Ruth Reports: A Seer’s Thoughts on Seeing Demons

Editor’s Note: This is one of the best articles ever posted on this site, specifically for seers who question what or why they see.

This post continues a series of articles from my friend Ruth, who is growing in her seer gift. Subheads and emphasis added. Please share your thoughts about this in the comments below. 

Ruth Reports: My Thoughts on Seeing Demons

Doug had asked me to write a blog about why people see demons.

So why do people experience a physical sight of a demon?

I can only speak from personal experience.

A. I think it can be a season in one’s life.

B. Connected with a sin issue. I have found when I have undealt with sins in my life, this is often when I see more demonic spirits.

C. Spiritual doors that have been open like watching scary movies, occult based books, dark music the list goes on.

D. Unhealthy fear of demons.

E. Curse placed over you or a family member.

I think it can be many different things.  These are just some I have personally experienced.

Seeing Demons

My first unpleasant experiences with demons started when I was around 14.  This started with feeling the physical presence of demons nearby. I have the gift of discernment so I was able to discern what the spirit were.  At 14 I didn’t realize this was a gift.  I thought it was a curse.

One that I wanted to free from.

Around 18 years old is I actually started to physically see demons. Demons appeared to me to moving blobs of dark gray.

Seeing Angels

At the same I started to experience seeing Angels.  Angels were clear moving air or very light white moving blobs. I saw no shapes just moving color in the air.

It was very confusing me at first when I started seeing spirits. I thought I might be crazy but after talking to friends who had experienced the same, I then realized it was real. Then I realized this isn’t going away.

This ability is here to stay.

I fought against it. I prayed for Jesus to take it away.

I have an inner war going on with myself. I spent too much time focusing on the negative side of seeing spirits. I believe I opened doors in my life that demons used to confuse and taunt me with. I was naive.

I wish I would have opened up and gotten help to process and fight this invisible battle. I did find victory though in understanding why I see what I see.

I did experience freedom in my own life that brought  beautiful angelic encounters that have no comparison to the demonic ones.

As I grew in my seer gifting and relationship with Jesus what I started to physically see became more clearer and clearer. I was around 22 and I started to see physical body shapes of spirits. It often happens around dust or night fall. I do see demons during the day as well, just not as detailed… more like blobs of dark gray. Thist happens often more than actually seeing shapes.

Often I see a solid black shape normally like a person and I see a detailed image face, clothes, physical distortions in my mind.

The Weapons Against Demons

I find demons to very ugly and often have physical distortions. The gift of discernment comes in and says “the spirit is Anger.” If this demon Anger is on my territory (apartment, car, work or church building) I will tell it to leave in Jesus name. Often it takes more than one command for the spirit to leave. I will fight until it has gone.

If I see a spirit while I’m driving or out in a public space, I often say a little prayer of safely and continue on unaffected.

Spirits All Around

There are spirits all around us we live in a supernatural world. I have learned I need to pick and choose my battles with demons in Jesus name. Relying on the Holy Spirit takes a hug burden off my shoulders. There is freedom from feeling the weight of seeing demons it comes from healing in Jesus and walking in the light.

It Comes From Being a Seer

Seeing spirits doesn’t always have to do with bondage. In some cases I believe it just can just come along with being a seer. Just because I see a spirit doesn’t mean I’m living in bondage.

I wanted to make this point. Sometimes like I mentioned previously, I do see spirits, but they are not always connected to a sin issue in my life.

Lately I feel I see spirits because I’m called to intercession in prayer and fight for victory in other’s life and my own. Often I feel God allows me to see spirits so I can pray and claim the freedom of what is mine in Jesus name.

I don’t a want a demon hanging around my apartment. I’d rather know it is there and command it to leave in Jesus name.



