response is to ask HIM (Holy Spirit) to interpret the vision or dream to you and ask HIM (Holy Spirit) how you could partake into this plan (by prayer? intercession? etc.). You will find joyous treasures when you co-operate with HIM. Examples maybe accidents averted; healings take place, etc. The marvelous things are the GOD always confirms with signs and wonders following….

      Could you offer your insight into this Doug.

      God Bless

    • Have you been seeking the Lord from the Legal Ground of the Blood to see if the gift you have is the real or counterfeit because your response has some ‘fear’ attached to it, and the perfect love of God casts out all fear. You ought to have peace in your heart because the Kingdom at hand is about peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.

      Take your gift before the Throne and have His Eye search you out and expose anything to you that may not be of Him. I had to do this, and I was shown a spirit of divination trying to masquerade as Him. I am not accusing you, I am just saying, for your safety, go to the Physician Lord and get a check-up.

  9. Hi I recently came across this information. I’m always looking for good sound Godly information on being a seer! I have been a dreamer since I was a little girl, but am just really starting to understand this gift in my adulthood! I am saved and Spirit filled! I have dreams of the future ALL the time sometimes it’s just random things sometimes it’s important information about others! It use to frustrate me because I didn’t know why I would dream random things of little to no significance and then watch them happen before me the next day or week or month! I felt this was just the Lord way of saying ” I’m here” like a relationship thing! I’m still trying to really understand my gift even after years and years of functioning in it! Recently over fall/winter of 14 I became very ill and almost lost my life! I was never scared I just pressed into the Lord more and trusted for an answer which He did give and now I’m doing great Praise God! The night I came home from the hospital I had an open vision! I was not on any kind of medicines..I watched it as I lay in bed like strong activity in my room!! I felt the presence of the Lord so strongly I just smiled cryed and tried to take it all in! It happened again the next night! It was like how I had dreamed but however before my awake eyes! I watched it all come to pass over several days! I was so excited for the Lord to take me deeper! But that was it..I still dream all the time so much I keep a journal for point of reference because my dreams do involve others! Recently I found out information from a friend about my neighbor ..immediately I remembered I had a dream about the situation! I looked it up in my journal to find out I had dreamed it the exact same weekend 2 years prior! I guess my question is how to handle all this sometimes intimate information the Lord shows me! I pray for them but I just feel I need more training to handle the gravity of this gift properly and for the Lord to be able to use this gift in me like He truly desires!!! Thanks so much

    • As a seer myself, I was reading your post and thinking, “Oh Lord, I hope she’s keeping a Journal!” and then when I saw that you were I got so excited. It seems He is training you well, or rather, you are following well. Well Done!

      Now, as far as the intensity of visions are concerned, I have also had open vivid, clear as a “movie” types of visions and in those visions he is really trying to get out attention as a matter or urgency. It is important to never trust what you initially understand, but to lean upon Him for His Thought. This can be revealed only in His Time, or when He provides a different puzzle piece. He provides the puzzle pieces and He builds the puzzle.

      Remember, never seek experiences, and always be rooted at the Cross, and do not allow pride to take hold of you because of your gift. This gift has come across many of His Children because of the times we are living in. We can fall either to ‘deceitfulness of sin’ where we take our eyes off His Righteousness and place it on our own, or we can fall to pride and in that way too, we take our eyes off His Righteousness and place it on our own. Either way, our eyes come off the Finished Work, we forget we stand by grace and we suffer a fall. Those of us who are seers can be very prone to a fall because of our experiences. Do not let the enemy trick you. Stay very humble at the Cross and embrace the Gospel so much more. Keep that Journal posted! Well Done!

  10. Hi Amanda;

    Just like the unknown seer’s post on July 11, 2015; I feel that your random dreams are more intimate secrets of HIS (Jesus) HEART to you. As the saying for the uncle to Spiderman “With great powers come with great responsibilities.” I truly believe that Jesus is revealing HIS HEART of this matter to you through the Holy Spirit. We the recipient of this marvelous gift should learn and ask the MASTER (Jesus through the Holy Spirit) into the revelation of the dreams and visions so we can pray into it (for healing, deliverance, for comfort to the person’s family, etc.).
    From experience; I undoubtedly know that we are called to be more than dreamers (whether through vision or dreams) but to be able to touch the heart of GOD and share HIS purpose here on earth. We need to press in and find out what HIS HEART is saying and fulfill HIS will on earth as it is in heaven. Sometimes HE may look for someone to intercede for the person in the dream or vision just like Abraham communicating with GOD about sparing Sodom and Gomorrah (from 50 down to 10 righteous people). In turning sparing Lot’s family…

  11. I hear voices of God and Satan and can see into the spirit world or so I am told by them that I can change things in the spirit world that I cannot see in my world

    • Hi Daniel

      I am experienced with hearing voices from the Holy Spirit AND the enemy and depending on the enemy’s strategy he will try and come against you to distrupt your Justification by the Blood of Jesus, your Sanctification, your directly intimidate and frustrate you.

      Just today he told me once again, “I am going to give you a noose”. Because a voice is heard within our minds (souls = mind/will/emotions) you may by default believe that the ‘voice’ is from the Lord. Do not automatically believe ANY VOICE. You have to understand the main biblical principles about the VOICE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. Okay?

      Here they are:
      1) John15:26 But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me:

      The voice of the Holy Spirit will ALWAYS comfort you and will testify of Jesus Christ. It will offer you hope and mercy and grace.

      2) James 3:17 But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.

      The voice of the Spirit demonstrates Wisdom, and Jesus is the Wisdom of God. It is peaceable, gentle, and what is said is EASY to be intreated and FULL OF MERCY.

      The Spirit is GENTLE.

      You need to understand this. The Spirit will always point you to a solution IN CHRIST, and not self.

      The counterfeit will always heap up condemnation on you and point out wrongs with a condescending fault finding tone. It will always put pressure on you to perform perform perform “or else”.

      The TRUE Voice of God will always lead you to accept the unmerited favor of God and to RELAX.

      Now, you need to take what I say very seriously about one specific passage of scripture….

      “For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God. For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.
      (Romans 10:3-4)”

      If you are not submitting to the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD through the Blood of Jesus, and if you are not seeking the Kingdom of Heaven (which is AT HAND) and the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD, then your helmet may not be on!!!! Don’t get into the same trap I got myself into. If your helmet is not on, and you are not obeying the GOOD NEWS, i.e. the Finished Work of the Cross, then your mind will be exposed to demonic attack!

      How do you know if you are wearing your helmet? I will show you….

      Rom_14:17 For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.

      If you do not have JOY and PEACE in the Finished Work of the Cross, i.e. if you are NOT HAPPY as a result that you see and accept His Grace and painted Blood on you regardless of your natural sinful self, then you are not obeying the Gospel. If you have ANY FEAR OF HELL within you, or fear of losing salvation, or fear of being rejected by Jesus, or any fear of failure, then guess what…….. you are not exposing yourself to the Simple Gospel, not embracing the Cross and you are not in the Legal Ground of the Blood of Jesus and in that case YOU CANNOT TRUST ANYTHING THAT COMES YOUR WAY….. not a single thought, dream, vision, feeling, nothing my friend. Nothing.

      I have been there. I know what I am talking about.

      What is pertinent for every believer to primarily and to pivotally understand is the SIMPLE GOOD NEWS and to work on focusing on the embrace of the Gospel so that you believe the FINISHED WORK from the HEART, and not just the mind.

      1) He became your sin so that you can become His Righteousnsss
      2) You were crucified with Him and buried with Him. The old man is DEAD.
      3) You are DEAD to your sin and Jesus blotted out every one with His Blood.
      4) Your justification is ONLY BASED on the Blood of Jesus, not your performance.
      5) You are DEAD to the Law. This means it has no requirements of you to be righteous BY THE LAW. You are made righteous by the Blood.
      6) Your life is hidden in Him and you are a NEW CREATION.
      7) Any Sanctification (deliverance) is now HIS JOB, and you gain access to that BY FAITH. He is the Physician.
      8) If you have any guilt within you that you cannot measure up, repent of that guilt. Only Jesus can measure up through you. Don’t be like Jesus.
      9) None of your sin has the power to change His Love for you. It never changed.

      Now I can go on and on about the simplicity of the Good News, but it is important that you are in LEGAL GROUND or else what you see/hear/experience could be from a spirit of divination.

      I have had much experience with satan attacking my mind, my dreams, through visions, etc. but in most cases I look at the opposite of what is being suggested.

      If it does not offer hope, faith, love, then it is NOT from God. You have to place all these experiences in a quarantine area of your mind and allow the Spirit to build the puzzle for you.

      You sit back and relax because the Spirit teaches ‘line upon line, precpet upon precept, here a little there a little’.

      Just ask Him to make sure your Helmet of Salvation is securely placed on your head and FOCUS on the Cross. If not, your Faith will not be able to be authored within the Legal Ground, and you will allow the enemy, the author of confusion, to author what he wants in your heart.

      It is all about whom you take your heart to….

      Take that heart of yours as it is the a Redeemer, the Sanctifier, the Savior, the King, the High Priest, the Lord, the Physician and the Prophet, the Shepherd, the Apostle, the Teacher, the Miracle Worker, the Prince of Peace….

      Let Him teach you directly but for His Sake be found ‘Obeying the Gospel’. It is far more important than anything prophetic you may hear or see.

      I hope this helps.

  12. Daniel thank you for sharing this, for your short message says a lot. As a ‘seer’ and a ‘hearer’ you would hear the voices of both God AND Satan unfortunately. It seems you don’t get one without the other, for it is the role of the enemy to try to snuff out prophetic gifts with a counterfeit. The enemy hates when God tells His prophets what he (evil one) plans to do. Voices of God usually come in line with the Word of God, the Bible, you can trust that. Satanic voices usually try to twist or delude us down the wrong path “did God say?” it asks.

    I am no authority on anything, just a shy seeker of the truth over these past years. But, you could ask God to fine tune what you hear to His voice. If you are hearing incessant chatter around/in your head, possibly with feeling a liquid like substance being placed in your brain,it may be a Satanic attack. Ask the Holy Spirit to heal it. Otherwise it may be God putting supernatural healing oil on your head.You CAN change things in the spirit world you cannot see (yet) because what is in the flesh was once in the spirit realm. So, if something says “so and so is about to happen” you can pray through Jesus Christ to stop the deed of the enemy. There are several instances in the Bible where through sin God decided to bring disaster on the Israelites but due to earnest prayer by His prophets God changed His mind! Imagine an earnest ‘seer’ changed the mind of the most powerful being in the universe!!!!!!

