Spirits and Fear: How to Test the Spirits

I’ve been taken to task for promoting a “spirit of fear” in some of these posts, and yes that was a pun. I don’t mean to promote fear-mongering. Although it can be terrifying to see spirits, or to witness someone who sees them, and confusing to parent children who see, I intend to promote a healthy understanding of these entities,…

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“I am a seer” – A Teenage Seer Testimony

Editor’s note: This teenage seer testimony came from a student who is now in college. I don’t remember how old I was when I first started seeing, but I do remember being completely terrified. At first I thought that the things I was seeing were completely normal. I truly believed that everyone else saw them too. I soon began to realize…

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Why are some people Seers?

Why are some people seers? Here is a thought. This post is mainly for pastors of Christians. Seers are a true gift to any “body of believers”, that is, any group of Christians who attend a church together. If your church is doing something good for God, there’s a good chance the spiritual enemies of God have taken notice.