Multi-Colored Dots and Auras

Behind the Scenes

Some seers – often children – see multi-colored dots and auras, as they are called. The dots usually are floating around and the auras surround people and some objects. The auras appear like a light surrounding the person or object.

Some seers can see multi-colored dots. They don’t actually look like this.

For a long while, our seer daughter has told us she sees multi-colored dots floating around, all the time, everywhere.  I believed they were artifacts floating on her retina. You know, those squiggly little things that float on your eye that you can’t seem to get rid of… Well no. She sees dots. Bright, multi-colored dots and lights.

Then, for a long time, we thought they were spirits,but they didn’t act like spirits.

They didn’t react to us or to prayer or to the Name of Jesus – and spirits always react to the Name of Jesus; these multi-colored dots just seemed to float around randomly.

And she sees them all the time.

Multi-colored dots are real and they are not spirits.

What we have learned is, lots of children see these things in the spiritual realm.  Children are unaware that most of us adults cannot see them.  Parents have subjected their kids to MRIs, CAT scans, and eye exams. Heck, my wife and I had our daughter’s eyes check out.  Nothing amiss can be detected (she is slightly near-sighted).  That’s because the only amiss about children seeing into the spirit world is our perception of children seeing into the spirit world.

See this blog post for more recent thoughts about what it is these seers are seeing.

Auras and Lights around People

Some people can see lights outlining people and even objects, like pictures.  For simplicity’s sake, I’ll call these auras.  (For more thoughts on Auras, including what they may truly be verses counterfeit ideas, go here).  Our daughter is one of them, and only recently, she realized we didn’t see the lights too.

Some seers perceive the spiritual power in a person.

I know of witches and sorcerers who can see in the spirit who have tried cursing people who shine with white or blue light or are covered in red in the spirit realm, and they can’t figure out why the curses won’t affect those blood-soaked people. Well, that’s the blood of Jesus, and it covers them.

The light that makes up the auras is the power drawn from the spirit in a person.  Some people shine brightly with the white light of the Holy Spirit, who makes Christ-followers His home. Sometimes the fire of the Holy Spirit can burn so powerfully in someone, their aura can appear whitish-blue.

And yes, objects can be blessed or cursed as well.

Some are looking for a concise color-code for auras. That’s a cheat for the gift of discernment, which the Holy Spirit will empower, especially in Seers. The human brain is remarkably sensitive and perception is shaped by many aspects. Whereas one seer may perceive one color around a person, another seer will perceive that impression differently or not at all or at different times. This appears to add subjectivity to the perception of auras, but this subjectivity doesn’t invalidate the perception.

The human brain is remarkably sensitive.

People perceive colors differently in the natural, depending on a host of factors. One factor is a person’s sex. Women see colors and their brains  interpret them differently than men. Whereas a woman may describe a color as azure, a male may see only blue. The brains between men and women are (shock) different. 1

Even computer screens and color printers will render precise colors differently, which in turn look differently to different people. How much more would spiritual perception be difficult to quantify?

Some people draw their spiritual power or essence from their own human spirit or from other spirits, and seers can pick up on that, and, through God’s gift, discern something from their auras.

A biblical example is basically anytime Jesus showed up with people who were oppressed or possessed by demons. Those people discerned the power in him, and ran to him. One man ran to him from far away, he couldn’t possibly have seen who was getting off the boat unless he saw in the spirit the shining man from heaven, sent to make him free from demons, because where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

Multi-colored dots. What are they? 

This is highly speculative. I suspect they are some sort of quantum connection to the spirit world and other dimensions of reality. (I actually don’t think the word “dimensions” in the scientific sense accurately describes the spiritual realm).

Between the physical world and (normally invisible) spiritual world exists a cosmic veil. The spiritual world is inhabited by things and entities that sometimes affect events in the physical world.

Some unexplainable phenomena in the physical world can be explained by causes in the spiritual. Activity in the spirit realm do not follow the same laws of physics as activity in the physical. Actually, in the physical realm, at very small levels (quantum levels), normal laws of physics break down as well. It’s at this level the spiritual and physical can easily inteact.  Biblically, this explains why Jesus’ resurrected body was physical and could be touched and eat, and yet could walk through walls at will, or why angels can poof in and out of site in an instant, as they pass through the cosmic veil.

When people (mainly children) perceive the multi-colored lights, their brains or their spirits are picking up these intersections of the physical and spiritual.

Why Can Children See Them?

I suspect children are more able to perceive the rainbow colored dots and auras than most adults. First, their imagination is less tainted from observing acts of violence, darkness, or sin, and their worldview hasn’t been molded to accept materialism yet. So their little brains are more able to receive and interpret spiritual phenomena.

See also this post.


  1. See: Moir, Anne, and David Jessel. Brain Sex: The Real Difference between Men and Women. New York: Dell, 1992. Print.


  1. hi i see auras at various times thats something that i have some sort of grasp on, but for a number of years now ive seen this shiny blue sparkly dot at various times, especially when im reading like it seems to point out certain words other times it ends up on a blank bit of the page where there’s not text sometimes ive seen it on people and in one time period i saw a shiny red dot on someone. The dot is a single dot, and on occasion say when i have coughed or something like that ive seen a whole lot of blue dots right in front of me just floating around randomly. i have not the foggiest idea as to what it might be trying to tell me, i thought at first when i saw it over certain words or verses in the bible that the particular sentence or word was something God was trying to tell me, but that kinda goes out the window when it just appears on blank areas of paper or on my wall or various objects at random times. have you heard of others like this and what is their or your understanding as to what a single blue dot would mean?

