I See Gold Sparkles and Gold Dust

“I saw gold paint dripping down the walls,” she said. And later she added, “I see gold sparkles.” And she motioned with her fingers like rain from heaven. I looked around and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Another time, a different teen said, “I saw gold dust falling from heaven and shooting out of the vents.” (The fans that blew…

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Seers as Worship Leaders Part 2

In this earlier post, I looked at the idea of seers as worship leaders, primarily from the standpoint of an ancient Israeli king’s actions in placing a few seers in charge of worship. The other day, on Spotify, I was listening to a new worship album from Vineyard Worship called “Face to Face,” a live recording from the 2013 Vineyard National Conference. No,…

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Seers and Worship Leaders

At first, seers and worship leaders may not have an obvious connection. What does seeing in the spirit realm have to do with worship? What indeed… Many years ago in a church my wife and I attended, the worship leader told me that during the worship part of a service, “Sometimes the presence of God is so thick in this…

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Why are some people Seers?

Why are some people seers? Here is a thought. This post is mainly for pastors of Christians. Seers are a true gift to any “body of believers”, that is, any group of Christians who attend a church together. If your church is doing something good for God, there’s a good chance the spiritual enemies of God have taken notice.