What is a Seer?

What is a Seer

A seer is someone who perceives the spirit realm with his or her own eyes, or in his or her mind’s eye. Seers can be adults, but many are children. It’s not their fault. It’s just a gift or ability that some people are born with, or sometimes develop as they mature or have supernatural encounters.

I (Doug) am not a seer. Over the years, as my wife and I struggled to parent someone who sometimes sees in the spirit realm, I have learned that there are a lot of people who can see in the spirit realm. A startlingly high number, actually, but most have learned to keep this ability quiet, less people think they are crazy.

Seers see what?!

Broadly speaking, a seer is someone who receives spiritual revelation visually. That means things in the spirit realm are being revealed visually. They are seeing the “unseen realm” or the “spirit realm.” Some seers have periodic visions or dreams, but a lot of seers cannot help it and what they see appears as real as anything the rest of can see.

Seeing as a Spiritual Gift

When seers speak about what they see, they sometimes are speaking prophetically. This doesn’t mean what they see is from God or that their interpretation is absolutely true: it’s just revelation about the spirit realm.

Other times, seers are able to discern what spirits are operating. For instance, often seers can tell if a spirit in the room is wicked spirit, a ghost, or some other kind of spirit. The ability to see spirits, however, is not the biblical gift of discerning spirits.

Seeing Spirits or Hallucinating?

The word “hallucinating” connotes the idea that the seers aren’t actually seeing anything that’s really there. But what if they really do see something that isn’t there, something that most of the rest of us cannot see?

Recently, the American tool for diagnosing mental illnesses, the DSM-5, has reclassified the concept of seeing spirits (within a religious context), such that this symptom can no longer be counted towards a diagnosis of schizophrenia.  Apparently, some in the mental health field are recognizing that people who say they can see spirits aren’t necessarily crazy.

Seers See Spiritual Conflict

On this site, I discuss the seeing gift specifically regarding  those who visually see spirits, auras, multi-colored lights (such as rainbow-colored dots), angels, demons, and other spiritual phenomena that are in fact difficult to quantify in a society which embraces merely a scientific materialist worldview.

According to Jesus Christ, God’s intention is always to bring abundant life on earth, whereas God’s spiritual enemies intend to steal, kill, and destroy. 1 The advancing of God’s intention is the advancing of the Kingdom of God. Where God’s enemies rule is called the Domain of Darkness. Where these two interact, you find spiritual warfare.  Seers are often able to actually see this interaction.

See the pages linked to here for more on this spiritual conflict.

Understanding What Seers See

I think much of what exists on the Internet about people who ‘see’ is misinformation based on feelings, experiences, and largely rooted in Gnosticism, with little truth underlying it.

This site exists to help people build a framework to interpret and understand what it is seers see built on concepts around the Kingdom of God, as revealed by Jesus Christ. See Who is Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God for more on this.

There are subsets of seers, and some see much more than just spirits. Some see ‘weapons’ or ‘intentions’ of free-willed beings. Some see the sins people struggle with, or the demons they wrestle with.  Some seers can actually see what God or other spirits “are doing”, or what God wants to do or what will or could happen.

Here’s a blog post I wrote after sort of being surprised by several young seers and the things they saw in the spirit realm.  Much more than “just seeing spirits.”

A Gift to do an Ability

The ability a seer has to see into the spirit realm is just that: an ability. It can be a temporary gifting or a more permanent state. Because a lot of discourse regarding spiritual gifts is actually quite biblically flawed, please see the series of posts found here for the explanation behind this idea.

Professional athletes are gifted with the ability to perform athletic feats. Similarly, some people are gifted with the ability to see into the spiritual realm. As the professional athlete can choose to use that gift to help others or for selfish purposes, so can the seer choose which side to help with this ability.

Brain Chemistry

The ability to perceive into the supernatural realm may be related to brain chemistry, perhaps surrounding the pineal gland.