  2. Hi,

    I have also seen the blue circles when reading my bible. I once went into a vision and saw like 50 to 75 all throughout the page and my first thought was that they were like packets of revelation to be unlocked. I have also seen them on blank pages, and it seems that it happens before I am about to write. So, what I started to do was put a pencil mark to see if that spot was where my writing stopped. Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn’t. I am not always sure what they are, maybe an angel touching a spot on the paper.

    I also see a different style of the red dots and blue dots as well, to me, I would describe it as a sparkle of a star in the sky, but colored. I just recently figured what these mean. I realized that it is a spirit expanding its dominion/light/aura to a different area.

    At first I thought the blue sparkle was good, and the red I thought was bad, now I realize that both are bad.

    An example is this: I just moved into a new place, where there is a gray/fakewhite aura /dominion in the house. This presence is hanging around me, but is not part of me. I just started going to school and the teacher has this strong demonic red around her that makes it difficult to think. I was making eye contact with her and I saw a fake white/gray star,dot flicker above her head about 2 feet to the right. I saw that the spirit had moved over to her(I dont necessarily see spirits too often, but based on the principle I figured the spirit moved over to her) and was trying to bring her a false sense of comfort. It was trying to expand its dominion of fake white and gray into her life.

    (strangely, I felt that I could have given this spirit strength and in a way sent its comfort towards her, but I ended up drawing back and feeling stuck in her demonic red because I didn’t want her with false comfort) Also if I did send a comforting presence towards her, it may have stirred up a deeper realm of light in me to actually minister to her

    I have no idea about the cough with all the blue circles. maybe they were bubbles 🙂

  3. I have asked many people over the years if they can see this. I seem to think they just don’t understand exactly what it is I’m describing. I am sure it is the sound we hear in silence… Under certain conditions the particles that I’m looking at take form in majestic patterns that have taken demonic forms and beautiful plantlike shapes and spirals that I can only describe as patterns of knowledge. And just right here wherever I am. I’ve been quite alienated because of it. I learned that if I pretend I don’t see it, people are more accepting of me. I can go on neverending about this. I agree that it is a second sight into the spiritual realm and also that I can see that it is one and the same as the physical. They’re connected I mean. Its one thing.

    • I really think anyone can see this if they look into the dark. In a room with no light isn’t it all you’re seeing. It is anyways, but if there are no obects to recognize it makes it easier for the person to notice what we have been looking at all our lives. Taking it further, focusing on this all pervasive energy will allow you to see invisible things. Meaning things just on the edge of the visible light spectrum. As I continue to focus my attention on this my eyes become still, my thoughts clear up like a storm dissipating and I can see deeper into the frequencies that are beyond the visible range. It is difficult to explain, but much easier than people seem to think… The deeper I look, I see a star. Like the brightest light. I have seen this for as long as I can remember. It doesn’t look like anything I can describe. It doesn’t speak to me or anything like that. It just shines forever. I have been excited about it at times when I began torealize it was actually real and I wasn’t imagining it. And troubled, wondering what it means. I am afraid I’ll never know. But back to seeing. ( : What if I suggested that seeing like this has let me experience that all the sound I hear is exactly the same thing as all the light I see and it is the process of our thoughts growing from the spirit realm and into physical reality. The cause of the passing of time. To clarify, I see our thoughts manifesting into our physical reality. We feel the pattern of light and hear it as well. Friction, speech, shadows, light, music, all coming from within ourselves… That’s what it seems like to me. Not that I understand how or why.

    • I know exactly what you mean. Ever since I was a child I’ve been seeing these dots. Not only in the dark but in the light and everywhere and on everything. Sometimes I can see a type of light reflecting off of objects such as trees or even humans if I look hard enough. I’ve never really questioned any of these things I’ve been seeing until I’ve recently became friends with someone who has opened his third eye. I can still see all the shapes and colors as I used to as a child. I hope to learn more about these. Since no one would believe me if I told them these it gets hard to understand what I am seeing.

      • Wow glad you mentioned trees i see the same . even a white or dark haze trailing cars at times. I want to have proper discernment with it all and have the gift aligned with Christ and not confused by the enemy . fascinating

        • You are the first person that I have ever known to see the white or black trailing from automobiles as they go by. I see the same thing and nobody understands what I’m trying to say. Thank you for your post.

  4. I also see multicolored dots. I saw them as a young child…all the time. I never knew what they were, and do not recall ever mentioning them to anyone. Then, they stopped. I have gone through a lot of terrible things in my life since then. I am now 25 years old, and the same dots have appeared again!! I was in a treatment center early this year, I had a spiritual experience there that was Amazingly Powerful!!! I could feel the Holy Spirit inside me. I had always knew about my gifts, but after my spiritual experience, it all started to make more sense to me. Then one day the multi colored dots appeared again! I saw them as another gift, but until reading what is on this site, my theory had never been confirmed!!! Now it is!!!! I feel as if the trauma I had started experiencing as a child and the worldview that I was taking on as a child, pushed that gift away from my acknowledgement. Then after having a clarifying experience in treatment, I was again acknowledging a gift that I was blessed with. Thanks for the info.please keep it up on informing everyone!!! Knowledge is power, so keep sharing your experiences and beliefs so that others may be inspired to do the same!! Also, I just want to let people know that I also am a” dreamer” I dream ALL the time. Mostly what I call deja vu dreams, because they end up being deja vu moments in my life. I have had visions, I have excellent intuition….or can sense things, or I call it reading people’s minds or hearing their thoughts. My children have gifts as well, one of my daughters(6yrs old) has a very close connection to animals. Both of my daughter’s are dreamers. My son(2yrs old) has a connection to spirits(good and evil) and has since before he was born. Even if he is unaware of it at this point in time. My husband, whom I married after treatment, has abilities as well…connections with spirits on an astral level, and some very good ‘intuition’ as well!

