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  1. I am now retired living in Florida, 66 years old, I have always had a problem with homosexuality since very young by a relitive I felt abandonment and alone I could never fell understood by anyone I always felt rejected by every one since my mother had some of these issues since she was also adoupted by her aunt,I never lived with my parents, I never married I never felt good enough or felt like I could not bring these problems into a marriage relationship, I managed to work and retire from government employment, I am a vietnam veteran. I have not had sex since I was 28 years old that was when I accepted the Lord into my life that was the best decision I ever made but as you can tell I have many poor decisions as well. Where can I go just want to be certain I am allowing real christians to lay hands on me. I am willing to travel somewhere if I know for sure that I could be administered to. Thank You

  2. I have recently in the past year started to embrace my gifts and that is by connecting with Jesus and blessed mother and God and all the hierarchy of angels and of course my guardian angels and Spirit guides and yes I have learned a lot in the past year but Im very confused. I see so many images sometimes I see clear and sometimes I don’t. I see all the spirits very clear but I find it hard to see what they’re trying to tell me. Yes I meditate and sometimes I do get the message that they are trying to relate but I’m just so confused about my life’s purpose about exactly what my gifts are. Please say a prayer for me

    • I’m just so confused and depressed because I feel like I’m not on my journey. The only time of the day I’m happy is either when I’m meditating and connecting with the spirit realm or when I’m praying and being visited by Jesus and Blessed Mother and all the beautiful Arc Angels and and guardian angels and my Spirit guides and of course our Heavenly Father as well. Ugh, I feel like I don’t belong in this world. ?

  3. I should mention as well that I’m 38 years old and please no judgement but for 20 years of my life I was a bad drug addict (which I believe was because of past traumas but mainly because I’ve always felt the sense of not belonging and ive always felt different probably because of my gifts) but I have over 10 years clean now and I’m trying to find a purpose and I understand seeing is probably my main purpose but how do I understand the messages more clearer and what do I do now with my gifts? Ugh so sorry to splurge on.

  4. One more thing, I only connect with divine light, Angels arc angels, blessed mother, jesus and god and etc, never do I connect with anyone who has passed. I have connected once or twice with my grandma and grandpa and uncle (altogether) who have passed but they came to say goodbye

  5. well dolores thats the beauty of the gift of free will we get to choose how where and what we do….either good or bad…..and there sure is need for more good in this world….i can recomend you volunteering….help orphans,old people in nursing homes,the homeless,animal shelters…giving your time and friendship to the needy.and as for the gifts you have be grateful that you know more and think of the ateists in this world that dont have our chance to aknoledge the presence of God and Evil.PS About the drugs…no regrets dolores what was was….

  6. The reCAPTCHA is not updated and no one can send anything to contact you because it won’t work. How do we contact you?

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