Cannabis and Spirituality

There’s a lot of contemporary interest in the link between cannabis and spirituality. Cannabis is popularly knowns as marijuana, hemp, pot or weed and many states in the nation of my birth are in the process of legalizing its possession for the purposes of smoking.

Cannabis is in fact mentioned in the Bible. It was the plant from which fine linens, including the robes worn by priests, were woven. Arrows were wrapped in hemp, dipped in oil, and lit to become fiery brands and flaming darts. Scholars suspect hemp was also used in candle wicks, but not in such a manner as to inhale it as in smoking.

Pliny the Elder, a great scholar in the Roman Empire, recorded hemp had various medical purposes, including rendering men impotent, relaxing joints, and helping burns. Pliny also said it was useful to tame animals, to render them docile and easy to manipulate. 1

In this post, I discussed some preliminary thoughts about how smoking pot leads many to spiritual and demonic oppression, including turning away from God and even embracing atheism.

Recently, a visitor to this page left a long, detailed and very powerful testimony, which I’m printing here, unedited and free from any further comments from me. I encourage you to take some time and consider it and also to celebrate with Tyrone the freedom to which Jesus set him free.

Tyrone’s Testimony

Hi. My name is Tyrone and I have just been delivered from MARIJUANA use that stretched over 21 years.

I am going to try be to the point for easy reading.

I was bound to the drug mentally, even although a Christian and believing the Gospel. I was demonically oppressed. I was delivered of a demon this year, January. The experience was terrifying because other than sleep paralysis, this time hands were all over my soul-man and tugging at my feet.

Back in 1996 I became a Blood brother. That is when I got really heavy into the stuff. By 1997 I tried to commit suicide and was miraculously saved. I was filled with the Holy Spirit.

In late 1998, I fell to temptation and took 2X Hoffmans (LSD) and 2X Red Devils (Ecstasy). I experienced a demonic manifestation in my room, and the Holy Spirit manifested in my body and rebuked the presence. It was a terrifying experience. It manifested again about 5 minutes later and was dealt with again. Something changed. I was not happy as I was before. I was filled with condemnation, or fear thereof because of how I backslid that night.

All this time I had not really repented of marijuana.

By 2000, I earnestly sought the Lord about it because I was bound. I could not repent of it. I heard clearly, “I will not deliver you from it unless you stop beating yourself about it.”

Years passed and I was having all sorts of spiritual experiences, from visions, to experiencing voices, to seeing Jesus face to face, also not long after that I saw satan face to face manifested in the face of a high priestess of a satanic coven, and also experiencing other things like waking up in hell. This lasted for maybe 2 seconds. It was terrifying to say the least.

In 2007 I admitted that my life was not right at all and I sought the Lord about deliverance. I was an angry person and my mind was in no way the same that it was. In 2007 I had a very serious satanic attack against my mind where I experienced the presence of satan and it warped my soul completely. I was bent with the fear of condemnation. I thought I was going to hell. I had a vision of my mind being eaten out as if eaten out by an alien. This was the damage to my mind. It left a real soul wound. For about 3 years after that I suffered tremendously. I repented of my marijuana use for about 1.5 years but I cross addicted to alcohol and I did not know how I could. I was also enslaved to sexual sin, and I could not understand why, seeing that I had the severe experiences that I did. I was a very keen researcher on subjects like eschatology, crypto-history and conspiracy theory. There is a reason why I am saying this and will get to that now.

I then reached 2010 and I was desperate for a solution but my fear of condemnation was at max, and my soul was totally in a mess. I stood up in a church and asked what can be done to be released from sin that we are holding onto, but cannot let go of it, and they just said, “be accountable to your brother”. This was not the answer I needed because the Lord is our Saviour.

I went home and heard, “1 Thessalonians 5:23” and went on to read it. “And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.”

I then accepted that He will sanctify my heart and my soul went into a rest and I experienced the Holy Spirit pass over my soul like water. I rested. I immediately had a vision of myself on a battlefield and naked on the ground and I reached for my helmet.

It would not be another 6 years before I finally got delivered from it, or alcohol. I at that time had about 10 years experiences with having visions, dreams, hearing different voices, etc.

