Seers and Spiritual Assignments – What Spirits Look Like

I spoke with a young, teenaged seer last week.  She made some interesting statements, which I’m trying to work out.

Another teenager introduced me to this girl for the first time. She said, “She needs to tell you something.”

The young woman said that this would sound crazy. That, when she says it out loud, she thinks it’s crazy, and when she tells people, they think she’s crazy.  This girl is a self-abuser and had been institutionalized. She had been medicated. At this time, she is not on meds. She  routinely has night terrors.

I guessed where this was going, and said, “You see spirits.” She nodded.

She said they look like shadows, but she can discern features and details in them. She said she could hear them. They follow people around and when she’s in a public place, she can hear them whispering things to the people they are following.

She said the had one that was “hers.” This spirit protected her, she said. It kept her from cutting. She said it talked to her, and told her it had been cast out of Heaven, but wasn’t holding a grudge and wasn’t openly rebelling against God.

She said this spirit did not like it when she went to a church, because so may Christians had mistreated her, had judged her, had told her she was crazy.

At one point, she had been on psychotropic medication, which numbed her ability to see. In fact, it cut it off. I am wondering if psychotropic medication impacts the pineal gland, and if this is what impacts seers ability to see.

It was interesting. The setting where this young woman shared this with me was at my church youth group, during the ministry time, when we listen to the Holy Spirit, and pray for each other. She said as the Holy Spirit entered the room, her spirit squeezed her stomach, burning her. The spirit then left, and left her alone until I dropped her off at home an hour later.

I suspect this spirit is a demon and has an assignment on her. I suspect she invites and welcomes this spirit’s presence, and finds comfort in her.

John Wimber once said that spiritual assignments are sometimes the least of a person’s problems: they  so may emotional and environmental issues that will take time and effort to deal with. It’s relatively easy to command a spirit to leave and to break an assignment (through the name Jesus and the power of his shed blood).

I hope this young woman returns this week. I am expecting another seer this week, and look forward to her added discernment. She’s is literally my eyes and ears into the spirit world.



  1. This may sound weird, but one time I woke up and saw a creature hanging over me. My bed was next to the wall outside and my head was closest to the wall. The spirit had a long neck and it was either gray or black shadow figure. Its feet were planted on the ground outside and it leaned its head over through the wall and was looking at me.

    I woke up and rebuked it, but also felt it too. I sensed somehow or knew it was a “giant” and it felt like a neutral spirit that randomly roams the earth. I think it felt curious about me.

    Theologically, its weird to think of a neutral spirit, because there should only be 2 sides.
    Do you think there is such thing as a neutral spirit?

    • I think there are spirits with various degrees of interest in the cosmic battle, with degrees of goodness and wickedness. It could have been a scout of some sort, a researcher, an investigator, sent to check out a territory, or perhaps it chose to ignore its orders and just went off on its own for whatever purpose. Whatever the case, very creepy!

  2. This story sounds VERY similar to what my husband has experienced. He grew up in an abusive home, in and out of foster care and was finally adopted but it was still an emotionally abusive situation. He grew up in fear. His adopted dad would lock him and his brother up in the closet for hours at a time, or he would be stuck in his bed for hours. During these times, he started doing mental experiments, much like what I would compare to “raja yoga” in Hinduism or Vajrayana Buddism. It started with him trying to hear things further than he has ever heard before, which meant he had to learn to control his breathing, etc (again, much like the process in raja yoga). Once he felt he had “conquered” an experiment, he would try something harder.

    Soon, supernatural things began to occur. He decided to try to turn on his lamp from across the room. He focused on it intently for a long period of time and then the light bulb broke. He focused on a boat that was hanging on his wall and it came off the hook.

    One day, an “orb” appeared in his room. I have found websites making similar claims and some of them even have pictures, I have showed these pictures to my husband and he confirms they look exactly like what he saw, a ball about 3-4″ around and floating mid-air. The first one that showed up was white, then he later saw blue, red, and black (always one at a time).

    He doesn’t remember his biological mother, but he remembers wanting his mom. So, he basically “conjured” one up. She would come play with him. He remembers his adopted mom asking him who he was talking to. To him, she looked like a real and normal woman, but no one else could see her.

    He began seeing auras around certain people, the same colors of the orbs that appeared in his room. He never has figured out what they mean exactly. He suspects the red one related to death/illness because the two times it has appeared was on an elderly man and a woman with cancer. He believes the black one relates to deception because the black one always appeared around someone wearing a costume.