    Don’t bother with what Satan says you could change – he lies! Otherwise, some things happen because the devil continues to seek to steal, kill and destroy – hence evil occurrences. However, prayer by righteous people (intercessory prayer) can change everything. If you can find a good ‘believing seeing counselor to speak to please do but here I am writing because I’ve found none! How demoralizing to hear ‘Christian’ people who do not believe in spiritual gifts making you feel you’re going nuts. At 38 I became extrasensory 10 years ago and it wasn’t and is not easy. And you will see spirit beings, but those that threaten you, cuss you or try to demean your level of understanding are not of God. If you hear/see beings chatting with you all the time they are either demons or human spirits. Angels are extremely shy and forthright when they speak (get the message out then leave). However Jesus Christ said “I am with you always even to the end of the age” in Revelation. His truth is your shield and buckler (Psalm 91). Listen to Jesus Christ voice and READ the word of God and you will learn to discern the difference between the two

    I’ll give you a humorous example. There was once a time the Holy Spirit told me I would get some money in the bank and I did get it. Other times God’s angels promised me a little money and I indeed get it. However, there was this one time that I heard a voice saying I would get money in the bank, that it would be there by so and so date/time. I did think I heard a deceiving spirit and was skeptical, but I went to check anyway. Guess what? NO money was in the bank. So you see, you need God’s spirit of discernment to show you which voice is true. And if you are not a believer please accept Jesus Christ into your heart to wash away your sins and enter into the promises of God. Be blessed fellow ‘seer’!

    • Daniel and Odette,
      Be careful who you get involved with. Tell Doctors and Psychiatrists and you may end up locked up in a rubber room.

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  13. When my father passed away a few months ago, I witnessed above his head, a white vapor like mist hours prior to his death. It had a lot of movement within it, and it stayed there for several minutes. Immediately after it dissipated, his face became so smooth and beautiful. It eventually went back to looking ashen from his lack of oxygen, and labored breathing, and he passed several hours later.

    Several of of my siblings were there and did not see it, but it was as clear as day to me. I am not sure what it was, but I know it was good. I don’t know what I saw, but I know without a doubt it was not from this world. My family is very religious and there was so much love surrounding him as he passed. I know he is in heaven.

    This is the first time that this has happened to me, and I am confused and curious at the same time.

    I should also note, that earlier in the same day, a hospice worker visited us. When she was in the room I felt such a beautiful peace surrounding her. She played the flute and sang, and her voice was that of an angel. I just got a very warm energy from her, it was uncanny. My vision that day was strange too. Almost as everything was being seen through a soft focus lens.

  14. ######################################### VERY SERIOUS WARNING TO ALL WHO SEE THINGS #######################################

    I have “seen” things for years. I am amazed at the lack of knowledge of some who have “gifts” in that there seems to be little determination to be taught to discern between the True and Counterfeit.

    There is a counterfeit prophetic gift and it is the “spirit of divination”. This spirit enables people to see, hear and experience things and even go as far as providing true information. This is demonstrated in the book of Acts chapter 16 where I fortune teller spoke truth, but the source of the information was a spirit of divination. In the Greek translation it is “spirit of puthon” or Python.

    This spirit is deadly because it can cause emotional death as it frustrates a person’s emotions. It squeezes the very life out of you, and I speak from experience.

    After many years of “seeing” things and seeing things under the influence of marijuana, I had to repent of the drug and place that numerous visions on the table and look away from them. I had to regain simple belief in scripture, but specifically the Good News.

    I had no choice. By 2010 I was hearing two different types of voices and the one voice was a very idealistic, demanding, judgmental, condemning type of voice. I had an experience where I was presented a question as to why I did not obey a specific dream, or rather, a directive given in that dream and I fell to my knees begging for forgiveness. I then heard another voice rebuke me and say, “This thing will frustrate you into apostasy! Get to Eilat because that is the only place where I can speak to you!”. I was in Israel at the time and the Lord always sent me there to rest in His Presence. There He would minister His Love and Grace and I would experience His Presence many times there. When I arrived there after a six hour bus ride I entered into a process where He demonstrated to me that I was being lied to by a counterfeit that had a Jesus Mask.

    I then entered further into a process of being delivered by what some call a ‘religious spirit’ and an ‘octopus spirit’. These spirits are very deadly. The octopus spirit is a collection of demons that work together to stifle a person’s spirit by manipulating the soul. The soul is the mind, the will and emotions. They gain footholds on the soul by manipulating fear.

    In a Christian’s walk one has to be fully delivered from all fear. That is the fear of hell, the fear of rejection, the fear of failure, etc. It says in His Word, ‘the perfect love of God casts out all fear’. The only way to be delivered from fear is to obey the Gospel, or obey the Good News.

    How does one obey Good News?

    “Mat_6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS; and all these things shall be added unto you. ”

    “Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin. But now the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD without the law is manifested, being witnessed by the law and the prophets; Even the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference: For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus: Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God; To declare, I say, at this time HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS: that he might be just, and the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus. Where is boasting then? It is excluded. By what law? of works? Nay: but by the law of faith. Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law.” (Romans 3:20-28)

    “For they being ignorant of GOD’S RIGHTEOUSNESS, and going about to establish THEIR OWN RIGHTEOUSNESS, have not submitted themselves unto the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD. For Christ is the end of the LAW FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS to every one that believeth. (Romans 10:3-4)

    “O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you? This only would I learn of you, RECEIVED YE THE SPIRIT BY THE WORKS OF THE LAW, OR BY THE HEARING OF FAITH? ARE YE SO FOOLISH? HAVING BEGUN IN THE SPIRIT, ARE YE NOW MADE PERFECT BY THE FLESH? Have ye suffered so many things in vain? if it be yet in vain. He therefore that ministereth to you the Spirit, and worketh miracles among you, doeth he it by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith? EVEN AS ABRAHAM BELIEVED GOD, AND IT WAS ACCOUNTED TO HIM FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS. Know ye therefore that they which are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham. And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith, preached before the gospel unto Abraham, saying, In thee shall all nations be blessed. So then they which be of faith are blessed with faithful Abraham. For as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse: for it is written, Cursed is every one that continueth not in all things which are written in the book of the law to do them. BUT THAT NO MAN IS JUSTIFIED BY THE LAW IN THE SIGHT OF GOD, IT IS EVIDENT: FOR, THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH. (Galatians 3:1-11)”

    “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation; To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation. Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God. For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him. (2 Corinthians 5:17-21)”

    To obey the GOOD NEWS is to obey the fact that through the Blood of Jesus, we can be seen as righteous with a righteousness that can never be attained by a human, and not even in a million lifetimes. Simply put, if the Blood of Jesus is on you, you are seen as righteous as Jesus. This is to honor the Sacrifice in order to redeemed (purchase) you by the Blood. To step into the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God as a Gift, we are then moved into Holy Ground in the Spirit Realm, and we are covered by the Blood.

    If the Gospel of Jesus is not obeyed, whatever you can be seeing or experiencing could in most likely events be from a SPIRIT OF DIVINATION.

    A person must have HEART BELIEF in the Finished Work of Jesus Christ. Anything outside of that is a lie, and one will be open to attack.

    When you obey the Gospel of Jesus Christ there must be PEACE, and thus it is called the GOSPEL OF PEACE. To obey “Law for Righteousness”, or in other words to say that one is seen as righteous by obeying legal requirements, is to reject the Blood of Jesus and the reasons it was shed.

    If someone is experiencing anything outside of that legal ground they are experiencing a counterfeit spirit that is impersonating the Holy Spirit.

    Automatically believing dreams, visions, experiences, and looking for oracles, signs, communication can be divination. Divination such as oreomancy, etc. It is deadly and dangerous.

    One has to know through experience how the Spirit speaks and He does not have us dependant on any specific method. It can be through a song, it can be through a person, or a moment in a movie, but be sure that if what is being suggested does not line up with scripture, it is NOT from God. That is why I suggest that you place every experience into a quarantine area of the mind for later confirmation BY THE SPIRIT, in the Word of God.

    The Holy Spirit communes with our spirit and does NOT speak as an audible voice in the mind. It comes from the spirit and this takes time to learn to discern the difference. Sometimes I have heard voices in the right ear or the left, but I have learned NOT to automatically believe these voices because they have been voices of demons.

    The soul is directly exposed to the Spirit Realm and because the spirit realm is filled with demons, the mind has to have the helmet of salvation on so that the mind is protected. When I threw all my experiences down on the table and turned my back on them to obey the Simple Gospel, my mind returned to peace and I stopped hearing voices. I was delivered from what many call schizophrenia.

    What they call schizophrenia is in fact a spirit of divination. The problem with schizophrenic patients who are extremely fearful is, they are not obeying the GOOD NEWS, and because there is no love of God in their lives they are ruled by fear!

    If this is you, if you are ruled by fear, if you have the fear of failure, the fear of hell, the fear of rejection, and you are having experiences, I suggest repent immediately from any forms of drugs and OBEY THE GOOD NEWS. Look to the Cross and the Blood and determine to put your back on that fear because it is A LIE! Look to the reason that Jesus Christ died for you to save you by what He did, and He secured your salvation by His Blood. He wants to fill you with His Love so that through the Love al fear is cast out of you!


    I have been through this all. I was a spiritual demonic mess and only Jesus could get me out of my fruitcake mind! I was mangled and twisted and manipulated by a Spirit of Python, or a Spirit of Divination.

    So anyone trying to “see” in the Spirit Realm by their THIRD EYE, their MIND EYE or SOUL EYE will be led into absolute emotional death. They will be manipulated and controlled.

    The Octopus Spirit is a MIND CONTROL spirit. The head of this octopus is Levethian and this spirit is a spirit of pride. The other tentacles manipulate the different parts of the SOUL MAN. I can get into detail about this spirit and how it operates, and once again, I speak from experience and I am not a parrot to repeat what others say.

    Lastly, David Koresh of the Branch Davidians who led an Apocalyptic Cult in Waco Texas was manipulated by a spirit of divination because he was experiencing dreams and visions. He thought he was right, and what he did was right, but he led that cult into death.

