Join Me for a Live Stream with Seek4Truth

Jake Ruchotzke invited me onto his Seek4Truth Radio program, 7/19/16 at 9PM Central Standard Time (+6 GMT). You can check out his show here: I could be wrong, but I believe he has a chatroom during the interview here  

Finding God in a Culture Obsessed with Star Wars

As explained in this previous post, the first key to accurately discerning God’s voice requires you to truly know who God is and this can be extremely difficult in our Star Wars-obsessed culture. Actually, the obsession with Star Wars is an indicative symptom of something deeper going on in society. As ediaore people are coming to terms with the supernatural…

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Seers on Halloween

We’re approaching Halloween: that time of year again where there’s a heightened cultural interest in witches, ghouls, stuff that go bump in the night, and generally things that scare us   – or at least things that used to scare us.  In other words, there’s an elevated interest in all things occult. Reviewing the recent search engine terms that direct traffic…

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Walt Whitman’s Poem on Seers

Eidolons: A Poem on Seers I’ve taken to reading poetry lately and was surprised to come across a poem on seers.  When I began this season of reading and contemplating poetry, being an American, I thought I’d start with Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, published in 1855. I came across “Eidolons” a few weeks ago and was struck by the opening refrain,…

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A Review of Paranormal Witness

I’m watching an episode of Paranormal Witness on the SyFy channel. It’s about a haunted theater in Salt Lake City. Several people, including law enforcement officers, are terrorized by multiple demonic manifestations in 2006. The reenactments are well done, if poorly acted. At one gotcha moment, I jumped.

A Review of School Spirits on SyFy

I finally watched an episode of School Spirits, on SyFy. This show basically reenacts true stories of hauntings at schools across the country. The episode I watched took place at a frat house on Slippery Rock University. During a frat party, the lookout (for cops)  said the atmosphere in the attic where he was stationed suddenly shifted and he felt…

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School Spirits

Here’s another encounter we recorded, this one from April 11, 2011. She was six at the time. The names have been redacted to protect their privacy. “During ***** class with Ms. ******, I saw Ms. ****** die. I saw hands grab her by the neck and then Jesus took her to Heaven. I saw that in my head. Then I…

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