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00500853A lot of misconceptions surround angelic entities.  Just what are angels?

Angels are spirit entities that generally are messenger spirits for the Most High God. By messages, they can communicate in various ways that aren’t always clear. Generally speaking, some seers can see angels.

Humans were created to be the image of God on earth in this physical dimension. God created angelic beings  to dwell in another dimension, which the Biblical authors called ‘heaven.’  That is their natural place of habitation – ‘the other side.’ When they enter our dimension, they generally have a mission to fulfill or a message from the  God to deliver.

Some of them have wings. Many do not. Angels don’t have to “earn their wings.” They aren’t pilots in training.   They exist within a hierarchy of some sort. They are intelligent beings with free will, who can interact with our reality on the quantum level.

And that is all I know for certain about angels. What follows are some of my additional thoughts.

Seeing spiritsThe Bible records numerous encounters people had with angels, and indicates some people could see them even if other people who were also present could not.  They could take human form, eat and drink and engage in other bodily functions with people; they could take a non-corporeal form (passing through space, matter, and time); they had supernatural abilities; they were investigators; they were messengers. In fact, the word “angel” means “messenger.” It’s almost like a job description, rather than a kind of being. Some very powerful beings were called angels; others didn’t seem to be as powerful. The Bible does not record that angels can have female gender, but it does record some have (presumably male) sex organs.

Some people think angels can’t act unless they are empowered by prayers. I don’t think I agree with that view, but prayer can play a role in how angels interact with our reality.

A guardian angelSome people think all children have guardian angels assigned to them. I definitely do not agree with that view, mostly because so many awful things happen to so many children globally. To me, that is a nice bedtime fairy tale to make people feel better about the evil in the world… evil that people are expected to fix, because they are supposed to be God’s image here.

There is the idea of “fallen angels” – evil angels or rogue angels who don’t align themselves with the  God. I dislike the word choice “fallen angel.” First of all, “fallen angels” isn’t in the Bible. There are spirit beings whom God created who rebelled from His agenda and have their own agenda. There are also spirit beings who God assigned in some kind of administrative capacity over nations and the cosmos (the biblical “heavenly host” or “divine council”), but now follow their own agendas.  On this site, we refer to these beings by various terms, usually evil spirits.  We won’t refer to them as fallen angels.

Why?  Well, “fallen” indicates that these beings “fell from Grace.” But the Grace of God is by definition infinite, so it’s impossible to fall from it. It also indicates there is some ability for these beings to be redeemed. I don’t know if that is true either. Plus, in the Hebrew bible, the word “angel” just means a spirit being who was a “messenger.” In the New Testament, the word “angel” seems to indicate something more than just a messenger. In the modern New Age movement, angels are usually considered good beings.  But the Biblical authors made it clear that evil beings can camouflage themselves as “an angel of light.” So it’s important to not trust messages from angels at face value, because it’s not clear where they come from and what they are. The New Testament advises that people “test” the messages from angels.

More information on “fallen angels” can be found in my book, Peace in Your House: Spiritual Cleansing of Life and Land.

Generally speaking, seeing an acting on behalf of God can be comforting.  But just what angels actually are is just unclear.

What is clear is that Seers see angels. Whatever they may be.


    • Good point. Minister Dante Fortson also makes that argument on his site. I know some seers who have stated they have seen spirits who appear female, as well.

  1. This is what I learned as a seer about Angels:

    Angels are indeed spirits of the Most High God. I believe there are more angels than demons,as only one third of the angels rebelled against God, so He has an incalculable number of angels who obey Him. The Holy Spirit, that divine creative power of the Most High is the most protective and mighty of all spirits the “Lord of Armies” as He is called in the Bible. Here its angelic hosts and those who obey His will the Bible is talking about. As Jesus said “greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.” Gone are the days when only prophets would see angels. God’s angelic hosts are around, when we minister to others genuinely in His word, pray, worship Christ Jesus (angels encamp around those who fear Him), they rejoice when people get saved, triumph over evil (as Gabriel and Michael did in the book of Daniel) and there are angels called “princes” who are supposed to carry God’s will among the nations, Michael and Gabriel are two princes powerful cosmic princes mentioned in the Bible. Some say Uriel and Raphael are two other princes mentioned in other Godly books. However, I safely say Michael and Gabriel are two specific angels we know about.

    ANGELIC NATURE: Angels are VERY shy. You don’t see or hear from them too much unless they have a direct message from God or are there to protect you or intervene for your good in daily affairs according to Gods will. You must TEST what they say by what is written in the Bible to ensure it is indeed an angel of God, for it is Satan who disguises himself as an angel of light. You must ASK God to send His angels to protect you and your family. Many times these angels of protection will surround you bodily, I mean stick close to you in the spirit! When you sin it can hamper angelic protection, angels don’t always like to protect people who say wicked things against Jesus Christ or deliberately sin (they have free will, remember that). And remember what Paul said “if anyone, including an angel, brings another message than what is preached in the B

    • continued from above “let him be accursed.

