Help! Why am I a seer?

I often hear from people who ask “Why am I a seer? What was God thinking?” I’ve met many seers who just want to sit alone in a corner, hiding their eyes, lest they see the unseen carnage around us.

Recently, I received an email from a young seer:

How am I supposed to live for the rest of my life as a seer for Jesus in a dark, crazy, chaotic world that doesn’t understand and where even my family and friends don’t understand either? And how am I supposed to be ok with this?

This was such a heartfelt cry, I wanted to share it. I’ve spoken with this seer by phone. She sees mainly demons and other dark spirits. She see spiritual warfare. She wants to be trained in the use of this ability to see beyond the veil.

But it’s tiring.  This seer added:

The life of a seer seems to be really difficult. This is quite a hard thing for me. I feel like I have a secret identity that only a few understand.

It is hard. I am not a seer, but I have interviewed many dozens. I am constantly surprised how many people there are who

  • actually see demons and angels,
  • who see the spiritual warfare around us all the time,
  • who see the effects of prayers and curses, and
  • witness the light of God and the darkness of demons.

This weekend, I attended a paranormal and psychic fair, for a time staffing a booth where we offered dream interpretation, prayer, and “readings” (which is “New Age-ese” for giving Prophetic Words). We were quite busy, because as agents of the King, we brought God’s presence (which to all of us are God’s Presents, isn’t it?).

One of the team was a seer, and he asked if I had walked down by the gypsies and fortune tellers.

I had.

He said, “Dark cloud down there.”

I noticed, but didn’t see it. Walking through it was like walking through a dark and mature wheat field, except the wheat was parting for me.

He’s a man of few words. Many seers are.  After all, how would you describe a Monet to a blind person? “Lots of colors.” And that’s about it.

As he looked at me, this seer, whom I had not seen in 6 months, said, “Your aura is much cleaner than the last time I saw you.  Clearer. Much less stress.” Indeed.  The last 6 months have been a time of spiritual renewal and pruning many distractions and activities from my life.

Seers amaze me.

For you who see in the spirit, how do you think I felt hearing him speak what he saw into me?

The King leads the charge.

The King leads the charge.

Choose this Day Whom You Will Serve

I know there were many seers at this fair. Most not aligned with the Most High God, the King.  It was interesting seeing them stare at me, startled, recognizing me as an agent of the King.

The New Age movement attracts seers because New Agers are non-judgemental and have a supernatural understanding of reality. This used to be the realm of Christianity – being nonjudgemental and having a supernatural understanding of reality, and in many places around the world, it is.  But in America, it’s not,  and New Agers will happily train young seers to become a psychic or a witch or wizard or a fortune teller.

Well, I see things differently. The spirit world is ultimately under the rule of a King, the maker of heaven and earth and all that is within.  We can choose to openly serve the King or not. New Agers serve other spirits.  I choose to serve the Holy Spirit. And those who see spirits, I encourage to

Go to your King for your orders,
Come to Jesus to hear his plans,
Seek the Lord to understand God’s ways, and
Approach the throne to hear God’s counsel.

Yes, you see the dark. It’s bad. It’s scary. No one understands. If you tell people, they might lock you up, try to give you drugs, or at least think you’re nuts and shun you.

At this fair, I met a seer who was a paranormal investigator and is also a Christian. She wants to help people she says. So do New Agers, but she has something they don’t: the King’s authority.

Stand Up. Walk as One the King has Sent.

It’s scary. Combat the fear with the love of God. There is no fear in love, for perfect love casts out fear. (1 John 4:18)

BuffyYou feel alone. You are not alone. “And behold, I am with you always.” (Matthew 28:29)

God is with you. Angels are assigned to you. Ask to be able to see them. And know you are sitting in the throne with Jesus.

You feel like you have a secret identity.  You do have a secret identity. Most Christians will look at you askance.

So keep it secret, but don’t keep it secret.

Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, battle the demons that only you see, exposing them to the Light of Jesus and telling people who God has called them to be, and go about your life quietly. Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. (Matthew 16:19)

It’s not about you. It’s not your message.  As the Father sent the King, so the King has sent you.

You are merely the ambassador.  You represent the King.

As Jesus came to serve the world, so has he sent you to serve.  It’s a noble calling. One assigned to you, because he knows you are able.  Trust him, because he trusts you.

Whoever believes in me, believes not in me but in him who sent me. And whoever sees me sees him who sent me.  I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in me shall not remain in darkness.

If anyone hears my words and does not keep them, I do not judge him; for I did not come to the judge the world but to save the world.  (The King speaking in John 12:44-47).

As you continually see only the darkness, set your minds on things above, as the King’s ambassador wrote:

If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on the earth…

Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another and , if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive.

And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.

And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts,… and whatever you do, inward or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. (See Colossians 3:1-17)

Yours is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory. Amen and amen.



  1. Great article! For me as a seer it helps to shut myself off from seeing bad things like demons, evil spirits and more. Then it does not bother me for I don’t see them any more.

