A Theory about Multi-Colored Dots Visions

Some time ago, I spoke with my daughter a little about these multi-colored dots she sees all the time.  Consistently, one of the most commonly visited pages on this site is the rainbow-colored dots page. Lots of people see these things all the time, and many aren’t aware that the rest of us aren’t seeing them.

A visitor to the colored dots page emailed me, and wrote that she thought everyone saw them until she was 13, and when she asked her mother about them, she gave her a puzzled, concerned look. She asked if they are particles or energy fields that are distinct from auras.

I don’t know what they are.

I’m afraid until good research is done, a lot of what I’ll write is speculative or first-person accounts.

This falls into both… My daughter described the dots as almost forming a tapestry around her, but they move very slowly. They shift. They move.

I’ve wondered if her retina is picking up aspects of regular vision and what she is seeing isn’t supernatural at all. But the more I speak with people who see these things, the more I reject a non-supernatural explanation. After all, she’s had eye exams and there’s nothing amiss, biologically. Plus, these things do respond to prayer, but not in the way demons do. 

While I don’t know what these things are, I do have a theory. Of course, it’s not testable. So… let’s just call it a thought.

Book of Hours, Use of Rouen, in Latin and French, c.1500.

My Thought

I think the seers who see these multi-colored dots are picking up an image of the spiritual forces, powers, and energy embedded in the cosmic veil between the physical and spiritual realms.

Positive and negative energy that is released, sent, thought,… like when someone curses somebody (I don’t mean “magic”… but like when someone cusses at someone or says “you’re a jerk”), negative spiritual energy is released which reverberates in the spirit realm, and I think that negative energy can actually target the person who is being cursed, affecting him or her spiritually.

Life and death, the proverb goes, is in the power of the tongue.

When someone blesses another person, (something as simple as smiling at someone), positive spiritual energy is released and will find that person, affecting him or her in the spirit realm.

Again, I think this forms kind of a backdrop to our physical reality that separates the physical world from the “unseen realm”, where spirits like ghosts, demons, angels, and other spiritual beings belong. I think this backdrop, this sea of spiritual energy, is what these seers’ eyes and brains are picking up on.

I don’t have scientific research to back that up, and anyway most scientific research in the paranormal is based on false assumptions. It’s just conjecture I’ve come up with after speaking with lots of eye witnesses and hearing different people’s theories and testimonies.




  1. Omg. God is my best friend. I fell upon this site after my friend told me i might be a seer since i have such divine experiences with God all the time.

    I always thought that the colorful thoughts i have seen since i was 3-5 were meaningless, since it was such a small matter compared to the other things that God has shown me.

    My interpretation of the colorful dots is that its a war game. I only see them when i close my eyes or stare into darkness. Thus, when you close your eyes all you see is darkness. The devil and his army are trying to find ways to exist, red dots to me, but given eternity and inifite space he can not survive. Extinction will always occur and there are other colorful dots battling the red dots. These other colorful dots represent the good.

  2. The multi-colored dots of light are usually astral beings, astral guides and or sometimes thoughtforms mainly, but this can also be other types of astral light phenomena or even a unique sparkling effect of someone’s aura (common with those associated with magick), it can even be a visual sign, cue, or confirmation from a person’s higher self. Also as a soul’s spiritual seeking intensifies the throat chakra at times may produce varying degrees of sprays of bright neon blue dots of light kinda like a shotgun blast or firework effect that isn’t always easily tuned out. This is a rapidly growing phenomena particularly with our youth and or those that under go some event that triggers the ability (I gained the ability after a near death experience in 2011). Use precaution before excepting a Dr.’s opinion regarding this phenomenon, there is a medical term for it, yet current medical science has not yet understood spiritual or psychic phenomena nor have they truly understood what causes disease much less have reliable cures for much of them. You may notice them more frequently as you follow your personal spiritual path of soul evolution. I noticed it especially from reading books with open-minded views like extraterrestrial channeled spiritual material, astral projection, psychic phenomena, etc. It is said in many channeled sources (The Law of One; Ra-material/ Edgar Cayce/ Unarius/ and many others ) that at this time many higher beings incarnated at this time to help raise earth’s vibration as we approach the harvest. These kids may behave differently and often have paranormal abilities, they are usually known as Indigo Children or sometimes Wanderers. This ability can be developed through intense desire, meditation, auto-suggestion, and many other ways as well. There is many factors that will either intensify or reduce this ability, such as drugs, medications, relaxation, environment, time, and it is also tied to your current level of energy. To banish the dark negative thoughtforms you can raise a feeling of love and positivity then imagine sending this loving light energy towards it, you may also use the names of god and imagining it dissipating and being projected away from the aura. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is the best defense, if memorized and done properly, to banish unwanted negative entities or energies.

    • So you obtained the gift and was not born with it? Let me ask a few questions so o can compare. I know some seers can do certain things and there are levels and we are seers of the divine basically like u said reincarnated gods or something of that type. Anyway can you guys heal people to? Like jesus did back in the day and heal the blind? Because i have literally done some of those things, like the eye thing. and bending elements. By definition im an avatar, or awa tara , which means to descent from heaven or something like that. But like aang off avatar the last air bender i can bend all the elements which im reality are way more than four. To be honest there is not much i cant do if i practice.

  3. I think your theory is pretty accurate. These lights and dots are always present in my vision and I have a knowing in my spirit that its a constant cosmic war going on continually. Its not easy being a seer and your site has helped me immensely. I just want to say thank you and God bless you for the courage to speak out.

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