Seers can help drive away demons and other spirits.

Because of their seer gift, seers can help in many scary situations.

My wife became aware that our daughter could see things that we couldn’t see when she was very young, before her 2nd birthday. I had other doubts, but obviously something in the room would often terrify her.  It had to be an unseen entity, the most vivacious imagination, or she was insane.  My wife, a clinical mental health therapist who specialized in working with young children, asserted she wasn’t insane. Yes we’re biased, but my wife can be pretty objective when it comes to this stuff.

We knew she had quite an imagination, but our daughter’s terrified behavior simply suggested more was at work than an over-active imagination.  So we went with invisible entity.

When I finally accepted this conclusion, I had to admit, my spiritual acumen wasn’t particularly sensitive. But I could think of only one way to make the entities, and we taught it to her: To command the entity to “go away in the name of Jesus!”

The name of Jesus is pretty powerful. There is no other name by which people use as a powerful cuss word or phrase. There is no other name by which demons flee.  So we taught her to “go away in the name of Jesus.” When she would see little dragons, serpents, shadows, figures, and so one in our house, sometimes she would stand and scream that phrase. More often she would ask me to do that, because they seemed to respond more to me than to her.  This is probably related to a belief system I hold and which perhaps she was too young to hold.

One very dramatic time, they didn’t respond at all, and we’re fairly certain nothing was there, and in fact she was hallucinating, because she had a fever that was spiking. We’ll tell that story in a future post.

The thing is, the demons would come back.  A lot.  Eventually, we  learned that we – and me especially – often invited demons to afflict us: they have a legal right (perhaps “legal right” isn’t the correct terminology… perhaps it’s more of a “attraction/response to an invitation”) to be certain places. For instance, sexual immorality (such as regularly viewing porn) is a sure-fire way to invite spiritual entities into your presence.

There are lots of other ways to “invite” spirit entities to your presence. Playing with Ouija boards is an obvious one. We’ll uncover more as we go on… if spirits are afflicting you, then you need to drive them away, but you also need to get rid of the different ways you were inviting them into your home in the first place.  We’ll explore some invitations in future posts.



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