This gland produces hormones related to sleep, growth and sex. It is supposedly “activated” in the brain when someone prays or meditates on spiritual matters. It’s been called the “third eye”, the “seat of the soul” and much mysticism surrounds it, but I remain skeptical about these ideas.

Many religions consider the pineal gland to be a gateway to spiritual consciousness. Western diet, fluoridated water, and constant visual stimulation (constant television programming) tends to calcify or numb the pineal gland’s ability to function.  Maybe this is why some can “see” as children, but as they age, they cannot: their pineal gland has been so blunted by pollutants generated by Western society.

Some drugs act on the pineal gland also, instantly shutting it down or stimulating it. This is why when some seers go to “get help” from a doctor and are prescribed psychotropic meds, then the “seeing” stops.

I know people who interact with God, and once they start on these meds, they instantly find their ability to interact with God blocked. See this post for more on that.

I know a seer who was afflicted with migraines, and took certain migraine medication, only to find her ability to see in the spirit realm stopped. Eventually, she and her doctor switched medications, and a few weeks later, her ability to perceive returned, although the migraines stayed away. I haven’t been able to locate research to indicate if some of these drugs impact the pineal gland, but I suspect they do.

Other drugs  (LSD, marijuana) may radically affect this part of the brain in very negative ways.

Mystically Wired

I suspect the brains of people who see into the spirit realm are wired somewhat differently than those of us who cannot. Their brains are able to pick up on whatever vibrations emanate from the spirit realm. It’s an ability their brains have, like a special radio that is tuned into frequencies that most other radios can’t detect. Desired or not, this rewiring is a gift.

I believe all humans are wired to interact with God on some level: we are all mystically wired. However, seers are wired more sensitively.

It’s a spectrum, like some people’s radios are better able to tune in to distant frequencies than others. For some people, they only see when they dream. Others see only occasionally during their waking states. Other people see when they “tune in” or “dial back” mentally.  And still others see all the time, unable to switch it off.

Bottom Line

Seeing is a spiritual gift or ability.

You don’t have to be religious to be a seer. Some people’s brains are wired in such a way that they perceive beyond the physical realm into the spiritual realm. They literally can see with their eyes, or sometimes images are cast in their minds that surpass their physical eyes.

However, being gifted in this area should lead to study and applying it for use according to live as God would have you live, imaging him on the planet. Roger Federer uses his tennis ability and skills to bring millions of dollars to the very poor. Seers can use their ability to expose the wiles of the enemy for the Kingdom of God.

Of course, some do not. Some use it for their own profit or to exploit others or for their own agendas or agendas of spirits not loyal to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Seers and Prophecy

Some seers can see events before they happen, or possible events, because time is not static and not set.

See this page for more thoughts on that.

The Point of the Matter

God created humans to be the image of God here on the planet, and some of us have greater gifts of leading, or building, or thinking, or loving, or whatever. Some see into the spirit world.

God’s expectation is that all of us use our gifts to better the world according to God’s will.

Since humans have so botched their mission to be “God’s Imagers”, Jesus came to restore human destiny and authority and to demonstrate the Way to live.

This site exists to help seers and others to develop a worldview that sees the physical and the spiritual as God sees them, and then to act accordingly.  Start with the Worldview series to begin your journey and be sure to subscribe to the newsletter for important updates, new teachings and other material.


  1. John 10:10


  1. Awesome!!!!! I love the way you described how the brain works in such a way. I can’t Thank you enough for opening up this website. It has dramatically changed the way some of my friends see and act around me. Being a seer is an amazing experience and I cant imagine living without, “Seeing.” Thanks Doug!

