“You know, like how Jesus smells.”

Once, our daughter, when she was 7, was trying to convey to me and her mom about something that smelled really good. She was talking fast, excitedly, and included something about roses, and added, “You know, like how Jesus smells.”

We said, “Uh, what?

“Like how Jesus smells. You know, like roses, but different.”

We asked her how she knew how Jesus smelled, and she gave us that look like we were crazy, and everyone knew how Jesus smelled.

So she told us. A while before, she had a visitation at night.  She said a wicked spirit oppressed her in her bed. She was crying, terrified, and unable to call out for help. It towered over her, a giant shadow, filling the room.

She said she prayed in her head to Jesus for help, and the spirit left, and Jesus came in and laid next to her, protecting her.  We asked how she knew Jesus was laying next to her, and she said, “Because I could smell him.”


Some seers not only see into the spirit realm, but also experience the spirit world with other senses, such as smell.


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