On the basis of being shown between 2007 and 2010 that I was not obeying the Gospel, or the Good News I tried to repent totally from my fascination from grim subjects that I was interested in because I realized I was sowing fear into my mind by those subjects. I had to return to seeking Him, communing with Him and studying the Word but I was LAZY.

Now between 2010-2014 I went through more experiences but I was extremely filled with anger, rage, apathy, drudgery and all sorts of feelings, voices, etc. I was frustrated. In 2013 I cracked and shouted at the Lord and asked Him to remove the problem. I had a vision of Him standing at the Throne. I got scared.

I lost my job thereafter. I got another 7 months later. It was not long I walked out, out of anger. A spirit of anger had my soul. I was immensely angry. I then was unemployed for a further 7 months and got another job. 8 months I waked out of that job. I am an experienced I.T. professional. I was angry at everything. I was emotionally burned out and also suicidal.


I repented of self-murder, but it took a further year. I then had to go through a process of deliverance. First I had to forgive myself and others. He gave me healing to all sorts of things, like bitterness. Then I was delivered from a demon because anger left me in a great way. Well, it seemed something left me. I had to overcome all sources of bitterness and I had to face it.

Then, I still had marijuana. I finally got what the Lord was saying and I rested in the fact that only He can sanctify me. After all those years I finally handed over all rights to Him to Sanctify me completely. I had visions. I saw many things. I saw people standing around the Altar of the Lord. They were not ON THE ALTAR. They were off it and their faces were stretched in FEAR OF CONDEMNATION. They did not know that SANCTIFICATION IS BY FAITH. They were still using WILL POWER and the WILL IS OF THE SOUL. I basically resolved to look to Him to take my sin from me, because will power did not work.

I was then in the park smoking a joint. I was caught by the police and taken to jail. I appeared in Court and sent to a Drug Rehab, but I knew that I needed the Lord’s help. I could not do this alone, and the drug rehab would only lead me to repent by WILL POWER. I was really bound to marijuana. I LUSTED (not loved) it so much! Years bound! YEARS!

I was also having terrifying visions and I sought the Lord and I cried out for help and I had a vision of a demon on my back using my right ear as a motorbike grip. It was “riding” me.

I then said, “Lord, you are going to have to take this from me NOW or else these people will get me into prison.”. I was given a verse to stand on, and that is Romans 9:16 “So then it is not of him that wills, nor of him that runs, but of God that shows mercy.” —–|> ALL ALONG I HAD STUDIED ROMANS AND I MISSED THE PROOF RIGHT THERE THAT YOU CANNOT DO IT BY WILL POWER. All I had to do was NOT BEAT myself for the problem and TAKE MY STAND ON THE FINISHED WORK OF THE CROSS, THE GIFT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, and look to Him only. He took it right out my heart. His Love imparted took away my fear of condemnation over the stuff and replaced the lust for it. His Love dissolved the lust, however this is where it gets interesting…..

During this process I heard a voice tell me, “Tonight they arrest you.” I thought, “The cops?”. This was right before I was finally delivered. That night I fell asleep and suddenly I was in the grip of a demon on my back. It was terrifying. I the heard “anger”. I got lose and repented of all anger in my life and asked that all doorways are closed to that demon and more. I asked if there was anything else that could be an open doorway and I was answered, “fornication”. The next morning I saw a vision of the Lord wiping my back with a towel.

I was delivered of that demon. It was on my back and this demon got entry into my life when I fell to LSD that night back in 1998. All the voices I was hearing for years…… A DEMON!

I have since been free from alcohol abuse, marijuana and masturbation. In fact, I had a dream in 2007 of the exact same experience I had and that was the Lord showing me I would have deliverance. I suspected something on my back. I woke up from the dream and was busy masturbating in my sleep. Or rather, that demon was masturbating me.

I have had a sound mind since. I hear His Voice clearer, but it is a voice to my spirit from His Spirit. I do not just trust any voice. I do sometimes hear a thing or two from the outside but the thing is that now I am focused on the Gospel and the FINISHED WORK OF THE CROSS and resting in the total benefits. GRACE BY FAITH. JUSTIFED BY FAITH. SANCTIFIED BY FAITH. ETERNAL LIFE IS A GIFT. I’m resting and staying quiet.

