Seers and a One Way Trip to the Loony Bin

No One to Talk To

I spoke with a seer this week who attends a church. She said she doesn’t have anyone to talk to about her seeing gift because her religious leaders declared, “the gift of seeing is Bible times stuff and I should probably talk to my therapist about it.”

She added, “I’m smart enough to not talk to any of my therapists about [the seeing gift]. That would be a one way trip to the loony bin.”


God Can’t Speak through Dreams?

One of this seer’s college ministry leaders added that God doesn’t speak through dreams.

For God speaks in one way and in two though a man does not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on men, while they slumber on their beds. The Book of Job 33:14-15.

That’s not to say every or even most dreams are from God… but who are we to say what God does and doesn’t do, especially when biblical writers expressly declared God does so?

Bible Times Stuff

Yes, seeing into the spirit realm and receiving visions from God through dreams is Bible times stuff. And we are living in Bible times. The Bible is for today.

Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today, and forever.

Seers Called to the Nonbelievers

It can be frustrating when seers are called to a church which does not accept their abilities and gifts and even declares those of us who do accept them “in a cult.”

My advice is not to run from these churches, but to embrace your calling, and reveal the gift with care, if at all. You can move in the gifting without telling people.

Allow God to show you how. And do not be frustrated. Do not fear. Love those around you. When leaders say things that reveal their ignorance or errant theology, don’t feel the need to correct them or to respond.  Allow God to bring them along accordingly.  Do not be offended.

Instead, be patient and kind. Don’t insist on having things your way and don’t be irritable or resentful.  Bear all things.   Look for ways to integrate, to accomplish what Jesus wants you to accomplish, peaceably, while getting along with others whenever possible. It’s really not about our feelings or experiences, but about God’s call on our lives.

Seers in Therapy

Regarding therapists: use caution in revealing this ability to therapists, unless the therapist has a supernatural worldview rooted in faith in Jesus and filled with the Holy Spirit.



  1. How does one differentiate between if they are suffering from a beginning (or advanced) case of mental illness or if they have this seer ability?
    How does one determine this?
    Also is it possible to both mentally ill and have the seer ability?
    I’m aware that these are tough questions, but I feel that they need to be asked.

    • These are great questions. I’ve asked my wife, who is clinically licensed in the mental health field, to write a response. She has to work within the confines of the cultural paradigm (scientific materialism) although at times, she suspects some of her clients are having a spiritual causation to their pathos rather than “just” a mental illness issue.

      So, hopefully she’ll reply, but until then, my thoughts… Personally, I believe many people have a chemical imbalance or have had trauma imposed on them that result in mental illness. The mental illness also impacts their spirituality. These people need “inner healing.”

      I also think many other people have a spiritual oppression that results in mental illness. These people need deliverance.

      I also think many people have BOTH… and are just in a dark place. They need both inner healing and deliverance. I think it’d take a professional with a supernatural worldview and some training in spiritual warfare to fully discern where a person our culture would classify as “mentally ill” is.

      I absolutely believe someone can be a seer and also legitimately diagnosed with a mental illness or a conditoin like PTSD. For sure, some seers have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from WHAT THEY SEE! We are very complicated beings and Jesus will walk with us to total healing (the Greek word is “sozo”, which sometimes in English translations of the Bible is translated as physical healing and other times as deliverance.) One book that explores this concept that we recommend is Deliverance and Inner Healing.

          • Being someone with clinical training and experience I imagine she does. One reason why I’m so interested in this topic is because I have a friend who started seeing things, but I don’t think he’s a seer. My friend claims he and his new girlfriend/fiancee, who he just met a few months ago, are werewolves. Hopefully not being too graphic, but according to him since he’s become a werewolf his penis has grown an inch and he wants sex all the time. He also claims to be able to travel to another realm of reality where he has another body. He’s supposedly a legend in this world and is constantly under threat of assassination. There’s other strange stuff, but that’s the tip of the iceberg.