    So, think a hundred times before you continue to “see” anything, and seek the SIMPLICITY OF THE GOOD NEWS. There are many who think they are prophets but they have been lied to by a ”lying spirit’, and they have been led far away from the Simplicity in Christ.

    2Co_11:3 But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.


    If you are using that THIRD EYE to see things, I have news for you…… when the Son of Perdition rises, all forms of divination will lead people to believe him….. it will be demons manipulating everyone with their third eyes open to obey him and believe he is the son of God.

    So, I suggest, heed what I am saying and get back to simplicity.

    In the Name of the THIRD DAY RISEN SON OF YHWH, Jesus Christ.

    • Thanks Tyrone for sharing. I had a similar experience (but no drugs/weed) and for many years I was not sure whether the synchronicities and premonitions were from our eternal uncreated father or satan was trying to trick me. While fascinating and harmless I did not see their relevance and suspected satan could be setting me up for a later date. I had energy complex structures (for lack of better ways to describe something inorganic) come on me. Months later I had visions of people come on me and I met those people the next day. I had no way of knowing and I never saw them before. I often don’t think anything of “prophetic” visions or dreams except a curiosity and they happen often.

      There is one set of synchronicities that came after prayer and was cohesive and had meaning that i knew is from the eternal father. I was doing good things but had no peace. Daniel came to my mind how he fasted and prayed 3 weeks and I decided to go to a secluded spot and do nothing till God spoke to me. I lifted my hands and waited. A burden lifted and God spoke to me that I should do something I knew from scripture He wanted me to do. On the way I met a stranger and we became close friends. I’d been very lonely before that. After the person left, he lived with me for about 3 months, I never felt lonely again. Also I began to get revelation about hidden things in the Bible. The most important thing is that I experienced our eternal uncreated father’s love and realized what I desired when I prayed that day was to hear the angel that spoke to Daniel tell me like he told Daniel that i am greatly beloved.

      It was the love and it’s supernatural quality that made me know it was from our eternal uncreated father.

      I posted the hidden things below at the end of the posts here and a link. They are obviously scriptural (the stuff about time and space are not as obvious but the “backward walk” is). They bring Christ into greater relief and show an unfolding of His salvation plan. Those I know are from our eternal uncreated father. The energy complexities are a way unlock information can be related. Being a created thing that makes them potentially subject to the prince of the power of the air though there are angels created that are not subject to the prince of the power of the air.

      For a time I did hear the eternal father speak to me. I thought about it later. I believe it was Him. I was under duress. People tend to project under duress. Messiah is called our “inner man”, “eso” man in Greek. I think hearing “God” speak was a projection of my inner man, Christ in me. I was probably hearing our inner man differently cause I was under duress. He spoke 3 times. The first time it was power saying “I am” — power more than a voice. The second time He said stop and I could not move but I was not lying down or sleeping or sleepy like narcoleptic sleep paralysis. I was out in a cafeteria line. The 3rd time I got a warning, did not heed it and suffered greatly. I once wondered what would have happened if I obeyed and continued obeying.

      Years later I was doodling 6 pointed stars on an unlined paper point to point row on row. I noticed how I could line up the lines from the stars in rows below and above and without the aid of a ruler make almost perfect stars all symmetrical. That’s when it hit me — I was doing on a simple level what the energy complexities were doing to me on a 3 dimensional complex level. Somehow they were able to communicate visions and premonitions about things that were shortly to happen and other information about what people were thinking or dreamed or were thinking when speaking in tongues.

      When the energy grids rested on me they were lining up with my own energy. It’s like I told one seer — “All that’s wonderful but there’s and 87 year old sister across the street from you — When was the last time you took out her trash for you?

      I had one experience with a demon a possessed psychic who made a deal with the devil to get rid of her abusive husband was being tortured by. I was looking at a photo of her wondering some questions about the demon and her. All of a sudden everything got distorted and started looking surrealistic. Immediately I said to the demon “I’m not asking you to answer. I’ll take my answer from my eternal uncreated father. Immediately my perception normalized. Another time when I was much younger I was being oppressed and things were disappearing in my house and I saw a shadow on the chair. I laughed and said something about the blood of Jesus to it and it left and stopped oppressing me.

      Those demons were nothing like the energy complexities so I take the energy complexities as if from the Lord but with caution. They came to me when I was in a place where very high up demons could be functioning but it also could have been guardian angels. Angels are created beings. The eternal uncreated creator has His and satan has his. Some day we’ll know everything.

      • No edit feature here — the 4th paragraph spell check wrote “The energy complexities are a way unlock information can be related.”
        I meant to write unlocal/non-local, not unlock.

        7th paragraph correction “All that’s wonderful but there’s and 87 year old sister across the street from you — When was the last time you took out her trash?” left out closing ” and deleted last 2 words

        8th paragraph I left out closing quote after “… eternal uncreated father”

  15. This is a helpful article to me. Bible based, not any “esoteric” new age garbage, and it all revolves around The Holy Spirit nothing else. But I have a question please. I am 55 years old. Since the mid 1970’s when I was a teen I started having dreams that were coming true. And most of the time, dreams about real events in my personal life that no one else would care about or be affected by. Some of the major events in my life, sometimes seemingly meaningless things. And they are separated from other dreams in that they are always in vivid color. I accepted Christ in February of 1985, baptized in water and The Holy Spirit. I started wondering if this was a result of some evil influence in my life. So I prayed about it a lot and asked God to remove it if it’s not good for me. Well, nothing’s ever changed. I used to keep a journal but then I dropped it because I was dreaming of horrible events like when my ex wife shared the bed with another man, then divorced me not too long ago (which was something in one of these color dreams). But they still happen, like the time recently when I had one of these dreams about a new situation and a new person in my life sometime in advance from now, which was a good dream, not a bad one. I guess my point is I have never been able to shut it off when I don’t want to know about the future. And the way the world is today, trust me I am not so sure I want to know anything. But I have no control over it after decades, regardless of what or how I discuss it with my Heavenly Father.

    • John – thanks for the comments. In response to your question, I’ll off a couple of ideas. Dreams that are in vivid color tend to be from God, whereas dreams in muted colors tend to be our own subconscious more or less working stuff out. Dreams in black and white tend to be from an enemy.

      Most people dream in symbols, and sometimes it takes some effort to discern the meaning behind them.

      But it seems your futurist dreams (I’m refraining from calling them “prophetic” because that term is loaded when it comes to dreams) seem to be clear and not necessarily in symbols.

      I would interpret your situation this way: Your brain is wired in such a way that it is picking up on (for lack of a better term) quantum signals that are resonating through time. I recognize you have asked the Father to remove this ability… maybe ask that God lowers your “dream antenna”, or even that a “stealth shield” is raised over you that will block the signals.

      I would argue that the future isn’t precisely set. I explain why I think that using several biblical references in the free book, “Hearing God” available at the page, and encourage you to look at it (it won’t be free for much longer).

      Perhaps – and this is a big perhaps -, the dreams are signals God is allowing you to receive from potential timelines. Perhaps God is encouraging you to pray over the information you’re receiving in the dreams, and to seek appropriate steps to make, or to learn how to pray about some of the things. For instance, if you dream about something bad but improbably, then that might be prompting for you to pray specifically against what you have dreamed.

      Hope that makes sense.

      • John L and Doug
        I find lucid dreams can be very colorful but not always prophetic and regular dreams can be about something I had no way of knowing and it came to pass against great odds. I like lucid dreams better cause I’m more aware and in control of my reactions and can have them even when I’m awake sitting up.
        I meditate by being still and I take my thoughts captive by becoming aware of my self in a healthy way as separate from my thought thus becoming objective to them paralleling the stillness of heaven kind of like coming out of my computer being lost in the web and sitting at the key board.

        The nightmares about your ex, John are trauma based hypnotic fixations. Hate, fear etc are hypnotic emotions.
        Best thing to do is become aware how you are unfaithful in your own self to the perfect eternal uncreated father and stop reacting to your ex wife’s sin — see her as you want God to see you. No one else will take her place if you and her were neither married before whether or not you get back together.

        As I see it our minds are so screwed up compared to how they can be in Christ nothing good dwells in us. God took Israel back after she was unfaithful. Her even demonstrated his love through a prophet marrying a prostitute and taking her back after she returned to prostitution after their marriage. Divorce was only given for the hardness of our heart. God is still going to marry, graft back in the remnant of Israel.

  16. Great answer from Doug! I agree with him about the future.

    I am seeing futures, but never dream about it. But it is the same idea. Usually the future is not fixed.

    When I see a future, then I also see more futures. Sometimes at the same time, other times sequentially. When there is a bad future, there always is a good one, or there are two good ones.

    Most of the times the Lord tells me what to do about it. Because I am a prayer-warrior my reposiblitity is often to pray for what the Lord says. That the good future shall come into existence. But after some time often one good future expires, because of people/Christians not doing what they should do.

    I never had 1 bad future and that’s it. So perhaps in your case the good one(s) still have to come. Or you can ask the Lord what you may do with what He showed you.

    It really takes a lot of listening to our Lord,

    Many greetings,


  17. Hi,
    My name is Shantell and I have seen many things since I was a child.
    And whats crazy is that I only see at night or in the presence of the Lord.
    Ever since I was younger, I could see shapes, images, things moving but they would fade often.
    I would ask many people. Asking for help. Searching scriptures. But no one could help me. It almost scared them more and they would always say test the spirits.
    Well that never helped me because I have never been taught about this gift or been mentored considering this gift.
    Now I am 28 and married. Great relationship with the Lord. There are many MANY things going in my life right now. I am a worshipper, a music artist, a business woman, and now about to start my own fashion company.
    And the gift has just strengthened and I just don\’t know what to do when I start seeing things. I am starting to hear things in the spirit as well. Also, alot of warfare has increased. Attacking my sleep around 3am. I\’ve always been able to discern if evil is around or angels but now the seeing is happening on a more increasing level. I just need advice and I need to be taught on what to do next because no one knows what to say because they don\’t operate in seeing to that extent.
    Sorry I am rambling so long… but I don\’t want opinions anymore. I want to be taught and receive wisdom from the others who do operate in this area and bring glory to the Father with it.

    Thank you!
    I\’m looking forward to your email!
    If you could email me your reply that would be great!

