Smoking Weed and Seeing Things

“The Gateway Drug”

Pot, marijuana, or weed is often called a “Gateway Drug,” to imply that smoking pot is like opening a gate down a path to using more dangerous drugs. Once you start smoking pot, it is said, then before long, you’ll be using heroin next, and, by golly, that can kill ya.

That’s not why smoking pot is the “Gateway Drug.”

PotI’m not advocating smoking pot.  I’m also not really in favor of laws that punish people for possessing it either. (Interesting turn of the phrase, “possessing” it).

I know some experience pain for which only smoking pot provides relief, with little or no side effects. I know for others, smoking pot provides relief from the stress of modern life.

That said, smoking pot can open gateways to spirit oppression, which some seers can actually see.

I first suspected this impact from smoking pot over the summer of 2013. A teenager I knew who had a relatively healthy relationship Jesus Christ. She had been personally and instantly healed of some injuries and was recovering from some emotional turmoil through the peace than can only come from Jesus.

Then she smoked pot.  She came out of the experience doubting all of the supernatural, despite a number of supernatural experiences she personally had. She was also oppressed by demonic nightmares.  Upon some investigation, we eventually learned that the pot had opened a doorway and invited in demonic influence to her.

I have been aware that certain drugs open spirit portals, which have largely negative effects to people’s psyche and spirit. These drugs include LSD, DMT, absinthe, and consuming certain other “spirits” of plants, and  others that even include certain prescription drugs. Historically, witch doctors and occultists used drugs to open spirit portals.

An ancient Greek word for witchcraft is pharmekeia, from which we get the English word “pharmacy” or “pharmaceuticals.”

I had thought that smoking marijuana was fairly harmless, and for some people, it may be.

But for others, it’s the Gateway Drug, and smoking it opens gates to spiritual oppression.

Smoking Weed and Seeing Things

Check out these two testimonies I encountered on the Canary Cry forum. We were discussing the pineal gland, which some believe is how our brains access the spiritual world.

…I feel like my pineal gland has always been open – ever since I was a child I could see in the spirit realm. When I was old enough to do drugs – things really began to accelerate in regards to what I could see / what I learned and what I was able to do. I came to a point where this sucker was too far opened – if that even happens – but things got dark – very very dark and all I could see was demonic. I got saved and slowly but surely my mind was restored and my pineal gland was back to “normal”. I asked this question because I know a brother who can’t see and is spiritually frustrated and so he started using marijuana. His pineal gland started to open and he felt this was a good thing – which it can be only if assisted by God…

To which another poster replied:

I just recently ended my 3 yr stent with weed. It will definatly aid in the process but its like sneaking through the back door into that relm. Doing it with Jesus is the only way to be escorted safetly through it. If not then u are giving satan an invitation or a “door” to do as he wishes. As u saw when things got “dark”, its not a place you wanna go unprotected. Tell ur friend its worth taking the long road with God rather than the quick route that has very lasting negative effects. The enemies u see are scary, but the ones that attach to u unknowingly are the hardest to fight. Thats what happens with drugs. On the flip side walking in the power of the Holy Spririt is the BEST high ive ever had (and I managed a dispensary In California for a year lol).

So here are three examples that link pot use to spiritual oppression, and in each case, the users saw spirits while asleep or awake. No, it’s not scientific, but it’s enough for an anecdotal lesson! Be very careful if you use weed for whatever reason. It can lead to spiritual oppression and/or strongholds of disbelief in the truth of who Jesus really is.

In each case mentioned above, Jesus assisted with freeing the users from the spirits and in using pot. Only Jesus can really close those portals that users open, whether they use drugs, Ouija boards, physical, sexual, or mental abuse, or even animal sacrifice.

Yes, animal sacrifice. My wife has helped deliver someone who engaged in animal sacrifices and was under terrible spiritual oppression. It’s is alive and well in the 21st Century and boy, does it open portals.  How this relates to seers is this: they see what is causing the terrible destruction wrought on human lives by the spirits summoned through the portals, humans who in fact deserve love and grace.  More on all of that later.

