The Spirit World

Just what is the “Spirit World”, the “spirit realm”, or “the other side?” (These phrases are basically interchangeable.)

You could consider the “Spirit World” or “The Spirit Realm” as another dimension layered on top of the dimensions we normally operate in (height, width, length, moving along a stream of time). Overlaying this is another level of geometry which we can consider the spirit realm.

I’ve started a series of articles exploring what and where the place we call the “Unseen Realm” or “the Spirit World” or even “the other side” is. We examine how to achieve a workable worldview that accepts the reality of the “spirit world.”

The Spirit Realm and the Physical Realm: Separate or Together?

The spiritual and the physical are closely connected; far more closely than is commonly thought by those who accept the reality of the “spirit world.”

In the early centuries of Christianity, a Greek school of thought called Gnosticism invaded Christian thought, arguing that the spirit and the physical were vastly separate. This thinking is foreign to Biblical Christianity, but pervades most Christian schools of thought that I’m familiar with, at least to some level.

As someone who was raised in a Western materialist framework, by default at the subconscious level I tend to accept the view that the spirit realm and the physical realm are separated and that the physical realm is “more real” than the spiritual. Gnostics, New Agers, many Christians and many other religious traditions would argue that the spirit realm is “more real” than the physical.

As the Worldview series uncovers, both are equally real and interwoven closely. But for the sake of discussion, I’ll continue to separate them out, since most of us in the English-speaking world have been indoctrinated with the Western materialist worldview and that we typically have a better understanding of the rules of physics rather than the rules of spiritual and how the spiritual and the physical interact.

Who inhabits the Spirit World?

The spirit world is inhabited by disembodied spirits of all kinds. There are other “things” in the spirit realm as well. As you read testimonies, you’ll read about seers who see weapons, words, power, light, shadows and all sorts of other things in the spirit realm interacting with our physical realm.

I suggest listening to this episode of “Resurrection &  The Revolution” podcast, which featured an interview of a biblical scholar, Dr. Michael S. Heiser, who has influenced my thinking on matters we discuss on this site, and whom I have sourced on our reference page. You can access the interview here.

They discussed “the divine council” in the Bible, or God’s “heavenly host,” and other things related to the Ancient Hebrew’s view of “the spirit world.”   He discusses what the ancient Hebrews (the writers of the Old Testament) views on the inhabitants of the “spirit world” were.  We’ll jump into this topic more, in my efforts to provide a reasonable framework to explain how some people can see into the spirit world, and some cannot.

Why do we care what Ancient Hebrews thought?

Non-Christians might ask, “Why do we care what the Ancient Hebrews think regarding the spirit world?”

This is a great question, which I’ll address at length at another time.  But for a quick answer, start here.

To explore…

A question we’ll explore at some point… if there are inhabitants of the spirit world, are there stuff and things there too?

Yes. Some seers can see them.



  1. Am called to the Office of Prophet,and am walking in that part for 12yrs now,even as a church founder.
    My answer is that the Spirit Realm is so real and there are other entities like rocks, gardens, trees,seas,cloud etc just as we have here physically. Gods throne of God, angels, and the incandicent light of Christ presence. This is the cloud of his presence. Blue, cloud,blue Sea, doves flying over tall mountains etc

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