The Spirit World

The nature of our world includes the earthly plan of reality (the physical realm) and the spiritual plane of reality (the spiritual realm).

We are most aware of the physical realm. It generally follows scientific laws.

There’s also the spirit realm. This is a realm that most people cannot see which does not follow scientific laws, and yet interacts with the physical in \ ways that can’t be quantified exactly.

Some people will want to make quantum physics connections between the physical and spiritual, because the spiritual realm is like a dimensions.

I don’t recommended thinking of it like that because we want to make dimensions scientific (at least I do), and science doesn’t apply to spiritual things.

The spiritual dimension is not related to quantum physics and it’s not a dimension. It’s like a dimension. 

The Upside Down

It’s kind of like the Upside Down in Stranger Things on Netflix. In Stranger Things, the Upside Down is a parallel universe to our regular universe. Colors are muted, and weird monsters live there, and sometimes you can hear sounds from the regular universe, and when a creature in the Upside Down interacts with the regular universe, electrical disturbances occur.

Physical creatures cannot see creatures in the Upside Down, and creatures in the Upside Down cannot see creatures in the physical world. But sometimes they can hear or sense entities across the plane.

Characters can physically enter a parrallel universe through certain portals, or psychically enter the Upside Down through sensory deprivation and honing psychic skills.

The spirit realm is kind of like that… but not really.

Middle Earth 

To draw on another fictional story, the spirit realm looks more like Frodo putting on the Ring in The Lord of the Rings books, or Bilbo putting on the Ring in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit film adaptations.

In the books, several creatures are represented in both the physical and spiritual realms. Elves and some other characters (like Gandalf) who have been in the Blessed Realm and seen the light of the Trees, for instance, shine with light in the spirit realm, but in the physical realm, they look simply like physical beings. Some characters receive a blessing (being called an “Elf friend”, for instance), which is perceptible in the spirit realm, but not the physical, unless someone has eyes to see.

Occasionally spiritual manifestations are visible in the physical as when a crown flickers over Aragorn’s head at times.

Some spiritual creatures like the Ringwraiths, are actually invisible in the physical realm, although their shapelessness are creepily cloaked with robes and they can speak. But physical creatures react with terror felt in the spiritual realm to the presence of these monsters.

When Frodo puts on the Ring, he leaves the physical realm and enters the invisible spiritual realm. From the perspective of his friends, he disappears from view. From his perspective, the physical realm becomes shadowy but he sees the spiritual world clearly and spiritual beings clearly see him.

The Lord of the Rings was written with the Christian medieval worldview in mind, and this is a pretty good understanding of the spirit realm. 

Inhabitants of the Spiritual Realm

Spiritual creatures inhabit the spiritual realm. In the Hebrew Bible, entities that inhabit the spiritual word are called elohim. Modern translators recognize this, and in English translations of the Hebrew Bible, they render elohim into the different entities meant by the biblical authors.

Depending on context in the Bible, elohim means Yahweh, (“The God”, when compared to the other elohim), the gods (plural), the sons of God, demons, and the departed human dead.

These classifications are helpful for us today. God is a spiritual being, but no other spiritual being is like God. He is incomparable.

Other ranks of spiritual beings also exist, including the human dead.

These entities belong in the spirit realm.

Inhabitants of the Physical Realm

By contrast, there are beings that by nature occupy the physical realm. earthly plane of reality. These creatures include plants, animals and humans: “flesh and bone”, which do not inhabit the spirit realm.

Humans in the Physical and Spiritual

Humans apparently exist in both realms at the same time. Their spiritual nature and physical nature are intricately woven together and impact each other in ways that aren’t clear. I suspect the aura that some people can see reflects their spiritual presence, or how they appear on the spirit realm.

When filled with the Holy Spirit through faith in the Lord Jesus, humans appear as shining white, like the Elves in The Lord of the Rings books.

Seers See Things in the Spirit Realm

Most of us cannot clearly perceive the spiritual realm, but we still exist on that plane. Spiritual things impact the physical realm. A spiritual curse might be invisible in the physical realm, but it exists in the spiritual realm, impacting the spiritual nature of the victim. This spiritual impact will manifest in physical ways. 

This spiritual curse might be a spiritual creature assigned to someone, wrecking perpetual havoc, or in word-forms, with the word shaping the spiritual reality – and in turn shaping the physical. 

For instance, a man cursed with adultry might have the word perpetually influencing his spirit, which manifests physically in habitual sin. A seer might look at that man and see the word “adultery” on his forhead or note an adulterous spirit besides him or note an adulterous taint on his aura – the spiritual nature of his being. The man is a slave to this curse and needs to be released. 

When humans sin, they send up signals in the spirit realm that attract the attention of demonic spirits. This sin can be thought forms or actions. Sinful thoughts or actions send clear signals in the spirit realm.

Similarly, as people bring their lives under God’s rule and reign, they impact the spirit realm in different ways, actually repelling demonic forces.

For millenia, spiritual forces of darkness held unfettered sway over the physical realm. But then Jesus came and introduced the Kingdom of God. He brought light into the darkness. This light manifests in the physical realm in real and perceptible ways. L

ight and dark have been warring ever since, and ultimately, the dark will not overtake the light.


  1. Am called to the Office of Prophet,and am walking in that part for 12yrs now,even as a church founder.
    My answer is that the Spirit Realm is so real and there are other entities like rocks, gardens, trees,seas,cloud etc just as we have here physically. Gods throne of God, angels, and the incandicent light of Christ presence. This is the cloud of his presence. Blue, cloud,blue Sea, doves flying over tall mountains etc

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