    • Hi Shantell, do u have the ministry to pray for others and see or hear what God has to say about him or her? (personal prophecy or descernmentI) have been really struggling with the fact that my spiritual gifts are not very active . For example, not understanding many of my dreams, by the time i wake from sleep i forget dream. I journal when I remember. Really need to hear from God on a few matters. Please let me know thanks and God bless. [email protected]

    • Shantey,
      I wake up at 3 am sometimes. I meditate “Be still and know that I am God”. I become aware of myself and how my thoughts draw me away into a dream state and I come back to being aware. I just watch the pixels of vision in front of my eyes and keep an awareness of my body as separate from my thoughts as sort of an anchor. My goal is to be objective to rather than lost in my thoughts.

      For body aches I sometimes do slow breathing like the yogis do or to stay awake driving but that’s more a physical thing than spiritual but it can also break me from some other physical fixation I’m doing with my breath. Slow breathing increases oxygen in the blood and is very relaxing and puts me back in to a very restful sleep. I breath in my nose very slow. It takes a while starting may be with 10 seconds the goal to get to over 50 seconds in a few weeks or months of practice breathing in slowly into your belly rather than chest and exhaling with your mouth like a sigh of relief all at once — exhale is not slow. I personally like to meditate on how Jesus told his disciples to pray. It’s kind of a check list

      I have my own style — Our eternal uncreated father who dwells in the ultimate eternal non things that define all things hallowed be what draws attention to you to locate you. May your kingdom come, may your will be done on earth as in heaven. Give us today our daily bread, forgive us our trespass as we forgive those who trespass against us (for if we do not forgive neither will we be forgiven). Do not let us enter into temptation but deliver us from fixation on environment for yours is the power (you created everything from nothing) the kingdom (ultimate eternal non things that define all things) and the glory (Christ suffered for the glory set before him).

      I see “God” as the power/intelligence/love that dwells in the eternal ultimate non things that define all things. Jesus is His only begotten son and expressed image who died for our sins and rose on the 3rd day etc.

    • not speaking of you but people are becoming more like the heathens they are serving Heathen gods they are proper sizing through Heathen gods they are seeing through Heathen gods don’t be like the heathens don’t tamper with what God has given you let it flow freely this is why it is so hard to distinguish what is a God and what is not but when you need to know ask God himself he will answer or not answer you have to make sure that you stay transparent and prayer before the Lord no matter what you see what you hear continue to seek ye the kingdom first all else will be given unto you don’t do anything but to continue to seek God let God be God let him do what he needs to do through you no channeling no psychics no soothsayers no seeing complete evil just stay before him don’t worry about the gift don’t tamper with the gift just let God be God

  18. Hi Shantell,

    As a seer you are part of a minority. Most churches don’t know what to do with us, so they behave neutral or hostile.

    It is a difficult and loneny path, but together with Jesus. You can find great teachings and a lot of information on a website like this. There are some good books, but there is not one simple right way.

    You shall have to discover it with Jesus. That takes a lot of time and a great relationship with our Lord. As a seer most of the time you are walking in the “unknown.”

    I see futures of countries, but also the past. Is that “from the devil” or divination? I can see with a kind of infrared view how many people are within their house and where exactly. I do not know of a name for that. Is this from the devil?

    As a seer I have a lot of these things that “are not possible.” But is it bad or neutral?

    Many things are known as bad for us as a Christian, that’s obvious. To talk with spirits of dead people to gain information from them. You know it’s wrong to do that.

    But as a seer there are so many other things that are not clear…

    If you do not go against what you understand from the teachings of the Bible, then many times the answer to your questions is not the same for every individual. What is OK for you can be wrong for the other.

    What I mean to say is that if you have a great relationship with the Lord, then He shall make you know what is good for you and help you answering your questions. But it may take some time. And what is good for you is maybe wrong for me.

    Hope this helps you a little bit,

    Many greetings,


  19. I feel as if I can walk in the SPIRIT realm whenever I want yet its like I cannot remember how. I often feel differently from other ,like they dont feel what I do not could understand.
    There was one time I felt a Hebrew word come to me (beni) I felt strongly I heard it and ask alot of people at my job if they ever heard it. None had . So after work I went to a borders book store ask for a Hebrew dictionary and I actually found the word it means comprehension , understanding. I have yet to know the reason y I got this word….

    • If y’all notice at the very get go of this at the top. The author suggested that God opens the 3rd eye or ponnieal gland. Seriously? Why use god if a person can do this on their own? See my point. I always thought that seers see. Simply because of God & the Holy Spirit. NOT because of the 3rd eye that the author of this site is suggesting. What are your thoughts seers? You can also contact me on FB. David Guite. Please do. Lost email password. Thanks, much appreciation. Dave

      • Why would God use a burning bush, when Moses could burn his own bush? Why did God use Moses’ staff to turn to a snake, when magicians used their own staves to do the same?

        The answer is simple: to advance the Kingdom of God – the rule and reign of God- versus someone choosing to live according to his or her own desires.

        • It’s my understanding that the eyes are the windows to the soul. When Gods spirit comes in us it may use our eyes to see. The Holy Spirit is a spirit and sees in the spirit. It doesn’t mimic Satan. Satan mimics & copies God. So the Holy Spirit does not need to open a 3rd eye or ponnieal gland. But Saran does in fact in order to mimic the Holy Spirit. I actually knew this anwser before I asked I wanted to see how many people were confused on this topic still. So if your 3rd eyes open beware who you are in fact serving and working for.

          • Your understanding that the eye is the window to the soul is not biblical. It’s a line drawn from one of Shakespeare’s sonnets. The idea that the pineal gland is the “third eye”, or that it needs to be “opened” are both pagan. The pineal gland is part of the brain that registers activity during prayer, meditation, and other spiritual activity. It also regulates growth and sex hormones and helps with sleep.

            You are “opening” the pineal gland when you pray or sleep or, for that matter, when you enter puberty. It’s biology, not satanic.

            By the way, the idea that Satan mimics the Holy Spirit is another manmade theology not found in the Bible. This idea probably has an element of truth but let’s be cautious in drawing huge lines of reasoning from something that only has “elements of truth.”

            Thus, you are basing your concerns on a line from Shakespeare and a theological point that maybe can be inferred from the Bible but not absolutely.

            So let’s root our concerns in actual scripture and settled theology, and a good place is something Jesus actual said: if you ask the Father for the Holy Spirit, God won’t send something evil. If you are a seer, and your loyalty is towards God, then you really don’t need to be concerned about accidentally serving some other spiritual power.

            Faith – a heart position- is what matters, not the parts of your biology that enable you to do cool stuff. If someone takes vocal lessons to improve her singing so she can sing from God, that’s not satanic. If someone does a body cleanse or a fast so his body can be a better temple for God, that’s not satanic. If someone’s brain activity includes extra signals going on around the pineal gland so she can see spirits, that’s not satanic. It’s just biology.

            Your heart position is what matters in using your spiritual or physical gifts (including those who see into the spirit realm).

            The discussion on this site about the biology behind how some people might see spirits is just biology. I have peer reviewed research into the pineal gland and what has happened when it’s manipulated. It’s fascinating, but it’s not necessarily, as John Locke suggested, the seat of the soul, nor is it, as pagans argue, a “third eye.” But it is part of human anatomy that God designed to help when considering spiritual things. It’s biology.

            But the point isn’t the biology, but your heart position: if it’s geared towards Jesus, then you’ll use your abilities (whatever they are) for Jesus, and not some other spiritual forces. Let’s think clearly from the Kingdom of God, not Shakespeare and paganism.

          • David Guite,
            The interpretation that says “The eye is the lamp of the body … has also been translated as “Perception is the light of your earthly life. If your perception is flawed…

      • Every part of the body was created for a purpose. The pineal gland is I believe for the purpose of perceiving things in a more fluid wave state we normally don’t perceive. God’s gifts are without repentance. I think the pineal gland use is a natural gift. Prophecy, helps, apostleship is not dependent on it. Perhaps discernment of spirit could be related and seeing the non aura and possibly auras. The prophetic revelation I have is not dependent on my pineal gland. I suspect some premonitions and visions may be.
        I was worried about losing some sensitivities if I used fluoride and harmed my pineal gland but our eternal uncreated father showed me that it was unrelated to His love and to the testimony of Messiah in me so I’ll go easy on fluoride if I decide to use the prescription the dentist gave me but I’m not spiritually worried nor do I believe a crystalized pineal gland makes one less able to know God’s love.

  20. Doug all your statements are contradictory & that alone is why I see no point. You go ahead & see thru your 3rd eye all you like buddy. I’d be careful telling others to & not thru the holyspirit as Jesus is coming soon.
    Best wishes in the very terrifying weeks to come. As in, if you Doug are a seer then you know what’s going to be happening to the USA in literally the next couple weeks or so. Personally I’d throw down the occult practice & id use the Holy Spirit but your not me so. Again, best wishes.

  21. I would have to disagree with this. God is the God of the living and the dead. The spirits of the saints who have passed on into glory are glorified as Christ is and share in his nature. They are as alive as you and me. And so why wouldn’t a loving God provide comfort by allowing us to communicate with our glorified loved ones. Jesus died rose and appeared talking before the disciplines 40 days. Why is it so hard to believe that he wouldnt allow his children to do the same. Im a minister and I have talked to many saints who are in heaven they have their distinct personalities, glorified bodies and distinct spiritual presence energy surrounding them. Anything is possible to them that believe.

    • Ernest,
      Are you saying they are resurrected and glorified already? I believe Saul was rebuked for having a medium call Saul forth from the dead. Spiritual mediums and those who speak to the dead were condemned in the OT. Having 10 wives or husbands is not possible to them that believe.

  22. Hi Ernest,

    Thanks for your reaction, but with what do you disagree? This article is about “How Does a Seer See into the Spirit Realm.” What is your relation with the spirits of dead people? Probably you posted on the wrong place?

    Many greetings,


  23. We should be in the deliverance ministry casting out demons. Im getting ready to start a skype ministry. Ive been studying all about deliverance of spirits non stop. I feel so deep in my spirit, this is what God gave me this gift is for, Deliverance Ministers are very scarce. Jesus gave us authority and Power over all the enemy, Those who believe and in his name shall cast out demons, trample on serpents and scorpions, push back the advesary and tread them under, take up serpents, set the captives free in Jesus Mighty Name!