For those who feel the need to smoke pot, aside from pain-related physical issues, my question is this: why do you feel the need? What is prompting this feeling? The chances are, the true answer to fill this need is not a drug, but a Person, and that person is Jesus. 



  1. Marijuana is the fastest thing or to say short cut to see in the spirit realm, it has been used all over for thousands of years

  2. Hi. My name is Tyrone and I have just been delivered from MARIJUANA use that stretched over 21 years.

    I am going to try be to the point for easy reading.

    I was bound to the drug mentally, even although a Christian and believing the Gospel. I was demonically oppressed. I was delivered of a demon this year, January. The experience was terrifying because other than sleep paralysis, this time hands were all over my soul-man and tugging at my feet.

    Back in 1996 I became a Blood brother. That is when I got really heavy into the stuff. By 1997 I tried to commit suicide and was miraculously saved. I was filled with the Holy Spirit.

    In late 1998, I fell to temptation and took 2X Hoffmans (LSD) and 2X Red Devils (Ecstasy). I experienced a demonic manifestation in my room, and the Holy Spirit manifested in my body and rebuked the presence. It was a terrifying experience. It manifested again about 5 minutes later and was dealt with again. Something changed. I was not happy as I was before. I was filled with condemnation, or fear thereof because of how I backslid that night.

    All this time I had not really repented of marijuana.

    By 2000, I earnestly sought the Lord about it because I was bound. I could not repent of it. I heard clearly, “I will not deliver you from it unless you stop beating yourself about it.”

    Years passed and I was having all sorts of spiritual experiences, from visions, to experiencing voices, to seeing Jesus face to face, also not long after that I saw satan face to face manifested in the face of a high priestess of a satanic coven, and also experiencing other things like waking up in hell. This lasted for maybe 2 seconds. It was terrifying to say the least.

    In 2007 I admitted that my life was not right at all and I sought the Lord about deliverance. I was an angry person and my mind was in no way the same that it was. In 2007 I had a very serious satanic attack against my mind where I experienced the presence of satan and it warped my soul completely. I was bent with the fear of condemnation. I thought I was going to hell. I had a vision of my mind being eaten out as if eaten out by an alien. This was the damage to my mind. It left a real soul wound. For about 3 years after that I suffered tremendously. I repented of my marijuana use for about 1.5 years but I cross addicted to alcohol and I did not know how I could. I was also enslaved to sexual sin, and I could not understand why, seeing that I had the severe experiences that I did. I was a very keen researcher on subjects like eschatology, crypto-history and conspiracy theory. There is a reason why I am saying this and will get to that now.

    I then reached 2010 and I was desperate for a solution but my fear of condemnation was at max, and my soul was totally in a mess. I stood up in a church and asked what can be done to be released from sin that we are holding onto, but cannot let go of it, and they just said, “be accountable to your brother”. This was not the answer I needed because the Lord is our Saviour.

    I went home and heard, “1 Thessalonians 5:23” and went on to read it. “And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.”

    I then accepted that He will sanctify my heart and my soul went into a rest and I experienced the Holy Spirit pass over my soul like water. I rested. I immediately had a vision of myself on a battlefield and naked on the ground and I reached for my helmet.

    It would not be another 6 years before I finally got delivered from it, or alcohol. I at that time had about 10 years experiences with having visions, dreams, hearing different voices, etc.

    On the basis of being shown between 2007 and 2010 that I was not obeying the Gospel, or the Good News I tried to repent totally from my fascination from grim subjects that I was interested in because I realized I was sowing fear into my mind by those subjects. I had to return to seeking Him, communing with Him and studying the Word but I was LAZY.

    Now between 2010-2014 I went through more experiences but I was extremely filled with anger, rage, apathy, drudgery and all sorts of feelings, voices, etc. I was frustrated. In 2013 I cracked and shouted at the Lord and asked Him to remove the problem. I had a vision of Him standing at the Throne. I got scared.