  1. This post has clarified that I’m truly not alone! Out of all that I have been able to find on the subject, this is all I needed to read!! I have read lots of other people’s experiences and none were described exactly how I see. Some make me feel like I don’t see clearly enough to say I’m actually a seer then some make me think wow I don’t see that kind of creature I’m no seer at all then there’s those that make me feel like a pro! This one though definitely confirmed to me down to the T that I am absolutely not crazy! No one has ever explained it exactly… from clear moving air all the way to begging God to take it away… because the black blobs came with such hard to handle emotions and negative feelings. I just wanted to be normal and not be so different!! I didn’t want my life to be so hard to handle! Jesus really does give you freedom! Thank God! Now I too have discovered that he has called me to intercessory prayer along with the gift of discernment. He has turned this thorn in my side into the greatest blessing for Christ’s own sake, to further the kingdom of God in all of his magnificent glory . Thank you for sharing! I think this was written for me! It’s like I can stop searching for my sanity online now haha thanks again! Exactly what I needed to know!! To be honest this post was dated to around the time I really started to search for answers!!! Definitely was meant for me! 😉

    Btw, do you feel others emotions so strong that you could confuse them with your own? Do you ever feel like you read a persons thoughts without knowing what it was until they said it outloud? Do you have visions?? Have you seen the giant Angels? Or the worshipping Angels? Are you seeing with natural eyes only or both natural eyes and your mind’s eye? I have so many questions! Please respond… Thank you in advance!

    • Annonymous please and thank you. Im jc and i have been doing a lot of research recently about seers when i stumbled upon this article and i couldnt help but just like you be amazed when i read this and your comments literally matched my thoughts. Oh and when you mentioned how this article was dated around the same time i was like NO WAY is it in oct of 2014?? And sure enouvh my theory was true. The world did shift and change around the time i started noticing things. Anyway i have some answers ruth may not be able to inform you about. Yes mind reading is absolutely real and like ruth i feel bad sometimes doing it but it could be worse ha. Its hilarious when people try and lie to me cause k can her them making the plan in there head. Its like i have selective hearing i only hear someones thoughts when its harmful other than that i basically ignore them. Wow i also have come to learn that sometimes when i just start talking about a subject i have never really researched before but seem to know detailed information about it just by thinking about it

  2. Hello, so sorry do my late response now to answer your questions. I have picked up on others emotions. I would not say it’s something that happens often. When I just staring to grow in my seer gift I often confuse others feelings for my own.

    Often the feelings I would pick up on were negative. It became quite a burden. As I grew in my relationship with Jesus it started to happen less and less. I’ve now very selective in when I allowed myself to “feel” others feelings. I want it to be God driven not me driven.

    I have felt I have been at see into other’s thoughts. It would happen at random times and often would make me feel uncomfortable. This would happen was I just starting off in my seer gift. It’s not something that happens on a regular basis for me now.

    I do have visions. It can happen on a daily basis. I go through seasons were it happens more or it happens less. It’s really mirrors were in at with Jesus and how open to the Holy Spirit I am. The more open I am connected to the Holy Spirit the more visions I have. I feel the Holy Spirit communications to me through visions. It’s often just a picture or movies playing in my mind.

    I have had open visions. I would consider an open vision something I see happening in the physical. It’s not in my mind I can see it physically with my eyes happening around me.

    I do see angles and demons physically. Angles are often white moving circular spears. Almost like a translucent moving light I often see a picture in my mind of how the angle looks. Also how large or small the angle is. I have seen picture’s of very large angles and very small angles. As I said they only appear in the physical realms to me moving translucent white light. As well have have see pictures in my mind of worshiping angles.

    When I see a demon’s they are normally black or gray blob. I say blob because it often it murky dark and shapeless. I often see my picture in my mind of what it looks like. I find demons very ugly.

    I have had two experiences of seeing beautiful demons. Demons almost as beautiful as angles. I was very confused and to why they were “beautiful.” So do not be deceived by what a spirit looks like. I would always rebuke a spirit in Jesus name if you not sure the origin of the spirit. It might take multiple rebukes.

  3. If you ever wanted to text or call me off my work phone since it doesnt look like anyone but true seers will see this article and comments. 8016485022 im gonna laugh if you live near utah to

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