  5. When I was younger I used to see the rainbow dots coming in and out of my vision a lot and went to the doctor for it, it was never really explained. Now I’m 19 and getting in touch with my spirituality and I can see the dots again. Can someone point me in the right direction to find out more information about this?

    I want to know why, or what causes me to see them. It is very random and happens even when I’m alone. It’s also very brief and usually when I try to look at them directly they disappear but if I just keep staring into space they go absurd, coming in and out of my vision.

    • I just left a comment on here and i feel you on when you try to directly look at them they disappear. You have to focus on not looking but look. 3rd eye view.

  6. My name is donald g furrh jr born on Aprile 5, 1980 I am 34 years old
    I see the coler dots every day some times indacating a figure or a shap of something I also her a woman’s voice every now and than I have also scene difigured shapes of creators that spear to be alive but I know were just thier for me to only see I also have scene spiders that were not thier I have talked to pepole during my time were I new I saw the colered dots and some kind of figure that looked like something that I could not tell what it was I am certainly puzzled by this and seek the answear for the reason that I see these thing I have related some if the sights that I have scene as spirits of some sort but am unclear on just who’s are what they really are,, can you help me whith this issue It is an every day concern of mine and whould really like to understand the things I see and I know others see because we have scene them at the same time and it was for certain that we we’re seeing the same thing that if others were ask if they saw and they said no but I know thier is more pepole out thier that see colers and shapes of odd creators but the question is has any of them figured out exactly what they are and for what reason does pepole see them???

    • Hi Donald, I see colors often almost everyday and all kinds of colors..occasionally I’ll see black and that usually means something bad or demonic for example, recently I was in a meeting with some people and the guy that was speaking supposedly had this great business opportunity all seemed to be going well on the presentation and I was thinking about joining but all of a sudden I started seeing these black dots actually it was more of a glob if you will, I seen these several times in the meeting then at the end of his presentation I realized that he was ripping so many people off in his business venture, and that’s why I was seeing black..
      Basically I was his shown his intentions were bad/ demonic..
      I believe in Jesus he has shown me so many things also as a rule anything that has torment,is selfish, does not show love is demonic.. idk if you believe in Jesus, if you don’t I encourage you to ask him if he’s real and to help with what your seeing..
      That’s what i’v been doing and he has revealed himself, I get in his presence all the time by worship and he’s helping me with seeing these things also in my humble opinion his presence is the best thing I have by far ever experience in life!! I practice it daily and have And have experienced numerous miracles as well.. hope this helps:)

  7. My 7 year old son is seeing colored dots in his vision, but no colors surrounding people. He says the dots are mostly bright, but get darker and then brighter, back and fourth like that if he looks directly at them. Says he see all sorts of colors and that they are usually one color around the outside, and a different color on the inside, and the inside color moves. What could this be? He isn’t having trouble seeing anything.

    • I think it’s normal. You may be able to see them as well. Lay down in a dark room and close your eyes. Now try to look past your eyelids. At the same time clear your mind and dont try anything. These dots will appear and be active but will disappear when looked at directly. Its as if your mind or spirit projects it and not our typical view of how we see. With practice you can see them in the day with your eyes open. They are always there. Seems like our brains block it out. I hope this helps.

  8. I’m not sure if this is the same as your daughter. But I see the tiniest pinpoints of light, all colors of light. All I have to do is “soften” my gaze (kind of focus on the space between me and whatever is in front of me) and I see them. All the time.

    They are like trillions of spherical pixels.

    The are immeasurably small, and dance around in a very tiny pattern.

    I never mentioned this to anyone.

    I’m a blood redeemed Christ follower, and humbled at the thought of being able to see the slightest bit of the energy this world holds.

  9. I’m 19 years old and I’ve always thought that everybody see’s these colors so I’ve paid not much attention to them but the other day I was explaining what I see to my friends and they all looked at me crazy I would explain more as the white static you see on a busted TV but now that you’ve said dots when I pay closer attention they’re a bunch of little tiny neon light dots sometimes I can’t even tell the color but they also make shapes and figures sometimes I’ll see specific objects or faces of people I know could somebody explain more of this to me please or maybe how I can make it stop because it is constant everywhere I look even when I close my eyes some help would be appreciated !

  10. When I was real little, I used to see little round pastel colored dots..they were like in a cluster with bubbly sudsy type stuff on the outside..they would shake..I don’t know if it was just my eyes or if they are something..I don’t see them anymore. I used to get scared looking at them for some reason.

    • Wow, you are the first person I’ve found online that said they scared you. I used to dream that I was staring into pitch black, and I’d look under the bed and POOF!! (No noise, but in my head there was an undescribable poof noise) a burst of shimmering glitter in all different colors (like real colorful glitter shimmering) it scared the HELL out of me, whatever the hell that was happened only a couple times and I would wake up sweating heart pounding scared to death. Like a night terror. As an adult I described this to my dad and he looked at me strangely and said wowww… I used to have that same dream and it scared me too!! What do you think it means? What was that glitter??