    I lost my job thereafter. I got another 7 months later. It was not long I walked out, out of anger. A spirit of anger had my soul. I was immensely angry. I then was unemployed for a further 7 months and got another job. 8 months I waked out of that job. I am an experienced I.T. professional. I was angry at everything. I was emotionally burned out and also suicidal.


    I repented of self-murder, but it took a further year. I then had to go through a process of deliverance. First I had to forgive myself and others. He gave me healing to all sorts of things, like bitterness. Then I was delivered from a demon because anger left me in a great way. Well, it seemed something left me. I had to overcome all sources of bitterness and I had to face it.

    Then, I still had marijuana. I finally got what the Lord was saying and I rested in the fact that only He can sanctify me. After all those years I finally handed over all rights to Him to Sanctify me completely. I had visions. I saw many things. I saw people standing around the Altar of the Lord. They were not ON THE ALTAR. They were off it and their faces were stretched in FEAR OF CONDEMNATION. They did not know that SANCTIFICATION IS BY FAITH. They were still using WILL POWER and the WILL IS OF THE SOUL. I basically resolved to look to Him to take my sin from me, because will power did not work.

    I was then in the park smoking a joint. I was caught by the police and taken to jail. I appeared in Court and sent to a Drug Rehab, but I knew that I needed the Lord’s help. I could not do this alone, and the drug rehab would only lead me to repent by WILL POWER. I was really bound to marijuana. I LUSTED (not loved) it so much! Years bound! YEARS!

    I was also having terrifying visions and I sought the Lord and I cried out for help and I had a vision of a demon on my back using my right ear as a motorbike grip. It was “riding” me.

    I then said, “Lord, you are going to have to take this from me NOW or else these people will get me into prison.”. I was given a verse to stand on, and that is Romans 9:16 “So then it is not of him that wills, nor of him that runs, but of God that shows mercy.” —–|> ALL ALONG I HAD STUDIED ROMANS AND I MISSED THE PROOF RIGHT THERE THAT YOU CANNOT DO IT BY WILL POWER. All I had to do was NOT BEAT myself for the problem and TAKE MY STAND ON THE FINISHED WORK OF THE CROSS, THE GIFT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, and look to Him only. He took it right out my heart. His Love imparted took away my fear of condemnation over the stuff and replaced the lust for it. His Love dissolved the lust, however this is where it gets interesting…..

    During this process I heard a voice tell me, “Tonight they arrest you.” I thought, “The cops?”. This was right before I was finally delivered. That night I fell asleep and suddenly I was in the grip of a demon on my back. It was terrifying. I the heard “anger”. I got lose and repented of all anger in my life and asked that all doorways are closed to that demon and more. I asked if there was anything else that could be an open doorway and I was answered, “fornication”. The next morning I saw a vision of the Lord wiping my back with a towel.

    I was delivered of that demon. It was on my back and this demon got entry into my life when I fell to LSD that night back in 1998. All the voices I was hearing for years…… A DEMON!

    I have since been free from alcohol abuse, marijuana and masturbation. In fact, I had a dream in 2007 of the exact same experience I had and that was the Lord showing me I would have deliverance. I suspected something on my back. I woke up from the dream and was busy masturbating in my sleep. Or rather, that demon was masturbating me.

    I have had a sound mind since. I hear His Voice clearer, but it is a voice to my spirit from His Spirit. I do not just trust any voice. I do sometimes hear a thing or two from the outside but the thing is that now I am focused on the Gospel and the FINISHED WORK OF THE CROSS and resting in the total benefits. GRACE BY FAITH. JUSTIFED BY FAITH. SANCTIFIED BY FAITH. ETERNAL LIFE IS A GIFT. I’m resting and staying quiet.

    Marijuana use? It not only opens a door to demons. It will also expose your mind to the Spirit Realm illegally. Not only will you have false visions, you will hear voices and also have “profound revelations’. The same thing applies for LSD and magic mushrooms, etc. Witches use drugs to gain entry into the spirit realm and to cast spells easier. It is very dangerous. I will not go back to the stuff.

    What some may call schizophrenia is really a “spirit of divination”. I am delivered totally from that but I am consulting a Christian Psychologist for the next year.