          • My wife is working from my home office today, and I read her this comment, and we had a 20 minute conversation about… the age old question in psychology within a supernatural worldview: “is it demonic or is it a chemical imbalance?” Is it a demonic possession or a mental delusion? Did your friend’s penis actually grow? Is he experiencing a delusion to justify his desire for sex? Is he disassociating and creating a mental fantasy where’s he’s having delusions of grandeur (a legend in this world under threat of assassination). Or is he under a severe demonic oppression that is transporting his consciousness and reshaping his mental capacities?

            Actually, I’ve had a few people come to me and describe that they were werewolves- even describing truly odd things happening on nights of a full moon. One was in person, and we went through some deliverance and inner healing and that identity went away. The others were through this medium, so it wasn’t possible to sit down and do serious ministry.

  2. First of all thank you so much for reading my comment and talking it over with your wife. As someone with a supernatural worldview I have indeed considered the possibility of a malevolent spirit or such. Unfortunately, my friend’s delusions are just so chaotic, bizarre, and beyond the pale of what you guys typically talk about on this site or in other Christian forums. For example, he claims he’s a werewolf, but there’s little in his fantasy world that fits traditional lore on werewolves. He talks about chakra, a third eye, fighting an alternate version of himself filled with demons and rage, dying 11 times, and other bizarre stuff. It’s a fantasy world with little of the coherence we typically see in descriptions of the spiritual world or in works of fiction for that matter. That doesn’t even include the paranoid and grandiose aspects of it.

    • For a moment, I was looking for the “like” button… as if this was a Facebook thread. LOL!! Great comments. When someone begins thinking from a delusional starting position (in this case, occult or New Age), it can be easy to descend into a dangerous delusion of deception. Sometimes, “traditional” therapy with appropriate drug treatments under the guidance of a trained medical or mental health professional is the best first step to recovery.

  3. Hi all! I hope this is a safe place, looking for some guidance. On Thanksgiving I was filled with the “Holy Spirit” and my whole life was turned upside down. I had so many memories that weren’t true, but I was certain! Things from logos, to famous movies titles and quotes, body anatomy, historical events, even world georgraphy – things I had grown up knowing and carried with me, suddenly I was told my memories were wrong. Being that we hold our memories so dear, I got defensive and on the third day of fighting my husband told me that he wanted to institutionalize me. I didn’t know if I had broke the matrix, woke in a parallel universe or survived some rapture. It was the scariest, darkest weekend of my life. I’m not religious, but I believe this can be called “the dark night of the soul”… I’m not even sure how I did it, I think it was a collection of questioning conspiracies and eating better, taking care of my thoughts and my body in a healthy way. I only go to church on Christmas and Easter, I’ve never read the Bible and I never asked for this… but I can See. I broke the veil and went even further. I found this out first through music. Does anyone still comment here! I def need some guidance my own husband thinks I’m crazy, that I’m making things to fit my own “agenda”

    • I’m not sure what you’re looking for exactly. The best thing to do is to get your thinking rooted in something that is true: Jesus Christ was a real person who walked the earth, preached some startling things and backed up his preaching with miracles, then he was killed, and then God rose him again, again confirming what Jesus said was true. Get to know more about Jesus.

      Get a Bible – doesn’t much matter which version – and read the book of John. Click here. Take your time reading it. Don’t read it like it’s a piece of nonfiction or a documentary, but read it with an open mind. John has a point to make about who Jesus is.

      Also, I’ll email you my Christmas devotional. Take your time this Christmas season thinking about Jesus and what it’s all about. Don’t get too caught up conspiracy theories (even the true ones)… trust me, once you “break out of the matrix”, it’s very easy to spiral down a dark way of thinking. Instead, focus your mind on the Person who is true!

      Stick around this website, and I’ll teach you to think about the world in a way based on truth, not blind to the forces of darkness and their human agents, but empowered to live in a way without fear of them.

      This Christmas season, Jesus will teach you the true meaning of love. You’ll find yourself loving your husband in a way you (and he) didn’t know was possible.

      And definitely, try to find a church that you can begin attending regularly. That will help. You don’t have to agree with everything they teach… the point is to get grounded in where Jesus is leading you!

