Infants and Seeing Angels

My wife and I noticed something interesting from our infant daughter yesterday at church.  She is 9 months old. Normally, during church services, she is in the nursery. Yesterday, because she fell asleep, my wife brought her into the auditorium.  She woke up. My wife had her cradled in her arms.  She looked at me and smiled (always a heart melting moment), and then looked past me, towards the ceiling. Her eyes began darting across the ceiling, and she strained her little head, as if she were looking at something in the room that was moving, but above the people. She wasn’t fearful, but her eyes were full of wonder.

This baby is very alert, and very sweet. She loves being held, and doesn’t normally squirm. It was peculiar seeing her squirm as she watched something that we could not see.  I recalled it to my wife later, and she said, “Oh my goodness, she was looking around like crazy. I wonder if she was watching angels.”  My seer friend wasn’t there; I wish she had been to verify what was going on.

When speaking with other parents regarding this phenomenon, we often hear of stories of infants and toddlers being cognizant of entities present we cannot see… angels? Demons?

Sometimes little toddlers will have entire conversations with someone in the room.  In “The Modern Seer“, the story is recounted by a father who asked who his little child was speaking with. When she replied, “An angel”, he, being amused, asked how come he couldn’t see it.  The child paused, as if listening, and replied something to the effect, “Because you have seen too much evil.”  It was a shockingly mature thing for the little innocent child to say.  I gave that book away, so I’ll have to get it, and recount the story in more depth.  That story spoke to me. I eventually stopped watching movies that show graphic violence towards another human beings. I hope to purify my mind enough to become more in tune with the spiritual world.

It makes me wonder how many toddlers and infants routinely experience the spirit world in their innocence. Perhaps as they mature, sin, and pollute their minds with the impurities in our food supply and environment (thus blocking spirit receptors in our brain, like the pineal gland), this vision is cut off.

Our 8 year old daughter actually hasn’t seen a spirit for a couple months. She still sees rainbow colored dots all the time.  She told me she was glad she couldn’t see demons anymore. My seer friend said the sight will probably come back. Sometimes it waxes and wanes. It’s good for her to have a break.


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