    STAY AWAY FROM MARIJUANA. ALL DRUGS! IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN THEN STAY AWAY! I WAS BOUND TO IT AND HAD TO BE DELIVERED. THERE IS NO WAY WILL POWER WILL WORK. Get back to the Gospel, take your stand on the GIFT OF HIS RGHTEOUSNESS, do not beat yourself for your problem and trust Him to remove it. You could have a demon on your back that is keeping you bound. Those voices are voices of demons. I am checking the “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” checkbox. I will wait for a reply. This testimony is FOR REAL. I do confess the third day risen Christ and I take no glory but give Him all the glory. Repent of being a Hippie-Christian and know only He can empower your heart so that His Love can dissolve the lust that keeps you enslaved to the stuff, and I KNOW just how enslaved I was. 21 years. In Him.

      • My pleasure. The exact tactic of the devil with the use of marijuana is that it also makes one SELF-CONSCIOUS and this is a very great tool for the devil, because within Christianity you have to take eyes off self and place it on Him and the Cross and see that he died for you, became your sin, and also died to take your sin by implanting His Love inside of you. If the devil can keep you focus on self, he can suck you into Vanity in a negative sense and this is depression which is devilish. So, marijuana use is being used by demons to keep people enslaved to self…. the Love of God frees us from self, and it also teaches us to love self unconditionally so that when we fall, we dust ourselves off and move on as soon as possible. I cannot begin to tell you how I am really enjoying my sobriety and the emotional healing that has happened since that demon was taken from my back and I can only see now how that demon ripped my emotions apart. I am back in my mind 20 years ago. It is amazing. God is good.

    • Thank you for your testimony. It is powerful. I’m sure just this site alone has helped so many of us who are caught in bondage. I could relate to so much of what you said. The anger, bitterness, depression and condemnation, the suicidal thoughts and plans as well as the voices. Its intersting to see that weed was the “bandaid” over all the infected mess of your soul.. My soul too. This is probably why it tool so long yo Stop. Cause Jesus wanted to clean up the infection so to speak then remove the bandaid. Thanks to this post I will lean on Jesus and pray, read the word and utilize faith to help me through this very real problem. Sadly where I live MJ is more easily accessible. I can see how the enemy would use it as something seemimgly “harmless” to trap or cause to stumble a believer. Thank you Tyrone and I pray that your message helps more and more believers. Blessings

      • Thank you for your response. You have got to look to the Author and Finisher of your faith to be made able to take hold of santification that is a gift. The heart has to be delivered of selfishness (lust), pride and fear and because He said ‘Without Me you can do nothing’ your only option is to fall into His Arms as you are and look to Him to make the change in your inner being and soul. Rest in His Love and let it cast out all fear and impart faith.

        • Hmmm… Well I believe He is delivering me from fear as I heard Him say it.. The thing is been smoking almost everyday all day for practically 3 years. Ive prayed about it, fasted and stopped for a month only to start up again. The spirit told me my life is in shambles because if smoking which I believe. Yet no matter what I do I cant seem to let it go. I even convinced myself smoking brought me closer to God in my prayer life and spirituality. There were times I even felt a sensation in my forehead between my eyes which I now believe is the pineal gland..or the third eye. Messed I know how could a spirit filled believer get to that point? But I was and lost myself dabbling in things of which I know not about.. I have been trying to do what you say and give it too God. It seems like a never ending struggle. But I have faith. Today is day one. Thanks for the motivation. I will pray for strength and courage to overcome.