  11. I am wondering if this falls into this category or if you have any other insights. I didn’t start seeing this (that I can recall) until I was an adult. But it doesn’t have primary colors. It’s dots that are white goldish. Like glitter falling around me. It’s beautiful. It leaves me breathless. But I know only I can see it. What is it?

    • hi my name is juergen I live in Vancouver bc my angels brought me here to share a coment to you and kate I cant type very well I would love to share everything I no to you both but I could write a book for what I have been through and seen through my own eyes remember this that both of you are highly loved and protected by angels and your divine loving guides when you see these lights thank them for being with you all of these years loving you and protecting you both you and kate have been blessed with a divine awakening and you are both highly gifted they are wating for you to move on to the next stage of your divine highest self do not be afraid of any of this they are waiting to help you my finger is getting tired of typing now I wish icould share everything with you if you receive this and would like to ask me something I would be glad to help I am your friend juergen

  12. Our daughter sees this and my husband saw it too,when he was young. I saw auras quite often in my youth, as did my husband. When my husband was young, the ‘condition’ was ascribed to ‘hyperactive visual cortex.” I can’t even find much in a search engine hit for that (probably outdated, as we’re in our 50s).

  13. Hello,

    I always like reading websites on the seer gift. I too see the lights. I used to call them Angel Sparkles. They appear big small, bright or vague. I sought for a long time on what they meant. Just like Michael said I see them on pages and also sometimes they just appear. Hopefully what I have believed about them will help some people. I see many different colors. I used to not know what each meant. There are so many meanings to color in the Christian world,( I am a follower of Jesus 100 percent by the way. )that I had to just learn by seeking God what each one meant. I am still learning. Back to how sometimes they appear on a page highlighting a scripture, you are right! They do that to me too. The reason they also appear, what seems to be randomly is because they also appear according to thoughts, emotions, and just about anything going on that the Lord wants to point out to you according to the color. For example: Dark Blue to me indicates Knowledge or Truth. If it appears on a scripture God is pointing it out to me for revelation. If it appears in the middle of the air it is usually attached to a corresponding thought and is confirming it as truth, like a word of knowledge it is telling me some kind of detail. So for example I think, ” My friend so and so is having a bad day” and a blue light appears I know that the thought I just had was true and I pray for them, or call them, what ever. Light blue represents the Spirit of Might to me. So when it appears it is teaching me how to be supportive, how to be a powerful man of God, how to back my friends, how to be a good husband to my wife and support her, etc. It’s teaching me I believe how to put on the characteristics and virtue of the Holy spirit when it comes to might. Dark Purple is the Fear of the Lord for me. It teaches me accountability and obedience. It appears when God is teaching me about walking in the Fear of the Lord. Light purple or Lavender teaches me gentleness it appears when something going on around me or in my thoughts is embodying the nature of a gentle man, or gentleness and chivalry. I keep up with when they appear and write them down. I try to walk out what they teach me and walk in those truths. I believe that they are some type of discernment or whatever. God created a breastplate of Judgement in the old testament and the priest wore them before God; and according to tradition the gems would light up when in the presence of God and help the priest make proper decisions concerning the Jewish nation. Look up the meaning of the Thummim and Urim in the Hebrew and you will find they mean lights and perfection. Pretty cool. God all throughout the scriptures is trying to cover us with every manner of precious stones. The foundation of the temple is made out of gems. We are the temple of the Lord. I believe God is teaching me the virtue he wishes me to carry as the foundation to my life; and also as just another way to hear his voice in general. I see red, black, grey, white, gold, crystal. I have seen them as big as a person and as small as a needle point. Strong, light, far, close. Open- eyed, inward, both, I don’t know, lol. Up, down, strong, soft. Sometimes its so intense I feel it go deep inside me. Sometimes its so fast and light I don’t actually know if I even saw it or not. All I know is that they always appear to highlight something that is going on around me or in my thoughts or emotions that God seems to think is important in my walk and development as a child of God. Those who thirst for Righteousness shall be filled! Drink from all the fruit of his Divine Nature!

    • I also see the blue lights all over the place when I sneeze. I do not think it means anything. Maybe just a side effect of being able to see.

  14. I can still see these dots at 27 years old. They are multi colored but change colors. Kind of hard to explain but its like chameleon colored dots that constantly change colors from purple, pink, green, blue, and different hues in between. I can only see them when not directly trying to. Its like using your 3rd eye to see them and the longer you concentrate and focus on not “looking” they grow from a small bunch about 20 at first closely bunched but oddly spaced perfect. It will then change into a morphing “thing” but the colors in it ate more purple, teal, greyish blue, etc. When i was a child i would have a hard time sleeping because they were everywhere and hard to not watch. Now i have to concentrate and sort of meditate for them to be there or notice them.

  15. hi i see colorful dots alot im 16 and some times they get large and float around sometimes its like theres a screen inside replaying stuff ive never seen b4 sometime i see the dots attached to people i dont understand them or what it is its really hard because i feel like a freak some times

    • Thanks for sharing! The idea of the dots floating around with a screen inside playing images is quite profound, and fits well with the idea of perceiving events occurring in different realities, potential and possible.

