The Discussion Forum

Over the years, I received frequent requests to develop an online community that is a safe place for seers and those of us who love them. Many of us desire a safe place to discuss and share regarding this gift.

In 2016, I installed the Seers See Forum on my site, using a fairly common but older tool offered through my Internet hosting provider. In terms of technology, it was functional but archaic. A small yet international community congregated there, and shared ideas and discussions, sometimes heated.

But for many months, I was dissatisfied with it.

Last week, I closed the Forum, primarily for 3 reasons.

  1. I couldn’t guarantee privacy of the users. This is important to me. For more on why, see below.
  2. The forum architecture was so old and clunky, it was a barrier to new participants.
  3. I wanted to change to a less expensive and more functional website hosting plan. My wife and I both work two jobs, and we fund this little operation out of our pockets, along with the support of a couple contributors and of course book sales. It seemed wise to move the site to a less expensive service with security and performance features needed specifically for  That meant dropping some other features, including the Forum.

I saw this move coming for many weeks, and have been thinking about what tool to use instead to foster an online community of seers and those who love them. I have come up with two good options.

1. for a new forum

My friends Terrance, Nathan and Zechariah have created something special at

And now they’ve encrypted their site so that it is safer for users to protect their privacy.

I haven’t engaged much in conversation, but I’ve made up my mind to jump in and I invite you to join me. The divine council worldview is vital to understanding what seers are seeing, and perhaps we’ll get some good discussions going on there.

2. Social Media site MeWe

I have created a Seers See Ministries discussion group on  To join it, click here, create a profile, and request to join. I’ll add you.

MeWe is a social media network that turns the table on Facebook and other social media companies by emphasizing privacy and social sharing where people can be their true, uncensored selves.

MeWe does not intend to replace Facebook. Facebook is for your public life. It’s for press releases and broadcasts to the world. It’s for information that the government will mine to track you, purchased from Facebook with your tax dollars. It’s for information that corporations and political parties and employers will buy to learn more about you, for their own purposes. It’s even for Facebook to manipulate you for social experiments and to influence society.

Check out 10 Ways Facebook Spies on You and 10 Reasons NOT to Trust Facebook. If you use Facebook, please do so with this information in mind.

On the other hand, seers and those who love them aren’t necessarily keen on telling governments and corporations about deeply personal issues, such as seeing the real spiritual reality all around us.

That’s why I have turned to MeWe. If Facebook is for your public persona, MeWe is for your real and very private life.

First of all, MeWe doesn’t blow your screen up with ads. Really! (For revenue, MeWe sells cloud space).  MeWe doesn’t track you. MeWe doesn’t require you to use your real name. MeWe doesn’t own the pictures or other content you put on MeWe, and therefore won’t use your pictures or content to sell advertising or products to other users. MeWe won’t spy on you and won’t share your data. For information on MeWe, check out MeWe Social Network App – The Next Generation of User Privacy and Simplicity and Next Gen Social Network – MeWe – No Ads, No Algorithms and Perfect Privacy vacy and

Our group has just gotten started. As I type this, there are just 3 people in it. If you want to join our little group and discuss seer stuff,go here, create a profile and submit a request. I’ll approve it.

Is Privacy Possible in the Digital Age

Many people throw their hands up in the digital age and say privacy is not possible. And after all, you don’t have anything to hide. According to this article, half of Americans think online privacy isn’t possible or necessary.

Really? You don’t have anything to hide? Do you seal your envelopes and packages that you mail? Do you have blinds on the windows to your home?

Oh, maybe you mean you don’t have anything to hide online. Will you please send me your username and password to your bank accounts and social media accounts?

But seers and those who love them really do have something to hide, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get to discuss it with others in a safe and private online community.

Privacy has never been more important than today. Although half of Americans think online security isn’t possible, according to web-security company, Avast, it isn’t just possible, it’s critical.

That’s why I use several privacy-conscious services, including a VPN to access the Internet (this makes me anonymous on the Internet), Disconnect to block surveillance cookies, and even pay to host my encrypted email in Germany, which has privacy standards and protections not available in the land of my birth.

Germans, you see, learned something about not protecting privacy of its citizens about 80 years ago. We should learn from their example.

The goal is to be able to share ideas about the seer gift and spiritual ideas while avoiding surveillance marketing and the surveillance state.

Why not a Facebook Group?

If you read the above concerns, you should begin to understand why I don’t want to have deeply personal conversations on Facebook. Everything you type in Facebook, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram is mined by Facebook to create data about you. Creepy. And you have no permission to stop it. They will own it forever. Seriously, that’s creepy.

Check out the videos I linked to above. Those are reasons enough not to share critically private information on Facebook and explain why I refused to start a Seers See Ministries group on Facebook.

Let’s Form a Safe Community!

Community is important… especially a community of outcasts, and too many seers have been cast out of families, of churches, and even society. Let’s support each other in a safe, loving community.