  24. Religious radicals will say that an individual such as a child with spiritual gifts before they have “accepted the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” are drawing the power of their gift from a dark, negative, demonic, or evil source. THAT’S BS!!! So you mean to tell me, if a 9 year old child with the gift of healing, healed your sick lived one of a deadly disease or some other ailment…that’s bad? The reason people that have natural born gifts from birth “sometimes” diminish is because of their pineal glands being calcified or some other factor. God is a creator of BOTH good and bad. We were given free will as well. God created everything, right? So when a voodoo doctor heals you of something, God’s not going to repo your blessing because it’s from a source labeled as bad by society.

    • While I’d agree that children with spiritual gifts are not drawing on evil sources, I’d also challenge some other assumptions that underly your thinking. For instance, God didn’t “create evil.” God created free willed beings – both immortal and mortal – and he created chaotic systems. God then set to organize the chaotic systems, and he tasked free willed beings to do the same. Many of these free willed beings chose to do so in ways that are evil, but that wasn’t God’s intention, desire, or will.

      It’s possible to say, “Well, since God created entities that decided to work evil, then God created evil”, but I think that would deny agency. It’s also possible to say, “Well, God created nature, and sometimes nature is so destructive that it kills people, therefore God created evil” (which some translations of the Old Testament will render a verse to say that), but chaotic nature doesn’t have agency, so it’s not true evil: it’s chaos.

      Pantheists will say that God created good and bad, and all of the universe is part of God – the yin, yang – nothing is truly evil, because it’s all one and part of the universal balance. But history suggests – and Jesus declared – that pantheists are wrong. God isn’t one with the universe, didn’t create the yin-yang, and isn’t the cause of evil or good. God IS good and God IS love and Truth and Life. Those who seek to align with the source of good, truth, love, and life should align with Jesus, lest their intentions go awry.

      The voodoo doctor who heals you of something is drawing his power from evil sources – he has agency, and the desires of those sources isn’t to align with Jesus, but to align with God’s enemy – the source of death. The power isn’t the issue, the use of the power isn’t the issue – the source of the power is the issue.

      In the Bible, Pharoah’s magicians drew on their gods for their power and they worked wonders. Moses drew his power from Yahweh, and also worked wonders. When these two divine power sources collided, Yahweh won by toppling their gods, but terrible destruction fell on the people who followed those demonic entities. Everyone in the land who followed Yahweh – even Egyptians – were spared from the destruction. So loyalty really does matter. There are sides to choose.

      This isn’t uniformly the case when voodoo priests heal people. For instance, some of them may actually be drawing their healing power from the Holy Spirit. In this case, they are using their power illegally, or on the “black market.” In John 10, Jesus describes these people as thieves and robbers, and admonishes them to access this power through himself – through an open loyalty stance to Jesus.

    • Thanks Marten! I hope there are several seers in Europe, but I guess many don’t share their experiences with others out of fear. God is currently really raising up prophetic seers, especially in the young generation. Blessings!

  25. Ever since I became a Christian I’ve been able to see things in the spirit. I’ve been able to see heaven, angels, demons, etc.. I’ve had visions of things that have yet to come, and I’ve had visions of things based on the end times in Revelations. When I first became a Christian and I could see things, I thought it was normal, I thought everyone could do what I do, but when I told my sisters who were also Christians, and told our bible study group that were teaching us how to use our spiritual gifts for God, they were so baffled and shocked, as if I was doing something completely unheard of. Unfortunately, as I’m sure many of you understand, they grew to become jealous and envious because I was doing something that seemed impossible especially after being a Christian for only a few days or weeks, and them being in a relationship with God for years, and yet I was the one doing it and not them, they didn’t understand. And because they didn’t understand, because they decided to put God in a box, they started to disbelieve me, be fearful, anxious. Using me as their excuse, as their reason to doubt God. My siblings, began to use my gifts as a reason for them believe that they weren’t special. As if what God has gifted me to do suddenly makes them unworthy of what God wants to use them for.

    Its for this reason, that I’ve become a bit reluctant to even talk about what I see or what God reveals to me, because every instance, the enemy has used what God has given me to stir up an intimacy with God, into something that often feels like a curse, into something that I’m unable to talk about because people immediately start to believe I’m either lying, delusional, or that I’m listening to the devil and doing his work.

    But reading about all of you who’ve seen things, what do you suggest when it comes to telling people things? Or should I not tell anyone at all?

    I need some help from people who understand.

    • These are great questions, and I think the wider audience deserves some ideas. So, I’ll try to release some thoughts tomorrow (Sat, 3/11/17) that addresses them.

    • Morgan,
      A prophet gets no respect in his own town. It’s harder with family. Don’t force it. Jesus couldn’t heal where there was no faith. The purpose of your gift is to locate and or draw attention to Messiah. Sometimes I get a premonition. I told people if they see this guy again to tell him “You better watch out because something bad is going to happen. If he asks “What?” say “I don’t know but you better watch out””. Everyone knew I was a believer. No one found the guy. The next day everyone was talking how he fell off a ladder and his finger was hanging by a thread and had to be sewn back on. It’s not something I do. Perhaps God was using it to put His fear into someone. I don’t know. It doesn’t concern me. Wait on Him in both ways — serve and be patient. Joseph’s brothers were pretty wicked and they repented so pray for your family.

  26. Hello. I am a teenager and just recently found out I have the gift of seeing… I was really freaked out at first but now am accepting it. I feel that I am supposed to do something with this gift but I don’t know what and I don’t know how. Any information you have would be much appreciated! Thanks so much☺

  27. I understand you. Same thing happened to me 17 years ago. Seeing started right after the narcolepsy started. Since it’s been a couple years I’m sure you’ve come to terms with it by now…but I’d love to hear about your experiences since it’s so hard to find anyone who actually first-hand understands the experience & is willing to talk about it. The people & creatures are everywhere- might as well get used to it. They ARE there though- you’re not crazy. I’ve had a couple different experiences where I was with someone else who saw them too and I noticed them watching what I saw & so I asked- they saw the same thing I was seeing at the same place&time so that can’t be coincidence. Different people each incident too. One narcoleptic & one who just had the gift. Animals see em too- pay attention to dogs- they watch a lot. Meds make you see em less but it doesn’t make the ability go away & you’ll still see em even on meds…at least that’s been my personal experience anyway. Since it’s pretty hard to hold down a job and function in society without the meds I opt to take them and I have never had any period when I stopped seeing things. Provigil lessened the “seeing” more so than ritalin or dextroamphetamine or any of the others I’ve been on before, but none of them actually made it go away all together. You sound like you’re concerned about losing the ability to see things if you take medicine, but I don’t think that’ll be a problem for you- you can still take medicine to help you stay awake. Unless your neurologists are a lot more open-minded than mine, just don’t talk to them about seeing things bc they just wanna offer to give you drugs to make you stop “seeing”, & they don’t have a good explanation for you about why you “see” so they’re not helpful. The drugs they offer to make you stop seeing things are IN ADDITION to the ones that help you stay awake though. You can opt for staying awake without losing your “seeing” ability. Btw there are dietary changes you can make to help stay awake more (can elaborate another time if you’re interested)

    There are ones that you can’t avoid seeing no matter what, but for the most part I really believe what determines the strength of your ability to see em is how much you do or don’t nurture & develop the ability. Ignore em and intentionally dart your gaze elsewhere every time you start to see em and you’ll start to notice less of em. Embrace it and focus on seeing more detail every time you see em and you’ll get better at seeing & notice an increase in how well you see em (how often/many you see, detailed features, and sometimes colors too). Fair warning though: if you intentionally increase your ability to see em you better be in a really good place spiritually in your life and close to God. Otherwise you’ll start seeing & experiencing ugly stuff that you may not be ready to deal with yet. If you think the nightmares while you’re asleep are bad, imagine seeing things like that in 3D while you’re awake too. You needa think about that before you get too involved with developing the talent….bc it’s easy to get better at seeing em, but it’s not easy to get worse at seeing em. It may start as seeing, but if you develop the ability it becomes more than just seeing- they are spiritual beings, not inanimate apparitions- you will start to more than just see em. You’ll feel their energy before they even enter the room if it’s a strong enough energy and hear & experience other things.

    Pray and always ask Jesus to come take care of you and protect you- the things that you’re seeing cannot and will not hurt you. They can make you feel like they can cause you physical harm and they can tell you things, but you do not have to listen to their lies and any physical feeling while you’re in that ‘in-between awake & asleep stage’ is not actually physically happening to you- you WILL wake up and it WILL be fine…jus a lil scary till you learn to deal with it. I learned to jus call to Jesus over and over if they attack you while you’re in that ‘in-between space’ and paralyzed- Jesus always brings you through it&takes away the fear…the experience is much less awful without fear- it’ll get easier with experience. The best advice I can give you though: PRAY to God about it- don’t focus on getting better at seeing and interacting with em (the things you see) and don’t talk to em or invite em to stay. Just trust me on that one. It starts out real friendly and inviting and even like they may need your help, but trust me, it gets ugly and evil and downright scary before you know it.

    Like I told you, it’s been 17 years- I’ve been through the initial freak out stage bc I didn’t know wtf was happening, praying for it to go away&make life normal again, then the curiosity phase where you pursue it & reach out to ANYONE or any source that can give you some information or knowledge about what you’re seeing, through phases of trying to ignore & suppress it, been through the nightmares, and the list goes on and on. What I have learned though is that you are going to encounter good ones and angels….but there are also a lot of ones I don’t understand & a lot of demons & bad ones & a LOT of deceptive ones. Trust no-one but God is my personal motto of choice after 17 years of dealing with seeing these things.

  28. Test the spirits.
    Jesus said they neither marry or are given in marriage in heaven. That’s because the marriage of the lamb has already taken place in heaven but here not all mysteries are revealed and there is a purpose in marriage to learn about our eternal uncreated father who dwells in the ultimate eternal non things that define all things and his only begotten son and expressed image and the brethren.
    Please test me — ask me any questions about what I say if you don’t understand or agree.
    I see Solomon as an example of Christ. His many wives are like the many nations Christ came to make one. His sinning with them is in Christ’s death taking on our sins only Solomon was not without sin.
    Since Christ came in the flesh to make the many one there is no longer an excuse for polygamy. Polygamy says to me Christ did not come in the flesh to make the many one.
    Any spirit can say Jesus is lord just like those who call him “Lord Lord” but he says, “Get away from me” to them.