  4. In the first few days in my research for an answer I came across a phenomenon being labeled on the internet as “the Mandela effect”. This is a group of people worldwide searching for answers like I did, suddenly their veil was lifted and they remembered what they weren’t supposed to. I believe they are being led astray, to think Man did this with AI and splitting molecules. Once again He is still being hidden from them, especially in their search for the answer

    • I’m familiar with the concept called the “Mandela effect.” While some people think it’s a glitch in the Matrix (as in the idea that we’re all in a computer hologram of some kind, a.k.a., the Matrix movies) and others think there are multiple time streams going on, and memories jump from one to another, it’s more likely that our brains simply mis-remember things, and then we’re shocked when we discover our memories are not correct. It’s part of the mental protest to mass social programming going on from the culture industry and Western post-enlightenment society in general. I talk a bit about that in the Worldviews chapter in my recent book. The trick is to train your minds to correctly to interpret reality, not trusting to faulty memories or deceptive social programming. I call the correct way of interpreting reality “The Kingdom of God Mindset.” It’s how Jesus thought about the world, and probably the best way for us to try to think about the world as well. Since Jesus is absolute truth, then he perceived the world in an absolutely truthful way. Check out these pages for where I’m going with this: Forming an Accurate Worldview

  5. Thank you, thank you for the advice. I’m 33, and to suddenly feel this way and to have this happen was just mind boggling. Its just a little overwhelming and feels awful like I’m holding this beautiful secret. I am getting messages everywhere, music, a commercial, a movie trailer, to words being spoken on a tv show. But can you explain to me how it works? For instance he first reached me in song, suddenly every love song was about Him. Every song sounds like a message, and some even have awful messages or awful sounds I have to turn it off. I can see it in the words. So if the song hasn’t changed, if the words haven’t changed – do the artists know what they’re singing about? A lot of people go through everyday motions, and can cry and be moved with music without hearing the words. I want to keep thinking these messages are real, but my husband has me almost believing now I’m twisting everything to be religious. Am I ge beginning of a fanatic? As each day passes, different things are happening. I heard a voice twice now. With 99% of people not believing me, or just being polite – it really is starting to make me feel crazy. Tell a person they’re crazy enough times and they may believe it. I look forward to your email thank you again

    • Rayven, you aren’t crazy, but the Holy Spirit is revealing God’s love for you in fantastic ways. It can be a little startling. Yes, God works through even nonbelieving artists, many of whom are looking for divine truth, although they don’t know it. Read my post on the movie Elf to get an idea of what I mean.

  6. email me, when I broke the Veil I could see that the “Mandela effect” is not mismemory! Ive been keeping a journal of my journey to this point, and it was shown to me this… Man, found proof of God in the 50s with their trips to Antarctica, and since then have worked to hide their secret.

    • Regarding the conspiracy you’re alluding to (Antarctica, etc), I’m quite familiar with it, but it’s a false theory based on a distortion of facts (e.g., that the treaty keeps people from exploring, lest they run into that ice wall). In fact, there are several tourist companies that will gladly take you to the South Pole and all over Antarctica, such as this one, or this one, or this one.

      In my book, I talk about this idea of trying to prove the existence of God scientifically. It’s a false supposition. Reality is both supernatural and natural, and it’s probably a mistake to try and separate the two, especially along scientific lines. A better perspective is one focussed on “the Kingdom of God Mindset”, which also explains where many of these darker conspiracy theories have originated: the forces of darkness to distract people from their true mission on earth.

  7. Rayven, I know what you are going through. I have been through it. I was filled with the Holy Spirit, here at college. Ever since then, my life has changed. My family, friends, and the school thought I belonged to a mental institution. Through God’s help, I have learned to persevere. I am now back in college, seeking God more than ever, and I have learned to not to pay attention to the negativity. The negativity is the enemy coming against you, trying to silence you, keeping you from learning who you are. I have come a long way, and it has been revealed to me that I am a seer. I am not sure where you are at right now, but I hope you are out of that tough situation. I hope you have found a church that have accepted your gift. I believe you have been called to be a seer as well. I just want you to know that you are not alone. God bless!!

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