Teen Seers

Teens Prophesying to Each Other

Many teens can see into the spirit realm. If this is you, check this out:

I’ve compiled a bunch of posts on this page about this… Yes, this involves reading. Sorry.

Spend some time in the Worldview series of articles. You can find in the menu. Seriously… if you study those and really get them, they’ll begin to change your life.  They will really go a long way to providing a way to understand what you’re seeing… and the troubles of life in general. (I’ll also record a podcast this summer with the YouTube videos about these topics and publishing them on this site).

Teen Seers and Me

I’ve volunteered as a youth pastor, and I loved pastoring teens. They kept me young; even their drama! Ok, not all of their drama…

In the last couple of years, it was like a veil was opened between seers and me. They saw me, and knew they could trust me. They knew they could tell me… they could see in the spirit realm.  And I’d understand and could help. I’ve met many, many teens who can see in the spirit realm. Most didn’t understand what they were seeing, and none were really sure about it.

Doubters and Skeptics

I have been contacted by a few adults who don’t believe people in general and teens or children in particular can see anything in the spirit realm.

They think you guys make it up or perhaps are delusional.  They think you guys like the attention, and exploit me for being naive about it.

No doubt, some teens have exaggerated their ability to see in the spirit realm to seek attention. But adults make stuff up too.  Just because some people have faked this doesn’t mean everyone has. In fact, a counterfeit points to the existence of something real.

Do I believe every teen who comes up to me and says he or she sees spirits? No. But I believe a lot of them.

The Gift of Discerning Spirits

I have been blessed with my own gift of discernment and can usually read a teen quite well. Usually.  I sometimes know more about them than they know about themselves and can usually tell when they’re lying, although I don’t always let on that I know.

Recently at youth group, two students asked me to pray for a new girl who was very troubled, struggling with very dark thoughts. One of them said to her, “He’ll make you cry.” The other, “It’ll be awesome.” I laughed. No pressure.

I asked the Holy Spirit to show me how to pray, and I waited. I heard from God, released what I heard to her, and prayed, and she … cried. A lot.  And then her depression lifted for a time.  It’s how God has equipped me.

So, when a teenager comes to me and says he or she sees spirits, my first reaction is to say, “I believe you. You’re not crazy.” And then I usually add, “You were born for such a time as this.”