A Review of Paranormal Witness

I’m watching an episode of Paranormal Witness on the SyFy channel. It’s about a haunted theater in Salt Lake City. Several people, including law enforcement officers, are terrorized by multiple demonic manifestations in 2006.

The reenactments are well done, if poorly acted. At one gotcha moment, I jumped.

Two of the officers invite a Seer to come and see what he can see. Well, sure enough he sees multiple figures walking around, smells smoke (he asks if there had been a fire there), and mentions that the place is haunted.

Some of the manifestations are doors slamming, pianos playing, images on the infrared camera (one of the officers described it as “demonic”), images in mirrors, hearing voices, elevators moving by itself, and so on. It is revealed a fire killed several people, and it’s implied that the spirits of those who died in fire haunt this place. Of course, this isn’t the case: the entities are not spirits of dead people, but demonic spirits who fed off the pointless deaths. When human blood is shed, power is released. No doubt some of the manifestations were not demonic, but spiritual resonances of the terrible things that happened.  It’s a well produced, entertaining show, but it misleads in its view of the spirit world.

If the reporting is true, and the interviews are pretty convincing, it angers me.

It angers me because they brought in a Seer, but they didn’t bother bringing in someone to clean the place out.  A couple of well-armed followers of Jesus could clean that place out in an hour. End the manifestations. End the evil presences. Remove the demonic spirits.  Instead of terror, the place would be filled with peace. End of story.

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