  2. Andrew, focus on scripture, sharper than any two-edged sword. Glorify and praise The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus. Accept Him as your personal Saviour. Who died for the sins of the world. Who died for you personally. Who the Son has set free is free indeed. Your focus is not to be on Gifts but God. The only power a Christian is to use is God’s power, the blood of Christ and The Holy Spirit who leads us in to all truth.
    Gifts are to glorify God and strengthen the body of Christ. The Holy Spirit moves through us and uses these gifts for a purpose. We are to test the spirits. His sheep hear His voice. No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper.
    Lord Jesus, I pray that You put Andrew’s life in order, his health in order and please give Andrew eyes to see with your clarity. Please heal him and deliver him from lies and sinful ties and sinful effects, Lord. Please deliver him to a loving body of true believers where Andrew may learn your word and be discipled and healed. Whom the Son has set free is free indeed. Amen Glory to God

    • Andrew, God does not come at you with fear and intimidation. God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind. God’s healing will not fatigue you for weeks. God’s healing is complete, no fear, no pain. More going on here. I will pray for you. We see into the spirit realm. In Christ, we are given authority. He gives his angels charge over us unless we dash our foot on a stone. He directs us to use gifts, as a Christian you have authority in Christ Jesus. Please remember that it is not God who would send you things to scare you. If you see demons, you need help in the blood of Christ.
      In North Jersey plz call 516-561-6122. Riverside Assembly of God. 317 3rd Str. Jersey City, NJ 07302
      Good solid church and Pastors. Andrew, If I can help, send a reply here. I will be praying for you.

      • Andrew, my concern is this, your soul, you descibe physical maladies. Are you discouraged? Because you cannot give in to hopelessness and depression. Christ gives us Life and He gives it abundantly.
        Much peace

      • You don’t know me and I do not know you either…..God has only given you a piece of the puzzle…..Read the bible , live your life etc…. This keeps the common Man in check to live right . There is more to the plan that God will not reveal . TMI. When we get the basics down, God takes you to another level when you are ready. Don’t ask me what the other part is.

    • You are indoctrinated under the strain of stress in believing every fantasy story doctrines have broken through. Where is your spiritual protective shield to save you from such deceptions?

      • The enemy is not a deception. Just because some of us can see the enemy it doesn’t mean it’s a deception because the enemy is obviously real. I have been a born-again Christian for 4 to 5 years and I’ve seen quite a bit in the spirit Realm. I’ve been allowed to see good and bad it has helped many. Honestly some people have been turned away but only those that either have lack of knowledge which is Hosea 4:6, unfortunately people that are jealous that have the Superman theory. If there was a Superman it would be me. This is not a fantasy or a fairy tale or brought on by stress. I have attended over 200 exorcisms and because I can see praise God into the realm of the spirit I actually saw in many of the people what they were possessed by. I was actually able to tell the apostle what I was seeing and it was Affirmed. 1 possessed woman even got up and got very upset the demon inside of her and asked who exposed the demon which I didn’t say anything because the Apostle doing the exorcisms had it under control and had the authority doing the exorcisms obviously by And thru Mighty Lord Jesus Christ. One woman was actually possessed with a spirit called Krishna. I explained to the woman on the side of me that was her friend what I was seeing and she showed me online with her cell phone who the spirit was we did not know each other I told her I was seeing a light blue spirit that looked almost like an Indian and she said wow you are good and I said Praise Jesus not me. The spirit spoke through the woman before she was delivered and said she used to worship me now she worships Jesus, Praise Jesus. Jesus Lord Jesus Christ is so much more powerful than the enemy. But unfortunately the enemy is real and some of us do see into the spirit Realm and not for the reasons that you are suggesting, I’ve had visions of heaven and of angels and many beautiful things but unfortunately bad also little monkey amp spirits of Addiction on people’s shoulders. The key is we need to get our souls healed so we have nothing in common with the enemy. Katie Souza who you can research online has wonderful Healing Ministry, Praise Jesus incredible truly blessed. Jesus said the prince of this world has come and he has nothing in me and it’s because Jesus had nothing in common with him. If we have anything in common with the Enemy it gives him legal right to attack us. We all need to get our souls healed at least Whoever has wounds in their soul. Apply the glory light of Jesus and the blood of Jesus, to the wounds and our souls and also if you go online and watch Katie Souza for instance she has, HEALING SCHOOL BY KATIE SOUZA 1:18:02 PART 1 AND PART 2 WHICH IS 59 MINUTES BALLPARK, watch that because it’s an incredible eye-opener Praise Jesus. Also she has some other videos called The Serpent and the soul. Bless to all of you if anyone ever has any questions you can reach me 401-390-6136. My name is Mark. I’ve had this gift for 4–5 years and have learned alot thru trial and error, and most of all MIGHTY JESUS. I love to serve and hope to be a champion for the Lord. What could be better. Bless to u all

