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Spiritual warfare

I welcome pagans who see spirits! This site exists to help seers understand their gift and use it to the betterment of the world. Thanks for checking us out. We may provide a somewhat different viewpoint regarding the spirit world, and we hope you’ll benefit and learn more about your gift and the spirit world!

Rejected by Christians

We have met may New Age and Pagan practitioners who have seen spirits all of their lives. Some of them grew up in a Christian church, only to have the Church reject them and their amazing ability to see in the supernatural realm. I’m sorry that happened to them. I don’t defend Christian history or the behavior of Christians who don’t act like Jesus. In my view, Jesus was normal and demonstrated normative Christianity. No one has duplicated his perfect life; but many of us are on a pursuit of him.

The Shiny and Red-Covered People

Have you ever noticed some people who “shine?” Or perhaps they appear covered in red? We know some pagans who have seen people in red whom they did not like and have tried to curse them, but the curses just won’t work on the “blood-covered” people.  Other pagan seers know something is different about the folks who glow with white. Sometimes the white is so fierce, it’s blueish.

Pagans Who See Spirits who want to Cross the Gap

Yeah. Those folks are aligned with the Most High God, and have become literally filled with His presence. God literally has made their body His home. To understand more about how this all works, I suggest starting with these articles:

Please contact us if you suffer from any of these symptoms and you want to be set free:

  • Nightmares
  • Alien abductions
  • Spiritual oppression
  • Demonic manifestations
  • Depression

We may be able to help get to the spiritual root of these issues (if any).

In addition, if you would like advice regarding the nature of your seeing gift, how to use it, or what it is for, check out these pages, or simply contact us.


  1. I myself am a born-again Christian, but I am very careful when it comes to telling people about my experiences and the things I see and sometimes dream! I have been told some nasty things by other Christians as well as spiritual leaders. This gift is often seen as a curse and not as a blessing by most Christians. Yet, on the other hand, I have once been approached by New Agers who told me that they see that I am “psychic” and who frowned upon me as soon as they heard that I consider going to mediums and fortune-tellers as a taboo … I was left feeling very confused after that encounter, because they told me that I’m psychic, while I had a prophecy over my life that says I’m a profetess. So if I have a prophetic gift from God, then how come New Agers can detect it? Could it be because I have a spirit of devination? I was also told by someone close that New Agers and people like that are drawn to me because I have a doorway opened up to Satan which needs to be closed. I don’t know if that’s true. All I know is that I don’t want it if it’s not of God. I don’t want to be psychic or have a spirit of devination! Sad thing was that, deep in my heart, I felt welcomed and accepted by those people, and I knew that, with them, it would be possible to develop my gift more without being rediculed or rejected for it. Yet, I did not want to hurt God by leaving him or by trying it out. So I praise God for having found this site, because it explains the tendency or gift to see into the spiritual realm on the basis of Biblical Scripture, but without condoning or justifying talking to spirits of dead people and without encouraging people to seek help and advice from New Age and the like.

    • Dear Jasmijn, I want to let you know you are not alone. I too can honestly say, I relate to psychics half the time over most Christians because even before being converted I could sense things before they happen. Now being a disciple of Christ, I sometimes see future of things and people in dreams, or riddles of vivid images in my dreams. Or I see pictures in my mind concerning something and need interpretations by the Lord. But the other half of the time I relate to Christians because I know Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life of God and my hope is in him alone, and he is my true teacher and pastor of the sheep. I don’t rely on any other spirits or dead relatives, etc. as some psychics/ mediums do, only the Lord Jesus. But with me I found Jesus alone in my bedroom as he showed up with his powerful spirit to fill me and meet me, and started having my own dreams and visions, and able to see and hear in the spirit realm which sort of freaked me out for a while with no other guidance but me and the Lord. But eventually I got over it, started understanding things when I started fasting and praying a lot to just know who God truly is more and more, and getting revelations through the scriptures with also seeing the book of Daniel how he dreamed and had the visions of mysteries, along with Joseph as well. And even having revelations outside the scriptures about certain things as I said, since Jesus is the living oracle concerning all of life even beyond scripture, or the third heaven mysteries not lawful to speak about as Paul said . But here is an interesting thing, I had a lady who was a psychic living right behind me as I’m learning and growing in these spiritual mysteries of God. She was into the crystals and all that stuff. So I would literally feel her trying to “look at me” in the spirit while in my house and she knew I was following Jesus. There is many other things I sensed and felt I won’t get into much, including feeling spirits that came in with others and revelation of why. On another hand, all around the city, I’ve had people into new age (knew this by revelation) see me in a public place and get nervous, or have trouble looking at me, or react in obvious way to seeing Christ or light in me, or feeling the stronger power upon me that they didn’t have. In the very beginning of my walk one lady was a known tarot card reader and psychic I guess in that part of the city and I just met her not knowing this yet, and she was looking at me very strangely like she was reading me and I wondered why, she obviously must have seen something too. There has even been Buddhist intrigued by my “aura” that I didn’t even know I had but understand that a bit more also now. But all in all, the Lord led me to few others that don’t live here where I am, but I have contact with them still and have fellowshipped in person that can relate to what I say here in the gifts of the Lord. I would say for you it’s best to seek Christ in all matters of your life, and as the brother on this website said seek how to develop your gifts for the glory of Christ from Jesus himself and just use it as the Lord leads you, even if others that claim Christ don’t understand it yet. I can relate to your rejection of the gifts, which I’ve had to defend, because I knew it was real from experience without anybody pushing any ideas in my head on their belief. But you never know, they might be intrigued and question you also, then you can be grounded in your gift through scripture as the Lord taught me to be and explain that these things never ceased from the bible to happen to people as is commonly taught. But that they too can seek Christ and know who he truly is outside the box people have of him. Then the gifts I’m sure will manifest in the spirit naturally as they seek him truly to know him.

      regards, Gio

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