I want to see spirits.

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Have you ever thought to yourself, “I want to see spirits?” Do you actually want to see spirits, but cannot? Does the whole idea of contacting someone or something on the “other side” fascinate you? Have you dabbled with drugs, Ouija boards, magic, psychics or other avenues to contact that realm? Or are you thinking about doing so?

Do not try to contact spirits and resist the urge. The spirit realm is real and it interacts with us in ways that are hard to understand.  By attempting to contact spirits, you open access points (or “doorways” or “portals”) to these entities, who have dark agendas you cannot control.

Frankly, humans cannot tell when a spirit is telling the truth or is being deceptive. The spirit may say it is dearly departed Uncle Joe, but how can you really know that? The spirit may say it’s your own personal spirit guide.  It may say it’s an enlightened being and follow it to enlightenment! It may make you feel all goose-pimply or full of dread or both.  Don’t react to feelings. They lie to you.

Spirits watch people and can learn the secrets of their lives, and use that to try to convince them that they are someone they aren’t.  There is no good way to tell if a spirit is being truthful, apart from Jesus Christ who died on the Cross and rose again.

The fact is, spirit entities exist, they are extremely intelligent, and they have agendas. They use and deceive willing humans to further their agendas and tend to view us with disdain and hatred. Some spirits will clothe themselves in light and say nice things or reveal hidden knowledge to manipulate us to do their bidding. This may start well but it always leads to destruction.

If the lure of power and the tingly feelings of tapping into the unseen world is too much for you, contact us. We’ll put you in contact with God, through the Holy Spirit. Because of what Jesus did on the Cross and through his resurrection and ascensin into Heaven, the Holy Spirit has been poured out on the earth, and is available to you.  He is the Creator, the Giver of Life,  and through Jesus, the Truth, the Life, and the Way.

The Holy Spirit’s agenda is clear: He always leads us to Jesus, who sits at the right hand of Father… all three are one: the Most High God .

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