        • Did you get scared of seeing in the beginning? I saw beautiful rivers,sea,tree and Angel’s, trances ect thsn back slid. I then had open vision of a demon that attached to my head. It’s been a battle but by the power of Jesus Christ he gives me peace and strength.

  3. I have recently learned that the dreams I have been having are indeed of the future. At first I said nothing and kept it quiet. I learned that my mother has had dreams all her life and was called different or odd when she said something. I have been very accurate in seeing things happen to loved ones before thier death and lately of minor accidents and bumps or bruises on spots before they happen. I am getting used to this and was told by mom to not say anything. I really want to tell those before anything happens and want to know what is the right way to go about this. Do I tell them of my dream or just not say anything?

    Thank you for your article. It certainly makes me feel so much better in that I am not alone. And not weird.

    • Hi Lisa! Thanks for sharing. It takes some skill and practice whether or not you keep quiet about what you dream or what you see. For instance, it can be extremely creepy for some people when a friend or a stranger comes up to them, and seems to know something hidden about their lives.

      When you dream or see things about something like this, maybe the best way to approach others is through asking questions in a supportive matter. “So how are things going?… What are you up to? … Anything going on in your life that is stressing you out?”…. basically being genuinely interested in the lives of people, while hanging onto the hidden knowledge that you’ve received, and then waiting for the Lord to show you how to use it or not. Maybe you won’t get to use your knowledge, but just being interested in others is a way to make them feel loved and cared for (even if at first, they might seem a bit surprised by your interest).

      And of course, take care in engaging others like this… some men, for instance, might take a woman asking a bunch of questions the wrong way. Others might find it creepy. It may take some practice to figure out what to do with your sight/dreams… but go ahead and practice.

  4. I have had these dreams since I was 5. The dreams I had were intensely vivid. It could or would happen either days, months or years later. However, I saw every single detail down to the color of people’s shoelaces and it happened EXACTLY how I dreamed it.
    Through the years I wasn’t sure if I’d lost the ability or not because being Epileptic, I’m on so many meds. I’ve just recently been diagnosed with headaches so severe that they make migraines look like child’s play. I am undergoing brain injections (9 in one sitting) & now scan the arteries in my brain because my neurologist fears I have small arterial tears by my brain. My dreams are so jumbled.
    What can I do to not loose this gift. While it turned me insomniac for years due to seeing more bad than good, I don’t want to loose it.

    • Your health situation sounds horrific. Once you find the proper medications to treat your pain, if they knock out your spiritual gifts, work with your neurologist to find the proper dosage to deal with your pain while still allowing a spiritual walk. It may take some time, but you deserve to live free from pain AND to walk in you spiritual abilities.

  5. i dont really see things, or have a gift. Well I wouldn’t say it is a gift.
    But since i have no idea where to start looking for an answer i think i am going to try finding stuff everywhere i can.
    I dont know what i am or why or what it really is…. i only had this for a couple years now and it doesnt show up every day.
    it s hard to explain but when i daydream or when i sleep i get what i cant really call anything but visions. I dont know if they are from now, from the past and if its even real.
    In there i cant move on my own and just look at a person, its a female lady that is a little older then me, 16 to18 years old i think.
    I cant focus on anything else then her because everything around her is blurry.
    Its even scarier because i think she knows im there, and she is scared of me even though im not really there. It feels like im hauntig her.
    I havent found anyone that has this too amd i cant seem to find a lot of things on the internet.
    I don’t usually go the website to ask for help but im getting desperate for answers.
    so i hope you may know anyone or anything that might help me finding out what it is.
    The main thing im looking for is if it s a bad thing or if it means no harm.

