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It’s time to discuss our purpose here at Seers See.  I’ve had some interesting feedback regarding presenting at the youth conference mentioned here.

I’d like to encourage new visitors who are horrified at the prospect of teaching teens how to see spirits.

That is not what I do.  On this website, we acknowledge that lots of people see things in the spiritual realm… angels, demons, and even other things.  What I’m offering here is a grid to interpret what people are seeing.  There are lots of websites out there to provide grids for the things people see in the spirit, but not a lot of them offer a grid rooted on Jesus Christ, who embodies Truth, Life, and the Way to live, even now.  That’s what we’re about.

The Christian Worldview

The Christian Worldview (the “you”assumes you are a Christian.” It means that God makes His home in you).

The fact is, the Biblical record is full of people who interacted with the spirit realm on multiple occasions.  About a third of the Bible consists of dreams and visions, many of them terrifying.  Many of them rocked the world of those who saw them. Sometimes those visions and angelic visitations happened right in front of other people who didn’t see them.  Thankfully, the witnesses  recorded what they saw and what they heard, providing a measurement for our own experiences.

There’s a page on the site called “I want to see spirits” and the advice there is don’t. After all, why would you want to talk to some spirit that may be lying to you when you can talk to God who actually dwells inside you, when you choose to follow Jesus? Why do I include that page? Because believe it not, lots of people try to conjure spirits and interact with them, completely unaware the God who made the universe wants to interact with them on a personal level.  They have no idea that it’s a bad, bad idea to talk to other spirits.

Believe it or not, many people don’t know what demons are. They don’t know that some demonic spirits disguise themselves as angels of light. They don’t know that angels interact with people. They don’t know that demons interact with people. They don’t know that demons can impersonate the spirits of dead people. They don’t know that psychics can channel  spirits but actually lack the ability to discern if the information that is being channeled is true or false, or the source of the information. Most people don’t realize that spirits have agendas and the forces of evil have strategies (in the military sense of the term) to further their dark influence.

Materialist/Naturalist Worldview

Materialist/Naturalist Worldview – there is nothing real in the spiritual sense. There is only the matter/energy.

Many people in the West have no grid to interpret what is going on when supernatural events happen.  Their grid is a materialist worldview that fails on many levels.

Spiritism Worldview

Spiritism Worldview – No personal God, but lots of spirits running around oppressing people.

Or perhaps their grid is the worldview of the movie “The Conjuring” and other Hollywood tripe.

The biblical response to spiritual warfare is… prayer in the Name of Jesus. There is power in that Name.  The worldly response? Fear.

The Christian Worldview

The Christian Worldview – God who is separate from His creation, but dwells inside Christians, and miscellaneous other spirits running around influencing things, some good, and some bad.

Our goal is to provide the only grid to accurately interpret what folks are seeing in the spirit. I don’t offer a lot of advice in how to engage in spiritual warfare (although in private correspondence through this site, I’ve assisted many)… other sites do a far better job than that, including this one and this one (by two guys who actually don’t get along, but are on the same team, so to speak).

*The images are taken from a worldview presentation by the School of Kingdom Ministry. I do not own them.



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