“I see multi-colored dots.”

For a long while, our daughter has told us she sees rainbow-colored dots floating around, all the time, everywhere.  We thought they were spirits, but they didn’t act like spirits. They didn’t react to us or to prayer; they just seemed to float around.

I believed they were artifacts floating on her retina. You know, those squiggly little things that float on your eye that you can’t seem to get rid of… Well, no. She sees dots. Bright, multi-colored dots.

Some seers can see multi-colored dots. They don't actually look like this.

Some seers can see multi-colored dots. They don’t actually look like this.

And she sees them all the time.

She also sees lights outlining people and some objects, like pictures.  She only recently realized we didn’t see the lights too.

Once we prayed against the multi-colored dots, and nothing happened. I think she felt bad that the “prayer didn’t work”, so she said there were fewer dots, but I don’t think that was really the case.

We have had her eyes checked, and there is nothing wrong with her.  Aside from being an intelligent young girl who sees spirits, she’s, you know, normal!

Multi-colored dots. What are they? 

Some time ago, my wife became concerned with our daughter seeing these things, so she asked me to research it the next day.

Instead, I took half the day to help at a project at our church. During the day, the parent of a 12 year old came up to me and asked if my wife and I would be willing to chat with her about her son.  He … saw things.

I smiled. I asked, “Multi-colored dots?”

Her eyes widened. Yep.

Ok, when comes to spirit stuff, I don’t believe in coincidences.

I asked further questions. “Does he see spirits?”


“Does he see angels?”


“Does he see demons?”


Yes, seers are everywhere. And some of them see multi-colored dots.

Well, what are they?

I am not sure. Could they be some sort of quantum connection to the higher dimensions, such as the spirit world? I don’t know.

What about lights around people?  

Well, this is probably something called an aura.  What is an aura? Some kind of emanation reflecting a life force of someone… maybe? I don’t know. We’ll look into it.

But if you are a Seer or a parent of a Seer, then please know… this is normal!

See this page for more details.



  1. Hi there!

    I just asked my 7 yr old son ‘Charlie’ if he sees multicolored dots? He said very nonchalantly, “YES!” I asked him what they were? He said, “The very colorful ones are The Angels! And, the black, gray, dark gray & dark ones are the demons.” He acts like I should know. Wow! I have known that my son can see The Angels, demons, God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit & satan too. He says that God & Jesus look exactly a like, but that God is much bigger. God wears a white robe with a purple sash & Jesus wears a white robe with a red sash. Charlie has seen the Angels battle the demons. He said that satan is red, just like lava, but the Void is black. He thinks this Void is a Gateway or it could be his aura, since he is an awful dark entity that is full of iniquity & sin. He has also seen some of the demons disguise themselves as Angels, but they do not fool him. He can see through their disguises. Whenever is his dad has gotten mad, he could see a demon enter into him. But Charlie said not to worry because LOVE & HUGS make the demons flee. I have a very wise & spiritual child. I am very blessed.

    • Truly an amazing testimony! I think a lot of children who “see” are surprised when they find out the rest of us cannot. It’s like, “Wait. You don’t see these dots?? What else don’t you see? Do you see that tree? I see a tree over there, do you?”

  2. Comment: hi, my name is Heather and I have seen many things even science can’t explain. Since I was a little girl, I knew I was different. I was adopted and at age five told my adoptive mother I saw colored dots everywhere. Sometimes they form into shapes or just circles that float around the room. I also see specks of rainbow colors everywhere. I have been to eye doctors, and they can’t find any problem with my eyes. At age 11 I saw what seemed to be a demon I spirit of a girl. She was fire red and angry. I was so scared I couldn’t even scream… About a year ago while praying with friends I saw all the negative parts of my life flash before my eyes and then I had a vision of heaven. I was staining in front of the most beautiful waterfall and the whole scene was flawless. Then Jesus walked up with a white robe and I ran to him falling at his feet in awe. He reached his hand out to mine and I looked into his beautiful, merciful, powerful eyes. He pulled me up hugged me and walked me towards this path with a radiant white light. If you could explain any of this to me, why I might see this that would be so helpful! Thanks, Heather Marie (:

  3. My name is Chris and ever since I had started meditating I have seen an electric blue orb and red and white sparkes in my vision. I think the orb is called the Blue Pearl but I want to understand this From a Christian perspective.

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