          • You say that you can’t let it go. I know what you mean. It is like a yoyo connected to your hand. You drop it and tell God that you do not want to do it anymore. Then before you know it, it is right back in your hand and you have picked the yoyo back up. It is a toy. But no matter what you do you cannot get rid of it. You like it too much. I know what you are going through. That toy is like a snake. When you look at it and ask yourself, “What am I doing?” it bites you and you have feelings of guilt, of condemnation and self hatred. You fall to the floor in the spirit and you rip into your chest trying to find what is wrong with you. You want to be free. You want to hate the sin you love so much but you can’t understand what keeps you in bondage. The first thing to accept is that you do not really want to give up. You enjoy it very much. It is causing damage and could cause schizophrenia but you do not care. So you are enslaved to a selfishness and to a pride that makes you think that you will be okay and that you know best. As long as you have your fix all is okay but it is not. It is destroying you but you do not have enough love for His Creation in you to respect it nor the other people affected by your addiction. So what do you do? Well, if the perfect love of God can cast out all fear it can cast out all pride and lust. You don’t love marijuana. You lust it. Only He can change that and whom the Son sets free is free indeed. He has to replace the lust with His Love. Your soul is enslaved. Will power does not work and the devil always accuses you saying that you do not love Jesus and you love your sin and because your will is to sin he is taking you to Hell. But that is a lie because he is getting you to believe your salvation depends on your righteousness and not the righteousness that is a Gift through the Blood. Look away from the problem, consider yourself DEAD TO THE LAW AND SIN and submit to the Righteousness of God that is a GIFT BY FAITH. Then CLAIM SANCTIFICATION. He does not want you to repent from sin out of the fear of Hell. That would suggest your righteousness can save you from Hell and that His Blood means nothing. You must not drop that yo yo and lie to God telling Him that you want to drop it because you don’t want to! You want your toy! He has to cut the string that connects that yoyo to your heart and free the heart so that the heart rejects the toy out of love for Him, for yourself and for others. So, look away from the toy and look to the Cross and claim the righteousness and sanctification and let Him inject your heart with love so that the hand can let go of that yoyo. Prayer will not have power if you are not obeying the Gospel (good news) of the gift of righteousness that is by faith.

  3. I know this one also very well. I hear and see spirits. do not acknowledge them talk to them or even breath in their direction. Get yourself a laser light they don’t like those at all

  4. Dear doug i sent you a personal email to your adress ive found ( doug[at] did you received it?

  5. Hi Doug

    I am available here. Do you want to message me in open forum, if not then please provide your email address and I will email you from there.

    • I’m researching effective and anonymous forums to add to this site. I’m not much of a computer coder, so it’s not a quick process. For now, conversations can continue in the comments.

      • Thanks. I am not sure how you want help. I am not a web developer and I do not want to get too involved in research because I have my questions answered after 20 years of addiction. Being freed by the Christ is the only way. All who use the stuff to “see” will “see” things however by a spirit of divination, or what many call “schizophrenia”.

  6. I have since had incredible healing because what the drug does is that it makes one self-conscious and it opens doors to familiar spirits that utter things to the mind in forms of “profound revelations”. Thos “revelations” is in fact info that comes from the spirit realm, and uttered by evil spirits. The soul which includes the mind, can be exposed to the spirit realm and within the spirit realm are demons. The only way to be protected is to OBEY THE GOSPEL and seek deliverance from Christ from drugs. To obey the Gospel is to be painted BY HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and to take eyes off self and your righteousness. The drug keeps one locked in self-consciousness and sin consciousness and that is why marijuana specifically is a very dangerous drug for a Christian. It is not to be smoked at all. I do not want to come across holier than though. Only Jesus could get me off the stuff. He had to make the change in my soul. I can get the the GOOD NEWS here and that is the first step to deliverance, but marijuana is a specfic tool that the enemy is using to bring great damage to the psyche.

  7. I am A weed smoker.i started smoking weed seriously last year when I was depressed.I believe God made all things With a purpose.God created weed too.just as he created everything else.I believe that God is good and that He is not a malicious it everybody who smokes weed that gets satanic or demonic attacks? And why should you be possessed?It is because you lack faith or your spirituality is wanting.I found hope, Order,Peace,Joy and Restoration by smoking.I pray to God when I smoke.And I try my best to do good because the choices are clearer when I’m high.if you smoke weed with impure intentions or for the pleasure, that is the type of spirit you will attract.But of you walk in the light, do things out of love and care about God’s will and desire, you will walk with him all the way.i believe God created everything with potential.we just choose to use it either negatively or positively….either for destruction or creation….Sanctify and clean your thoughts and intentions, including your body…then smoke and see the God at all times….and when you are high, what do you do? If you go committing sexual sin you will attract a sexual spirit…..if you go fighting you will attract a violent spirit….beware and don’t rush in blindly.Weed isn’t bad.check yourself first, and stop blaming the weed.

