Why are some people Seers?

Why are some people seers?

Here is a thought. This post is mainly for pastors of Christians.

Seers are a true gift to any “body of believers”, that is, any group of Christians who attend a church together. If your church is doing something good for God, there’s a good chance the spiritual enemies of God have taken notice. There’s a good chance some spirit entities, be they demons or whatever, have been assigned to disrupt things.

Now the Holy Spirit has given the Gift of Discernment, to help Believers tell if something that is said is from God or the enemy, and this is a powerful Gift to help tell if demons and demonic thoughts are infiltrating your church.

But God has given different churches another powerful tool: Seers. (Perhaps Seers have a heightened gift of discernment? I suspect not, because Seers can be nonbelievers also.)

There’s a good chance that in your congregation, there are individuals who can see spirits. They can see the good ones and the bad ones.

I was at a celebratory worship service in the Jesus Culture conference in Chicago, 2011. It was amazing, and you didn’t have to be particularly gifted in the gift of discernment to tell God was there. Afterwards, I was sitting with a student in my youth group who is a Seer, and she was grinning ear to ear. This actually was a little uncharacteristic for her (she tends to under-react to what she sees). I commented how worship was awesome, and she said, “We weren’t the only ones worshiping.”

I said, “Wow, really?”

She said, “I’ve never seen anything like it. It was beautiful.” She said Angels were there celebrating with us.

Other times, she has pointed out to me a dark spirit in the church watching things. At those times, I grabbed another leader in the church, and we prayed against the entity, and she confirmed it had been driven away, or at least she couldn’t see it anymore.

Look, I don’t really understand this stuff. But I do understand that the spirit world is real, and Seers possess a gift to believers to help leaders see what may be going on in the spirit world around their church.

This next part is important: Much abuse can ensue from this mentality. It’s easy for an abusive leader to manipulate and misinterpret what the Seer is seeing. It’s also easy to turn the Gift into a show, or to build up the Seer, rather than the Giver of the gift (God). On the flip side, others can misinterpret the gift, and turn the Seer into a freak show who needs to be institutionalized.

For these reasons, we have not revealed to anyone but a few leaders the gift this teenager has.

I’ll never forget the first time I approached my pastor about her gift.

“I think so and so sees spirits,” I said, cautiously. How would he react? Would he think she was cursed? A witch? Mentally sick?

“Oh,” he replied. “She’s a seer.”

I didn’t even know there was a word for that! I thought “seers” meant someone who tried to divine the future. Nope. It means someone who sees spirits. And they are a gift to the Church from God.



    • Thanks! That’s disappointing but not surprising about your church. Keep exploring and checking out the past posts, and the various articles linked in the headers. But don’t worry; I’ll get more content out.

      • Doug, You nemtioned “Jesus Culture conference in Chicago, 2011” – Is there an annual conerence for Seers that I have never heard about? I have trouble finding a church home that embraces Seers as well. I would love to go to such a conference.

        • Paul, there is no annual conference for seers that I’m aware of. However, I’ve been toying with an idea about hosting an online training/discussion.

  1. Thank you for this site. I appreciate your humble, well thought out post. What a breath of fresh air!

    I also love the fruits and gifts and exciting relationship with the Spirit of God, yet I am quite new to these things. I finally found out who Holy Spirit is and how awesome and powerful He is after years of not really knowing Him. I am so excited about words and prophetic and healing and miracles that he’s done. But I really like the visions. 🙂

    Through visions He helps me understand things I’m dealing with. His counseling is intimate and so perfect. I journal most of what He is doing and ask Him about it. I feel pretty free to share directly with people in church, with friends and family because He has given me such great love for people. Recently i began attending a small Friday night worship service where the pastor walks in gifts and so values peoples diversity in giftings, that he allows us to freely share what we hear, see or discern that God is speaking. It’s so very great when we can share these things and receive love vs judgement from each other. In this setting my gift flourishes. I’ve seen prophetic visions for groups of people so fast I had to scribble it all down. And once a portal opening and angelic beings as we worshiped. Tapestries coming down the walls. Water around my ankles, then to my knees, then over my head. Crows snatching things from people, and fire waterfalls and angel children dancing around the communion table, blue sneakers on my youth pastor…and on and on. (And then there are days where I see hardly a thing.) It’s exciting and quite often encourages people. This small Friday group setting has opened up some real freedom and opportunity that probably most people don’t have. (Likely most pastors wouldn’t go there. lol. )

    So here’s a question I’m wondering about. I’ve been seeing tigers often. The Bible doesn’t say much about tigers and I’m not hearing too much about them when I ask Holy Spirit. I see them in a good way, they are vibrant orange and seem to be jumping out toward us in exuberant worship, or a tiger’s face is in front of me suddenly. I mostly see his face, sometimes his eyes only. It is very tiger’s faces very often in the past 5 months. As I said, i am never afraid, just curious, and i feel like he represents boldness or strength for me personally. Thoughts?

  2. Doug, this is so encouraging to me! I was at the Jesus Culture Conference in 2011, and had that same sense in worship. It felt like heaven on earth! I have had people prophesy to me that I’m a seer, and have had that confirmed in other ways. While I have never seen anything in the natural realm, I often have day dream, or night dreams that God gives me an interpretation of. I’ve even had day dreams about future events in my life, and seen them come to pass at a later date. I come from a family of musicians, so your other article talking about seers/worship leaders is very interesting to me. I used to play music all the time in high school and some in college, but have since stopped since working in the corporate world. I also lead a Bible study at my church where multiple worship leaders are in it, so I wonder if God is giving me influence there. Overall, I’m so glad I found your sight and have been devouring the articles. Blessings!

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