Not by sight

A seer sent me this picture yesterday with the text, “…the last line kinda made me laugh a bit.”

She added, “When I first read it I started laughing and my friend asked what was so funny and I showed her and it tooker a moment but she started laughing too.”  It’s good to have friends who understand the seeing gift.

The picture is a little small, so here’s what it says.

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. For we live by faith, not by sight. Hebrews 11:1, 2 Corinthians 5:7

Get it?


It really amuses seers when an atheist or agnostic tries to tell them there is no God or there is nothing outside of the physical, no demons, no angels, no spirits.

They just sort of raise their eye brows and say, “Really?”



  1. This is quite a long post, I hope you understand it.

    I’ve learned a little bit about how a seer walks by faith and not by sight. In the context of auras, alot of peoples spirit and color gives them confidence to give love/relate to others only when they feel their color. Depending on the light of the person, most people find peace under a demonic negative light/dominion, which they must do certain actions to maintain feeling peaceful in reaction to the demonic dominion over them. These certain actions that they must do to stay in their peace is their wineskin.(the structure that holds their spirit)

    As I began to learn to walk by faith while still seeing my own aura, it meant that I could not be moved by the color I saw myself as before I took action. I was not justified to love somebody because I was already feeling/seeing my peace. I began to let go of my wineskin that held me at peace in my color(which was certain actions such as reading the bible and worshiping God) I knew that if I did these certain things then I would always attain to the certain light of peace, but the catch was that I always had to do these “actions” to walk in this light.

    These actions of reading the bible and worshiping God are good, but in my situation, there was a demonic/religious color that would tell me good job(with a sense of pride) almost subconsciously while doing these actions or after. So I read my bible in reaction and demand of this demonic light and in return, it gave me a false peace as long as I abided by what it said.

    As I began to let go of my wineskin, my new wineskin started on the foundation of Christ this time, which meant I needed to take no action to come to a place of light/peace to give to others. Instead I began to walk in faith that the demonic/religous light is not part of me because of Jesus’s work on the cross. When I was crucified with Him, in Romans 6 I died to sin/demonic light, and became alive to God. So I stopped doing my actions for a time(reading bible and worship) and began to give love/relate to others even though I saw no light already within in me. As I continued loving others, eventually the light of Jesus began to shine through me as a Greater white. This light is greater than the other wineskins I have had. But I sometimes only see it flow out of me after I take action, not before. And now I am established in the White Light of Jesus because I took no movement/action to get the light(a verse in Psalms describes being established as not being moved). I still am not justified to love others because I see the white, but because I believe in Christ, which has justified me to love even when I dont see/feel it before hand. Which means I am walking not by what I see(in the spirit) but by faith in Jesus.

    Ps. When I stopped reading the bible and worshiping for a season, I eventually discovered that I was feeling condemned that I would do these things for the wrong reason. But in Christ, I have a new nature, which means i naturally read my bible and worship for the right reason. So, I am not sure if that was wise to do for a season or not.

    • This is really brilliant. Thank you for sharing. You illustrate the point of Romans 1-8 precisely. When we try to be good, we fail. Period. When we live by faith in Christ alone, then the Spirit moves through us and our life begins to look like what God intended for humans all along.

      If bible reading and worship is done because we think we’re supposed to, then that is not by faith, but by works. Paul says that once we are made new, we need to renew our minds, and that means forming new habits and developing habits through faith, not through works. It seems you had to break a works-based habit of reading scripture and worship.

      To me, worship is about engaging the Presence of God. If it’s anything else, it’s a works-based thing that misses the point. I engage it because I hunger for his presence, I thirst for him. If I worship because it’s something I’m supposed to do, well, it becomes a works-thing, not a faith-thing.

      And the whole point behind humans being the Imager of God on the planet is to be his Image on the planet: to shine love where there is fear; light where there is darkness, and truth where there are lies. This is what Jesus meant when he said his followers would be salt and light: salt changes the meat; light dispels the darkness. It’s not good in a salt shaker or under an opaque lamp shade; but rather it’s meant to go into the world. So anyway, great post. Thanks so much!

      • Thanks!

        Paul says that once we are made new, we need to renew our minds, and that means forming new habits and developing habits through faith, not through works.

        I have almost thought of habits as bad, but habits founded on faith gives me permission to have good ones. What are some habits that you have formed through faith?

        • The main habit has been to reduce my consumption of news, and to be more intentional in how I enjoy life. I’ve been empowered to interact with Creation is a more fulfilling way. I’ve eliminated causes of worry and fear, and replaced those causes with faith. I’ve developed the habit of reading books and listening to podcasts that advance my understanding of the Kingdom and living from a position of faith. It’s like coming alive for the first time… again.

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