“I’m seeing a lot today…”

I received this message today from a young seer.

“I’m seeing a lot today and I just woke up like 30 minutes ago… theres a blackness in the sky and I feel like it’s going to be a threat as my day goes on. Theres (sic) a man standing by every corner I come to. He’s pointing at me and speaking but I don’t know what he’s saying…”

I wonder what the man she sees standing at every corner means. I wonder how literal she is being when she says “every corner.” Is it a spirit entity assigned to her? Assigned to someone on her bus? (This is from a high school student who was on her bus ride to school). And what is the blackness in the sky?

I find it interesting that the seer gift ebbs and flows.  One adult seer recently told me that he sees the spirit world better with his glasses off (he is near sighted). When he has his glasses on, our physical reality comes into focus, washing out his ability to physically see into the spiritual world.

I will share some thoughts on why this is in the future.


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