    • I have a few similar situations.Do you believe in Jesus?
      I realized the times the Lord showed me spirits it was because they were manipulating my life and had gained entrance through sin and deception. When I repented I was able to cast them. The spirits demons,angels ect fo know when we can see

  6. I believe i am being drawn to have fellowship with a preacher and a seer. I know a seer personally but i dont know where he lives now. I ask him a year ago to pray for me as he use to be a pastor and has found his place in the gifts is more a seer so he doesnt minister anymore he did get Back to me. Rather quickly. He was very detailed as to what his vision was concerning me that he had prayed for. But it made very little sense to me and still makes little sense. So i would like to find a seer and a preacher or someone who could interupt what it means in relation to me.

    • Joshua, feel free to reach out to me by email (doug @ seers see.com –no spaces) , and maybe I can point you in a direction to find someone who can interpret. Otherwise you can send to me what he shared and I can see if I get the interpretation.

  7. Very Interesting – Seer is NOT a word used often, well – especially in the Christian realm. However – our pastor asked about our gifts … and I said – All I know is I “see” things; I “know” things (and I exhort and encourage) – but I don’t know which “category” that falls under (prophet, teacher, etc.). His answer was very simple … Well… then you are a “seer.” You know, the bible has seer’s. This comforted me … thank you for your site. I just bumped upon it today, and will be reading more of your posts. Thank you –

    • That’s nice to hear that your pastor acknowledged your seeing. So many churches do not excersise spiritual gifts.
      How did your pastor tell you to use your gift within the church.
      I have told mine and that I pray often for others. I feel emotions big time. I haven’t openly used my gifts but wonder how I can possibly help our church. I’ve noticed the people that do know that I see into spiritual realm,visions, dreams, keep there distance. It makes me feel bad. I have a strong urgency to see people delivered and for theres shes fo be open to deception. I’ve wondered if I fall under a prophetic set or is this the gift of discerning spirits.

  8. Hello my name is Lee, I believe I may be a seer, but that which I see is unlike others these beings Interact with the physical world, most what I see is ungodly. I would like to speak to another seer, if anyone knows one who would contact me please give them my number 209-592-7627 thank-you Lee Dos Palos ca

  9. I am a seer, although I don’t see as consistently as I did as a younger teen, (perhaps that’s due to my environmental change?) I just started seeing again recently (past couple of months), what I am wondering though is how I can begin seeing positive things. I have only had one positive seeing experience and it was when I was about 17. I saw a multi colored image hovering over me and I felt the presence of God in my room while I was praying before bed. How can I have more of these experiences and grow in my gift?

    • I’m so sorry I haven’t replied earlier. I actually read this comment on my last podcast.

      I wrote a post with some suggestions about this: 8 Steps to Enhance Your Spiritual Gifts

      The bottom line is to train your mind to think about things above and not below. This pursuit will take some time, but I think it’ll open you more to the good side of things. I hope this is helpful, and thanks for writing in.

  10. I see spirits in day / night in some environments, had encounters where things have physically moved, dreamed of things coming true and had the ability to discern between people since I was a little girl. I started praying to God / Jesus at a very young age because these things frightened me and I felt it was more of a curse than a blessing. It is frustrating because others are not able to discern and it comes so easily to me. I have told my mother about these things since my first real experience as a child and she didn’t understand / shrugged it off. A lot of times, I feel as if someone will label me as “crazy” because people are more apt to believe everything is psychological. NON BELIEVERS can’t comprehend the Spiritual Realm if they can’t see it yet even though the Bible speaks of it first hand. I know that I am blessed but some times I prefer not to see the Spiritual Warfare that is taking place right before my very eyes. As a matter of fact, I am looking into deliverance ministry counseling so that I can grow closer to Jesus because I know how bad things are getting and it is really concerning to me.

