Forming an Accurate Worldview

A worldview frames how we interpret what we see. (Photo by Amanda Juszczak)

A worldview frames how we interpret what we see. (Photo by Amanda Juszczak)

The best way to understand the world is to understand the conflict between the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness.

The Kingdom of God is the dynamic, active rule and reign of God.  The Kingdom of Darkness is the rule and reign of the forces of darkness.

As you begin to look at your life and the world around us through the lens of the Kingdom of God, reality begins to truly make sense. This includes the natural world, the supernatural activity within it, and even the paranormal.

One of the challenges with discussing supernatural or paranormal activity is we often don’t have a good interpretive filter through which to understand what the activity is or how to understand it. This filter is called a “worldview.”

Let’s start exploring how the worldview the Western civilization is based on, “scientific materialism” fails to provide an accurate view of reality.  From there, we’ll explore how to move to a mindset based on truth, through which we can interpret reality, both physical and spiritual.

Beyond the Physical Realm

Part 1 The Failure of Materialism

Part 2 Changing Worldviews

Part 3 The Kingdom Conflict

Part 4 Freedom From Fear

Appendix A: Who is Jesus Christ?

Appendix B: Why Trust the Bible?

Appendix C: Steps to Change Your Worldview

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