    Eventually, he was able to see spirits and just like the girl you described, he had his “own”. He had two of his “own” actually. He considered one good and one evil. One looked like what he considered an angel to look like at that time (wings, feminine, white) and then the other one was black and he describes him as similar to the “Dementors” in Harry Potter. He could see these dementor-like spirits often, but the ones he saw around were smaller than “his” guy. He named them and learned how to get them to do things for him. If he had a problem with someone (specifically, his dad), he could sic the “evil one” on them. The “good one” would talk him out of doing bad things and calmed him down, so he constantly had this angel/devil relationship much like the cartoons with one on each shoulder. These spirits were with him all the time. In high school, he met a girl who also had her “own” spirits, except he describes hers as an “entourage”. She was regularly raped by her father, until these “protectors” came along. When she learned how to use them against her dad, he never came to her room again.

    Fast forward to adulthood, to age 39-years-old. He signs up for an English class, a required class for his IT degree and that is where he sees me. He saw that I had a white aura around me, which he had not seen very often. He still did not know what the white aura meant, so he had curiosity about me.

    At that time, I was 29-years-old and had just lost my husband a few months prior to that; he had committed suicide by jumping off the parking garage at his office building, leaving me a widow of two children. Within 48 hours of his death, myself and my daughter were having scary paranormal experiences. My daughter was experiencing things very similar to what was portrayed in the movie “Sixth Sense”. It was not just exclusive to our own condo either. Because of the scary things that were occurring, I often would sleep at my parent’s home or go to my grandfather’s house at the lake and these things would follow us. One night at my parent’s house, my five-year-old daughter woke up the entire house screaming bloody terror inconsolable for probably an hour straight. She later described to me what she saw: a man was hanging from the curtain rod (dead) with a bloody axe through his chest. When she ran to jump into bed with my cousin (who lived there at the time), the blanket on her own bed began to shape into a bear-like creature and started coming toward her. This was only one of several similar experiences. The interesting thing is, one of the spirits she saw was in my closet and she described it very closely to what my now-husband described….like the dementors from Harry Potter. My husband tells me that he saw an interview with J.K. Rowling once where she admitted that she saw these creators as a child and that is how she came up with the Dementors in the Harry Potter books.

    I personally did not see these things, but I certainly felt them. As soon as I would walk into my condo, my hair would stand up on edge and I felt scared. I would wake up in the middle of the night terrified and completely paralyzed. I would look down at myself and tell myself “just move a foot, a toe, a finger, something” and I couldn’t move. All I could do was pray and then it would subside.

    Eventually, probably because of his curiosity about my white aura, my now-husband-then-classmate began to talk to me about his special “abilities”, including the ability to see auras. I had no clue what he was talking about, but I also shared with him what was going on with us, probably with the hope that I could get some insight into all of it.

    I will never forget the day that my (future) husband began to describe to me the events of my first husband’s death. I had told him vaguely what had happened, but he proceeded to tell me with in-depth detail exactly what took place. I am talking about details that I would never have included even if I had told him the entire story; down to what the columns looked like, what the building across the street looked like, what floor he jumped from, how he walked up there, etc. He told me that my husband walked up the ramp where the cars drive instead of taking the stairs/elevator which was very interesting because the police told me that they couldn’t find him on the security cameras near the stairs/elevator, they only saw him on the security cameras leaving the office building. I was dumbfounded and asked him how on earth he knew all of that. I will never forget his response, he said, “I asked them to take me where they took him”.

    One night, I woke up with a very urgent need to make sure that my (future) husband was okay. I just knew something was wrong, something had happened and was almost in a panic to make sure he was okay. I kept trying to call/text him with no response. I finally jumped into the call and went to his apartment, waking him up. He didn’t seem that surprised to see me. He told me, “oh yeah, I hailed you”. I had no idea what he was talking about. He calls it “hailing” (like “hailing a cab”) and it is when he concentrates (or I call it meditates) on calling out to a person metaphysically.

    At that point in time, my (future) husband was an adamant atheist and would argue with me relentlessly about the non-existence of God. I couldn’t fathom how someone could actually see the spirit world and yet still deny God existed. However, I have heard people talk about how atheists deep-down do not deny God, rather, they are angry at Him. My (future) husband certainly fit that bill. He could not reconcile how a good God could allow all the hurt/pain that he had endured in his life. I kept preaching Jesus to him….to no avail. Until……..

    I brought my (future) husband to my condo. He looked at me and told me that my condo was FILLED with these dementor-thingies. I said, “I believe it!” I immediately began praying out loud in Jesus’ name for anything of Satan’s kingdom to leave. My (future) husband looked at me and asked, “does this room look different to you?” I was confused and said, “no, why?” He turned on his bright cel phone and shined it next to my face and said, “the entire condo is lit up brighter than this right now and those things zoomed out of here like a bunch of cockroaches!”