    • IKR my sister Is talking about them ( im11)And she will say don’t be mean !!! And stuff and I didn’t do anything and I would be like WTF bloody What happened to u??????

  16. I am 40 yrs old and I see everything talked about here. The only way I can think of explaining the dots I see is like the pixels on a blue tv/pc screen.
    (I have always felt the white light was the holy spirit in people).
    Thank you so much for posting this. I have tried to find information on this gift I have. Mostly what I find is witchcraft or something else evil. Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior. It’s so refreshing to see I am not alone with this gift and my faith.

  17. I see the colored specks too have for years I call them Grace drops, I believe all form and formless are Grace drops.
    For some reason some people can see them
    I wonder if you Don’t mind asking does your daughter love rainbow and do they appear in your home

    Nice to have read this

  18. Hi, im 12 and i see the exact same thing you explained. Its like multi colored dots, i see it around my mom sometimes and shes really into god. I would always ask my parents if they would see the dots floating around but they would always say they dont. So i just learned to ignore them they didnt hurt me or do anything so i just left it alone. But just like your daughter i see it mostly everywhere, but if a person isnt really spiritual or belive in god i dont see the light/dot around them, also if you look directly at the dots they like disappear. I could go on about the dots/light but that would take forever lol. But yah thanks for this article it helped alot.

  19. I’ve always wondered what it was when I would see these little dots. I thought it was just my eyes playing tricks on me at first but I’ve seen them since I was a little girl and it is more than just thousands of little colored dots(sometimes one color, multi-colored, and sometimes just white or transparent?). Sometimes I see a large irregular shape (looks like a liquid smoke, very beautiful color) but a very dark bluish purple color. The only way to describe the color is to say it reminds me of a black light and it always leads me to anther kind of vision (it seems like more of a place to me). When I’d tell my mom about it she would only dismiss my questions or tell me to stop dabbling. I never did any of that stuff. Of course I tried to ignore it because I thought I was doing something wrong but to no avail. No, I do not do drugs(never have) and no, I’ve never had a mental issue other than ADHD which I do not believe in nor did I take the crap they tried so hard to give me (just an amphetamine that causes addiction, no thanks). Of course there is more to the story than just seeing dots and visions but I usually keep to myself because of judgmental comments and other things that come with the wish to my share my gifts with others. I think most people have God given gifts but some turn away from it or find a way to suppress it. I’m am in my 30’s now and my mother has finally come to believe me (because I am able to show her) and admits to the same things happening to her as a child but she no longer has sees visions. I usually do not comment or talk about any of this but I know for a fact that this is a gift and not a curse (or something that I have done). I get so tired of others being made to feel ashamed for having unexplained gifts that are hard to prove scientifically (man made theory). I choose to give thanks and remember that I’m here to help others, not worry about why or how. Jesus does say that we are able to do the same miracles that he did and then some. I believe him.

  20. My sister Has been seeing some colorful dots and she says that they are helping her from a terrible person called the owner who is trying to kill them and her.I got freaked out when I heard her say that and she just took it well.DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THIS IS????

    • I know who the owner is… I am the owner.. I don’t mean to be evil but I am. Your sister sounds like a prophet and I’d like to know how she is doing and if she has anything to say to me. thanks. If you don’t believe me ask her to read my blog to see if we mean the same thing when we say the owner. I have had trouble figuring out what to call myself but that title fits really well.

  21. I see them too. I see them in everything. It’s like they make up the solid color of everything. One color speck will be more prevalent. For example a yellow paint will have mainly yellow flecks with some red or orange if it’s a warm golden yellow or some green and blue if it is a cooler yellow. I have been telling people since I was little that their skin has flecks of different colors in it.

  22. What i think is that this fake white gray aura is your spiritual energy ehm ball or field. Moving to another place is like a plant being put into a different soil. What was good in one place can appear as negative within another frame or content.
    Thats why i think it represents your own halfstepping feelings kinda good but not really convinced of the goodness.

    Your teacher has something thats scares you. Thats why its likely for you to feed this “demon” with your halfstepping fake comfort and it would be easy for you to manipulate her further in this way and establish a relation of lies. Which most peeps do and push us into living fake relations too.

    Ive seen mainly blue sparks and some red sparks.
    When i received my child i saw a yellow spark.
    I saw my own soul as a light like this spark.
    Its love. Slowly growing love.

    I find the best explanation of understanding your grayish white energy hm realm and the bright red in the tibetian book of death where you encounter exactly this in the buddhas in the bardo of life and death.

    Ijust understand the principle …the buddhas are not personifications … they are just a crutch to make you understand.

    It is your choice to live a foggish gray fake way or true to yourself and upright to who you truely are.

  23. Hi. So just wanna say im 19 now and ive been experiencing the same thing since i was a little. I still have no idea what is it or what causes it. Ive stumbled on some blog claiming its this and that but no one is really certain about it. I actually thought its normal. That everyone can see it or will be able to see it if they just focus. June is right when he says some colors are prevalent. Iny case, red is the dominant color. Then blue. Sometimes when all this color mixed up, they produce violet though i see more colors when i was a kid. Ive read some people are able to control them, make them form into shapes,letters or numbers when they will it too. I can when i was younger but now, i cant. I dont have any mental conditions nor migraine. I used to have 20/20 visions when i was a kid but now, im near sighted i have to wear glasses but i still see them eitherway so it has nothing to do with the eye vision. Some people claim it to be floaters or visual snow. Some call it ethers.

