Parenting and Spiritual Warfare

The more I research into and develop a worldview that makes sense of people who can see spirits, the more I am learning that this topic is related to parenting and spiritual warfare.

In fact, developing a supernatural worldview entails understanding that parenting is spiritual warfare… and parents can either conduct warfare that protects their children… or leave them vulnerable.

Much of my work in this area is related to worldview. I’ll be writing extensively on that in the future, particularly in my forthcoming book, Kingdom Conflict.  Frankly, people who hold either a scientific materialist or postmodern worldview will not be able to make sense of their kids seeing spirits or any other supernatural phenomena.  Those who hold a Gnostic worldview can, but their conclusions will be amiss.

Many people definitely are experiencing supernatural phenomena and even science is beginning to recognize that, as Cris Putnam illustrates in his Supernatural Worldview book.  For an overview about how to begin the shift towards a worldview that makes sense of the supernatural, visit the articles here.  Parents can learn more about parenting kids who see spirits here.  There are other articles in the blog that cover this topic.

My friends at SkyWatchTV invited me to submit a few articles related to raising Christian kids in our culture for their online magazine.  The two articles I have submitted so far are long and have turned into a discussion about viewing the culture a certain way, and then parenting from that mental position.  The third article continues that thread of thinking, and will be released in a print edition.

The Articles

You can read “Parenting as Spiritual Warfarehere. Scroll to the bottom, and click the PDF version for a well-formated print version.  Please note, this article ends with “here ends part 1, part 2 will be next month.”  We didn’t run “part 2” next month, and the story I started the article with sort of is left hanging. I’ll finish it sometime.  What was part 2 morphed into a longer stand-alone article that will be in SkywatchTV’s first print edition.


Some of my faithful visitors here have privately expressed disquiet about some of the views and teachings on SkywatchTV.  I don’t necessarily hold every position that is offered there: in fact, several of the other writers for SkywatchTV’s magazine hold a variety of positions that don’t agree with each other, especially on the topic of “end times.”

But we are all in the Body of Christ and look to Jesus as the author and finisher of our faith.  And we recognize that we don’t wrestle with flesh and blood – or each other – but against the spiritual forces that have been defeated by Jesus, but haven’t been fully brought under his subjection yet.  See the Kingdom Conflict page for more on that topic.



  1. Hey there Doug, I actually did not know about this blog and I’m happy to have found it-just today my 3 yo seemed quite frightened by something I could not see, so by default I said aloud that the house was covered in the blood and rebuked it in Christ’s name. I’m not sure if I was correct, but ever since my children were little they seem to have seen things that were not there. We live in Hawaii and I believe we have become a bit of a spiritual target among the ancient practices and modern new age activity. But the more I practice spiritual warfare the more empowered I feel. I feel like the title of this post works on so many levels, because parenting young children is a huge spiritual battle just in patience and trusting the Lord’s plan for them in these dark days. But also it feels children, like women, are particularly vulnerable targets for unclean spirits. I will definitely be following your blog now, thanks for sharing.

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