    Don’t be deceived by the way people use the words “in the name of Jesus”.
    Name to speakers of a verb based language like Hebrew means “to locate” or “to draw attention to”.
    “My father will give you whatever you ask to locate/to draw attention to me.”
    That’s the intent of heart one must ask our eternal uncreated father with.
    It’s not the same as a noun based language like English where a name is a label.

    Just hope I clarified a thing or 2 for those stepping into the spiritual realm to navigate by. Demons are very tricky and play on our ignorance.

  29. Prophecy for all seers
    A friend and I went to a meeting. As we entered the host said “I see a waterfall, a beautiful anointing at your feet”. Then he started telling us of many visions and miracles he had recently experienced I said “All that is wonderful but what I want to know — there’s an 87 year old sister across the street from you. When was the last time you took out her trash for her?”
    Lots of synchronicities and knowledge and supernatural revelation has come and there is always more to learn but how does it edify Christ in us?

    It was not for many years I began to see the purpose for and the meaning to some of those wonderful and terrible events and experiences in my life. I failed to obey my eternal uncreated father’s voice and He disciplined me severely because he loves me. Some people hear a voice warning them and it saves their life. I heard and did not listen and suffered severe consequences. I once wondered what would have happened if I obeyed and continued to. Sometimes I am in situations beyond my human strength to remedy. Perhaps I must know deeper than my pride my utter nothingness in my own strength and His grace. We certainly live in interesting times.

    “O God, thou hast taught me from my youth, so that I might declare thy wondrous works.
    Now also to old age and gray hairs, O God, forsake me not; until I have shown thy strength and thy might to the generation that is to come.
    Thy righteousness also, O God, has reached to the highest; thou hast done great things; O God, who is like unto thee!
    Thou who has shown me great and sore troubles, shalt quicken me again, and shalt bring me up again from the depths of the earth.” (Psalm 71: 17-20 George Lamsa’s Peshita version)

    We are in the time judgment will begin against the gods of this world. Aaron threw his rod down before pharaoh and his magicians. It turned into a serpent. Pharaoh’s magicians did the same but Aaron’s swallowed theirs. Exodus related to Joseph and Mary fleeing to Egypt with Jesus and to the last supper commemorating the Exodus from Egypt, is ready but first the gods of Egypt are judged. (read Exodus 7:9-12)
    The savior said “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.” (John 3:14,15 referring to Numbers 21:8-9)

    God is unsealing a mystery. When I told one brother he said — “if you think you’ve discovered something no one else has discovered before, then you are in error”

    I discovered the gospels touch on major points in the Books of Moses but in reverse. This is an older version of it when I had slightly less revelation —


    In the Old Testament man was judged by a tree “of knowledge of good and evil”. A cherubim with a sword that goes every way like a flame (the sword = time) guarded Eden. Adam couldn’t go back and eat of the tree of life.

    Then man was judged by a flood. It rained 40 days and nights and a dove and raven were sent up from the ark. There was a rainbow to show that we would not be judged by water any more.

    Then God gave the children of Israel the law which brought condemnation on everyone but Christ. Christ as the end of the law was a sign believers would not be judged by the law again.

    Jesus went in reverse through the history in the 5 books of Moses summarized above.

    The Law
    First Christ obeyed the law in the Torah while living in submission to his parents.

    The Flood
    Then he went back before the law to the flood of Noah. In the flood it rained 40 days and nights and a dove and a raven were sent up from the Ark.

    Jesus went into the water and the holy spirit descended on him like a dove. Then he was led into the wilderness 40 days and 40 nights.
    The dove is the holy spirit and the raven is the spirit of Elijah.
    Elijah was fed by ravens of the brook during the famine. Elijah was to turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers. In proverbs it said the eye that mocks at his father and despises to obey his mother, the ravens of the valley shall pick it out.
    Jesus said that If you care to believe it John is the Elijah to come.
    John’s baptism has something to do with the raven.

    Jesus went backward before the flood to the garden of Eden.
    Deuteronomy says, Yahweh Elohim (the Lord thy God), “will circumcise your heart and the heart of your seed to love Yahweh Elohim with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, that you may live.” In order to live one must eat of the tree of life. It is in the garden of Eden being guarded by cherubim with a sword.

    The Last Supper
    “The last supper” is the “Passover” feast where the angel of death passed over the households of Israel. On Passover Jesus and his disciples revisit the original scene in Eden and reverse it.

    Adam is played by Jesus. Eve is played by the disciples. The devil is played by Judas. Christ said “One of you is a devil” referring to Judas.

    Adam and Eve ate to forget God to become like God. Jesus broke the bread and told his disciples “Eat this in remembrance of me” to remember rather than forget.

    Where were Adam and Eve before they ate? They were in a garden being tempted. In reverse Where were Christ and the disciples after they ate? In the garden of Gethsemane during Jesus’ time of temptation.

    The Bride
    Adam went back before Eve was formed.
    Adam was put into a deep sleep and his side was opened and a helps meet was made for him from his side.
    Christ was put into a deep sleep, death, and his side was opened, and water and blood came out. The bride of Christ is the witness that is said to be of the spirit, water and blood.

    The Alpha and Omega
    The host, army, of heaven was in place before Adam was formed. Christ takes us to heavenly places but there was a battle in heaven. Christ takes us back to the beginning and where are we? At the end of the scripture the revelation of John the apostle is the description of that battle.

    “Of yourself you can do nothing”. There was a battle in heaven and in it Satan’s people fight for Satan but Jesus fights for his people. All as they can do is seek understanding (standing under), agreeing to truth and be thankful.

    In the battle the serpent cast a third of the stars to the earth with its tail. This is who I suspect are the lost are whom Christ came to save. They are lost sheep. Everyone is a sinner but not everyone is lost. Many are comfortable and at home in hell, separation from God, Adam’s death. They will be comfortable there until hell and death* are cast into the lake of fire. The lake of fire is the second death.

    Hell is separation from God. If we aren’t born into it the moment we are conceived in Adam’s death than it sure is a likeness of it.

    *Adam’s death, the first “death” of the first Adam, separation from God and eternal life.

    **All motion is defined by a relative stillness. You are still but the person passing you is moving in relation to you. If you go out of earth’s atmosphere or to the center of its axis you see that you are moving on a spinning world, spinning defined by its axis which is still in relation to the earth yet is moving in relation to the sun which defines our solar system and sits still in it defining the movement of its planets. If you go outside our solar system you see that the sun is moving in the universe and somewhere there is an ultimate stillness that defines all motion and yet is nothing in itself.

    You can take it to another level and look under a microscope and see that little nucleuses are defining the motion around them of electrons and you can detect with other machinery and see that sound is defined by an ultimate silence, lack of sound waves so you see that that ultimate stillness is reflected in all things. In a sense we are all like holograms projected from, defined by nothingness and the nothingness that defines
    all matter may be more real than the matter it defines. Surely that which defines what can not define it is greater than that which it defines.

    You could take it another direction and say that all stillness is defined by a relative motion. Then you would need something to go faster and faster to define each relative stillness. It has been demonstrated that the faster something goes the slower time gets. If one was to reach the speed where time stopped, matter would cease to exist (at least as we know it) and you would be in that same place of nothingness that defines all things, beyond time and space. In Bible terms it is called “The Kingdom of God that flesh and blood does not enter” or “inherit”.

    God dwells in that nothingness. God of science, of reality, of truth. Gods kingdom defines all things yet is not defined. Satan, the prince of the powers of the air, is cast out of heaven. Messiah or Christ is the expressed image of the uncreated creator.

    Satan can reflect off of all things created but not off of that silence/stillness like Messiah, the expressed
    image of the uncreated creator can.


    Matter exists only in relationship to time but that something outside of time and matter defines the things within it.

    This is my most recent publishing of it on the internet — for anyone interested and who wants to contact me.

  30. Im in Stone Mountain, Georgia and I’m wanting to connect with a seer,because my gift is very strong but all new to me it has been on block since I was 13 and now I’m 38

  31. Am an african who had been searching for what i have gitten today. God bless you all. My WhatsApp number which i would be very grateful to get more information to give to the villagers at where i teach. +233240610767

  32. I recently just found this site and have been trying to find answers for the past two years. I am a Christian but have been having so many doubts. In the summer of 2014 I moved in a one bedroom into a new neighborhood (not the safest). Back then I would consider myself lukewarm. I was loosely seeking a new home church after the church plant I was attending for 5 years dissolved. After working a lot and allowing poor boundaries with non believing highly dysfunctional family.I was on a dark path, I was deeply broken and bitter. Then I had “sleep paralysis”. All I knew was to say the name of Jesus and I finally snapped out of it. I saw the darkness in the corner of my bedroom. I starting repenting and reading Neil Anderson’s Victory Over the Darkness. I can’t remember the timeline when I started hearing voices (at first I thought I had thin walls) I began to hear screams in the night, I called the authorities because I thought it came from the back alley, embarrassingly it was “nothing”.Later, looking back I realize it was spiritual.This became regularly and I had nightmares as well. I clinged to the Psalms. Fast forward 2 months laters, was eventually forced hospitalized by my family, were I began to see more visions, despite the medication they gave me. At I am still on medication, but am seeking with my doctor to taper off. I must inform you that I have been seeing the same “christian” counselor for many years for attempts of seeking healing for family past. I did try to tell her about my this and remember contacting her about spiritual warfare before this happen but I realized quickly it seemed that it was something that she did not hold as truth. I started to slowly decline telling her about my experiences and focused our time on my interactions with family.
    I have been afraid because I have trouble discerning the Holy Spirit because of these “interruptions”. I’m afraid of not discerning the Spirit correctly or maybe that I’m a Christian at all, I have a hard time being still in the Presence of the Lord. There are time I know I hear Him and other times I’m not so sure.I have seeking out churches that might know more about this but afraid that I might being viewed as off or crazy. I occasionally still have visions as well. I can’t control them, they just come.A few nights ago, I was listening to a podcast on Hearing God and the story of Elijah when he was hidden in the cave 1Kings 19:9. I had a vision where God had me in a red cave at the edge near the edge of a cliff, this was a peaceful experience but I almost let myself become neutral because I don’t know anything about this. I’m afraid of it coming from another source other than God Himself.
    I really need Jesus, discernment and wisdom. I’d appreciate any feedback and prayer.
    Thank you.