    • Interesting perspective. Check out Tyrone’s guest post here, as well as the comments.

      If you read the article carefully, you’ll see that no where says smoking pot means you’ll get possessed.

    • Amen! I smoke weed too, and have a very deep connection to the spririt world. I am a Shaman and am a liberal Catholic. Sometimes my heart vibrates with so much love, I swear to God that it’s going to bust open. Love attracts love, weed or no weed.

  8. Thank you for your testimony. I accidentally stumbled across this page. But as I started reading I couldn’t stop. Please pray for me. I am also dealing with addiction. May God bless you and your family.

  9. I am so happy stumbling on this page and all the was after my own experience that I started googling to see if others had experienced what I went through now it seems more obvious. I’m a cameroonian living in sweden .I ve had problems with my private live like my love life.lost my mum 12 yrs back and seeing my brothers moving apart to their women I felt lonely exposed and no one to talk relationship and career was noth8ng to be proud had problems with migration office and fell into depression. I started smoking cigarettes n drinking. Had this friend who once in a while would come and smoke weed with me .he actually pushed me to try.sometimes in my depression I found myself trying to get weed.but I mostly smoked but cigarette. But on the 23 Dec we drank together and he rolled a blunt which we shared he lit another.that was when u started feeling this strange openings in my bother.I could see all organs in my body like falling off.I just saw death .it felt like this is the time to gf called me on the fone ..but b4 then I had started screaming and jumping ..u was trying to tell my friend there are spirits in this world.he was angry that I was making noise in his apartment and could wake his neighbour. I just found my self in this dark space where alot of battle was going on .a force came into me like a thief trying to take me away like a tonardo..I started screaming Jesus save my soul .Jesus save my came automatic..what is strange was that no other thing could save me from that situation than the name of Jesus…I was screaming at the pick of my voice for more than 30 minutes unconsciously that Jesus save my soul. He came too like the opposing force wrestling to get my soul from this other spirit. Please guys listen carefully.I know what I’m talking about.meanwhile at that time I was shouting I was trying to throw myself from the 3 floor.through window..the force was trying to make me.throw myself and I was holding firm to.the window not to fall off from that 3rd floor.It exactly is like the part in the bible which is written a wolf coming to steal one of the sheep and the Shepherd came fighting to get his sheep from the claws of the Wolf..I shouted Jesus save my soul until I calmed down…nobody wanted to beleive me.listen to me or understand what I saw..they just say u was drunk and high.I thank God this took to me to another level.I saw that jesus is alive is hearing us aND is the only saviour we have in this world.that was the only name dat could save me.I thank God faith.I have been praying and beleiving in jesus if not maybe u would not be able to rememberhis name ..please pray to God in the name of Jesus.he is the prince that God has invested his power on to fight any battle for our souls to be saved. There is no one like Jesus’

  10. Can you tell me more about voices? I have a long lasting expirience with demonic voices trying to make me insane, they first came to me to sell my soul in 2009 but i rejected… Since then my life started to fall apart and i think those demons are involved in this. I hear them only when i smoke marijuana or use ecstasy. So definitly smoking is a gate into spiritual… not at first but when you use it for 10-20 years…

    • Danny, I’ll be glad to set a phone appointment to discuss. But basically, some seers can see things in the spirit realm, and but other people have gifting that make them sensitive to spiritual sounds. There are a few articles on this blog that mention this… yet others can actually smell things in the spirit realm. It has a lot to do with how our minds are wired.

      Once you rejected the demons, did you decide to believe in Jesus? The reason I ask is, without Jesus’ protection, you’re basically wide open to spiritual oppression from dark demonic forces. One of Jesus’ gifts is the Holy Spirit, who comes and lives inside us. Among other things, the Holy Spirit (who is God), provides iron-clad protection against dark spiritual forces.