  24. I am 43 and have always seen the dots also. I am fascinated with this article. I am just now at a point in my life that I am looking for direction to learn about my gifts. I have been visited by creatures since I was small and still have experiences where I am shown things and hear messages and feel things or have dreams of prophecy. There are creatures that show themselves to me. The last one that did my boyfriend saw as well. I have been seeking spiritual guidance with this recently. I numbed it for a long time because my parents explanation for it was that I was bothered by the demons. I felt evil for a long time and was ashamed. I finally know better now and since I have been praying for guidance in this matter I am being shown the way slowly. It is of great comfort to me that there are others that talk about this and have found acceptance from their family. I remember as a child when I coughed I saw lightning across my vision. Also I saw things in the dots, they would form figures mostly in the dark but during the day as well. The beings seemed to be friendly but it terrified me that they were there. I have experiences evil entities, but now I know that just because something scared me doesn’t mean it was evil. I was afraid a long time because of my parents explanation for my experiences. I believe I have a purpose. I am seeking for an answer to what that purpose is.

  25. it’s funny for me now that I’m reading this. because, I think I’ve always been a very spiritual person. lately, I’ve been attracted to self awareness and all these kinds of spiritual things. I’ve been seeing these dots since I was like six yrs old, now I randomly looked it up on google to know why, And i find all this. I still don’t know if It is really a connection with all this or if it has nothing with it. But I identified a lot with your answer and explanation, so thank you , id like to know more!!

  26. I see dots too. I used to think it was somebody’s soul signature and it’d show up if we made a telepathic connection whether on purpose or not. Now I am not sure… it’s a mystery! But I see them all the time in every colour

  27. I do not see multi colored dots. I have always seen a large gold sparkle / dot and sometimes I see silver / sparkle dot. My impression is that either Arch Angel St. Michael is present (Gold Sparkle) or Gabriel (Silver Sparkle). I just happen to see them in times of despair or sadness. They are comforting and beautiful to see. Almost as if they are pronouncing themselves in my field of vision so they can provide comfort in times of distress.

  28. I’m Hindu and I also see the same things as specified in the comments section. However, I have never read the bible, and it was more common when I was <12.

    • I hope you continue to check out this site. People all over the world have this ability and I believe the Bible points us to the proper use and function of this ability here on earth.

  29. Hi,
    Can you explain a bit more about this please. I feel like this is exactly what’s happening to me lately and I need to know more about it!!
    Thank you.

  30. Hi, I am 50 years old and I still see the tiny particles. I always thought the red and green were more dominant but there is definitely a mix of colors . To give an idea to how they look just imagin A sunny room with the window open. With the sun shining through the room you can see particles flying around . The sparkles look similar to that or similar to white static from a tv appears also known for white noise. When I was very young between 3 and 6 years old I use to see a see through human figure made out of the same particles late at night . Usually a male shape. I would call for my mom or dad to come in when I was scared and when they didn’t hear me this figure made out of the particles appeared. He would stay in view in my door way. Now that I think about it there was an old military pic of my grandfather in the hallway by my bedroom door. Then I would fall back asleep. I can still remember a couple of my bad dreams that woke me up back then! The dreams I remember happened when I was around 5 years old. I have had nightmares my whole life. Just recently in my forties they seem to have stopped for the most part. I always thought the colored particles were normal and that every one saw them. I use to think that was how darkness looked and I figured the human shape I saw was my mind playing tricks but now I think differently.

  31. Very thankful for your article very timely for what i believe God is wanting to awake in His children . even just last year i couldnt find anything biblically based on the dots or auras and that was discouraging for my confidence with them being from the Lord . whats helped me is to pinpoint the moments when I see them and they are usually coinciding with hope as im already before the Lord with my thoughts very inward .

    Same for me with the dots ive seen blue red yellow purple white . they are so distinct in color and perfect circular shape. Ive see auras as a kid and just recently rememeberd a first grade teacher who struck me as very gentle and compassionate looking back i bet she was a believer . She had a yellowish haze around her . also pastors and public speakers when i can already sense their hearts passion and sincerity in their message .

    Im 27 by the way just wanted to share my experience and thank you for your boldness to post this . so much to behold of Christ and what He has for us .

  32. Greetings Friends. Hoping this finds you in excellent health,, filled by HIS HOLY SPIRIT. Thank You for the opportunity to learn, to grow and to share,
    Yes, I too see colors. The colors appear usually when I pray, with eyes closed, but sometimes they are so powerful as to be seen with eyes opened. The colors are blue-green, green, purple, yellow, red and white. It is quite beautiful to see. When I gaze into the sky for awhile I see tiny sparkling lights. The light are constantly moving, in little round clusters. The clusters are moving in a circular motion. I liken this to the Spriritual Realm, to the glory of GOD. When I see dark objects, moving or otherwise, I believe these are demonic and to be shunned and avoided. It is good to be able to share and grow. GOD Bless!

  33. My 9 year old son has been playing with these lights/dots since he was a baby. Recently he told me that he thought he was crazy because we can’t see it. My go to was to have him pray but he said they were nice. Sometimes a scary one would come and the others flee. He also says there is a portal above the ceiling . I told him to always stay away from it. When that happens we pray. I don’t know what to do. I always ignore it. He has never seen any paranormal movie or violent games. We keep it Disney. Will he outgrow this? I pray that he does.