    If that’s not possible for you then try to focus on seeing the angels around you. That always makes me happy for then I realize that I am not alone in a bad world surrounded by evil entities.

    As seers we tend to feel alone, because it usually is our nature. And if it’s not, then people don’t hesitate to tell us how wrong we are and more of this.

    But you are NOT alone. There are many like you. Because of this website you can share your thoughts and write them down. That will help you in the first place and others like you and me in the second place. Be bold…


  2. I do not see entities. i do not see “dark” things. I did once see a dark cloud over a person in church. In a day or two they were dead. I wondered why God let me see this.

    I have prophetic dreams and have been given important dream interpretations in three family members dreams. I do not seek this. It happens rarely. Some dreams are forty years ago but I understood them so completely that I can recall them.

    What do I do with this?

    • I think when we see dark clouds over someone, that’s an opportunity to speak life into them; to flip the vision… if the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy, and Jesus came to bring abundant life, then when we see destruction in someone’s life, we should flip that and speak life into them. By speaking life, it can simply mean to speak the Father’s heart – a heart of love – to someone. It’s a message people need to hear.

      Journal your dreams. Value them. I’ll be writing a post soon about why and more on the whole topics of dreams, and “what do to with this.”

  3. Hi, i have seen thing too, but i wanted some help with a dream i had, i can interpret dreams, that others have!!.. but this one has bothered me for a few weeks now? ..My friend Helen has a bad form of motor neuron disease, which has no cure, and a terminal prognosis,i believe God has told me she will be healed, (on earth), i dreamed we were driving in a car,she was in the driving seat, got out , and went into a yellow painted house with a veranda,she hadn’t put the parking brake on properly, and the car started slipping backwards getting faster and faster, i was in the back seat and couldn’t reach the brake, i must have got out because it careered backwards into the side of a mountain into some market like stalls… can anyone help me?

    • Elisa – I read the dream this way: Helen is about undergo a major change in her life, and it’s important for you to support her in her decision, and not advise against it. Doing so – not getting out of the car with her – could lead to some negative impacts.

    • Thank you, she is dealing with some difficult stuff now, she cant speak, anymore and is constantly tired because she has no strength in her muscles from the motor neuron disease, in the dream she just popped out of the car to pick something up. Its strange that the disease has stopped her speaking because she is a wonderful evangelist, and so full of Gods Love for everyone she meets.God is in Control. praise Him.

      • Well, clearly the disease is an attack from the enemy to steal this gift from the Church. We will pray that the enemy is overturned. Either way, when she transitions to whatever is next, it’s important to not hang onto the past.

  4. The above question is what I ask God all the time. “Help, why am I a seer?”

    I read some of the comments of someone who advised that we should ask God open our eyes so that we may see the angels assigned to us. God told me over a year ago that it was time that I should see them actually and know their names, one time Holy Spirit asked me gently if I wanted to see one of my beloved nieces angels as well!!. I told the Holy Spirit I was not ready for that, but I do sense/see angelic activity and protection over me and my family…..God does not want us to go backwards, its not something you can just shut off. Some days you see and hear more clearly, other days you don’t. “What is Yeshua thinking?” I ask myself.

    My eldest niece saw my guardian angel though. She said he was extremely tall with a very large wing span. She saw him while visiting us. My other sister Kate also said she saw my angels enter her room one night. They had trumpets. She is a special girl with special needs and at first I thought she was joking, but when she described them as moving together in a host, holding formation and not moving apart from one another. They had bare feet which hovered over the floor and they were all clothed in the whitest garments that had a blue/white look, brightest white, some were brown skinned men, others white. They smiled at her and she was not afraid.

    One night I prayed and went to sleep with my face towards the wall closest my bed. I got up sometime later that night to see a wavy opening about five feet tall in front of my wardrobe. It looked like a rippled moving keyhole and as I looked into it I saw dark blue starry night. Then I heard a thumping sound – almost like a bumping. Just imagine me turning my head back towards the wall and going back to sleep! Even today I wondered if I was mad to do that! I should have gotten up and rebuked it I thought afterwards.

    When I told God what happened days later and asked Him what it was He said “it was a portal that opened up. They (satan’s hosts) are seeking to kidnap people.”
    “But I didn’t let them come through” the Holy Spirit said.
    “My angels didn’t let them come in,” He continued.
    So that was the bumping sound I heard, it was actually God’s angels blocking the enemy’s entities from entering my room through that portal. I was very blessed that night – and God protected me even though I didn’t get up to scream, rebuke or pray.

    Another time, this was years ago, I got up early one morning to a 7:30 am sun and when I looked up, in the spirit, I saw a huge thing against the orange yellow rays of the sun that looked somewhat like a bat. It was so stiff looking that it could not be just organic, it had to be a ship of some sort. It emitted some kind of soundless sonic wave in the area and towards my brain. I saw/felt a “settling” of something in the area in which I lived. To this day I believe it was a demonic attack to cause strife in my neighbourhood. The Holy Spirit let me see it. Today I hear preachers like Daniel Duval speaking about portals, Stan Deyo of time warps and space time continuum and these are things I experienced years ago and couldn’t tell anyone about it! Including my church attending mother!