    • Haha,I’m not laughing to discourage you but let you know,you are not the only one who face such things,like u said it’s more like a curse than a blessing,me I see it as a heavy burden,surely if we stay very closed to Jesus,we surely it’s more safer,the most tragic things about dis gift is for me is as too see in spiritual realm or angels,or demons is dat they know we see them,but I learn to stay close as possible to the Lord Almighty to be safe,amen

      • I feel if you have been born with this gift then you have been ordained to be soul winner and police against the kingdom of darkness. Why you ask? Cause you have been giving the blueprint and tactics that the enemy uses against Gods people. You can see danger that others can not see. Prophets called in the old testament Apostle Paul was blinded then the scales were removed why? So he could see in thr spirit how else could he have known that magician was actually under the spell of witchcraft and cast it out. Cause he could see true heart of problem. I know men and woman that are Seers and it is only curse if you are not a Christian. However if u r u r loved and valued. I call it the Elijiah gift dont let it go to waste and use it to help others. God Bless

      • Oh thank you. You understand completely. You are right. They know we see them and yes we must stay as close to Christ our Savior as possible. I just did a spiritual cleanse of my apartment with blessed holy water, salt and oil. I no longer see the spirit that would peek around the corner at me and walk into my hallway. You and I (and other seers) know we must stay close to Christ because we see the spiritual battle that is going on in the world. I also believe that many of the evil things (mass shootings) etc. go on because there is Spiritual Sickness. Non-seers do not understand that Spiritual sickness is real so they attribute everything to the psychological realm. Thank you David. Keep the light going and Trust the Lord.

        • How do you do a spiritual house cleanse.
          I’ve noticed that since they know I can see, it’s like they make known to me there around. I just see the little black blobs in front of me. Then they move when my eyes move. Am I seeing into the spiritual realm even though my eyes are open?
          I’ve only had one open vision of a spider running towards me and attaching.
          I am a child of God and I believe the enemy is trying to scare me but I strongly believe if the Lord is allowing me to see darkness that the Angel’s are with me also.
          When I praise,pray or read I do see flickers of light.
          Its wild the peace he gives us and His grace is sufficient

          • Yes you are seeing into the spiritual realm! Thanks for sharing these amazing experiences! For house cleansing info, check out this page about the book I wrote on this topic. The page has has links to several articles with ideas on house cleansing.

    • Hi my Pastor operates a healing and deliverance ministry at 318 Desoto ave. Clarksdale MS 38614 our mission of the house comes from Isaiah61:1-3 and she teaches about the spirit world and casting out of demons and also how to grow your gifts. She is on facebook Gardenia P. Hicks is her name, you should look her up.

  11. Hi,
    U r trully gifted do not let your circumstances hinder. Gods plan in your will be fullfilled. I command the spirit hindrence over your body and life OUT! In the name of Jesus Christ. Father God I ask that to heal her brain all blood flow line up to the word of God NOW! In the name of Jesus Christ. Blessings upon u and your household.

  12. This is a great question Ashley (and sorry for the delayed answer). I don’t have a quick answer, aside from trying to change what you think about, setting your mind on things above (Col 3), coming into agreement with who God says you are, give up watching or listening to anything that has darkness attached to it, to increase your sensitivity to the light side. Colossians 3 is huge… literally, for some people, that means giving up television shows or movies they’ve always liked, or music they’ve always liked. It means making a covenant with your eyes to only look at godly things, to intentionally, filling your head – eyes, ears, and thoughts – with things above – heavenly thoughts. In our culture, this is really hard. And it takes time to purge our brains of the junk that clogs our ability to perceive the good things.

