“It’s right there!!!”


When our daughter was very young, she would often react to things in the room that we could not see. It was unsettling. Frequently, she would ask about the man standing outside our patio door.

We would say, “There’s no one there, honey.”

She would look at us like we were insane and say, “Yes he is. He’s wearing a black coat and has a black hat on.”

I would look at my wife, and go to the door and look and see nothing, although this tended to happen only at night, and you couldn’t see much anyway. But she was insistent that he was right there.

Once  – I think she was 3 – she came out of her bedroom and screamed and ran to me and pointed to the “monster” in the living room corner.

That angered me. She was being dramatic.

“There is nothing there!”

“Yes there is!”

“What?” I yelled. “What is there?”

“It’s a dragon! A little dragon and it’s looking at me!” she cried.

My wife’s voice raised in tension. “Honey, it’s just your imagination.”

She cried, pointed, and said, “It’s right there!!!”

I stood up, looked at the empty corner of the living room and shouted, “In the name of Jesus, you must go. You must leave right now. You have no authority here! Go, in Jesus name!”

She looked, and settled down. “It’s gone.” She was still trembling a little, and then Peace entered the room.

At that time, we had just begun to realize… Seers see.


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