    • Thank you for sharing all of this. I’ll be happy to talk with you, if you’d like. I think that God is with you, so cling to that assurance.

  33. I desire a supernatural encounter…and yes I am seeking God genuinely… I love my father and want him to remove the veil from my eyes

  34. Couldn’t have said it better- this is SO true! If you focus on the “seeing things” and spend your time and energy ‘developing’ that ability, you are likely to get sucked into some dark stuff without even realizing it. U have to always remind yourself to focus on God and your relationship with Him. I was a kid who had no idea what it was when I started seeing and in my quest to figure it out I learned the hard way that demons can act friendly at first too and they’re more than willing to help you “see”. Just focus on God.

  35. Mari, please please stop talking to or even trying to talk to the dead! You’re treading on dangerous ground. And leading people who are hurting down the same road. They need to seek Jesus to help them deal with their loved ones death. And always remember Satan and his demons know what’s happened in people’s past so they’ll give you information about them just to get them to keep up this horrible and forbidden practice. The devil will tell you 99 truths just to slip in 1 lie that can steal, kill and ruin one’s soul…. And I pray you are NOT charging people for this either. Please dear Mari please turn away from it before its too late. Seek God’s will and help. Pray for others who are brokenhearted.

  36. Praying and pleading the Blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. A few months ago had 3 demons make their presence known to me.First dark shadows darting about. Then IMAGES of “ghosts”.A woman’s voice singing a song with my name in it. Especially in the shower or when water was running I’d hear it. Try telling that to people they call you crazy! Yet it was happening then saw three of them. They looked like modern caucasians. Talked with them thinking foolishly “ghosts”…. After being told by them I would have to die for the sins of my father’s they showed me hellish things. A two headed lamb on top of two young boys devouring them. This angered me and told them no way, Leave me alone! Then as soon as I said that the demons that were part human part animal looking came in. THEN THE ONES MORE GROTESQUE THAN ANY HORROR FILM HAS PORTRAYED appeared. It was,a full on demon attack. I was harrassed and they kept trying. Even slept in my husband’s truck to avoid them in my home. 3am I woke to rustling flickering lights.They found me! A little one that looked like a monkey gone very wrong tried to get in the driver side door! I slammed the truck into reverse and drove yet the woman looking demon her voice was in my head taunting how I must die!

    I’m not schizophrenic yet was diagnosed with PTSD. Since I am adopted and grew up without a Christian upbringing I turned to a local church. MY son’s grandparents and others who told me to plead the blood of Jesus. I’m now in constant prayer and never feel alone. Thank you Jesus! I am A child of God and this is a real war! Want to show others how real this is that have never seen.You are so right if people could see these demons and know that you need to ask for help since we are all born of free will (and sin). Our father will be there, his Angels will too. Thank you Father! I am your child, was lost now found. My armor is on! Thank you Archangel Michael! He is always there when asked to protect also! WE ALL MUST PRAY and open our eyes! Thank you so much for posting about thi)s subject that few seem to want to discuss!, Blessings! Metina

  37. Please pardon the errors in my capitalization,punctuation. I meant to write Father not father. My phone’s autocorrect isn’t correct,lol!

    • Hello Sister,

      I’m not sure what part of world you are in but I can help you in GA or Nashville otherwise we can set up a conference call. What you need is a deliverence/inner healing session or a few that will break all legal rights in the court room if Heaven including generational curses. You must also close all doors and be filled with the Holy Spirit. Demons have legal right through several doors including alcohol, drugs including marijuana, things our ancestors did etc…. there is help out there and a large part of Jesus Ministry was setting captives free and a large part of that was casting demons out.

      Check out my face group Warrior Women and I willset you up with some help.

      God Blesss!

  38. I will like to meet you , in Oregon , I am close by in Seattle Washington, as I also see as well, still want to know if is most of us out there. how see, but how I can contact you to meet you. my name is Celia.

  39. C. Verdad: Very well explained and with lots of love. We only need the Holy Ghost and He will guide us thanks to Christ Jesus giving Himself for us all and definitely our Creator Yahweh. 🙂

  40. I have been practiced on by an occult. They used different techniques and I now have been opened up to all sorts of things and need help understanding. I didn’t know until it was to late what was happening. They would cut my fingers at night, I was astro projected (had sex with me and my spirit using cosmos) I have always been close with God. What do I do with these spirits and lights inside my eyes ?

    • Shelby
      There’s an old man, Roy Masters, who has helped many people including myself. If you can contact him he answers questions on radio
      Mon – Fri • 6pm – 9pm PT
      Call 1-800-866-8883
      Outside USA 1-541-665-0719
      He has a way of bringing things out of people no one else can.

      Best wishes to you in Christ, Doug Ribot

  41. What if I’m a seer and can see the future but am not spiritual involved I seem to see things that will happen up to a year in the future to me. Some times it’s a video like dream and most of the time it is a picture.

  42. Becareful what you ask for I have full sight opened I see Angels of God and the unholy. I feel them see them hear them and smell them, can even feel if they are touching me. Feels like cobwebs on my arm. I’m just saying once these gifts open they grow and become more strong. You must be grounded day and night in God’s word. Making sure all sin is confessed and repented. It takes a Very Deep walk with God to manage this gift. Plus the fact there is very little in scripture about it. Be blessed God Bless you

  43. Yes! It’s an open door to the enemy . DANGEROUS!! Be you all blessed in the powerful Name of Jesus of Nazareth .

  44. I have experienced the Holy Spirit once through my site and many times through my feelings. I long to experience again by physically seeing it and haven’t.I’m Left feeling empty because I haven’t 🙏I’ts been two years since I’ve seen it🙏

  45. I have been a believer in Christ for the past 20 years I have often seen and heard things of God.
    In my early 20s I got involved in the new age movement. 4 years Later I even ran a spiritualist church (That is what they called it. The term Church is used loosely here. It was never the body of Christ) I use to run circles and go into trances and astral travel as well as see in the spirit world. I did psychometry (getting impressions by touching someone else’s item) as well as clairvoyance. I also went into trances and channeled spirits. At the time I didn’t realize I was channeling and speaking to demons.We also believed in reincarnation.
    Astral travel was always terrifying, and I always felt very uncomfortable channeling spirits. We even claimed it was from God. We only ever quoted one verse from the Bible and that was 1 Corinthians 12 when it speaks about the gifts of the spirit. claiming that prophesying was clairvoyance was prophesy. After I became a Christian I later discovered I had been dealing with demons not dead people trapped in this world. I have since been delivered from all of this. You see being a medium was one of the worst things I ever did.
    I can tell you from personal experience that the One True God Yahweh speaks to us directly, and He sends His angels to converse with us sometimes. (Not spirit guides).

    I avoided for many years anything to do with seeing in the spirit. I refused to prophesy and or even speak in tongues.
    But of late God has been encouraging me to prophesy and see his angles. A few months back I was praying in the car and I was asking to see Jesus.
    At the time I was stopped at a set of lights. Next thing I knew I saw Jesus as clear as day. His eyes gleamed with the purest love.This love of His wash over me. It felt nothing like what I did when I was involved in the new age movement. It was pure and lovely. I never felt scared or uncomfortable.

    I do believe that God can and will speak to us when we seek Him first not his gifts. God grants us the desire of our hearts and If we seek God he will reveal Himself to us, in either visions or through His Word or we can hear Him through impressions.
    I am no longer afraid to see in the spirit because I know I first have to seek God Himself first. James 4:8-9 8 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded. 9 Lament and mourn and weep! Let your laughter be turned to mourning and your joy to gloom. 10 Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up.

    You see the key here is cleans your hands you sinners and purify your hearts. and do it seriously. We also need to humble ourselves and He will lift us up. I make sure I draw near to God first before I attempt to see in the heavenlies or prophesy. I know too well the dangers of doing this without the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. In other words GOD.

    • Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

      So make sure you seek God (prayer, worship, read God’s Word, ETC) and His righteousness, and if your desire is to see His angels in the spirit world You will be protected and God will grant you the desire of your heart. I am also asking God to take me for a visit to Heaven to see Him.

      My son when he was 6 visited heaven and he saw my mother and father there. Jesus revealed Himself in the same way as he was seen in The Book Revelation. God knew I would recognize this description of Jesus because it is completely unique in the Bible. White hair,eyes like fire skin of bronze. Now remember my son was only 6 years old at the time and I had never read The Book of Revelation to him. He had never seen images of my mother or father yet he described them perfectly when they were young. He even spoke about my mother’s favorite sport basketball. I believe God allowed my son to see this because He know I would recognise all of the descriptions.

  46. My advice to you is to not tamper with it I’m also a seer when I speak when we are out doing I Works into the streets of the poverty areas it seems as God shows me what’s in people’s heart I don’t tamper with it I let it flow freely as it may the more freely you allow it to flow the stronger it gets mine’s never go away it seems to always be there and it’s always on guard please whatever you do just let God be God we as humans can take God’s beautiful gift and manifested into something really ugly when we tamper with what the holy spirit is doing my advice to you is to leave it alone

  47. the word of God states that we’re not supposed to call upon the Dead would not supposed to tamper with what God has taken away from the earth soothsayers they are called in some Bibles are people who tap into the things of Christ things that are not to be touched or open by minions hanging the Lord will spew you out of his mouth he said that we are not to go to the psychics the mediums the soothsayers the witch doctors people who do black magic the Ouija boards or anything else we are only to come directly to him soothsayers open doors and things before time causes hardship afflictions and curses upon people stay out of God spiritual rim it’s not yours is his

  48. I too thought that I needed someone to discuss what I saw with others I found out I didn’t I found out that the more I discussed it with people the less I could see and the less the power dwell Demi God gives it to you because he wants to see if he can trust you I discuss it now was Jesus himself asking when why where and how do you want me to do it I find that people who live religious rituals false prophecies and that are not under the authority of God can be very jealous vindictive and Evil towards Sears towards people who bring pathetic words I have experienced many attacks by even my own husband but I rebuke them and I continue to keep looking to God when you need someone to really talk to God will send his prophet with a pathetic word and all questions will be answered through him…

