Reverb: Talking with Seers at a Youth Retreat

This last weekend, I attended a youth retreat, called Reverb 2014, in the Midwest (of the United States) where I spent some time talking with seers. About 300 teens and adult leaders attended. This is the same event I attended last year (referred to here and here).

This year, I hosted 2 1-hour workshops on the Spirit World: Having Eyes to See. I was hoping some seers would show up and share what they could see… and many did!

I had maybe 70 or 80 students attend either of the sessions… I only printed 50 handouts and about half the students had to share in the second session! So that was exciting.

It reiterated to me how hungry teens are for a grid to interpret the paranormal and supernatural events they are experiencing and are interested in.

When I asked for a show of hands of students who could see into the spirit world, about 10-20 percent rose their hands.  I asked how many could see angels, and then how many could see demons. More can see the demonic than the angels who are aligned with God… I’ll explore this in coming posts.

There is an exception to this: when we pray.  This just continues to amaze me. When followers of Jesus Christ pray in power, light and other “things” from heaven descends.

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  1. Hey Doug! I absolutely love your class every year! Its always beneficial to me to see other seers. (I say,” other seers,” because I actually do not know that many.) Anyways, another main reason why I go is because I like to watch as peoples minds are opened to the real truth about angelic and demonic presences, and Gods Love. I can literally see as their hearts and minds are opened to the truth. I can see as your words, (The words God uses through you) settle in their hearts, and see as they meditate on them and start to picture His real love and presence. Thank you for being open about, “REALITY,” Because seeing these things, for me, and others is reality. Thank you Doug, hope to see you soon. Very Soon.

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