“It was trying to get in but it couldn’t.”

If demons lurk in your house, get rid of them!

Evangeline, who posted here and is a seer, was recently sitting in my office while I was working on something. At one point, I noticed she was extra quiet (she is normally pretty reserved).  Then, she casually asked, “Have you ever prayed over your house?”

“Yes,” I answered. “Of course.” I went back to work on my project, and then asked, “How come?”

She said, “Oh, there was something trying to get in, but it couldn’t.”

I said, “Oh.” And continued working.  Then I did a double take, “What?”

She smiled her seeing smile.  She motioned out the window.  I didn’t bother looking because I knew I wouldn’t see it.  She said it looked like a child-sized demon sitting in a tree (my office is in the 2nd floor), with claw-liked nails, and it had tried to get in, but it couldn’t.


Well, yes, we have prayed over our home.

Catholics and many other denominations have a tradition where the priest will come and bless the house when their parishioners move in, anointing it with blessed water or oil or something.  We aren’t Catholics but there is something to that ritual, even in mythology. If you think of vampire legends, they can only enter a house if they are invited. (Vampire legends are rooted in demonic behavior).

Several years ago, our young daughter had many encounters with spirits in our house. She was afflicted with continual nightmares. At the time, we were involved with a small group, where weekly we’d get together with a few other couples, discuss a topic, enjoy food and laughter together. We spoke of our issues regarding our daughter’s nightmares, and someone suggested they come over and “cleanse” it.

So a few of the small group came to our house, and went room to room, closing spirit portals. This wasn’t some creepy mystical event. It was very matter of fact. They asked the Holy Spirit to reveal any entry points, and if any were revealed, they prayed against them. Physically, I ended up removing a book of witchcraft that I had in one of my rooms (for “research”) and some other questionable items.  Spiritually, portals that we hadn’t even opened (but perhaps had existed during previous owners of the house) were closed.  The small group members declared each room was for God and His Son Jesus Christ, and no evil entities were welcome. Since then, a peace had descended on the house. It was cleansed.  Periodically, if we noticed an uptick in nightmares or creepy sensations or similar manifestations, we’ll pray again. Sometimes the uptick would related to my own behaviors and poor choices, which was up to me to change.

You can read more about how to do this in your home here.


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