      • My story is similar to Tyrone’s one, except i still didn’t quit marijuana for sure. Ok, i didn’t use it for last 4-5 days, but maybe i will do it tommorow or day after that. Even if i dont want to smoke it, some of my friends will call me and say: hey i got some, lets take a ride. I just don’t know what to do about it anymore… After so many years of fighting demons i came to that point that i am too tired for anything, i lost my will power, i lost strenght to pray. The financial situation in the house is starting to go seriously bad… Recently i started to ”flirt” with the occult, in sence that i started to read about it and about contracts and pacts with the devil under excuse to know my enemy better. I need help, i need healing, i need deliverance, i need someone to guide me and help me. Please God, show me the way, and help me go down that road. In the name of the Father, Son and The Holy Spirit. Amen.

  11. Before 2009 and that moment that voices came in to my world, i was an atheist. But as soon as demons appered at first and devil himself after that i accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour and my God. At first i didn’t know how to pray, and stuff like that but it came to me by reading Holy Bible and some other books about christianity. I live in Serbia, and i am an Orthodox Christian. In my country there are more than 1000 monastaries dating from 12th-13th century and Orthodox Christianity was introduced to Serbs via Byzanthium. I love to go to those monasteries , sometimes to stay there to work with the monks and pray. The point is , yes i accepted Lord Jesus Christ as my saviour by his neverending grace and mercy. The phone appointment is ok by my side, but to be honest i can’t call america or any other country becouse it would be too expencive for me. I am sure we can figure this out.

    • Hi Danny Boy. You are in a serious spiritual battle and there are certain steps you have to take to overcome satan. For now I want to not focus on marijuana or drugs. I want you to focus on the core of our faith as Christians. This is the step to victory. I am still clean from marijuana and I have progressed on a path of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical healing but it has taken time. You have got to get to the heart of the matter and that is the heart of our faith. How do you relate to the Cross? What does the Blood mean to you? I am leading you to the first step of healing so that you appropriately are clothed in your spiritual armor. You need to be delivered from an addiction and freed in your heart by the Power of God but that can only happen if you are truly submitting to the righteousness of God that is a gift by faith. Read Romans 10:3-4. As Christians we never try to establish our own righteousness but instead we BELIEVE unto the righteousness of God that is by faith. In other words, just because we believe that Christ died for us the covering of the Blood comes upon us and we are seen as righteous as Jesus because the Father sees the Blood on us. You have to REST IN FAITH in the Blood accepting it as sufficient to make you worthy before God. Christ is the end of the Law for righteousness. In other words, to be righteous before God by obeying laws or being ‘good’ is not an option. You can only be seen as righteous by virtue of your faith in Christ. Only when the HEART rests in that fact will you be ready for DELIVERANCE or SANCTIFICATION. You cannot deliver, santify or make yourself holy. Only He can give you true freedom in the Heart and whom the Son sets free is free indeed. Whom He justifies He glorifies and He has to sanctify you before He glorifies you. You are the patient and He is the Physician but a patient has to rest in their bed before He can operate and what He requires is your FAITH. FAITH COMES BY HEARING AND HEARING BY THE WORD OF GOD. THE PERFECT LOVE OF GOD CASTS OUT ALL FEAR AND BIRTHS FAITH. FAITH LIKE A MUSTARD SEED HAS TO SPROUT BY RECEIVING THE LIVING WATERS. In other words reject the voice of the Accuser Satan accusing you of your sin and accept the Grace of God as a gift. This is more important because His Love has to be received in your heart so that by that love you have the power to love yourself and others and overcome sin and addiction. To the degree you accept the medicine you will be able to perform and what you choose to enter will enter into you. Take your eyes off yourself, your sin and failures and look to His Success at the Cross. You were crucified with Him, you died with Him and were buried with Him. You are now dead to the Law and sin and free. You cannot be justified by obeying Laws. You are justified because of your faith in the Finished Work at the Cross. When you truly submit to the righteousness of God that is by faith you enter into peace. You must ignore ALL VOICES. Whether those vouces are demonic or auditory hallucinations is NOT a concern at this stage of your healing. I have been delivered of hearing many different types of voices. Some may have been the voices of spirits or demons or auditory hallucinations but I got my victory by obeying the GOOD NEWS and relating to the Cross. I had to fight by faith to step into holy ground the covering of the Blood and only then was I delivered from demonic oppression and addictions. Your focus is the Light. I am going to make this simple. Jesus is the TRUTH THE WAY AND THE LIGHT. HE IS THE MASTER AND TEACHER. GO TO HIM. ASK HIM TO TEACH YOU TO SUBMIT TO THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD THAT IS BY FAITH. This is not about trying to be righteous when you know that your will power does not allow that. This is about accepting the Gift of Grace and a stamp of righteousness by the Blood. When you truly do that His Love will be imparted into you and empower your will power to obey out of Love. IGNORE THOSE VOICES and go to Him and focus on the Cross and never stop doing that. The healing process might take years but the POWER IS AT THE CROSS. Ask Him to show you

