Seers See into the Spirit World


Many children and adults see spirits and other hidden things in the spiritual/unseen realm. I call these people seers, and they see into the spirit realm.

Years ago, our young daughter was reacting to things we could not see, such as

  • Asking about the shadowy man outside the patio window
  • Pointing to the scary dragon in the corner
  • Talking about rainbow-colored lights or dots and orbs floating around all the time
  • Describing lights shining around certain people or objects

and many other creepy behaviors. We began researching and learned that it’s quite common for people to perceive things in the supernatural realm.

What her mother and I found unsettling was not that people could see spirits, but the way most people were interpreting what they were seeing.

We founded this site to provide a true context for the ability to see into the spiritual realm.

The articles on this site

  • Explore the concepts of seeing the unseen world
  • Offers advice and tips about how to parent children who “see”
  • Provides insight and instruction into the seeing gift for seers but don’t understand what they see

If you are new to the site, a good place to start is here.

A Supernatural Mindset

Over time, we developed a way to think about the world that can make sense of what our child – and many other people – can see in the spirit realm. I call this the Kingdom of God Mindset, and explore it in my spiritual house cleansing book, Peace in Your House: Spiritual Cleansing of Life and Land available at my store and at Amazon.

Join us on the journey to understand how the spirit realm interacts with the physical realm and appropriate (and safe) ways to engage in this interaction.

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