A Review of School Spirits on SyFy

I finally watched an episode of School Spirits, on SyFy. This show basically reenacts true stories of hauntings at schools across the country.

The episode I watched took place at a frat house on Slippery Rock University.

During a frat party, the lookout (for cops)  said the atmosphere in the attic where he was stationed suddenly shifted and he felt a presence in the room. Later that night, two of the pledges hear little girls laughing and chattering.

They asserted there was no such thing as ghosts, but then began trying to speak to the ghosts. Physical manifestations appeared (thumps in the night).

 They decided to communicate with “it” with an Ouija board.

 Yeah, that’s a good idea. They went around the room and started asking it questions. Now, think about this logically. If there was a presence there that was maliciously scaring them.

Think about this logically: if there was a wicked spirit maliciously scaring them, why they think asking it questions like, “Who are you?” and “Are you with us?” would generate honest answers?

 Eventually, they asked the name of the entity, and it spelled SAM, followed by other manifestations that freaked them out.  Upon some research, the manifestations matched a grisly murder and vigilante revenge that had happened in the area.  The vigilantes had asked if the murderer wanted to be hanged or shot. The murderer pointed to his forehead and said, “Shoot me here.”  They hanged him instead. 

 “Shoot me here” pointed towards his forehead (pineal gland – portal) but was hanged instead.

 They invited a friend who explained they had opened a portal where other spirits could enter in, and that there was a cleansing ritual, which involved a prayer and a burning the Ouija board. The re-enactment had the prayer saying, “Angry spirit, now rest in peace.” 

Ok, here is my takeaway. I’m assuming the story is an actual representation of actual events. Clearly, a spirit engaged in an unprovoked attack on the folks of this house. Any number of portals unknown to the principle characters may have invited the spirit in: drug use, sexual immorality, who knows. By further engaging it with the Ouija board, they opened a major portal to spirit activity.

By the way, trying to talk to spirits is a bad idea… If you want supernatural power, then you should meet the Holy Spirit. That dude is awesome. And the Holy Spirit always, always, always aligns with and points to Jesus Christ, the Son of God who shed his blood on the Cross.

By cleansing their house, they no doubt closed the portal, but they did not necessarily forbid spirit entities from continuing to influence the folks inside the house.

No, I don’t believe the spirit of the dead man Sam was there. I believe a spirit was impersonating Sam to generate fear and terror… the kind of stuff wicked spirits feed on.

Anyway, the show was actually pretty good and I will watch another episode soon. We’ll also review Psychic Kids… a series about children who see spirits.


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