  49. I’m sorry to say that you were not looking into God’s world but you open the gateway to Hell you allow someone to trick you to thinking that you could see what comes only from the mind of Christ by going fine different drugs dope to open God’s doorway osher you open the doorway to hell now you have to deal with what comes through it getting into the word of God would give you the ability to interact with God and it would be able to relationship with God what pastors don’t tell you is once you build the relationship with Christ you have to dig deep into the word of God to be chosen by Christ this may take a long time it depends on you but please let me give you this advice drugs anti depression marijuana only opens the gates of hell no one can open the door of God but God

  50. you say that you are the only true seer and in your first paragraph the word witch Kain Ford sometime we can be used by God and still serve the devil and if you can only see yourself and your family then you are a fool I am a seer God only gives me what he knows I can handle I don’t tamper with it I let it flow freely and the Holy Spirit has never been wrong I know that there are many others every now and then then I may need one

  51. I’m not saying this is you but I believe on this website a lot of what people is experience is the perverse spirit it has a willful determination not to do what is expected or desired persistent in a error fault wrongfully self will and stubborn these are people who claim that they can shut down what God has given them I am one I can’t shut it off and I don’t desire to shut it off because I want to see what God has a lot of these people who are battling to shut down does Sears gift are fighting with Good and Evil they are dealing with a perverse spirit that twists the truth into something that is not they turn turn things upside down it arguers denies resist they are full of self-will and Rebellion all the things that speak of Satan’s nature and things of demonic origin false prophecy demonic gods homosexuality sexual sins Colts prostitution orgies demonic power for fertility this perverse spirit is a mixture of Emperor things confusion chaos God does not mix Good and Evil people and perverse spirits mix Good and Evil the Lord is good he sure was the good of the land the good of the kingdom of God but human Minds have become so perverse that Sears try to overrule what God is showing them because they tamper with it try to get more Before Time and bring destruction upon themselves you can’t tamper with it you have to pray listen do whatever he tells you and going to worship all this other craziness that people are talking about on this site is Ludacris this is why God says his people die from lack of knowledge if you want to know something about the creation yourself go to the Creator God himself

  52. E I will be more than happy to give you some good sound information here we go seek ye the kingdom first and all else shall be given unto you man is fickle Like the Wind he blows from here to there stop seeking information on these websites the devil knows the word of God he uses people on different websites different churches in different group settings he’s the perverse spirit he twists things to get you comfortable with him believing in trusting in Him trust God I don’t see any information from anybody else anymore people will lead you in the brimstone’s of hell everyone on this site is not honest some of them are on anti depressions and other things these things are not written in the word of God so they are not of God seek God pray to God praise God give him glory worship Him daily stop asking questions two other people and God will show you what you need to see I don’t ask anymore and I am at peace with the gift that God has given me prophecy seer healer and I stop asking questions because when I went and look for what people said in the word of God the scriptures they were trying to put together to make it sound good when you translate them a lot of them had nothing to do with what people were telling me so I prayed I went into my secret place and I prayed five seven times a day God begin to let the Holy Spirit lead and guide me in all truth don’t ask man ask God

  53. What voices are you listening the word of God tells us that we should only be listening to the voice of God and no other voice should we be listening to we should be following God and no other gods we should be following I’ve never heard God and Satan speak I’ve only heard the voice of Christ but I pray that every evil tree that may be rooted within you be plucked up shriveled and every demonic thing will fall down and die I pray that the and every demonic thing will fall down and die . I pray that every evil tree that Bears fourth the fruit of corruption perversion and Rebellion whether it be and you your family member or our nation shrivel and died immediately in the name and the authority of Jesus Christ let every evil seed that carries the DNA of perversity rebellion and bitterness shrivel up and die I command you to bear no more fruit ever again according to Matthew 21 and 19 let every evil tree be plucked up and cast into the sea in the name and the authority of Jesus Christ according to Mark 11 and 23 let the root of War and the perverse root system be cut off plucked up Trevor and die immediately in the name and the authority of Jesus Christ let the root of Jesse stand as a banner over you oh God according to Isaiah 11 and 10 I pray that the doors a wickedness that are open in your life be destroyed be moved into the father’s hands that they would be doors no more I pray that good and evil will not battle itself but that all good of righteousness will be planted in your life according to Isaiah 61 + 3 and Jeremiah 17 + 18 that all land around you will be restored

  54. Laughing out loud there’s nothing strange about what you saw these are the things that we’re supposed to see these are the things of God this is the natural hundreds and thousands of times people have said to me that I am different but the word of God says his children are peculiar people you are peculiar thank God for it people who truly love God or Sears not saying that everybody else is not you can declare a thing you can thank God for it and it will be established according to job 22 and 28 in Jesus name people won’t understand that either you can cut off the root system of evil people won’t understand that either you can stand for righteousness according to Isaiah you can speak to things and restore things people won’t understand that either continue to be who you are little shy lady who loves God so much don’t worry you are saying the right things you are watching God work it’s a beautiful thing don’t let anyone tamper with see smile show God that you love it and he will continue to keep showing you be blessed

  55. It is so funny how so many people on this website is blind and have knowledge of what the word of God says but still determined to get in the way and do God’s work for him Sears don’t do anything but see whatever God shows you in the dark he says you will speak into the light these things are to go to your pastor if he is under the True Divine will of God he is to sit and pray with you and he is to determine if these things are to be spoken unto the church everybody has their own agenda to get on these websites to tell their friends to tell everyone but the pastor what God is showing them or saying to them and what’s crazy is some of you are pastors and don’t know how to buy before the Lord and set everything aside to ask the Lord what do you do with what he is showing you people people have become so controlling that they think that they can control the things of God for all of you out there that think that you can bring in more seed power more prophecy more healing without God you are a fool you are a liar and the truth is not in you stop tampering with the things of God there’s no website there is no one person there’s no demonic demon there is no one who can answer your questions who can direct or Lead You who can give you spiritual leadership and who can build the foundation of the gift that has been given to you but God get it in your head that you are to leave the things of God Alone and let them work as the spirit gives utterance unto them to work get out of God’s way stop holding hands with the Devil abide God and he will abide in you. For you the one who tampered with the things of God will be brought under a curse for only God can use the things of God for his glory for his kingdom for his grace for his Mercy and for himself he is God all by himself he doesn’t need any help he doesn’t need you to be more powerful he needs you to wait upon the Lord he will renew your strength he will let you see more he will guide you and instruct you he will be God all by himself for all you crazies that are being used by God but holding hands with the Devil let go and let God do what he needs to do everyone is not called to be powerful we are called to unite together under one God the god of Abraham the god of Isaac the god of Jacob Our Father and to buy down to him as a nation join together under his power to bring him glory we were created for him and him only we were created to abide in him serve him love him and dwell in him so are you self-willed people who are seeking more power then God wants to give or dwelling and playing right in the hands of safe beware

    • Hi Shelly,
      I remember I was a young boy at summer camp. I saw beautiful creatures in the lake and went out and caught all the frogs, snakes and turtles I could. One day I looked and could not find any to catch. I went to the nature shack and saw all the ones I caught in tanks. I saw they did not belong there and let them all go and decided to be a watcher rather than a conqueror after that. I thought I would get in trouble for letting them go but the older man who watched over the nature shack was impressed and bragged to my parents about it.

  56. Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 Pray continually in the Spirit, as often as you can remember to do so. When you do, you are prophecying your future in a language your mind can’t understand and get it’s flawed hands on. There is no chance my negative mindsets can ruin God’s Plan for me when I speak aloud in the supernatural language given by the Holy Spirit. Speak it softly or speak it loud, but know when you do you are speaking in a pure form directly to God. Do this faithfully, and He will give you assignment in your Church, in your community, and in your home. Speaking directly to the Most High God is not limited to just the clergy. If it was, Satan would just mislead the minority in the clergy, and he would have us all. Thank you Jesus for sending The Comforter.

  57. I agree i dont call myself a seer, yet i see. Filled with the holy ghost. Dont do witchcraft or anything, but can see past relatives faces only svery now and then. Always seen things in dreams., tgar was going to take place..the reason i learned over the years was to intercede..God moves as he will and we cannot say that seeing is evil. Its what you do with your gift that xan make it evil.

  58. Was wondering if I was a seer or if I had seer abilities. When I was a little kid and still now, I have had sharp sense of discernment. Demons always targeted me. They knew I had a gift of some sort or call on my life of God. They would rise up against me from people. I can tell when to stay away from someone. I could feel them mad or upset without seeing signs of distress from them. As a child I always thought I was paranoid. I could feel good things and bad things by walking in to a room. As I grew older and recieved Christ. I have seen 7 ft tall angels with my own eyes. I have dreams that come to pass rather it be by the church or a single family member. A lot of things are happening and seem to be unlocking or maturing. Thanks guys for your time.

    • Even if not a seer with just innocence or the Holy Spirit people will rise against you but I guess seer applies when you visually see things others don’t

  59. Medium/Spiritist activity is described in the bible as forbidden, next time you practice, tell the spirits you channel to reveal their true selves in full honesty in the name of Jesus Christ and see what happens. Just try it out. I’m a bit of a seer myself and I’ve come to experience that demons can pretend to be a spirit of someone for the sake of deception. Wish you all the best, hope you come to know Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Bless you.

  60. Write a book on your expetiences how seer anointing helped it helps in dwluverance meeting. People dont know what is troubling them

  61. I’ve been seeing something like energy waves whenever I start reading the Bible, they dart around my face and magically disappear when I’m done. I don’t want to overthink it so I’m just assuming that I probably have a problem with my eyes but the energy only appears when I’m reading scripture, does anyone know what this could be?

    • Your probably just a seer that is seeing the energy of spirits… I see them frequently. Since your reading your bible at that time they are probably good spirits unless you had a bad feeling…. trust what the Lord is impressing upon you about your experiences and listen to His still small voice …. it’s not in your Head it’s Him speaking with you.

  62. Thank you Gee for such great incite, very true.I have had many demons try to talk to me and pretend they were a long lost love one with a special message for a friend. Its a lie and always call it out.

  63. What if my visions have only been myself journeying through the cosmos at a high rate of speed coming to a constolation and stopping from above it then Coming back abrubtly into whatever it was was doing and it is always followed by a death in my community or somebody I know is this projected as a seer or is it something completely different like a carrier of souls of sorts I have no answers it has happened to me from the age of 14 to my current age of 40 and I never delved I to it I just was completely comfortable with it happening and not knowing why but I need answers now

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