    Not long after that, my husband came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior. Needless to say, he had a revelation! Interestingly enough, as soon as he was born again, his “abilities” vanished. Now, later on they would come back at times, but for a while he had none. His “friends” left….at least, for a time.

    Him and I were married a few months later. We still experienced paranormal stuff here and there and I was determined to get some answers. I knew of a pastor in Georgia whose wife had previously been high up in the ranks of the Church of Satan before she was saved. I figured these people have to have some insight that can help us. So, we gathered up the family and hauled off to Georgia. I feel as though we received the keys to the kingdom when we got there. It was like we were in a war room and one of the commanders was giving us the secrets to the location of the headquarters, where the arsenal was, what weapons were being used, how to diffuse them, etc etc. It changed our lives. While we were there, my husband had to go outside the church to take a phone call. He went to a small field that was next to the church to take the call and there, standing in the field, were his “friends”. This was the first time he had seen them since becoming a Christian. He realized there were three figures and upon closer look, the middle figure was himself… seven-years-old….holding their hands. He told them, “I have something stronger now”. The “angel” looked at him and cried, “why have you forsaken me?”, the “devil” looked at him and said, “as you wish, my lord” and they all dissolved into sand and blew away. That was the last he saw of them.

    There was no overnight trick that brought us peace from all of this, but slowly working through our strongholds/fear and learning how to recognize/pray we got peace from the paranormal occurrences.

    Now, my husband still has some semblances of the “abilities” he once had. Our 3-month-old niece died tragically last year. While en-route to the hospital, my family and I were shooting out messages on social media asking people to pray for her recovery and for our family. Upon arriving at the hospital, our niece was pronounced dead. I arrived at the hospital before my husband did. When my husband arrived, everyone was in a hospital room surrounding our niece’s lifeless body in a hospital bed. Everyone was sobbing/hugging/praying. To my husband’s amazement, he sees an angel standing in the corner of the hospital room. Except this time, it is a REAL angel. He described it as being a man about seven feet tall with a huge sword. My sister (the mother of the deceased baby) began to get upset with my other sister, who had been babysitting at the time my niece died. My niece died in her bed by what was later ruled as SIDs. The older sister who had been babysitting had put her to sleep on her stomach and my younger sister began to point to that as being the reason she died. My husband watched in amazement while this unfolded because in the background, behind my sister who is getting upset, is one of the dementor spirits! Immediately, the angel in the corner pins it up against the ceiling with his sword. My husband said as soon as the angel did that, the younger sister calmed down and apologized and told the older sister it wasn’t her fault. My husband told me later that he was trying desperately not to cry out and say, “Whoa! This is AWESOME!!” while everyone is sobbing and grieving. It was everything he could do to act normal/somber.

    My husband and I have been looking for answers for a long time. We don’t know what all of this means. My husband has been praying for a while now that God would show him what these gifts mean and how they can be used for Him. We went to counseling for a while and had an excellent counselor that gave him a book about Seers. Since then, we have found other books about Seers. I saw my husband find relief in knowing that he wasn’t “a freak” and that this was an ability that could be used for God’s glory.

    This past week, my husband attended his weekly men’s Bible study. They were supposed to have a guest speaker, but something came up that did not allow him to be there. So, one of the guys in the group stepped up to lead it, but he asked for prayer to help him get through it. My husband described a scene where at first this guy was timid and unsure of himself. He and others around him began to encourage and pray for him. He then watched as something seemed to get into him and he started passionately preaching to the group and in amazement he watched as this man begins to illuminate with a white aura. This was the first time he has seen an aura in a long time. We still are not sure what it means, but now he is thinking it may have something to do with the Holy Spirit.

    I have been looking for answers for a long time to know why all these things happened to myself, my first husband, my daughter and my current husband. I want to know what the auras mean. I want to know what the orbs are. I want to know why these things started happening right after my husband died. My first husband did have days where he would tell me “I am in a bad place, please pray for me” so I knew he was going through something, but obviously, I had no idea the extent. I want to know how it is possible to break a light bulb and move something from across the room. I want to know why these “dementors” seem to appear prominently to traumatized children (my husband as a child, JR Rowling as a child, my husband’s high-school friend as a child, my daughter).

    I find it interesting that you mentioned the pineal gland in your story. I feel as though God may be taking me down a journal to some answers and it seems as though everything I uncover, even things I thought were unrelated to this, point to the pineal gland. For whatever reason, I suddenly decided to research vaccinations more in-depth a few weeks ago and have learned the ingredients in them and the effects they have on our body. Through this research, I kept seeing the Rockefeller name appear in various places. This caused me to start delving in more to the history of Rockefeller and I found out some very interesting about John Rockefeller and shockingly, how much influence he had over the medical industry, the FDA, and AMA. His organization, the Rockefeller Foundation, paid grants to over a hundred medical schools with the stipulation that 1) they could no longer research/teach about natural substances, they could only research/teach chemical “cures”, and 2) Rockefeller Foundation employees/members had to sit on their Board of Directors. Rockefeller owned a huge portion of the chemical/pharma industry so he had every incentive to do this.