Marijuana use? It not only opens a door to demons. It will also expose your mind to the Spirit Realm illegally. Not only will you have false visions, you will hear voices and also have “profound revelations’. The same thing applies for LSD and magic mushrooms, etc. Witches use drugs to gain entry into the spirit realm and to cast spells easier. It is very dangerous. I will not go back to the stuff.

What some may call schizophrenia is really a “spirit of divination”. I am delivered totally from that but I am consulting a Christian Psychologist for the next year.

STAY AWAY FROM MARIJUANA. ALL DRUGS! IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN THEN STAY AWAY! I WAS BOUND TO IT AND HAD TO BE DELIVERED. THERE IS NO WAY WILL POWER WILL WORK. Get back to the Gospel, take your stand on the GIFT OF HIS RGHTEOUSNESS, do not beat yourself for your problem and trust Him to remove it. You could have a demon on your back that is keeping you bound. Those voices are voices of demons. I am checking the “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” checkbox. I will wait for a reply. This testimony is FOR REAL. I do confess the third day risen Christ and I take no glory but give Him all the glory. Repent of being a Hippie-Christian and know only He can empower your heart so that His Love can dissolve the lust that keeps you enslaved to the stuff, and I KNOW just how enslaved I was. 21 years. In Him.





  1. John Hutton Balfour, “Hemp”, The Plants of the Bible (London; Edinburgh; New York: T. Nelson and Sons, 1885), Allen C. Myers “Arrows”, in The Eerdmans Bible Dictionary (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1987), Pliny the Elder, “Hemp”, The Natural History, edited by John Rostock (Medford, MA: Taylor and Francis, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street, 1855).


  1. Wow – that is a powerful testimony!! Just what I needed to hear – He is good & His timing is always perfect… The Lord showed me a while back that when we take consciousness-altering drugs (pot, alcohol, meth, etc.), it is like Bilbo or Frodo putting on the ring. The ring called to them and “burned a hole in their pocket”, so to speak. They put it on to escape their present reality, but what happened? The ring acted as a beacon for worse spirits in the realm the ring took them to. They may have been hidden for a time in their present dimension, but they became a magnet for Sauron, the Necromancer, and the Wraiths in the dimension they tapped into with ” their precious”…

    • Hi Rochelle, drugs were always used as a means to contact the spirit world. You will note that the word “witchcraft” in Galatians 5:20 means pharmakeia
      From G5332; medication (“pharmacy”), that is, (by extension) magic (literal or figurative): – sorcery, witchcraft.
      They use it to make contact with the spirit world. In fact, many drug cartels are Luciferian to the core and they know that if you send drugs into a nation, you can easily curse that nation…. They can easily control a nation with use of curses and those curses take hook on anyone with open doors in their souls. They understand this.

    • Wow,i am amazed at your testomony, i have been saved since 2009, but have a christian frjend much older who smokes pot for pain and to feel the high, i tried for the first time, and then a second, i suffer off and on back pain a d wanted to avoid pharmaceuticals , she says smoking pot is innocent and quoted Gen 1:29 about God made herbs, i dont know what to feel about This

      • It doesn’t say God made herbs. It also doesn’t say to burn plants and inhale the smoke. It says God made plants, and some plants are poisonous and inhaling smoke is also poisonous.

  2. Doug, is there a way you can ask (Tim) if he would be willing to have some correspondence with me bcz I found something striking to me during reading his testimony and I think I recognize I need deliverance from a few of the same things he has been delivered from. thank you

  3. I got delivered last week. I was a heavy pot smoker, alcoholic, and I’d take psychedelic drugs. Mushrooms etc.. I’ve also abused of xanax. I was always a hardcore Christian, always strong in my faith but I never thought these mind altering drugs would affect my relationship with God. I went to church camp and I repented and got delivered! But the cravings never went away. I still feel the need to smoke a blunt (but I haven’t since before I went to camp) I’ve been trying to research cannabis to try to justify it but you gave me the perfect answer. I’m still struggling with the addiction and I don’t understand why but your testimony helped me! God is good and I’m going to put all my trust in him

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