    • With respect to the portal, you should exercise your power and authority as owner (or renter) of the home to command that portal is closed or removes from your home. I think you should do a spiritual house cleansing, to seal the home from the enemy. As for seeing the lights, it’s likely that won’t fade. Teach your son about the rule of God and how that is more powerful than the dark spiritual forces. I suspect your son will grow to be a warrior for Christ, and you have the honor of raising him!

  34. I know I’m a little late to this but it’s only now I’ve found posts like this. I’m 19 and female, I can still see the dots and sometimes auras. I don’t fully understand what they are but I’ve noticed they sometimes change colors when someone else is nearby. These dots change color and move all over the room in different patters, some form vortex like shapes and some just move up and down or like spiral.

  35. The dots (orbs) are also visible through infrared cameras. So the claim that they are white blood cells is misleading (According to science).
    In my opinion, they are a bridge between spiritual and physical dimensions.
    they are here to remind us that life is only a short journey and we are infinite souls.

    • These dots aren’t the same as orbs. Orbs are bigger and less frequent. These dot are relly tiny and multicolored.

  36. And thank you for yours because your the only other person I know of that relates to it ! Trying to discern what black vs white means . at first i thought it was anglic vs demonic yet ive come to realize certain times it seems like one after another in a long row consistently white or shadowy black so im not sure if that went along with my previous theory of believer vs non believer . Ive tried debunking it with the possibility of logocal explanation like a/c seaping from windows etc lol, yet doesnt line up esp considering the shadowy haze I notice . keep me posted on here with anything new you observe . Glad you responded . look my up on fb under corey ryan jensen . God bless

  37. Interesting, the only person that can see what I see and visa versa, is on the other side of the country. lol. I am 54 you are much younger. I started noticing that I am a seer about 11 years ago. How long have you’ve been a seer?

  38. I feel like whoever sees these sorts of things could be connecting to or contains a personal energetic/spiritual relation to a specific holiness. Maybe the Spirit of the Universe. I see what the original post is about, since I was around 12, and it never goes away. It is there 24/7 and is super potent the more I age.

  39. Next time when it goes to a blank space try to write. Don’t judge yourself or your spelling. Just write. Then walk away and do some deep breathing and drink some water. When the time comes to read the message you will know

  40. Can someone tell me if anybody can see these dots at any time or is it any believer or is it any seer (assuming a seer is either a rare ability a believer has or a believer that trully follows God). Because every comment made here, which there are a ton of, talk about how they can see these colors, so I am very confused.
    PS I can see them too

  41. Crystal Indigo Children on FB or Google, also, from (twindeermother)
    The multi-colored dots are that of a Crystal Child frequency 11 on their book of life. (Jesus wore Crystal 11 with Blue 5 and Yellow 3).

    I am a Crystal Child 11, validated through the Holy Spirit. You can be gifted your book of life colors/arc of the covenant tools of light at those links. There are 16 frequencies and we all wear 4, the last being clear (Grey 14)

    The pastel spots are only the “appearance” of Crystal 11. It is important to get your numeric value because as you said others view differently. There is Blue 5, Aqua 10, and Rainbow 12 that clicks into the shade you are wearing.

    The red colors are the red robed pll. You probably can not curse them because they already have all good and bad run through them. Magenta 9. Unless you mean the true color of Crystal 11 (meaning it’s position that is red over red, or the twin stone.

    I think you mean Magebta 9 though. Yes they have enough issues.

    Also Lavender 8 are Holy people. They can not be cursed due to the birthing of light they produce. Inner light they hold and almost explode with.

    Crystal has (on the skin close) a thin layer of that soft blue because they are the blue crown of heaven. It’s a very thin line of baby blue. Please if you wear this or think you may SING A SONG FOR OTHERS IT HELPS YOU. TWINNING THE SOUL. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO.

    I also see Silver 12 (one of my overlay colors) having shards of multicolored light. But in slices. No one can really mess with Silver or Crystal because they are the physical and spiritual mirrors.

    White is White Star 15. It is humility. It is a Star. The highest frequency we can wear but also the youngest spiritually. Oldest physically. A sort of grandfather Star.

    Golden 13 is telepathy or the sound hoop, angelic they are. (My last overlay). This one very much needs to purpose a flute or wind instrument and pray so they can stop flying around.

    You can see the rest of the colors and the mathematical perfection at those sites above.


    Crystal Sister,
    Warriors of the Rainbow

  42. I can see the dots. For me they are typically bright fuchsia colored. They can appear in my vision anytime, eyes open or closed. The only thing that makes them appear is when I specifically look for them. I essentially will myself to see them. They don’t necessarily move around, but they don’t necessarily stand still. They always maintain the same relative distance from each other, there are an uncountable number of them, coating everything I see. I can will other colors of dots into existence, but they do not take up the same space as the fuchsia dots, but the fuchsia dots will go away in an area where I bring in, say, bright blue-green dots. Often when staring at the dots I will start seeing waves of I don’t know…. coming from the edges of my vision and coming together… causing a shift in the lightness/darkness of what is in my vision, which makes the waves stand out. They about about 2 seconds to cross my vision… Another interesting thing I see… patterns form on the ceiling, or a table, or countertop or floor, and a second pattern forms inderneath and then they start moving as if the first pattern is transparent and layered on top of the other… and the patterns sway. I can will myself to see any of these things almost immediately just by looking for them.