      APPEARANCE: The Bible says “you make your angels spirits and flames of fire” Some look like whorls of flames (seraphim). Read Revelation. Some look very tall and strong, in God’s throne room are angels called “living creatures” that have animal faces but not animal voices. The seraphim have different faces on one body- of an ox, a man, an eagle, a leopard and up to six wings. It’s unclear if all Gods angels have wings, many don’t as far as I know. Some of God’s angels in His throne room have eyes ALL over their bodies – I’ve come to think this represents the Omnipotence of God (all seeing, knowing and powerful. They may have jeweled complexions or look like metal with bronze feet (walking in the fire of God). and thunderous voices like loud crashing voices heard on many levels (scary, I’ve heard it!!!).

      They DO hide much of their glory in order to speak to us and may appear as a supernatural man (Gabriel) otherwise we would be terrified or feel physically sick (Ezekiel) or think we should worship them but a TRUE angel of God would quickly tell you NOT to worship them for they are coworkers with you in Christ! Most, if not all are males. I’ve NEVER encountered a female angel, never. I believe the female presence of God’s Shekinah glory is a manifestation for the earth realm mostly so that men can marry and have children. However, God is known as the “breasted one, the nurturer, the one who suckles His young like a mother” It doesn’t mean God has literal breasts like a woman, it just means women are a manifestation of His nature too. However, I’m no expert.

      I don’t believe God’s angels manifest as animals on the earth, although He may work through animals to aid man and do good works. They do NOT look like little blonde babies with wings! NO. They appear as bright as the sun, as fire, with rainbows over their heads. Some are extremely tall and can put their feet on land and sea at the same time. Some (like Gabriel and Michael) have great authority. Look Gabriel struck John the Baptist’s father dumb until he was born. It wasn’t said in Gods word that God commanded him to do that but Gabriel was given the power to do so!

      Angels obedient to God don’t marry, don’t have sex with women. Do not rape. Believe me if anything like this is happening consult a Pastor or deliverance ministry for it is a demonic attack. Angels do not use obscene language. Some are healers, they breathe fire on parts of our brains to heal us without destroying us (seraphim medicine). They heal. Some are very holy, they can destroy men for sin. In Genesis God sent his angel to walk with the children of Israel and warned them not to “vex him.” They are imbued with Christ personalities. They warn us about coming events, they hide God’s people supernaturally, they eat with us, as Jesus Christ promised in John 14 chapter.

      I’ve seen angels that look more like electricity, when they come in contact with water, the water looks like ribbons instead of droplets and makes a ‘charged sound’. They aren’t really companionable but if you’re a friend of God, they’ll make friends with you. They DO have their own personalities and products that they allow humans to buy. Some products come from the third dimension where God is and He makes it affordable (but you have to ask God about that!). Some are called ‘watchers’, I guess recorders of mankind’s deeds.

      One time an angel with a very long trail passed me in the grocery store. He was tall and passed my shoulder. When his spirit body came into contact with my flesh I heard a “shhhhh” sound by my ear, not to be quite but like an electric current although I didn’t get shocked or anything. But the thing is, I literally felt as if I was in a cardboard box, like a body knocked up against a hollow wall. My flesh felt like a clay pot!!! It was awesome and scary. This angel had a very long train on his garment in the back. Following him was what appeared to be a spirit child on a bicycle. I’m not saying it was Jesus but it did remind me of the description that was given in the Bible of one of God’s prophets seeing Him in a robe with a train that filled the throne room.

      I’ve written too much here, last thing. Beloved ‘seers’ in Christ. If you are speaking to someone who is a dead relative or prophet and they are giving you information, its a demonic experience called a familiar spirit. Seek deliverance. I’ve NEVER seen dead people, I’ve heard the spirits of living people though (can be fun). In my darkest hours of crying on my bed when I became a seer God drops the veil at times and allows me to know an angel is there. One might even give you a kiss on your forehead every now and then, like a parent kissing a child. I hate the dark and God tells me not to fear.

      Sigh. much more to say. Thank God I found your website so I could learn too. Don’t ever believe God is not looking after you ‘seer’ and your family. Submit all you ‘see’ and ‘hear’ and ‘experience’ to God. I can’t STRESS on that enough! otherwise it is quite hard to discern who is who, you can’t do it on your own!!! Be blessed!!!!!

      • Odette, it was so nice to see all you wrote, you thought me a lot of things! I dont know if you still come on here would love to speak with you about my “seeing” ability.

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