    Up until recently, I thought Rockefeller’s motives were primarily monetary. Now, I am starting to suspect it goes deeper than that. I just so happen to be taking a religion class this semester and two of the religions we have been studying are Hinduism and Buddism. When I read about raja yoga and Vajrayana Buddhism, a light bulb immediately went off inside of me and that is when I sat my husband down and asked him extremely detailed questions about everything he did/said/felt/heard/saw when all these abilities starting coming to him. I realized that what he had been practicing is extremely similar in nature to what is discussed about these sects of Hinduism/Buddhism.

    Now, here I have been randomly researching different topics that seemingly have no connection: Rockefeller, vaccinations, religions. Now, I think God is leading me somewhere and perhaps is answering my prayer of going on four years now seeking answers to these things. I don’t know yet, but I feel as though I am on the verge of something.

    I started reading more about raja yoga and Vajrayana and discovered that many people that practice these consider the pineal gland to be the “third eye”.

    As I am researching the Rockefellers, I find out that they (and their organization the Rockefeller Foundation) have been instrumental in getting vaccinations so widespread and additionally, discrediting any doctors who oppose them. They also were instrumental in getting fluoride in the water supply and developing GMOs.

    During our time in Georgia, one of the things that had been discussed was theta brain waves. This pastor asserts that the spiritual world speaks to us through theta brain waves. He mentioned that studies have been done on autistic children and they reflect theta brain waves that are going crazy all the time. Interesting enough, one of the biggest concerns about vaccinations is that they cause autism. The claims I have read are that the mercury/aluminum/etc injected into the bloodstream collects in the brain. Most of the brain is protected by a blood barrier, but guess what is not? Yes, the pineal gland.

    Online I have found pictures of pineal gland where toxins have literally crystallized over the pineal gland. Upon reading about this, I came across a website of a person who believed the pineal gland was the “third eye” and wanted to help people cleanse their pineal gland in order to be able to find the “enlightenment” that Hindus/Buddhists seek. She began to go down a list of things to avoid that are damaging to the pineal gland and can hinder a person spiritually. As soon as I read it, my heart started pounding: mercury (such as found in vaccines), GMOs, Fluoride: top three things on the list and all things the Rockefellers had a hand in bringing about.

    Once I read that, I was very curious to know if there was any sort of connection between the Rockefellers and Buddhism/Hinduism. Now, this is pretty much where I am at this point. But I did find this little tidbit just upon doing a Google search of “Rockefeller Buddism”….

    “In 1959, the Rockefeller Foundation, seeing the opportunity to promote Tibetan studies, funded the establishment of nine centers of excellence worldwide, one of which was the University of Washington. Under the auspices of the Rockefeller grant to the Far Eastern and Russian Institute, nine Tibetans were brought to Seattle for teaching and research.”

    It is very interesting that this mentions Tibetan Buddhism specifically, which is where Vajrayana Buddhism is practiced. I also found out that Steven Rockefeller teaches religion at MIT and has published some things about Buddhism.

    I realize that none of this qualifies as authentic research. At this point, it is simply speculation and suspicions. However, I cannot help but feel God is leading me down a path here due to the way all of these sudden random interests have been intertwining. Once this school semester is over, I plan to do some intensive research into these topics.

    The pastor in Georgia speaking about the theta brain waves made the assertion that this is how the spiritual world communicate to us. He went on to say that before Adam/Eve sinned, Satan’s kingdom couldn’t speak to them via this method which is why Satan had to use the vocal chords of a serpent to communicate with Eve. How did he tempt her? With the KNOWLEDGE of good and EVIL. Now, I find that interesting. Up until that point, this pastor asserts, Adam and Eve could only hear from God in this way. After the sin, their physio was opened up to Satan’s kingdom as well.

    So, here is my question. Is it at all possible that the pineal gland can help/hinder our ability to hear from God?

    Another question: Is it possible that all/many of the commandments given to the Israelites in the Torah were to keep their pineal gland cleansed? For example, I read that shrimp has a high mercury content. Shrimp is one of the things forbidden in the Torah. Just a thought.

    Is any of this linked? I have no idea, but I definitely want to find out. I suspect that in my entire lifetime I will not get to the bottom of all of this, but I certainly am going to try! 🙂

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