    • Mmm one other thing I took notice of recently… transparent swirls colored like oil in water, with very fine lines… I can see them around me, and they come off of my fingers and can be manipulated, very fluid like and can’t bee seen with normal vision, have to really activate something in my mind to see it, but it’s always there, always the same. I can even feel it between my fingers, roll it into a ball that I can see, almost as if I was trying to create something out of nothing.

  43. Today i was practicing ballet so i got some tape put it on the floor then i realise it was way too short then out know where i saw a colorful line so i kept praticing i left and when ever i come back i see the line waiting for me to practing again .

  44. Thank you! I got on this blog because I’m seeing blue/red dots as well as purple ones, mostly purple clouds. I recently saw an eye doctor, and he told me my eyes are very healthy. I’m also seeing this light reflecting off objects and humans which I thought it’s a form of double vision. It’s nice to see that you’re not alone in this.

  45. Hi

    I’ve learned that different colors can mean different things to from one another. You need to focus and make note what colors mean to you and what you experience with them yourself.

    I see a lot of blue spots, blue to mean is very good, they are my spirit guides, they always show up, when I’m lost, confused they well lead you in the right directions, or tell you yes do it, just now I hesitated to reply to you, but first time ever a blue dot showed up telling me yes do it.

    Red isn’t bad it just a very strong spirit, also a strong aura my aura is red.

    Blue is spirit guides or a passed love one, like a grandma ect. one day I told a client their is a very tiny blue spot I’ve never seen one so tiny before, did you lose a young child? They said it might be my baby brother.

    fuchsia to me I have a hard time figuring out what it is, I believe it an ancestor you haven’t met, some times it fushsia and blue mixed together, but when ever it shows its a good thing

    Gold is power this spirit is of great importance when they were here in the physical world they where powerful. I don’t see this as much, but I believe it to be a Lord or God.

    White/Gray is a spirit and or soul, I have seen these color exert from people’s bodies when there soul is at peace, relaxed, happy. It really neat to see them float out of people bodies.

    The one you need to worry is Black, I only see black when some one is depressed, sad, hangry, really got to be careful when you see Gold turn into Black means the Black spirit has great power and can hurt you.

    I usually when I see black I see a lot of blue, which is good mean the blue is protecting you from the Black spirit, I some times I’ve seen a lot of black, and I’ve see blue, red and gold fighting.

    I normally don’t tell a lot of people I see this but if I see black around someone I ask them if they need help are you depressed and when I see black and blue and red I ask are you thinking of suicide and it’s either that or that purpose is getting abused.

    But the color I see and how I read them might be different to you. You need to pay attention to what you’re colora mean to you.

  46. i’ve seen mostly red and now some purple sparkly dots since i was a child . as a child they would dance in my peripheral vision creating objects that i did not really know what they were . when i got older , i focused , focused focused and realized i could use the dots to remote view . i could only view something i had a connection to mainly animals , sometimes i was able to see out of my cats eyes. i would like to practice this further , but haven’t been feeling well or encouraged.thanks for all the posts and reminders

  47. hi ive been told something about a royal blue. I was told that person had this gift with god. i was told this royal blue was verry soothing to them.I believe i was being told they could see my spiritual color. i am a servant of christ. Is there an answer. I know there is

  48. Wow! I’m so happy to have randomly found this website. I’m 45 years old and I have seen these colored circles ever since I had my son. They started as a colored fog that would surround me, then they became the colored circles, all different sizes.
    I’m a massage therapist and I see the fairly often when I work on people, they appear as I’m looking at the person’s body then they just disappear. It’s pretty quick. I’ve also seen flashing lights around people, almost like the blinking stars in the sky. However, I see these balls of light even when I’m not working on people.
    I’ve been searching for a meaning as to what these lights are and why they appear but I haven’t made sense of them. So I just acknowledge them, sometimes I even say “I see you” and they disappear.
    Once, I saw a different ball of light, it was a different color blue then I usually see and it was quite large. I saw it twice in a short amount of time. I just saw it and acknowledged it. Later that day, I found out a friend had passed away. 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Anyways, thank you to everyone who has shared, it makes me feel good knowing that others are experiencing this because I’ve never met anyone who knows what I’m talking about.

  49. It’s so cray to see people commenting on the same things I’m seeing. Wish I could get more clarity, couldn’t reply to their comn tho. It’s still encouraging, I’m sure my guide will explain in time.

  50. I have been reading with interest as I am trying to learn what it is I used to see as a child. I regularly used to see clouds of tiny red lights dancing around my room. The clouds would vary in size but around 50cm would be quite common. I would watch them for a while, probably 10 seconds or so. I found them quite interesting and they did not scare me, I thought it was normal & didn’t really think that much of it. The difference with what I saw compared to others is that they were always red never any other colour. The clouds had hundreds of tiny red glittery, shimmery light specs in them. I probably had these experiences from 3 to 7 years old. I am 43 now and have only had one experience as an adult although this was completely different, I awoke up one night on holiday and was a little uneasy because it was very windy, I had been awake a while and was alert because of the wind so I know I was not dreaming but I looked at my sleeping dog and he had about 10 electric blue light dots around his body. Again I did not feel fear when I saw them, just bemused. I have no idea what I have experienced but am interested to find out.

  51. My four year old grand daughter sees balls. She calls them model balls. She says they are all the colors and they make dreams. She also says they are in the walls and everywhere. She will say they are floating by. She said tonight to her mommy, “See! It’s a dream!”

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