    “Why are we seers,” because its the last days and God is revealing the plans of darkness seeking to destroy His sheep. Luke 8 says “for nothing is secret that it should not be made manifest….” The Holy Spirit told me I don’t want to know more about my guardian angels because I’m spooked and asks me kindly “why do I fear?”. My concern is if I start to see more of the Lords army, I may also start to see more of the unsavory host of the enemy. Fellow seers, if Jesus Christ Holy Spirit were not with me I would have been exceedingly afraid. I guess we see/hear because we have to, its the last days and we can no longer be ignorant of the enemies plots.

    I am 38 now and I have been seeing/hearing for 10 years. My second sister sees, so does my first niece. I have a degree which I got as a commuter student and I helped to bring up four children. I’ve never used drugs nor alcohol and was a believer since the age of 12 and even now it is sometimes overwhelming for me to see and “know” certain things. Holy Spirit sometimes likes to speak to me early on a morning before I totally wake up. I test the spirit, whether it is of God with His word. Within days or weeks I hear some preachers speaking of things Holy Spirit told me of. Usually, I speak to my sister or a Christian friend of what I see or hear.

    When will life be “normal” I wonder. Normal for God is supernatural.

    This is how I’ve come to know real ministers of God, instead of those who preach prosperity to get my money out of my hands to live lavishly. If we want to know what Jesus is really saying and thinking ask the Holy Spirit, you will be surprised how companionable and loving He is, a True Friend. But you must ask Him for He is a gentleman and although He does avert certain attacks, you won’t know for sure what is going on until you ask.

    I sigh here, welcome to the battle lines fellow seers who know Jesus Christ as Lord!

    • Hi Odette,

      Great that you have the courage to follow Jesus with being a seer. And not hide it, but use it.

      At this season of my life the Lord uses me as prayer-warrior, while being a seer too. The Lord always protects me and I have never regretted to follow His orders. But it is a lonely way. My fellow-Christians do not like it, also not the elders of the communities.

      But He is always at my side. When I am fighting against all the powers of hell and the pricipalities of the darkness (together with the angels) to save countries from the evil one, but also when I am at home.

      The Lord always gives strength when you need it to go on the way He directs for you.

      Fellow seer, please do not hide what Christ did give you, but use it as He likes and guides you!

  5. Hi Odette,

    Must have been quite an experience, that portal! The only portals I see are man-made portals, through which evil entities enter our time-space continuum. That happens more and more these days.

    Many greetings,


    • Thanks Marten!

      It’s been a rocky ten years, I can tell you. But the Lord Jesus Christ has never let me down. I’ve had times when I thought that God had forsaken me for a bit but I was wrong. I don’t consider myself a super Believer but I have learned that when people speak of being satanically attacked, they are not lying.

      As for that portal…..I never thought ‘I’ could experience that! I felt that “wow, God prevented some evil entities from kidnapping ‘me’?” This is stuff I see on tv happening in the US or Mexico reports from Mufon, not my Caribbean suburbia!

      Thank you for letting me know you do see portals. I can’t tell the difference between a man made portal or a portal made by another being that is not of God. I just know now that they do exist. One or two times since then I’ve heard doors opening (portal too) and although I don’t see anything I notice sometimes a flicker of light or feel a flick of something wet on my skin. I say immediately “if you’re not from Jesus Christ get out of here right now!”

      Thanks Marten, this website is a God send, we are not alone.

      God bless you dear prayer warrior of Christ Almighty

      • Hi Odette,

        This website of Doug is a great help, I fully agree with you!

        As a seer it is difficult to talk about it with fellow-Christians. Sooner or later I got kiched out of the church. Nobody in the Netherlands likes it and I get the impression that’s almost everywhere on earth.

        Now I don’t go to any church meetings any more. Because I am a loner it does not hurt me. But for my wife it is difficult, because she had to leave the churches too. And she likes to be with people.

        But the Lord is always with us and with you …

        Let ‘s stay close to the Lord,


  6. Hello…I am a new seer…it’s hard for me to write that, I am coming to accept it as it is becoming more real to me. I have lived this way even as a child but just thought it was my imagination and as I got older it just went away but in the last year that I rededicated my life to the Lord and have spent all of my spare time (and sometimes even at work lol) in His word and doing His work I am seeing and dreaming more and more… The Lord has shown me things that have eventually come to pass within a week, in dreams and in visions… The newest development is often seeing when I lay hands on someone. I dream alot too. How do you interpret the dreams? I am learning various methods, just wondering what others are doing.

  7. Soon cool fighting for the lord to actually make a difference in life seers. are so lucky even though it’s scary to see things. but at least you have the lord there with u and u can literally actually see that lol.

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