    Additionally, engage in good spiritual disciplines, and get in worshipful environments, and then “see” what you see. See this post for some suggestions: https://seerssee.com/8-steps-to-enhance-your-spiritual-gifts/

    • Hi my name is Veronica and l am a seer and this information has schooled me on alot..l use to be afraid of my gift and just flat out didn’t want it because l didn’t understand it or why l was seeing and dreaming these awful things but l am trying to embrace it and learn how to operate in it..l have been on meds that l hoped would block it but l know God gave me thia gift and l thank you for this information.

  13. Hello Veronica, I was born with spiritual gifts that are good. However, sometimes I am prone to see the things I don’t want to. I did go on FB and sought out Gardenia P. Hicks. I am interested as I feel that we as Christians can be easy targets sometimes. Thank you & God Bless.

    • To God be the Glory and yes l do believe we are easy targets…l pray that we grow stronger in our gifting…God bless you

  14. How is “seer” different than the gift of discerning of spirits? The dictionary definition for seer includes divination which creeps me out with using the term seer.

    • Certainly usage and context determines the definition, and the definition “divination” never applies to the word “seer” on this website. Think about the word “run.” If I say, “Tomorrow, I’m running a marathon,” what will you think I’m doing? Participating in a long race? Organizing and directing a long race? Going from place to place as I “run” around to complete errands? Operating a Marathon gas station? You can look up the dictionary and apply any of a number of uses to the word “run”, but the only meaning that matters is what I mean.

      When ‘seer’ is used in the Bible, it never refers to “divination.” But it does refer to someone who sees things in the spirit realm, sometimes related to the future, but usually not. I accept the biblical definition, and believe Christians should take back what the enemy has stolen.

      “Seer” is different from discerning of spirits. “Discerning of spirits” is the gift or ability to tell what kind of spirit is at work: a human spirit, a demonic spirit, an angelic spirit or the Holy Spirit. A seer just sees things in the spirit realm, and without the gift of discerning spirits, the seer may not be able to tell what on earth he or she is seeing.

  15. The purpose for the Holy Spirit renders onto man to perceive divine providence by prophecy under God’s care as warnings to the world from the enemies of his kingdom. Seers should use that ability through poetic songs sharing the invisible spiritual realms to those who cannot see where the decadence and hate is leading Mankind.

  16. I thought this was an interesting viewpoint. I am a seer, I see visions, images and dreams. Some visions are very detailed. As well as dreams and images. I would like to know more about
    The subject matter of the seer.

  17. I spoke to a profit and he said I am a seer and God will show me! I don’t feel anything! He said I am like an Eagles 🦅 eye and said I will be helping people!

  18. Hi, thank you for your blog I am seer since I remember all my life, is a precious gift from God. I Will like to know how to interpret the numbers I see in my visions.
    If you can please contact me.

  19. Sometimes a seer is unable to see from being protected by God. Some spiritual warfare God blinds us from to keep us out the fight so to say. Sometimes people can try to work witchcraft on you or you can be close to an evil spirit that blinds you as well. It’s not necessarily just from your pineal gland being calcified or from you growing older and out of your full ablilty to see. Just to add to what you mentioned and not take away from it. Some seers have the ability to see beyong visions and dreams. Some can also hear in the spirit without havjng a vision or dream. The gift can also show you things of this world that has nothing to do with the advancement of the kingdom of God. Great article.

  20. I’m glad to have found this page! I hope to understand this gift a lot better. One thing that I’m still confused about is the difference between a seer and a watchman? This puzzles me so the support greatly needed

  21. I’m a sixteen year old seer, and i would like to know more about seeing the spirits of people. God has been showing their colors in the spiritual realm but I would love to know more.

    • I pray 5am also 12 am because of my Seeing ability and my close connection with God / he did not give me this gift for
      my own gratification but to glory Gods kingdom/ also a loner but I know God is with me he never left me ; just want to learn more about my abilities which surprises me from time to time

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