  12. You said:


    Are atheists and members of other religions immune to demons or do you just don’t care about what happens to non-christians?

    • I don’t think that’s the intended meaning. The idea is this: non Christians don’t belong to Jesus, so therefore enemy spirits have unfettered access to manipulate or feed off their poor thinking/actions leading to oppression. If a non-believer really wants freed from spiritual oppression, the first step is to bow a knee before the Lord Jesus Christ. Those who have actually done that (Christians) belong to Jesus and by definition should be freed from demonic oppression. But many Christians still engage in activities that lead to spiritual oppression. I believe the original comment suggests that Christians should no longer engage in activity and/or thought processes that lead to this kind of oppression.

      Here’s an analogy. Think of an entry-level employee at a big corporation. The employee has to do whatever the job description is and reports to a boss and has annual reviews and so on. Then the employee leaves his or her job and starts a business. For a while, the entrepreneur runs the business like a business owner and makes more money and experiences more freedom than ever before. But then one day, the entrepreneur forgets he or she is an entrepreneur and starts working according to the old job description and begins reporting to the old boss again, sending hard-earned profits to the old corporation and demanding a much reduced salary. It makes no sense. Why go back under someone else’s authority, giving away the benefits of self-employment, the income, the freedom? Okay, the analogy is shaky, but it’s just an analogy.

  13. This is the biggest load of shit I have ever read. Are you for real?
    Demonic spirits are not anymore real than Slender Man. An urban legend fabricated by the Church.
    And marijuana does not open one up to possession. Possession is not real. It is but a form of psychosis.

    • Okay, you can have your own opinions. However try and investigate why through the ages, people used drugs to communicate with the spirit world.

      • My husband starting using marijuana for medical purposes; migrains& ptsd. It has been going down hill ever since. He was a devot christian man and he has totally changed. He is angry, short temptered, isolated, curses at me, calls me all sorts of names. He tells me that God has shown him he shouldnt be married to me. Its like he has replaced his connection to Jesus. Its not through the Holy Spirit but through smoking. I pray and pray and wrestle with God for His deliverance. I need help Tyrone. please reply.

        • I think for your husband, the marijuana has certainly affected him spiritually, and a different source for pain relief should be sought immediately.

    • LOL!

      But anyway, according to the DSM-V, your ideas regarding what forms psychosis doesn’t line up with the latest in mental health research. But don’t let science or truth get in the way of your opinions!

  14. THis was very powerful. I’m an artist who’s been struggling with Mary Jane usage for years and who has also seen things

  15. Beautiful testimony I reconsidered some of this also i wasnt a real smoker i just smoke a few times with boyfriend i was with but for this reason your talkn i couldn’t enjoy it because of my believe in God and the conviction being so great i never was satisfied. But i know exactly want u talkn about. I have a fiance that smokes and i dont agree with what he do and i feel like this is what separate us his need and excuses to be with all kinds of female and males to do this and in the back of my mind is theres sexual lust going on all types of demonic these going on away from me while he doing this make me sad

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