Steps to Freedom from Fear


It can be scary trying to cope with the idea that the spirit realm is real and the ways it interacts with the physical realm. Fear is a problem.  And having an inaccurate worldview is a problem. The solution is the same: freedom from fear.

So what is the solution? What are practical steps to change your worldview and to be set free from spirits and fear?

The Solution is Love

The solution to overcoming fear -whether the fear is spiritually-based or not – is turning to the opposite of fear: Love.

And perfect love is a person who casts out all fear: Jesus Christ.

By securing yourself in Jesus’ love, you are secure, and yet you may need to take action steps to manifest your security. If your fear is the inability to pay your bills, the action step is to make more money or reduce your bills.

If your fear is seeing demons, the solution is trusting in Jesus and focussing your mind on things of Christ, not on things of the world.

If you are a seer, and you see spirits, Jesus is the only solution to actually protect you from what you see. If you are not a seer, and you are oppressed by spirits, the solution remains the same: faith in Jesus.

Even if you don’t believe in Jesus, the demons do and they tremble at his name. If they believe, maybe it’s time you did as well.

Take Steps to Complete Freedom

In addition, it’s time to take some specific action steps and refocus your mind on something other than the dark things. It’s time to change your worldview. But how? What if your mind and flesh desires dark things?

Well, as you refocus your perspective on reality, your mind and flesh will desire the dark things less and less, until you will not desire them at all.

Thankfully, a guy named Paul of Tarsus offers step-by-step how to do this. Paul was brilliant: legit one of the top 2 smartest guys of all time (along with Plato). And his advice is very practical. He says when you come to Christ in faith, your old you dies, is buried, and a new you has resurrected, and now sits with Jesus in heaven.

So he encourages us to stop thinking the old way, and start thinking like Christ.

He likens it to taking off clothes that smell like a dead corpse to putting on fresh clothes. It involves purposely shifting your worldview, and that takes some effort.

I’ve repaginated his advice to help break out the things to avoid and the things to do.  You can download it here. Read it often. Think on it. Apply the advice, and see how your life changes over the coming months.


  1. Doug, I was SO HAPPY to see this….. I have been taking some time today to step through your site and I was thrilled to see this section.

    This is how I was delivered from a ‘religious spirit’ and a ‘spirit of divination’. I had to press into the Cross, the Gospel and the GIFT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS by the Blood.

    The greatest fears are;

    1) The FEAR OF HELL – No believer must have this, because Jesus secured our salvation by His Blood. We are REDEEMED BY THE BLOOD. i.e Purchased and He will sanctify us through a Faith only he can author.
    2) The FEAR OF FAILURE – Why shoild we fear failure when we can have faith that He will succeed in us and through us, i.e. Galatians 2:20
    3) The FEAR OF DECEPTION – We know that by His GRACE and the Power of the Blood we have access to the Spirit of Truth that can eliminate all deception.
    4) The FEAR OF REJECTION – Why fear being rejected and unloved by people, or even God, when God gave His Son for us?


    ‘The perfect love of God casts out all fear’. This is the very tip of the scalpel of the Physician Himself. His Love has to be revealed but it takes co-operation on the part of the patient that is required to REST IN THE FINISHED WORK and accept the FOUR BENEFITS of the Blood of Jesus.

    What are they?

    1Co_1:30 But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption:

    1) Wisdom – He is the Wisdom of God and He is the Tree of Life and through Him we have access to His Authority, His Mind and Heart and through Him we can gain all knowledge of our salvation process.
    2) Righteousness – He became our Sin, and we became His Righteousness. He took our filth. We take Father’s Righteousness, which is Christ. Christ is the Robe. The robe of His Blood. The Blood of Light Himself.
    3) Sanctification – He is the Sanctifier and we are sanctified THROUGH HIM. He is the Power of God, so we are made holy through Him, not self.
    4) Redemption – He became the PRICE for us and the PURCHASER…… we have to be pretty valuable to Him…..

    We have to press into the dynamics of the Cross every day……. to the degree we choose to enter into His Love, fear will be cast out of us, and the race is on…..

    Take care Doug….

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